Angelina Bridal Couture Wedding Dresses
Angelina Bridal Couture

Captivating. Angelina Bridal Couture wedding dresses elevate and celebrate the feminine form of every woman with refined corsetry and exquisitely sculpted skills!

Angelina Bridal Couture

“Sensuous. Evocative. Captivating. Angelina Bridal Couture wedding dresses elevate and celebrate the feminine form of every woman with refined corsetry and exquisitely sculpted skills! Each and every wedding gown designed under Angelina Bridal Couture captures the very spirit of the glamorous vintage silver screen and the timeless elegance of the world’s most unforgettable women!”


So, this is it, huh? Your wedding day! As we know, there are two kinds of brides in the world! Bride A, the one that has been dreaming about her wedding day since she found out weddings exist. All these brides already have everything planned in their heads. From the wedding color palette to the food for their wedding reception, to the kind of flowers they will be using for their wedding decor, and, of course, the kind of wedding dress along with the designer they will wear on their wedding day. Then there is bride B, who never really took time out of her day to plan her wedding day before she knew it was happening! They always knew that they wanted to look fabulous, and they would be interested when the time came, but planning beforehand just did not seem like they felt was a good use of their time! Whichever kind of bride you are (because we believe that there is nothing wrong with either), there is one thing (which is actually the most important) that always crosses every bride’s mind when the time comes - the wedding dress! Every bride wants her wedding dress to stand out in the crowd and make a remarkable impression on the best day of her life! Nobody has ever known how the phenomenon of wedding dress really started, but at least we know this - it’s not going anywhere, ever! So, whether you love to love it or love to hate it, finding a perfect wedding dress for your wedding day is actually a kind of big deal!

When a bride thinks of wedding designers, there are endless options that pop into her head. With so many fantastic designers all around the world known for their creative wedding dresses, it gets a bit overwhelming for a bride to choose one of the best! But there is always that one designer who tops the chart of best wedding dress designers. So, if you are still confused about which designer to opt for your wedding day, we have got you covered! Creating iconic wedding gowns for women worldwide, Angelina Bridal Couture is one of the finest names in the wedding dress industry! Widely known for incredible and outstanding corsetry and attention to detail that is over and above bespoke, Angelina Colarusso has warmly welcomed discerning women, the world over, since 1990! 

No matter what you are looking for in your wedding dress, Angelina Bridal Couture will surely provide you with that! Whether you are looking for drama, understated elegance, or something that is simply out-of-the-ordinary and mind-blowing, we can assure you that Angelina’s intuitive and personal approach will definitely draw out the very best for you for your wedding day! So, if you have made up your mind and Googled online stores where you can buy Angelina Bridal’s exclusive or second-hand wedding dresses, you can always check out Borrowing Magnolia! At Borrowing Magnolia, you will find the best pre-owned Angelina Bridal wedding dress at an affordable price. It is indeed a great option to go for a second-hand wedding dress and save a lot of money than shopping for brand-new wedding dresses and keeping them in the closet for the rest of your lives! Well, it’s your wedding day, so the choice has to be yours! Make a wise decision and enjoy your wedding dress shopping

Angelina Bridal Couture: Where it all Began

Angelina is known for her exquisite redefining corsetry and is also known as the ‘queen of body draping.’ Humble and dedicated to being the champion of her art, wedding dress designer Angelina Colarusso is a famous and most desirable name in the bridal industry. Angelina Colarusso wedding dresses are not just any other wedding dresses, rather, they are delicate symbols of quintessential beauties from another era or place in time. More likely a place in designer Angelina’s imagination or memory! We can assure you that a bride wearing a wedding gown by Angelina will always stand out. Angelina Colarusso wedding gowns pose unparalleled elegance and unbeatable craftsmanship. 

Angelina’s creativity, fine attention-to-detail, and her incredible skill to recognize and modify by drawing out the personality of each and every bride make her designs unique and outstanding! An Angelina Colarusso bride can expect anything, but not the usual wedding dress or the experience. 

Angelina Colarusso bridal collection has something for every bride. Angelina’s intuitive insight and her special approach will definitely draw out the very best for every bride wearing Angelina Bridal Couture. 

Angelina Bridal Couture team consists of highly dedicated and extremely creative and talented in-house cutters and seamstresses, who are true masters of their craft! Coming with the vast and extensive experience of more than 3 decades, the designers at Angelina Bridal have gracefully perfected the fine art of corsetry making, drawing upon unique and traditional techniques while pairing them with a contemporary approach that results in a wedding dress that transforms the figure of a bride. Wedding dress designed by Angelina Bridal designers fits like a glove, and is extremely comfortable to wear! A bride wearing Angelina Bridal Couture on her wedding day will actually be able to feel comfortable in every possible way! 

Each and every wedding gown designed at Angelina Bridal is crafted with purpose and utmost commitment that results in exquisite and work-of-art pieces. Every wedding gown at Angelia Bridal Couture is a masterpiece inside and out! Every wedding dress under Angelina Bridal Couture is carefully designed in the UK and is kept within the talented team of designers that Angelina has nurtured over the years! 

Angelina Bridal Couture Inspiration

Being born in an Italian Catholic family, Angelina was restricted to the confines of homes. Fond of Hollywood movies, Angelina spent years watching endless classic Hollywood movies. Her love for Hollywood movies allowed her to escape into another world where there was nothing except romance, where everyone was dripping with glamor and charisma! And that was where her journey for Angelina Bridal Couture began.

Since then, she has been inspiring each and every wedding dress of hers with the same iconic glamor that she witnessed in all Hollywood movies. The reason our modern-day brides are so much in love with Angelina Bridal Couture is that she is a perfectionist. Designer Angelina Colarusso is not satisfied until each and every drape of the fabric is precisely positioned as per her imagination. Each and every fold of silk in Angelina’s wedding dresses should have to be in its place to make her vision complete. 

Angelina Bridal Couture Collections

Angelina Bridal Couture collections have something for every bride. Whether you are a classic bride and enchanted by the vintage charm who wants to have that exquisiteness in your wedding dress or you are a modern bride and looking for something chic and contemporary in your wedding dress, in Angelina Bridal Couture collection you are sure to find one that’s right up your alley!

Here are some of the finest collections from Angelina Bridal Couture, so that you can choose the one for your wedding day! 


Specially designed for timeless brides. The Ava wedding dress by the Angelina Bridal Couture highlights all the elegance and glamor of the vintage silver screen that gracefully personifies Angelina’s style in the best way possible! Made of the finest silk, sensuously sculpted over exquisite corsetry, the Ava wedding dress perfectly flaunts Angelina’s expertise and trademark body draping! Ideal wedding dress choice for all the brides who are looking for an hourglass silhouette and want to bring in the charm of the 70s era in their wedding photos!


Sexy, sensuous, and dramatic, the Gabriella wedding dress by Angelina Bridal Couture is a perfect choice for all the brides who have a great inclination for authentic vintage Hollywood glamor! Made from meters and meters of the finest and delicate Italian silk duchess satin, skillfully cut and designed over concealed corsetry to produce a silver screen silhouette! The Gabriella wedding dress comes with a detachable train that can be easily removed to showcase a slim, and elegant silhouette for a memorable evening!


Opulent and captivating, the Opera wedding dresses under the Angelina Bridal Couture collection are crafted from the finest silk taffeta, sensuously designed over concealed corsetry lending a flawless hourglass silhouette! Ideally designed for those brides who love to flaunt their perfectly toned body! 


Crafted from the finest Italian silk duchess satin, the Rosetti wedding dress by Angelina Bridal Couture is unique and distinguished. An ideal choice for all the modern brides out there who love something out-of-the-ordinary! The Rosetti wedding dresses are designed to perfectly accentuate the women’s form using hand-crafted appliquéing over meticulously sculpted signature corsetry! The wedding dress comes with a detachable tulle train which can also be removed to have an alluring and memorable look for the evening!


The wedding dress from Nereides collection by Angelina Bridal Couture showcases the charming and classic 1950’s haute couture romance in the best way possible! Gracefully designed with antique silver embroidery appliquéing, meticulously hand created and designed to create a 3D effect over body defining corsetry and falling, like petals, over a soft theatrical tulle skirt.


The Vogue wedding dress is all woman! This wedding dress collection is all about defining and daring! A Vogue wedding dress by Angelina Bridal Couture is a statement, it’s completely distinct, and it is amazing wow! This wedding dress features a dramatic cut that accentuates an elegant female form, over and above the signature corsetry. 


For all the brides who are looking for a true theatrical charm, the Odette wedding dress by Angelina Bridal Couture is the perfect option. Dramatic and romantic, the Odette wedding dress features a body-hugging silhouette masterfully designed with hand appliqued floral embellishments. A bride wearing Odette’s wedding dress for her big day will radiate a dramatic grandeur that will leave everyone in the audience mesmerized!


The Vivienne wedding dress by Angelina Bridal Couture is a ‘Classic with a Twist. An ideal option for our confident, curvy, and self-assured brides. Flaunting the sexy glamor of the 50s, the Vivienne wedding dress features stunning French leavers lace overlaid onto the exquisitely designed, body-hugging silhouette! A fishtail detail at the hemline and billowing tulle train gracefully adds to the drama of this unique wedding dress! 

These are just a few of the stunning collections by Angelina Bridal Couture. To see her whole collection of mind-blowing designer wedding dresses, click here and select the best one for your wedding day bridal look! 

A wedding dress is not just defined by its details alone, there is something inherently captivating in an approach that beautifully celebrates the female form and the woman as an individual. Beautiful in its own way, regardless of age, shape, or size, Angelina Bridal Couture’s wedding dresses are for every woman. 

There are many brides out there who believe that it is always a good option to invest in second-hand designer wedding dresses rather than buying an exclusive wedding dress. So, if you are a bride who is planning to buy Angelina Bridal Couture pre-owned wedding dresses, then here are some of the online destinations that you can always consider. At  Borrowing Magnolia the options are unbelievable when it comes to a second-hand Angelina Bridal Couture

It always takes a very special and out-of-the-box wedding dress designer and a truly unique look to prompt a busy bride to hop on a flight from all corners of the world for the wedding dress of their dream. For all the brides who are still in search of their perfect wedding dress, Angelina Bridal Couture is your destination. Wedding dresses by Angelina Bridal Couture are totally unique and allow the brides to make a remarkable statement on their wedding day!

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