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Give your wedding accessories a new reason to shine again! Borrowing Magnolia allows a safe space for the resale of your carefully picked wedding accessories so that you spend less to sell and get to keep 100% of your sales.

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Borrowing Magnolia stays forefront on innovative ways to help you sell faster.

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Breathing new life to your precious bridal accessories!

Borrowing Magnolia

Breathing new life to your precious bridal accessories!

A wedding day prances enticing, with slow and teasing steps, but just like magic, it is gone sooner than you can blink! You will spend months scoring for that perfect dress, booking that caterer, and will probably book the wedding venue a year in advance. You will spend hours on the internet, hunting down the perfect teardrop pendant which works perfectly with that mermaid-cut bridal gown with sweetheart neckline, and as your grandmother hands you an heirloom brooch, you almost shed a tear! Finally, like pieces of a puzzle, everything comes together like the perfect picture!

Borrowing Magnolia

Breathing new life to your precious bridal accessories!

Your dress will wow your spouse and guest alike. Your cathedral veil is long and cascading, making your walk down the aisle perfectly cinematic. Your sparkly hair accessories will catch the glint just perfectly as your sway to the music under the crystal chandelier, with your new husband in arms.

Borrowing Magnolia

Breathing new life to your precious bridal accessories!

While the dress, the venue, and the food are all important things and take the front seat as the primary elements of the wedding, it's the little things like the touch of thoughtful decor or the perfectly curated bridal accessories which complete the picture and make your wedding day complete. We all know how important accessories are. The bridal accessories dress the bride in the perfect touches of jewelry here, the gorgeous pair of shoes there, the stunning bridal belt for the waist, or the charming hair accessories for the cascading tresses, and just like that, the look comes together beautifully!

What to do with your wedding accessories after the wedding?

After the shimmering stars in your champagne glasses have been down, the last of wedding pictures have been shared on social media and the wedding day anecdotes are starting to make way into your mind as everlasting memories, your to-do list finally clears up, with your wedding behind you! However, there are still things that need your attention. One important question is, what do you do with the wedding accessories for your special day? Your gorgeous silk flower crown lies freshly cleaned, whispering of the night it adorned your crown. Your veil still speaks of the wedding ceremony, where your sweetheart lifted the veil to see your blushing face

What to do with your wedding accessories after the wedding?

The set of eight bridesmaid jackets speak of the friendships you hold close to your heart. With the celebration behind you, like a gorgeous milestone that it is, what happens to these accessories now? Do you store it away so that you can revisit your wedding day every so often? Do you DIY it into something that you can flaunt every day? Or do you resell your wedding accessories to another bride with dreams sparkling in her eyes? Whatever you decide to do, the options are many, and all equally valid!

What to do with your wedding accessories after the wedding?
Why sell your wedding accessories?

Why sell your wedding accessories?

Look no further if you're on the fence about whether or not you should sell your wedding accessories. Selling your wedding day accessories has a lot of advantages, whether you do it on purpose or not. It's not only freeing and good for the environment, but it's also pragmatic and makes perfect sense. Here are a few reasons why selling your lovely wedding accessories can be the best option!

You won’t be wearing it again.

Let's be honest about it! How frequently are you going to put your wedding veil or sparkly bridal shoes on? Perhaps never! While we like the concept of wearing your wedding accessories more frequently, perhaps on a nostalgic anniversary night, odds are you won't get much use out of them.

You won’t have to deal with pesky storage!

While the occasion was beautiful, the tangible aspects of the day didn't have to take up too much space! It might be freeing to sell your wedding day accessories. You don't need all the items to remind you of the good times because the amazing memories from your special day will be eternally set in your recollections and are likely captured beautifully by your wedding photography. As Elsa would say, let it go!

Recover some of your investment.

Weddings are costly, and wedding accessories have a big part to play in them! These are the items that don't come cheap, whether it's the lovely red-bottom Louboutins or the gorgeous teardrop pendant that goes wonderfully with your sweetheart neckline wedding gown. Selling your wedding accessories could be a small but important step toward recouping part of your costs! It's practical, and you'll be able to put that money into something worthwhile!

It's in the best form it will ever be.

While you may be keeping your veil for a more sentimental occasion in the future, such as your daughter's wedding, chances are it will begin to age and lose its shine, whether in the form of discoloration, stains while in storage, or growing out of style. Why not let someone else enjoy it while it's still new and in trend?

Environmentally better.

Finally, another important factor to consider is the environmental element! By selling your wedding accessories, you can have a direct favorable impact on the environment. Passing on the bridal accessories and bridesmaid accessories as well as guest accessories to another bride means she won't be purchasing something right off the rack, which slows down production. Wedding accessories resale proposes a shift that might have a major impact on the bridal accessory business. After all, your sparkling and gorgeous wedding belt with the softest satin details has plenty of life remaining in it!

Why sell second-hand with us?

Having established why selling second-hand is so important, there is still a question hanging thick in the air. Why should you sell with us, with so many other platforms out there? We have all the reasons for you, and then some! The big part of it is that we care! Not just about the planet, but about you and the buyer, and we constantly strive to make things easy on both parties! While most brides have the best intentions in mind and want to go the right thing, selling their second-hand bridal accessories seems like a mammoth task, with long and tedious listing procedures and complicated steps. This is where we come in and simplify the entire process, making it easily comprehensible. While we can give you a million reasons, here are just a few reasons why you should sell your wedding accessories with us:

Still, debating selling your wedding accessories?

We get it! It's not an easy call to make. But on the other hand, it is actually quite an easy call to make! Not only is selling your wedding accessories the smartest decision for your wallet, but it is also a conveniently sustainable decision for the blue planet we call home. Also, it allows a new bride who just had her dream wedding pass on her wedding accessories rather than putting them in storage! If you are still weighing your options, here are a few alternatives for you to explore!

Donate it

Donating or giving away your wedding accessories for charity is a great deed that can really help a woman out and allow her to have her magical wedding day without spending a dime. You can donate your wedding items to a women's shelter, a local thrift store, or an online charity unit, among other places.

Give it new life

Sure, your wedding day is over, but you can still repurpose your wedding accessories by making something completely new and unique out of them—whether you want to wear your wedding day hair items to a formal event or turn your veil into a stunning skirt! Your wedding day bouquet charm can be turned into a beautiful locket, or you can use your glitzy wedding belt in an unexpected way!

Store it

If you care deeply about your wedding accessories and want to be able to touch, see, and try them on whenever you want, correctly preserving them is essential. Because bridal accessories don't take up much space, you can keep them at home or store them with your wedding gown in a storage unit.

Sell offline

If you're thinking about selling something, think about going to a bridal boutique or a thrift store. It's worth asking about in your community; you might just find the right boutique that will buy that clothing from you. Make sure you have a thorough conversation with the shop owner, as each second-hand shop operates differently.

Sell online

Finally, as with everything nowadays, you may sell your wedding accessories online! You can choose from a variety of online platforms that will charge you a little fee to display your wedding accessories on their websites and allow you to quickly sell wedding accessories online! While you can sell your wedding accessories on any platform you like, it's ideal to go with one that specializes in wedding accessories resale.

The magic continues

The magic continues

Every bride is entitled to her share of the magical wedding day and the right to live her happily-ever-after moment just the way she imagined. This might translate to wearing a sparkling crown on her head, or a string of pearls that have been passed down by Mama. It can mean walking down her winter wonderland wedding ceremony aisle in a long and cascading faux fur coat to keep the cold at bay, looking majestic and magical!

The magic continues

Dreams which have been kept in your hearts for many years can demand many things out of you, and you know you will go to any lengths to make your wedding dream come true! But just as the wedding is done, the roses wither and the wedding-day perfume weakens, and you have that happy newly-wed flush and your partner at hand, you won't need all your things to remind you how amazing your wedding day was!

The magic continues

The wedding industry is fast and caters to prove for many brides-to-be their dream wedding. This means that it is not the most sustainable market out there, putting it mildly. With your wedding day already behind you, you can do your part in minimizing the carbon footprint by passing on your bridal accessories to be worn by another bride planning her wedding!

The magic continues

With 2.5 million weddings happening every year in the US, some changes have to be made, and it can start from something as minuscule as choosing your bridal accessories and bridesmaid accessories wisely and passing them on responsibly! Whether it is the wedding dress which you wore, or the wedding accessories which completed the look, selling it to be picked by another bride is one of the most eco-friendly options.

The magic continues

Somewhere a dreamy-eyed bride etching her way to creating her dream wedding will squeal in delight as she finds your wedding accessories for sale, and she will wear it, breathing life into a saga yet another time! Your wedding belt will glint again, and your star-shaped hair accessories will sparkle yet again. More and more brides are buying second-hand nowadays which makes our collective hearts happy. This is a required change in perspective which challenges our traditional use-and-store mindset and urges us to think that maybe, just maybe, your vintage lace veil will get to live its aisle moment again, and make a bride’s day! And that's a change we like to see!

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