Alvina Valenta Wedding Dresses
Alvina Valenta

Synonymous with sophistication, timeless elegance, and unfaltering attention to detail, Alvina Valenta wedding dresses have been all the rage in the bridal fashion world for a long time.

Alvina Valenta Wedding Dresses

Synonymous with sophistication, timeless elegance, and unfaltering attention to detail, Alvina Valenta wedding dresses have been all the rage in the bridal fashion world for a long time. The embodiment of hand-finished details, the wide range of dramatic and figure-defining silhouettes and necklines of Alvina Valenta bridal gowns are effortlessly chic just like the brides who wear them. 


With so many options around you, shopping for your wedding dress can be an overwhelming experience for even the most confident women on the planet. Finding the best wedding dress from a sea of the latest bridal style trends and fashion-forward bridal outfits, that sits right with your sense of taste and also makes you look fabulous is a big event in a bride-to-be's life. Hence, before straightaway going for the bridal gown shopping spree and getting lost in the wide world of bridal fashion, write down the criteria that your dream wedding dress should have. Ask around for help or browse through the internet and discuss your visions with women who almost always share the same vision of style and aesthetics for their wedding dress. Before dipping your toes in the world of the latest designer wedding dresses, where a team of sales assistants may just start handing you dresses that do not fall within your requirements, getting in touch with a wedding gown specialist can be a great start.


One of the most popular names in the bridal fashion industry of the world, Alvina Valenta bridal gowns are known for their classic sophistication and timeless aesthetics. A chic bridal couture line from Jessica Williams designer for JLM Couture, Alvina Valenta wedding dresses feature some of the finest lace and soft silhouettes in the bridal industry. The unparalleled attention to detail is well reflected in the hand-finished couture techniques that include the signature beading and hand-rolled rose details. Every stitch and hem are finished with intricate beading and lacework down to the petticoats and skirts. Made from the finest silks, satin shantung, and satin organza, Alvina Valenta designer dresses are known for using the most superior quality bridal fabrics in the world.


One of the few exotic bridal design lines from the large organizations of Jim Hjelm Couture located in the garment district of NYC, Alvina Valenta wedding gowns are some of the most coveted bridal dress designs in the world. The dramatic and luxurious figure-defining silhouettes and necklines made out of the finest silks, French laces, and intricately detailed embroideries, the main Alvina Valenta designer Williams is known for infusing glamorous impressions of the glorious past and sultry visions of the future. The Alvina Valenta designer wedding gowns are an affordable luxury for brides from all walks of life who want to create a fashion statement on their wedding day and also look effortlessly chic. The Alvina Valenta wedding gowns for sale section is a result of creations that are modern and fresh, but also have striking vintage aesthetics that are reminiscent of old-world-class and sophistication. 


Alvina Valenta- The Beginning


Alvina Valenta is a chic bridal couture line in New York, designed by Jessica Williams for JLM Group. The handcrafted bridal collection from Valenta is known for being romantic, iconic, and effortlessly elegant. The luxe and glamor exuded by Alvina Valenta bridal designs are reflected in their use of lush silks, intricate embroidery and beading techniques, impeccable details, and French laces that create a sense of whimsy and magic. The designer believes that her brides can channel out their inner romantics when they dress up in her designs. “To all of the romantic hearts, these wedding gowns are for you,” says Jessica when she talked about her trendy wedding gown collections that are known to accentuate feminine shapes of all kinds. Alvina Valenta wedding gowns for sale have been a dream spot for millions of brides across the world as Jessica puts her passion and personal touch into every design.


Jessica Williams, the Alvina Valenta designer was born and raised in the countryside of the Pacific Northwest. Right from the beginning, she was known for her endless creativity, which reflected in her designs and artwork. She went on to graduate in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA, where she learned her trade, building on her foundation of sewing given to her by her mother and grandmother. In the year 2000, she landed a job at the prestigious St John Knits, in California, where she was exposed to the glamorous and luxurious world of special occasion clothing and fashion. Surrounded by lush fabrics and detailed artwork, it wasn’t long before she found her calling and it took root. Jessica’s love for travel and culture shows through in her designs, the indie, bohemian and pacific northwest explorations influence her romantic carefree design aesthetic today. 


After this, she moved to New York and got immersed in the bridal fashion capital of the world. This is when and where she came to work for the JLM Group at Alvina Valenta in 2009. That was the beginning of some of the most classic wedding dresses by Alvina Valenta from JLM Couture. Unlike most popular wedding gown designers who use products from overseas in their manufacturing and production, all the Alvina Valenta wedding dresses from JLM Couture are constructed in New York City. Jessica being the main designer of Alvina Valenta works on each and every bridal gown alongside the highly skilled team of pattern-makers and sample makers every day. From the draping, customizing, and changing to the evolution of original designs, Jessica works closely on every Alvina Valenta wedding dress until the final look is achieved. It is even said that sometimes it takes up to 20 highly skilled craftsmen and seamstresses to complete one gown. Each and every detailing of Alvina Valenta wedding gowns is skillfully constructed and assembled - from handcrafting the Alençon lace from France to pattern drafting by Jessica and her team of artisans at JLM Couture Bridal.


Known as a leader in the bridal design and manufacturing industry, New York-based JLM Couture, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Joseph L. Murphy. Housing several award-winning bridal fashion designer icon lines, JLM Couture in NYC has boomed into one of the biggest multi-label bridal houses in the world. Many famous wedding gown designers like Lazaro and Hayley Paige showcase their designs here every season. This iconic NYC bridal brand has won ten DEBI awards for design distinction and four British Bridal Buyer awards. Mr. Joseph L. Murphy was also the recipient of French-owned Wedding Dresses Magazine's lifetime achievement award in the year 2005. Today, the prestigious JLM Couture operates nine bridal lines, one bridesmaid line, one flower girl line, and one athleisure collection. And one of the most shining crown jewels of JLM Couture, Alvina Valenta dresses designed by Jessica Williams are legendarily known for their otherworldly beauty.


Alvina Valenta- Styles and Inspirations


Alvina Valenta bridal dresses feature classic and couture details as their key features. Designed by Jessica Williams, these couture bridal gowns are meant for modern brides who want to be effortlessly chic as well as traditional brides who enjoy details that are reminiscent of classic bridal shapes and structures. Known for deftly traversing from modern to classic, Alvina Valenta bridal designs are looked up to by brides who love vintage and chic details that are timeless. Still new to the bridal fashion industry, Alvina Valenta designer dresses sell like hotcakes and always remain in demand as they are known for their comfort, luxury, and style. “Timeless elegance” would be the best words to describe the designs of Alvina Valenta dresses. 


Thoroughly following through every woman’s childhood dream of donning a dream wedding dress that makes her look like a Disney princess, each and every Alvina Valenta design is a testament to that dream. Dressing up real-life princesses with the striking influence of that childlike dream about the perfect dress, Alvina Valenta wedding dress designs are known for making dreams into reality. The collection of timeless luxurious wedding dresses are designed by keeping the imagination of a young woman and how she dreams of dressing up like a princess on her wedding day, but also scale back to include all the things the child has learned growing up, especially about how to dress for the public and what will last a lifetime. The real-life princess wedding dresses from Valenta are subdued and sophisticated and are designed to withstand the test of time. 


Weaving dreamlike attention to detail, William’s silhouettes speak about the childhood dreams of young women but imbued with intricate and luxe embroidery work and draping styles that can transform these dreams into a reality. Thinking of quality and the ultimate result of each bead and color of the threads that go into the making of a wedding gown, Jessica’s Alvina Valenta bridal designs make her the master puppeteer who knows just how to make all of these elements come together to create something fresh yet timeless.


Alvina Valenta- Bridal Couture Collections


Alvina Valenta is one of several design houses within the larger organizations of Jim Hjelm Couture located in the garment district of NYC. Hand-crafted and manufactured in New York City, Alvina Valenta wedding dresses for sale are the hub of classic silhouettes with ultra-feminine touches that exude sophistication and modern elegance through their timeless hand-finished details. The Alvina Valenta bridal collections are all about romance and whimsical details that feature soft silhouettes with exquisite details and subtle embellishments to create a timeless and elegant look. Alvina Valenta brides are known for showcasing their feminine and romantic side. Wedding dresses by Alvina Valenta range in price from $2,000 to $5,000.


The Alvina Valenta Fall Bridal 2016 Collection is a testimony of secret garden details steeped in mystery and enchantment. This fall wedding dress collection is designed by visualizing a bride lost in the wilderness of a lush and forgotten secret garden that features free-flowing flowering vines and foliage. The striking garden details can be seen in the use of laces which include the French Alencon lace, the Cascading Wisteria lace, and the Blossom lace, along with the thread work embroidery details, whimsical layering, delicate touches, and subtle beadings. The subtleties and nuances of a romantic bride are captured through the special details of this timeless collection of wedding gowns that reflect her inner romantic.


The Alvina Valenta Spring Bridal 2017 Collection is an ode to the magical nature and its artful details during the spring season. Expressed through the use of refined materials, exquisite embroidery work, and graceful silhouettes, the Alvina Valenta spring bridal wear collection is a work of wonder. The modern wedding gown collection is a simple blend of her iconic creativity and current effortless bridal trends to give what Alvina Valenta brides seek. The light, airy, romantic silhouettes are paired with soft colors and luxe details. They feature exciting new lace techniques and unique fabric layering, elements fit for both princesses and queens. Whether your style is simple and sleek or vintage lace, you will find the most incredible dresses by Alvina Valenta designer Jessica Williams.


Talking about wedding dress criteria as we discussed at the beginning, apart from having a vision about the kind of style, price, and fit, adding a criterion for sustainability can be your own step for eco-friendly wedding planning. With more and more brides coming up with their own creative ideas for hosting zero-waste weddings, the bridal fashion industry is also transitioning to become sustainable and environmentally friendly. Since every year, millions of tons of wedding dress wastes end up in landfills, which is choking the environment, many brides are opting to sell their wedding dresses post-reception and also buy preloved wedding gowns as their way to contribute to the environment’s health.

Borrowing Magnolia has been a great platform that is known for helping many brides with a conscience to make a difference in the world. Aligning the most important purchases of a bride’s life with environmental values, this online platform deals with thousands of the latest designer preowned bridal gowns. Joining brides who are selling out their Alvina Valenta preowned wedding dresses with to-be brides looking for such dresses in Alvina Valenta resale sections, Borrowing Magnolia has been considered to be one of the best online sites for selling and buying designer wedding dresses. Picking your dream preowned bridal gown from the wide range of second-hand Alvina Valenta wedding dresses is a great way to communicate your values to the world. It is not only easy on your wallet but also lets you own a piece of designer clothing that has been loved and cared for in the past and not just handed out by a salesperson in a bridal salon.

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