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List to sell or purchase easily - at the right price. Bridesmaid to bridesmaid, it’s a not-so-secret source that makes dresses easy and affordable.

Bridesmaid dresses resale shop

A bridesmaid dress comes at the high cost of being a part of a wedding day. Why not wear second-hand, yet still nearly perfect?

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We’ll help you find the perfect gown for the big day. Shop our many listings for mix and match options, or search for the brand and style your bride requests.

A no-brainer for an affordable, beautiful, bridesmaid dress option. Borrowing Magnolia keeps cost savings in mind for both buyers and sellers. Your search ends here!

Buy your bridesmaid dress

Borrowing Magnolia is as transparent and easy as it gets, making shopping for second-hand accessories online that much easier. With simple, hassle-free steps, you’ll be able to buy that dream item in a blink, just as you would buy any other purchase online, and being open to the prospect of cheaper bridal accessories, you will have saved a ton of money!

Step 1: Search

Utilize our easy-to-use filters to search for the perfect dress.

Step 2: Contact the Seller

You've found it. Get in touch with the seller to ask any questions.

Step 3: Seal the Deal

Firm up the purchase details with the current dress owner. If you know, you know!

Step 4: Payment

This is where you make the dress yours. "Check out" with one of our recommended payment methods.

Step 5: Delivery

After payment is complete, your dress is set to be delivered! Get ready to look gorgeous.

Bridesmaid dresses resale shop

A bridesmaids dress might be one of the most expensive and special garments that you've ever bought. So why confine that beautiful dress to your closet?

  • Dream Dress 01
  • Dream Dress 02
  • Dream Dress 03

We'll help you list & sell your gown fast for one flat fee. No commissions. No hidden fees.

An easy choice for selling, Borrowing Magnolia has cost savings in mind for both sellers and buyers. Your search ends here!

Sell your bridesmaid dress

You might have loved the dress you wore to your bestie's wedding, but can you wear it again? Consider passing it on to another bridesmaid that will shine in it.

Step 1: Pictures

Take some amazing pictures of the dress.

Step 2: List It

Create a listing on the site with a few easy-to-provide details. We ask for less to get your dress listed! Color names and designer specifics are best for bridesmaids on the hunt.

Step 3: Communicate with Buyers

This is the fun part! Interact and negotiate with interested buyers, answer questions about the dress, and provide more details.

Step 4: Payment and Shipping

Hooray, it’s a match! Receive payment for your gown quickly and ship it off to your buyer.

An expansive bridesmaid marketplace

Affordable wedding dresses

Affordable bridesmaid dresses

The wedding you’re a part of is approaching shortly and plans are rolling out from the bride-to-be. You have your heart set on whatever she wants - but you need to be savvy about it. An expansive bridesmaids marketplace with designer bridesmaid dresses from renowned designers across the world, Borrowing Magnolia is a treasure chest for the eco-friendly and budget-savvy modern bridesmaid.

Why Borrowing Magnolia for preowned bridesmaid dresses?

Loved by brides and applauded by WeddingWire as a winner of Couple Choice Awards 2018

Why Borrowing Magnolia for preowned wedding dresses?

At Borrowing Magnolia, we want you to feel extraordinary on the big day, whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or special guest. Bridesmaid dresses can be expensive purchases that might not get worn again. We are here to connect buyers with sellers so that both come out on top after the big day.

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