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One small listing fee will get you up and in front of thousands of buyers. You keep 100% of what you sell.

4. Easy Communication

Our online platform makes it safe and easy to sell your gown. Message interested buyers from your account.

5. Fraud Detection & Monitoring

We monitor all activity across Borrowing Magnolia to ensure a safe space for buying and selling. We block suspicious activity immediately.

6. Your Listing Fee Works for You

When you list with Borrowing Magnolia, we guarantee that 40% of your listing fee is invested back into the promotion of your gown. Learn more about how we promote your gown here.

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Weddings are lovely! The day marked in the calendar and inscribed in your heart for as long as you and your partner shall both live together is truly a special one, sparkling like a diamond among many! Weddings bring to you the promise of a lifetime together and the security of a forever love painted rosily with images of porch armchairs and sunsets, the adventures and misadventures of life tackled together and having a hand to hold, no matter what happens in life! However, with being a threshold to happily-ever-after, a wedding is also a window for you to throw a party of your life- something that truly defines and represents the both of you in a unique and memorable way. So of course when it comes to planning your wedding day, nothing can be compromised. The flowers have to perfectly match your wedding theme, the desserts have to be as sweet and lovely as your spouse, and your wedding dress phenomenal! Every bride dreams of a wedding dress that inspires, impresses, and draws out appreciative sighs from her guests. This means a bride will potentially scout out all the highs and lows to get their hands on the dress which fits in their wedding day vision perfectly! A wedding dress is more than just a pretty dress as in its lacy thread ties the delicate bonds of love and compassion, and in its sparkly embellishments shine the dreams of all of your tomorrows together. So when the day comes to walk on that aisle, like a beacon, you carry a world of emotions, right there on your sleeves! The day is magical, memorable and the best you have ever had. And just like that, you are married!

What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

After the confetti settled, the flowers withered, the gifts unwrapped, the thank you notes sent, and the crackling excitement of the wedding day finally simmered down to a warm glow, the stunningly pretty wedding gown still hangs in your closet, telling the tantalizing tale of a day which will forever be remembered with adoration and the whispers of memories which will live on forever and a day. However, as pretty as that dress is, you have to decide what to do with it now. Do you want to hold on to it and pass it down to your daughter or granddaughter one day? Do you want to donate it to a bride in need? Do you want to sell it and get some precious bucks back in your wallet? Or do you want to refurbish it into a classy cocktail dress instead and carry your wedding day magic into every event that you would choose to wear it to? The options are inexhaustible!

Sell your wedding dress after the wedding while it's still in its prime

Why sell your wedding dress?

If you are on the fence and are looking for a sign of whether you should sell your wedding dress, this is it! Selling your wedding gown comes with many perks which might be intentional or just a plain side-perk! It is not only liberating, fulfilling in a soul-stirring way, it is also practical and makes perfect sense. Here are some reasons why selling your pretty wedding dress might just be the best thing to do!

You won’t wear it again.

Let’s face it- you will probably never wear it again! While we love the idea of normalizing wearing your wedding dress more often, be it for a yearly wedding dress party or on your anniversary trip, chances are that you will not be getting much wear out of it.

Set yourself free from storage.

While wedding dresses can be liberating, selling wedding dresses can also be incredibly liberating. The great memories from your special day will forever be etched in your memories and are probably captured skillfully by your wedding photographer, you don’t need the dress to remind you of the great times! Instead, you can make another bride really happy by passing on the magic and pretend you live in a personal sisterhood of the traveling wedding dress world! Isn’t that fun?

Recoup some expense.

Weddings are expensive and so are wedding dresses, especially when your wedding dress is attached to a designer label. Selling your wedding dress might be a small yet significant step towards getting some of that investment back! It is practical, and you can probably put that money towards something important like a delayed honeymoon, your first-year anniversary trip, or even a home deposit!

It’s in great condition now.

While you might be saving your dress for your future daughters and granddaughters, it will be going through its process of aging and losing its luster, whether it is in the form of discoloration, staining while being in storage, and also- out of fashion. Is it not better to have somebody wear it while the dress is still in its prime?

Think environmentally.

Lastly, but every bit as important as the environmental aspect of it! Selling your wedding dress means you can directly impact the environment positively. Giving the product back for another bride to purchase means she will not be buying a dress fresh-off-the-rack, which slows down production. By selling your wedding dress, you introduce a change, which can have a domino effect on the wedding dress industry and lead to less mass production and will also impact other brides to warm up towards second-hand wedding dress shopping. It might be just one dress in the grand scheme of things, but the impact is great!

Why sell second-hand with us?

So why sell with us instead of all the other platforms out there? Partly, because we truly care, but mostly because we know you want to do the right thing and help you do it without long and tedious listing procedures and complicated steps. We make doing the right thing simple and easy like buying a dress online! While we can go on forever, here are just a few reasons why you should sell your wedding dress with us:

Competitive Listing Prices.

We understand that you are already selling for less than what you paid, so just for a small price, we ensure that your listing goes live instantly. We don’t waste time in long intimidating forms which will probably make you drop the idea faster than you can imagine!

Innovative Technology.

Borrowing Magnolia stays forefront of innovative ways to help you sell faster. Our technology is quick, user-friendly, and effective, ensuring that you can list your dress up for sale in just a few easy steps. Our website is built with your convenience in mind, making it easy to not only purchase a dress but also list it without breaking a sweat.

No Commission. Ever.

One small listing fee will get you up and in front of thousands of buyers. There are no commissions or hidden costs involved here. And you keep 100% of what you sell a wedding dress for. We do not ask for a single penny as commission and act as just the bridge to connect your perfect wedding dress to the bride-to-be looking for her dream dress. We are like the perfect matchmakers for your perfect wedding dress!

Easy Communication.

There are no surprises and ambiguity on our web store and the conversation is intended to flow freely. Our online platform makes it a safe and easy way to sell wedding dresses. While the bride-to-be can reach out to you directly with any queries and details, you can also message the interested buyers from your account. This gives the purchases in our platform a human connection, enabling you as well as the buyer to feel like you are all a part of a community. Because you are!

Fraud Detection & Monitoring.

We observe all activity across Borrowing Magnolia to guarantee a safe place for buying and selling. We have high standards and reliable methods of fraud detection, enabling us to block any suspicious activity immediately. This presents this platform as an umbrella of security and allows you to buy or sell your wedding dress with complete confidence!

Your Listing Fee Works for You.

When you list with Borrowing Magnolia, we assure you that 40% of your listing fee is reinvested into the promotion of your gown. So when you pay the small fee and finally list the dress online, we do all the work for you, ensuring it is getting maximum visibility and is up for grabs for the right bride-to-be to find it!

Still debating selling your wedding dress.

If you are still debating selling your wedding dress, but want to make the best decision for not only your bank account but also the planet as well as an earnest bride looking for her dream wedding dress, catch up on our favorite alternatives below!


Donating your wedding dress or giving it away for charity is something that is a noble deed and can really help a bride out, and lets her live her fairytale wedding day without spending a penny. There are various places for you to donate your wedding dress including a drama charity, a thrift store, and an online charity unit.

Revamp it

Sure your wedding day is long gone, but you can still revamp your wedding dress by creating something entirely new and unique out of it- whether you choose to dye the dress a fun color or to use parts of it to create something else, like a crop top, a bag, or even a cocktail dress!


If you are sentimental about your wedding dress and want to keep it forever and touch, see and wear it whenever you fancy, storing it properly is imperative. There are several different ways one can store a wedding dress, whether it is by wrapping it in a garment bag and hanging it in a cool dark place or by using the flat storage method. And if later you change your mind, you can always pass it on to a family member or sell it off!

Sell it offline

If selling is on your mind, you can consider the offline selling options, whether it is a bridal boutique or a second-hand shop. It's worth asking around in your neighborhood, and you might befall upon the most perfect shop that will buy that dress off your hands. However, every shop operates a little differently and while some buy the dress from you the day you bring it in, others might offer to sell your wedding dress on your behalf.

Sell it online

Lastly, like all things nowadays, you can also sell your wedding dress online! There are several different online platforms that you can choose which will ask for a nominal fee for listing your dress on their websites, and will enable you to sell wedding dresses online easily! While you can sell your wedding gown on any of the platforms that you like, it is best to approach a site that concentrates on wedding dress resale primarily.

Sell your wedding gown online

When you walk into that glass-walled wedding dress store, smelling faintly of lavender, with one striking wedding dress after another, it is very easy to lose sight of what is important there. Of course, your wedding is important, but does your celebration have to result in a lasting consequence on the planet? The fact is that there is so much that goes into making a wedding gown, and much of it is not that pretty as the dress. Whether it is about how the fabric is sourced and how it is chemically treated or the way it is transported from probably the other side of the world, there is much to think about. While weddings are not going anywhere, neither the wedding gowns, with the wedding gown industry gradually seeing a rise as there are about 2.5 million weddings happening every year in the US, there are changes that have to be made, and it can start from something as simple as choosing your dress wisely and passing it on lovingly! With many women becoming aware of the implications of the growing wedding gown industry globally, most of them are experimenting with eco-friendly options. Let’s make this world a better place together!

As beautiful as the concept of selling a wedding dress, it is not the most natural decision you will ever make. It is definitely backed by intent and motivation. Whether that motivation is to not add to the wastage this planet already handles, or it is the romantic idea of your wedding dress living and thriving forever, or it is simply to get some money back after bearing the brunt of your wedding expenses, every one of those is equally important. As you return the fabulous piece of art to the universe, for another bride to enjoy, you are never really letting your memories go. Those are yours to keep forever! In fact, this is another beautiful memory you get to add to the fabric of your love story! As you hand over that beautiful dress to the next bride, your wedding dress will again get an opportunity to shine, sparkle, and inspire awe, and carry on the beautiful legacy of magic and luck that it carries within itself! Now isn’t that the whole point of art?

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