Demetrios Wedding Dresses

The Demetrios elegant and classy bridal collection paints everything it means to be daring, modern, and divine.

Demetrios Wedding Dresses

The Demetrios elegant and classy bridal collection paints everything it means to be daring, modern, and divine. Ranging from strapless mermaid wedding dresses to adorned ball gown wedding dresses, there is undoubtedly a style to please every beautiful bride out there. The wedding dresses at the Demetrios radiate a sense of soft glam flawlessly paired with an undeniable chic, yet sexy sophistication!

We know how important and tricky it is for you to find a perfect wedding dress for the most special day of life. Finalizing a wedding dress is a crucial choice you have to make for your wedding day. Whatever is your favorite wedding dress style, we are pretty sure that you will find it simply by visiting the Demetrios retailers stores. Starting from the bohemian dreamer to classic sophistication, to fashion statement to glamor goddess to princess bride sleek and chic timeless romantic or vintage, you will have a plethora of options to choose from for your wedding day. Featuring various styles and collections, you will positively find your ideal designer wedding gown with the Demetrios. So, whether you have dreamed of looking like a Disney Princess or want to go all bohemian style or want to keep it really cool and casual, the wedding gown designed at the Demetrios has everything in its store to make you look incredibly beautiful on your big day. Visit one of the Demetrios stores located all around the world and there you will find the wedding dress that will perfectly hug you and give you the joy of comfort and love. 

Demetrios wedding gowns offer their brides the wildest and most versatile vogues while sitting on the cutting edge of the glorious fashion world. Brides who choose to wear Demetrios on their wedding day are known for their high quality, elegance, sophistication, and utterly romantic wedding dresses with mesmerizing looks varying from traditional to modern to glamorous!

Demetrios- where it all began?

This world-famous bridal dresses company was started by Demetrios James Elias who was born in Athens, Greece. As a creative and energetic young lad, he immigrated to the United States with his entire family. While he was still in school, he used to assist his parents in their classic family-owned bridal store located in Warren, Ohio. It was during this phase that his love and inclination for the bridal industry grew and his passion for designing marvelous wedding dresses took hold! 

In 1980, Demetrio realized that his dream of owning his own company became a reality and he acquired Illisaa Bridals of New York City, and virtually overnight, he turned this not-so-famous local business into a flourishing and international company! Currently, this company is 35 years old and is known as the ILISSA Fashion group.

Today, bridal boutiques throughout the world proudly sell Demetrios wedding dresses. As both designer and owner, Demetrios is an icon in the bridal fashion industry. His wedding dresses offer women the widest and most versatile styles and are on the cutting edge of the fashion world. With “Brides by Demetrios” stores, as well as “Bridal Salons By Demetrios” located in Macy’s stores throughout the nation, Demetrios has been established as a prestigious leader in the bridal industry.

Demetrios wedding dresses have been showcased in all of the leading bridal publications, including Bridal GuideThe KnotMartha Stewart Weddings, and For The Bride magazine. Demetrios is internationally regarded as a fashion leader and bridal industry innovator.

Demetrios- collection and inspiration

A true blend of Romance and Fashion, the Demetrios collection boasts a plethora of breathtaking looks. The exquisite and stunning bridal wedding gown created at Demetrios is beaded to perfection. There is a bucket full of princess looks for the classic girl and many extravagant 2 piece options for all those brides who want to experiment with their bridal look and want to go all mix and match for their big day while creating a look that will be truly their own. Beautiful long-sleeves and elegant high necklines with natural netting where the lace lays so effortlessly on the skin is an alluring trend of the collection. These are just a few of the fabulous and fantastic elements that make Demetrios the most loved wedding designer amongst our soon-to-be-married classic brides

Wedding gowns designed by the Demetrios are admired for their luxurious embellishment, opulent fabrics, and elegant and intricate detailing. Each and every wedding dress that has Demetrios’ signature touch makes it more stylish and beautiful than the next. Available in an awesome collection of styles and designs, brides always have the option to opt for a look that effortlessly reflects their individuality and stunningly intensifies their personality. Blending marvelous elements, each creation of the Demetrios oozes elegance and modernity in abundance. Whether you are looking for something traditional or wish to take people’s breath away with a modern glamorous look, a Demetrios wedding dress will make your dream a reality.

Featuring dazzling and intoxicating creations in luxurious fabrics, brides are sure to radiate in confidence the moment they will slip into the wedding dress designed by the Demetrios and company. Demetrios’ excellent collections feature a variety of silhouettes including A-line ball gownsfit-n-flare, and much more, created from some of the finest fabrics like soft satin and silk. The enchanting cuts and wide options for sleeves, necklines, hemlines, and waistlines, at the Demetrios, will help a bride to find a gown that seamlessly and effortlessly defines her bridal style. Being a soon-to-be-married bride, whether you go for a stunning glamorous look or wish to have your designs with understated elegance, we are pretty sure that you will find that magnificent wedding dress at the Demetrios. Demetrios collections boast the latest bridal trends and timeless design elements in billions of brilliant styles. The average cost for a Demetrios bride dress is around $1,495. So, whenever you get the sale opportunity at the Demetrios, don’t ever miss it! Marking its presence all over the world, the Demetrios is one of the most preferred choices for wedding dress amidst today’s brides! 

Each and every collection of Demetrios consists of unique styles featuring different fabrics, textures, laces that actresses to every style of bride whether it is the fairytale look, traditional, urban, or vintage. The designers at Demetrios always strive to create a unique look for every girl in style and quality. It is an opportunity for all brides to express who they are, as it’s their day and the Demetrios are always delighted to be able to tell every bride's story! 

Demetrios- unique and popular styles

Talking about Demetrios’ popular and unique styles, this designer company features amazing collection including- Demetrios, Platinum by Demetrios, Destination Romance, Cosmobella Collection, Oreasposa Collection, Destination Romance, and Metropolitan under which the brides will have a vast variety of options to choose from for their special day.


“Designed for you, Inspired for you!” all about the Demetrios collection. 

Demetrios’ is the signature collection by Demetrios Bridal. Every design under Demetrios collection pays utmost attention and care to detail and quality offering each Demetrios wedding gown its signature touch. Demetrios collection is where dreams begin and style is forever. In 2018, the romantic detailing was the key element of this fantastic collection. Demetrios wedding dresses feature 3D floral elements, exquisite beading, stunning lace, and sheer paneling all taking the center stage. One of the best parts of this collection is that it offers versatility to the gowns, with on-trend separable elements to easily switch up your look from day to night. Many of the gowns offer detachable trains, boleros, cap sleeves, and capes, giving you two gorgeous looks in one stunning dress. Demetrios wedding dresses are renowned for delivering the quality of a couture gown without the price tag. Henceforth, the collection under Demetrios is quite affordable and will not break the bank! So, go ahead and explore as there more than 70+ elegant and classy wedding dresses are available under this collection. 

Platinum by Demetrios

The Platinum by Demetrios collection comes with a high fashion feel followed by high couture look. The Platinum by Demetrios is a luxurious, affluent, and dazzling bridal collection. The new Platinum Collection by Demetrios brings more opulence and more intricate details to the bride who is a princess at heart! If you are the queen that is all about glamor and allure, you are sure to make a dramatic entrance that no one will forget ever in their life. This collection of wedding dresses are designed especially for those brides who have always envisioned to look like angels on their wedding day. The moment you will slip into any of the dresses from this collection, your partner will again fall head over heels in love with you! From sensual A-line wedding dresses to luscious princess ball gowns to sexy, flared silhouettes, it is next to impossible to not swoon over this luxurious collection of wedding dresses.

Under Platinum by Demetrios, there is another segment known as the Platinum Romance. This charismatic collection is ideal for the brides who have a soft and dreamy style with endless love for natural essence. The Platinum Romance is a marvelous collection if you are in for a timeless look but somewhere also wants a hint of free effervescence to show through! 


Cosmobella style created by Demetrios radiates a perfect blend of sophistication and eternal modernity. Showcasing a flawless fusion of classic, modern, and undeniably chic, no wonder the Cosmobella Collection created by world-famous designer Demetrios will make you get lost in love, style, and elegance.

The collection of wedding dresses under Cosmobella mirrors a romantic sophistication where elegant and intricate petal embroidery and stunning flowery details interlaced with revealing illusions, delicate straps, and elegant V-necks!

When globally profound designer Demetrios launched his Cosmobella Collections he wanted all the wedding dresses under this collection to look light and delicate. To get this flaunting look in his dresses, he initially started with extraordinary fabrics. Working with delicate, sensual, and fine detailing, he created wedding dresses that were lyrical, shapely, and imbued with a sense of purity! Ritzy but thoughtful, full of intricate and fine details, that hypnotizes the eye and compliment, rather than outclass, the modern-day bride.


The classic and marvelous Oreasposa Collection by none other than Demetrios flawlessly radiates the perfect match of wedding trends and bridal traditions. Known for refined and classical bridal aesthetics, the modern and hip trends juxtaposed with fine designs that also embody a more traditional and decorative style and tone with fine and intricate tattooed laces, rush waist finishings, detailed sleeves work, and intricate back! This collection is best suited for all the brides who want to have a princess look while playing with the modern style and keeping it all subtle yet hep and chic! 

Destination Romance Collection

The Destination Romance Collection of Demetrios is a sheer collection of soft and dreamy wedding dresses with an endless natural essence. Featuring boho, ethereal, and airy style wedding dresses, this ultimate collection is a harmony of design and style. If you are a bride who has always wished for a destination wedding on a beach or some country barn, this understated and dreamy collection is created just for you. Whether you are thinking of having your wedding day overlooking the immense ocean, or at some luxurious beach, or in some botanical garden, we are sure that you will find the spectacular wedding dresses under this collection! 

Metropolitan Collection

For all the soon-to-be-married brides who are planning to walk down the aisle in a timelessly chic style, this fashionable and modern wedding dress from the Metropolitan Collection will be the perfect fit. Highlighted contemporary statements and minimal aesthetics make this collection the most desired amongst our 21st-century brides. Metropolitan Collection is an extension of the brand with beautiful sleek, chic fabrics for city brides. 

Metropolitan Collection is like a Verona love story. Boasting enchanting stylistic designs that include dramatic angel sleeves, intricate laces, sheath dresses, and decorative frills which couple medieval inspiration and whimsical design aesthetic.

Whatever your preference for the wedding dress and style is, we are pretty sure that at Demetrios you will find that one dress you are looking for all across the city. At the Demetrios store, you will have the option to try out all their different styles, silhouettes, and fabrics of their premium collections including Demetrios, Platinum, Destination Romance, Oreasposa, Cosmobella, and Metropolitan! Not only wedding collections to explore, but you will also have the option to choose among a huge variety of wedding dresses!

Demetrios- goals & vision

Every bride’s dream is the dream of Demetrios designers. They dream of their brides through their incredible journey of finding their perfect wedding dress. The Demetrios Group offers style and luxury together with warm and friendly service. Their experienced and professional bridal stylists will help every bride through the process and thus will also advise brides on the perfect silhouette for their special day!

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