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A wedding dress is the crown jewel and the object of affection of every wedding, with every fluff of its skirt and every bead in the bodice being chosen with extreme care and precision.

Used Wedding Dress However, once the confetti settles and the last of the guests drive away, that same wedding dress goes into the dress bag and towards the back of the closet, never to see the light of day again. Meanwhile, at the other end of the city, a bride-to-be is hunting for her perfect wedding dress, she has a few special wedding dress styles in mind, but everything off-the-rack is far from the perfect fit for her vision as well as her wedding budget. Who knew that her perfect fit lies in the back of the closet somewhere, waiting for another chance to shine? If only there was a way they could help each other out. If only there was a perfect match. Oh wait, there is! Borrowing Magnolia comes with a remarkable hand-selected collection of new, gently used wedding dresses, and sample wedding gowns that run across a wide range of wedding sizes. Here you get to score designer wedding dresses– all marked up to 80% off the original retail price, which means your dream wedding remains uncompromised, without letting it dent your bank account! An endearingly positive platform and an intriguing online bridal marketplace, this is where our eco-friendly brides and resellers get to transact directly. There are no middlemen in the picture, which makes wedding resale possibilities a lot more transparent and fair at both ends. Borrowing Magnolia makes the fun process of wedding dress shopping even more fun, by lending a treasure-hunt allure to it, with a touch of magic. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind and special in its own device. You get to choose from a range of different wedding dresses, just like you would if you were buying a dress from your favorite website- the only difference being that each used wedding dress comes bearing a romantic history and a story of its own. We believe that a wedding dress, as special as it is, is meant to make more memorable moments throughout its life rather than being a one-time wonder. The fact that every wedding gown whispers a love story from the past makes them enchanting in every way. It has lived more and has been loved a little more. It knows wonder over a freshly bought dress which has never been wowed by a crowd or has never been zipped by the mother of a blushing bride. It’s shared the final gaze before the walk down the aisle, as she preens into the mirror with stars in her eyes. This preloved wedding dress has most likely drawn tears from a beloved’s eyes in appreciation and its abundant lace and tulle have swayed to the mellow number on someone’s first dance. With so much life and love wrapped in its box, it promises a magical life to its new owner too, as that's what a wedding dress’s purpose is!

Used Wedding Dress

How Does the Buying and Reselling of a Pre-Owned Wedding Dress Work?

At Borrowing Magnolia, we want you to feel extraordinary on your wedding day, no matter if it’s a wedding on a budget or a wedding you are splurging on. We realize that both brides and ladies who own used wedding dresses have a unique gift and opportunity to help each other. We are just the mere matchmakers of connecting the perfect used wedding dresses to the perfect new owner, and the rest takes care of itself. With a listing process so easy that anyone can do under 15 minutes, there is no room for doubt or discrepancy. At Borrowing Magnolia, we appreciate a simple, straightforward, and practical approach as much as our brides. Whether you are in search of affordable wedding dresses from prominent wedding dress designers like BHLDN, Maggie Sottero, David’s Bridal, Anne Barge, Sottero and Midgley, Hayley Paige, Galia Lahav, Essense of Australia, Vera Wang, Pronovias, and Alfred Angelo, or you’re after a custom preowned wedding dress, which is no less than a piece of art, Borrowing Magnolia is here to match your needs as if you were Cinderella. Whether you are here to buy a used wedding dress, sell a wedding dress, or just ‘wishlist’ for a wedding somewhere far into the future, we make the process a cakewalk for you with an easy to navigate website, no-fuss listings, quick, protected payments, and smooth shipping.

Pre-owned wedding dresses

Sell Your Wedding Dress

A wedding dress might be one of the most expensive and special garments that you’ve ever bought. So it seems almost diabolical to confine that beautiful dress to your closet- the same dress that you chose with so much care, went in for multiple fittings, and worked closely to put in those extra details. It was meant to make your wedding day feel like a dream, which it did. Now, even though you love that used wedding dress so much, and you know it will always have a special place in your heart, you know it can serve more brides than just one. You decide you want to sell your wedding dress online because not only is it an economically wise decision, and serves as the perfect side hustle, it’s also a sustainable wedding decision. So, stop searching for the best selling apps for wedding dresses and check out how easy it can be with Borrowing Magnolia. What a gift to a lucky bride who will have access to the same dress with a much affordable price tag! So how and where do you sell your wedding dress exactly? Fret not, because we have an easy, step-by-step process that will hand-hold you through every detail. You can sell your wedding dress with the ease of ordering your lunch online! In five easy steps, your used wedding dress will be sold. (That’s fewer steps than fixing a sandwich!) With just a few well-lit pictures and specifying key pieces of information about your dress like measurements, designer, silhouette and neckline, your dress will be listed for its next owner to find! Borrowing Magnolia, the best site to sell a wedding dress, also offers several upgrades that you, as a dress owner, can add to their base listing to help it sell faster. Let's go through the steps below:

  • Step 1: Pictures

    Take some amazing pictures of your beautiful dress. Make sure you have multiple shots of the dress in the hanger, close-ups, and even some of you wearing the dress on your wedding day.

  • Step 2: List it!

    Create a proper listing on the site and fill in as many details as you can. The more accurate you are here, the more helpful it will be for the buyer. Your resale listing will be live instantly once you complete the checkout process.

  • Step 3: Upgrades

    Take advantage of exciting upgrades to help your dress find its new owner faster. With a $10 upgrade, you can add up to 10 pictures, $15 allows you to be listed first in the search section, $20 will get you a homepage feature, while a $40 upgrade will let you enjoy the benefits of all the enhancements!

  • Step 4: Interact and Negotiate

    This is the fun part! This is where you entertain all queries regarding the dress and agree on the price and other terms and conditions along with the shipping.

  • Step 5: Payment and Shipping

    After the deal is sealed, things move fast from here on. While the buyer concludes the payment procedure, you get to ship it off to the new owner’s address, so that your wedding dress can deliver more smiles for the bride waiting on the other end.

Affordable wedding dressess

Buy a Used Wedding Dress

Your wedding is approaching shortly and wedding planning is on a roll. You have your heart set on buying a second-hand wedding dress. Whether you are a bride on a budget hoping to chance upon an affordable designer wedding gown, someone who supports or is a part of the reseller and second-hand buying community, or an alternative bride with very distinct taste, stumbling upon Borrowing Magnolia one day just increases your chances of finding the wedding dress of your dreams. An expansive bridal marketplace with designer wedding dresses from renowned designers across the world, Borrowing Magnolia is a treasure chest for a bride on a dress-hunt. The platform is all transparent and is as easy as it gets, making shopping for second-hand dresses online that much easier. With some simple hassle-free steps, you will be able to buy that dress in a blink, just as you would buy any other dress online, but being open to the prospect of cheap wedding dresses, you will be saving a lot of money! Here is how you can go about it.
  • Step 1: Search. This is where you get to browse through all of the beautiful dresses on our user-friendly website. Filter your search by choosing by designer labels, price, location, size, or style. You can choose multiple options that you love and save them in your wishlist before you make that final call.
  • Step 2: Contact the seller. When you have finally decided on which dress is ‘the one’, get in touch with the seller to ask any final questions.
  • Step 3: Seal the deal. After all the little queries and doubts are cleared, you finally get to either seal the deal or look into other options and repeat the last two steps all over again. If this feels like the right deal, you can move to the next step.
  • Step 4: Payment. So you found the dress you absolutely love. Now what? This is where to make the payment to claim that dress as yours.
  • Step 5: Delivery. With the payment being done, all you have to do now is for your dream wedding dress to show up on your doorstep!

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Be A Part of an Eco-Friendly Wedding Movement

Yes, that pre-loved wedding dress is a living breathing story in itself, it is rich with history that you are inexplicably adding to, but it is probably the sustainability aspect of second-hand buying which makes your wedding gown extra special. Making sustainable choices in fashion is more important now than ever before, and when that happens to your wedding dress, it sends a strong and important message- one that echoes on the single most important day of your life, you are still doing your bit for the little blue dot that we stand on! With Borrowing Magnolia, we are elated to be able to do our bit to make sustainability a cornerstone of our brand, ensuring that we are not mindlessly feeding into the endless loop of consumption, leaving a trail of social and environmental impact along the way. Our clients are modern-day environmentally conscious women who are intelligent buyers. Borrowing Magnolia brides consume mindfully and responsibly. We ensure every one of our curated dresses is not a one-and-done deal but rather still have a lot of life left in them. These ethical wedding dresses are not only lighting up the faces of many brides throughout their lifetime, but they also leave minimal carbon imprint on their way out. Borrowing Magnolia has been giving women a more sustainable wedding dress option since 2014. When you purchase gently-used wedding dresses from one of the dress owners listing on our website or partake in the process of preowned wedding dress consignment and resale, you not only save thousands of dollars, you also help save the planet. And as you walk down the aisle in that pretty dress, you get to feel like a superhero who saved the earth, too. Likewise, when you pass on that fluffy white dress for some other bride to enjoy, you are not only passing on your good luck wishes to the next blushing bride, but you are also enabling your wedding dress to live on and create more stories and witness more happily-ever-afters. Talk about an environmentally, feel-good, responsible thing to do! We hope you’ll join us and add to the wave of the resale revolution!

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Why Borrowing Magnolia for Preowned Wedding Dresses?

We at Borrowing Magnolia know how imperative the relationship between a bride and her white dress for her special day is. We understand it is unlike any dress you have ever bought and the experience can be equally overwhelming and exciting. But we also understand how important it is for you to make fashion choices that are in line with your values. And you don’t have to miss out on one aspect to catch the other! At Borrowing Magnolia, we want you to feel extraordinary on your wedding day and feel at peace with the purchase that you made. We are here to connect the buyers and sellers, bringing two women with similar styles together, as they have a unique opportunity to help each other. We think every used wedding dress is a potential addition to someone’s dream wedding. It’s merely about bringing those potentials together. We want to make the listing and buying process as easy as trying on wedding dresses, and hence the steps leading up to buying or selling through Borrowing Magnolia is a simple easy-breezy process. The interface is so simple and user-friendly that before you know it, you would just order your dream dress or send one special soon-to-be bride the dress which was once loved by you! Borrowing Magnolia coaxes former brides to be more share-happy and brides-to-be more open to pre-loved! Loved by brides and applauded by WeddingWire as a winner of Couple Choice Awards 2018, the matchmaking heart of Borrowing Magnolia lies in the simple act of connecting a buyer and a seller and letting the magic happen on its own. With the deeper virtue of creating sustainable wedding solutions, without taking away from the thrill of wedding dress shopping, Borrowing Magnolia has perched itself right in the sweet spot, actively playing a part in modern-day resale efforts. And just like the small intricacies that make up a gorgeously embellished gown, it’s individual decisions that create momentous change. We hope you’ll join us in the effort to beautify the wedding dress industry!