Alfred Angelo Wedding Dresses
Alfred Angelo

Alfred Angelo wedding dresses are traditional bridal gowns with a modern twist intricately crafted for brides who have always dreamt of walking the aisle in a Disney Princess style.

Alfred Angelo Wedding Dresses

Alfred Angelo wedding dresses are traditional bridal gowns with a modern twist intricately crafted for brides who always dreamt of walking the aisle in a completely Disney Princess style. It is one of the most highly trusted bridal shops with over 80 years of experience in dressing up brides.

Sauntering down the aisle in a crisp white designer wedding gown has been the dream of countless soon-to-be brides while creating picture-perfect moments. If that is your dream too, then you definitely have to handpick one of the best designer wedding gowns that will reflect your personal style accurately. Every bride is unique and hence deserves a special wedding dress that will hug her at the right places and give her the perfect bridal look like a dream on her most special day. 

For all the romantics at heart and free-spirited brides, Alfred Angelo wedding dresses have always been a household name that is known to showcase the unfaltering and stunning personalities of brides on their wedding day. For brides who have always dreamt to be a fairytale princess, Alfred Angelo wedding dresses have always been the most preferred choices, as this bridal brand is known to make childhood dreams of being a princess come true on a one-of-a-kind wedding day. Making you feel like a queen that you are, wedding gowns from this household bridal designer brand are nothing short of magnificent!

Alfred Angelo- Where it all Began

Alfred Angelo Piccione founded his flagship company for manufacturing and retailing wedding dresses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the year 1933. The original vision and mission of Alfred Angelo wedding gowns were to bring high-end designed wedding dresses at affordable prices to the masses. One can be surprised to find that an amazing designer Alfred Angelo wedding gown could be priced under $1000! Loved by brides with a budget, Angelo spoke style and sophistication in his designs at very affordable and convenient rates. He married the popular fashion designer of her time Edythe Vincent Piccione, who thereafter joined the company with mutual goals, and together they ran the company for over 45 years. Edythe used to be the primary designer of wedding dresses, while Alfred focused primarily on his manufacturing and business development. Surrounded by their family from the initial times, Alfred Angelo managed to make their bridal gowns known as one of the most popular wedding gown designers in the US. Alfred Angelo wedding dress designer came to be known as the world's one of the largest wedding dress manufacturers thereafter.

The company was headquartered in Delray Beach in Florida. Considered to be one of the most popular bridal dress designers of all time, Alfred Angelo is also a giant name when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, dresses for mother of the bride and flower girls, and wedding accessories. In the 1980s, their children took over the business and management of the company and launched many bridal and formal attire labels like Alfred Angelo, Sapphire, Modern Vintage, and Disney Fairy Tale collections. For over 80 years, all the brides have always dreamt about being a princess character and wanted to look like a queen on her wedding day, coming across Alfred Angelo wedding gowns for sale surely looked like a dream come true.

Alfred Angelo- collections and inspirations 

For all the brides who dreamt big for their special wedding day, Alfred Angelo wedding dresses have managed to transform their dreams into reality. Being in the wedding industry for over 80 years, the styles and inspirations of Alfred Angelo wedding gowns have also undergone tremendous trend and style changes. Striving to bring the most affordable wedding dresses without sacrificing on elegant styles, Alfred Angelo bridal gowns offer a diverse range of styles and fit, from size 0-30W for brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the brides in all the 50 states and across 34 countries. The handpicked fabrics, the luxurious embellishment details, the intricate laceworks, and immaculate embroidery works of Alfred Angelo designs make these wedding gowns stand out in the crowd like a dazzling jewel. With the understanding that every bride is unique, the look and feel couture of Alfred Angelo Bridal dresses remained unique throughout these times. The timeless wedding dress masterpieces from Alfred Angelo continue to be designed with an individual style in mind with endless customization options. 

With the custom of creating some of the most traditional wedding dresses, the latest collection of wedding dresses from Alfred Angelo is crafted for a modern-day bride with a traditional twist. Some of the most amazing and timeless Alfred Angelo wedding dress collections are Modern Vintage by Alfred Angelo, Alfred Angelo Sapphire, and Private Collection, The Disney Fairy Tale Wedding by Alfred Angelo, and Dream in Color bridesmaid dresses. Offering every bride an opportunity to find what she is exactly looking for, Alfred Angelo wedding dress designs range from vintage-inspired fabrics and modern silhouettes to clean and simple lines. The enchanting and magical collection of wedding gowns with a fairytale and whimsy touch are a tribute to all the brides who dared to dream big and extraordinary for their wedding day.

Alfred Angelo- Unique and Popular Styles 

The latest collections of wedding dresses from Alfred Angelo are mainly focused on the suiting unique personalities of modern brides with a traditional flair. The unique necklines of the latest bridal wear from Alfred Angelo feature stylish and clean styles that are minimalist and sophisticated. For example in one of the latest bridal wear collections from Alfred Angelo featured an illusion bateau neckline style in several wedding dresses, that leaves a lot of room for embellishment and customization. Also, the dresses from Alfred Angelo's latest collection features the use of tulle and netting within many of the bridal gowns. The redemption of tulle fabric and intricate netting has been done successfully to bring back the classic 80’s tulle look, synonym of fashionable and voguish way. Once considered unfashionable and out of style, tulle has evolved and made its way back into wedding dresses in a more ethereal and romantic way in the latest bridal wear collection from Alfred Angelo. Alfred Angelo wedding gowns ranging in various styles from ball gown to mermaid are using the classic and vintage tulle fabric in a wide range of silhouettes, that depicts the unmatched versatility that this amazing fabric has to offer for wedding dresses. 

Ruffle skirts, satin fabrics, and royal wedding inspiration are making its way to the latest Alfred Angelo bridal gowns collections. For instance, you can own a Kate Middleton's royal wedding dress inspired bridal gown without burning a hole in your pocket or altering your wedding budget. The latest collection of Alfred Angelo designer wedding dresses makes it easy for brides of all styles to find a wedding dress they love. The average retail cost of an Alfred Angelo wedding dress can cost anything from $500 to $3000.

Alfred Angelo- Vision and Goal 

The wholesomeness and affordability make Alfred Angelo bridal wear one of the most loved and popular wedding gown designer names in the wedding industry. With the vision to make every bride look stunning and feel beautiful and confident, wedding gowns by Alfred Angelo offer affordable wedding dresses in sizes 0–30W with no extra charge for plus size bridal gowns. Especially crafting masterpieces for brides in a budget, Alfred Angelo Bridal dresses strive to turn big dreams into reality without spending more. The affordable wedding gowns from Alfred Angelo carry options for additional length and train length, and full customization according to personal taste and size. Since the bridal gowns are made out of synthetic fabrics it enables a bride to have a fashion-forward style without breaking the bank. The Alfred Angelo team wants a bride to have the most beautiful wedding gown that they deserve or have been eyeing for their wedding day at a great value. There is no doubt that Alfred Angelo wedding gowns are the perfect choice for the bride that values style and price at the same time. The wide availability of stunning wedding dresses from Alfred Angelo can give a lot of options for a bride looking for specific details in a wedding dress.

So the time has finally come for you to pick your wedding dress and make all your childhood dreams to dress up like a princess come true. Finding the perfect designer bridal gown under $1,000 might seem like a dream to you! So you are on a mission to find the perfect bridal gown to walk the aisle in a true Hollywood style, while your bridesmaids hold your sweeping ball gown and long cathedral veil. What can be a better way to commemorate the most special day of your life than to wear an extravagant and luxurious designer wedding gown from one of the most popular wedding gown designers in the world? But not all extravagant and lavish things burn a hole on your wedding budget. You can always opt for pre-owned designer bridal gowns to avail the best of both the worlds. 

If you are a budget-savvy bride who has big dreams about finding the perfect designer wedding gown to walk the aisle, you can find a thrifty way to grab your favorite designer wedding dress for half the retail value. Buying your dream Alfred Angelo designer wedding gown that you can fully customize and minimally alter to suit you is a very eco-conscious decision that you can take on your wedding day. Making a wedding dress from scratch results in a lot of waste products, and hence buying a preloved wedding gown can be your own way to save the planet and reduce your carbon footprints. When the planet needs your attention and love, buying a pre-owned designer wedding gown is not only a very eco-friendly decision but also has the potential to inspire a lot of soon-to-be brides. Since your wedding dress will probably have to be custom-tailored to your body regardless, you can always opt for an oversized wedding dress. 

Buying a second-hand wedding dress is a great choice that a lot of newly engaged brides are opting for especially the ones with a flair for popular designer wedding gowns. Also, preloved wedding dresses can be a great way to bring back and lay your hands on the vintage wedding trends that are no longer available online or in the retail shops. Do your homework before buying a designer wedding gown especially when it comes to choosing the perfect size, that is going to fit you like a glove with minimal alterations.

With affordable styles and a host of design options, you can wear a pre-owned Alfred Angelo bridal gown on your wedding day with layers of beautiful high-quality fabric, intricate embroidery work, fine details, and dazzling embellishments. Get your hands on an Alfred Angelo resale collection and find your designer wedding gown at half the retail price or even less. The beautiful creations and affordable prices of pre-owned Alfred Angelo designer wedding gowns are going to open up a whole new world for all the newly engaged and to-be brides. Take your pick for the favorite bridal gown from one of the most loved wedding dress designers in the world without altering your wedding dress budget. The wide collection of Alfred Angelo pre-owned wedding gowns is intricately maintained that can absolutely blow you away with the high-end designs and low price tags. 

The preloved Alfred Angelo wedding gowns are even a great option for your bridal party dresses especially for the important people at your wedding party. The designer wedding gowns from Alfred Angelo can give everyone a whimsical fairytale look that everyone wishes for without spending a fortune. The affordable and second-hand Alfred Angelo wedding dresses are found at an even lesser price that can open up a whole new range of options to utilize and spend the remaining budget in different wedding celebrations. So have your dream cake, pick out your favorite and luxurious wedding theme, choose the high-end floral decoration in sync with the wedding decor, provide signature drinks on your cocktail reception, and gift designer dresses to your most loved ones, when you choose a preloved and pre-owned Alfred Angelo bridal gown.

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