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A dream dress to more than one

A wedding dress might be one of the most expensive and special garments that you’ll ever buy. So why confine that beautiful dress to your closet?

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We'll help you list & sell your gown fast for one flat fee. No commissions. No hidden fees.

An easy choice for selling, Borrowing Magnolia has cost savings in mind for both sellers and buyers. Your search ends here!

Sell your wedding dress

You'll always have a special place in your heart for your wedding dress, but these are modern times, and you're a modern bride. Make money off of the heirloom-quality gown you have tucked away in your closet.

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It's love, so things move fast. Receive payment for your gown quickly and ship it off to your buyer. MORE INFO

Be a part of an eco-friendly wedding movement

Yes, that pre-loved wedding dress is a living breathing story in itself, it is rich with history that you are inexplicably adding to, but it is probably the sustainability aspect of second-hand buying which makes your wedding gown extra special. Making sustainable choices in fashion is more important now than ever before, and when that happens to your wedding dress, it sends a strong and important message- one that echoes on the single most important day of your life, you are still doing your bit for the little blue dot that we stand on!

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our brand

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our brand

We are not mindlessly feeding into the endless loop of consumption, leaving a trail of social and environmental impact along the way. Our brides are modern-day, environmentally conscious women who are intelligent buyers, consuming mindfully and responsibly. We at Borrowing Magnolia want to ensure that every wedding dress is not a one-and-done deal, but rather a possibility for another beautiful day. These ethical wedding dresses are not only lighting up the faces of many brides throughout their lifetime, but they also leave minimal carbon imprint on their way out.

Talk about an environmentally, feel-good, responsible thing to do! We hope you’ll join us and add to the wave of the resale revolution.

Why Borrowing Magnolia for preowned wedding dresses?

Loved by brides and applauded by WeddingWire as a winner of Couples’ Choice Awards 2018

Why Borrowing Magnolia for preowned wedding dresses?

At Borrowing Magnolia, we want you to feel extraordinary on your wedding day and feel at peace with the purchase that you made. We are here to connect the buyers and sellers, bringing two women with similar styles together, as they have a unique opportunity to help each other. We think every used wedding dress is a potential addition to someone’s dream wedding. It’s merely about bringing those potentials together.

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