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Bonny Bridal

Bringing the classic and alluring era of the 40s, 50s, and 60s to life, Bonny Bridal wedding dresses can make any bride feel her most beautiful on her wedding day!

Bonny Bridal Wedding Dresses

Bonny Bridal Wedding Dresses are all about elegance and modesty! Bringing the classic and alluring era of the 40s, 50s, and 60s to life, Bonny Bridal wedding dresses can make any bride feel her most beautiful on her wedding day! 


Hey! Heartiest congratulations on that stunning and gleaming big rock on your ring finger! So, now that you are engaged with the love of your life, we are pretty much sure that you have been asked a dizzying array of questions related to your wedding dress, like what you like, when are you going wedding dress shopping, who is going with you, are you going to wear a sleeveless wedding dress, which wedding dress designer you will wear, and many more questions! We completely understand that for a bride, finding the right and perfect wedding dress is indeed the most exciting part of wedding planning. Almost all the brides have already dreamed about their wedding gown for years and years, even before they found the love of their life and got engaged! What kind of wedding dress a bride is going to wear on her wedding day is already there in her head! But, when it comes to choosing the best wedding dress designer, it gets a bit overwhelming! 

With so many creative and popular wedding gown designers to choose from, it gets a bit difficult for a bride to finalize over one! So, here is a piece of advice for all the soon-to-be-married brides who are about to begin shopping for their dream wedding dress. A great way to start your search is by familiarizing yourself with different wedding dress designers and (hopefully) finding a designer whose designs speak to your personality! Every wedding dress designer has their own philosophy, style, and approach to fashion, and choosing a designer who perfectly aligns with your wedding day vision will easily make all the difference! So, for all the modern-day bridal fashion enthusiasts, who have always dreamed of looking remarkable and out-of-the-ordinary on their wedding day, Bonny Bridal is an ideal choice for your wedding dress! 

Bonny Bridal closed its operations this summer after 36 years of producing sexy, elegant, and sensuous wedding dresses, throughout their journey they have provided amazing and modest wedding dress styles and great service to all its brides! Although Bonny bridals had discontinued designing new wedding dresses, brides can still shop online for second-hand wedding dresses. The collection of Bonny Bridal resale features some of the most elegant designs that brides will fall head over heels in love with the moment they will see Bonny Bridal wedding dresses! Bonny Bridal designs are widely loved by brides. All the brides who are looking for pre-owned Bonny Bridal wedding dresses can always check out our website featuring second-hand Bonny Bridal wedding gowns, and that too at an affordable price. 

Bonny Bridal- Where it all began?

Based in Orange County, California, the designer team at Bonny Bridal finds their inspiration in the modern bride. Each and every wedding gown designed at Bonny Bridal is creatively hand-crafted, with hand-sewn beads, luxurious fabrics, and inspired designs to suit brides of all sensibilities and sizes! 

While designing wedding dresses, the wedding dress designers at Bonny Bridals always keep three essential elements in their minds- style, romance, and tradition. 

Each and every Bonny Bridal wedding gown is different from the other! A Bonny Bridal bride will look nothing but stunning and ravishing on her wedding day. A bride wearing Bonny Bridal on her wedding day will definitely make a remarkable statement as all the eyes will be glued to her! 

Bonny Bridal- Inspiration

Seeking inspiration from the classic necklines and sleeves found in the modest styles from the era of glamorous and vintage ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, while keeping on-trend with the modern design styles, Bonny Bridal wedding dresses are the best fit for all the brides who are looking to add some dramatic flair to their wedding day bridal look! 

The designer team at Bonny Bridal also finds inspiration in the modern-day brides. For each and every Bonny Bridal collection, their designer team looks for inspiration in nature, and its movement when finalizing laces and fabrics, creating bead designs, and designing the structure of the wedding dress! 

Bonny Bridal - Collections

The wedding gowns by Bonny Bridals vary from 2 to 32 sizes! That means, the Bonny Bridal wedding dresses cater to brides of all shapes and sizes! Amongst all the stunning collections launched by Bonny Bridal, the ‘Bliss Collection’ and the ‘Unforgettable Collection’ are the most desired and preferred choices by our modern-day brides! 


The Bliss Collection of wedding dresses was all about a delicate line of modest wedding dresses with sleeves! Still, today, many brides are shopping for a second-hand Bonny Bridal Bliss collection for their wedding day! The Bliss Collection of Bonny Bridal integrates classic shapes with contemporary designs that are ideal for any church or temple wedding. This collection launched by Bonny Bridal caters to brides from size 0 to those who need modest plus-size designer wedding dresses


Some of the best Bonny Bridal Bliss Collection styles that are available online-


Bonny Bridal 6900M Modest Wedding Dress- This style of wedding dress features a stunning lace, modest wedding gown at a fantastic price of $899. Adorned with long illusion lace sleeves, Slim A-line silhouettes, zippers in the back decked out with buttons that beautifully go with the lace-making 6900M a beautiful bridal dress choice. 


Bonny Bridal 2727 Modest Wedding Dress White- This style of wedding dress comes with a high neckline and embroidered lace appliquéing onto a body-flattering bodice. Style 2727 wedding dress gives brides a classic and perfect elegant look. These days, this Bonny Bridal wedding dress is on sale, and you can get it at the cost of $1,079. 


The Unforgettable Collection was launched by Bonny Bridal with a motive to offer high-quality and budget-friendly wedding dresses to all the brides who desire to add vintage glamor to their bridal day look. The supreme-quality and affordable wedding dresses from the Unforgettable Collection by Bonny Bridals are super-duper romantic yet extremely stylish. Absolutely breathtaking, the Unforgettable Collection by Bonny Bridal was specially designed to fit brides better! The Unforgettable bridal collection by Bonny Bridal was the award-winning collection that featured chic yet elegant wedding dresses designed with a bride’s figure in mind. All soon-to-be-married brides who are looking for figure-flattering wedding dresses that gracefully embrace every curve of the body in the best way possible, get ready to swoon as the Unforgettable Collection by Bonny Bridal have it all! From elegant and classy mermaids and sheaths, wedding dresses with lavish beading and embellishments (Style 1600 and 1716), to ethereal tulle ball gowns (Style 1709) and gorgeous strapless A-line designer wedding dresses with a touch of charming and alluring color (Styles 1604 and 1628), the Unforgettable Collection has something for every bride! Brides who are all about bling should consider going for the Style 1716, as this mermaid-style wedding dress’s back is embellished with exquisite and delicate bling! 


Apart from beading and embellishment, if you are a bride who prefers lace wedding dresses over beaded wedding dresses, then also Bonny’s Unforgettable bridal collection is the best choice. The Unforgettable collection by Bonny Bridal also features vintage-inspired tea-length lace wedding dresses (for reference, check out Style 1523) and a modern design with stunning illusion sleeves (Style 1614 and 1618). No matter what kind of wedding dress you have dreamed of for your wedding day bridal look, Bonny’s Unforgettable Collection will help with your choice. So, be ready to get utterly spoiled for the choice! 


Some of the best styles under the Unforgettable Collection includes lace and tea-length lace wedding dresses that you must check before you shop online for Bonny Bridal preowned or exclusive wedding dresses-


Style 1603- Style 1603 is all about a figure-flattering slim A-line silhouette! This style of wedding dress is a softly layered lace wedding gown with stunning floral appliques that work all over the dress!


Style 1714- This style of wedding fantastically features a fashion-forward train with casing lace appliques all over the dress. Any bride wearing Style 1714 for her wedding day, we can assure you that she will look nothing but a beautiful Disney princess!


Style 1523- Style 1523 is best suited for our modern-day brides who are looking to wear something different and unique for their wedding day! The Style 1523 features a flirty tea-length wedding dress with sheer lace sleeves and an organza skirt! Offering the best comfort and ultra-modern look, this style by the Unforgettable Collection will be perfect for an outdoor beach wedding! 


Style 1614- Style 1614 is a sheer example of classic perfection. The wedding dress under this style features an elegant off-the-shoulder neckline with Alencon lace appliques! The illusion back of this style wedding dress will definitely make you fall in love with every inch of the dress! 


Style 1601- Style 1601 is the best-suited wedding dress for our bohemian brides. Written romance all over it, a bride wearing Style 1601 will make out a standout impression on her wedding day! This style of wedding dress will surely enhance the beauty of the bride who is wearing it! 


Style 1600- The Style 1600 by the Unforgettable Collection channels sophisticated elegance throughout its stunning and marvelous strapless fit and flare wedding dress! For all the brides who are looking for a wedding dress that flawlessly highlights their perfectly shaped body, this is the style for you! 


Style 1706- The Style 1706 is an ethereal drop waist wedding gown with a skirt in layers of soft organza! The open back of this style will elevate any bride’s wedding day look while making her look more sensuous and sexy! 


Style 1628- For all the brides who want to flaunt their elegant and sophisticated feminine side on their wedding day, then style 1628 is an ideal choice. This style features a feminine Venise lace bodice and an irresistible A-line skirt with horsehair trim. The open back and button till the waist make this style unique and most desired amongst our classic brides! 


Style 1711- Brides who are looking to wear something simple, subtle, yet, out-of-the-ordinary for their wedding day must consider style 1711 by the Unforgettable Collection. This style offers a classic lace and tulle wedding dress with an open back and buttons down to hips! The long, sweeping non-detachable train of this wedding dress makes it more desirable amongst modern brides! 


Style 1702- It will be a lie if we don’t confess that once in a while every bride had dreamed of wearing a wedding dress that somewhat resembles Marilyn Monroe. Her floor-length A-line wedding dress with sheer long sleeves and ruffled neck was the greatest sensation of the 40s era. Every bride wanted to wear something even with the tiniest resemblance to Marilyn Monroe’s wedding dress. Well, if you are a bride who is looking for all that vintage charm, grandeur, and drama for your wedding day look, then the style 1702 by Bonny Bridal’s Unforgettable Collection is the best choice. Featuring a softly gathered tulle skirt highly inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic wedding dress, this style of wedding dress is a great choice for brides who are always up for something new and bold! 


Style 1604- As already mentioned above, there are certain styles under the Unforgettable Collection of Bonny Bridal that feature a little splash of beautiful colors in the wedding dresses. Style 1604 is amongst one of those dresses that features some splash of color on the lovely white wedding dress. A rose-pink splash of color makes it so breathtaking and unforgettable! All the rule-breaking brides who simply do not want to wear the usual white wedding dress can consider this style for a wedding dress. 


There is no doubt, a Bonny Bridal designer wedding dress fresh off the rack may rip you off. You might catch a break with trunk sales or Bonny Bridal wedding gowns for sale if you keep your eyes out for these flash deals, but browsing used wedding dress sites is always a wise decision for the brides who are on a budget. No wonder, more and more brides are turning to second-hand sources to score the dress of their dreams without paying an arm and a leg. So, if you are ready to rock your very own bridal look with a Bonny Bridal wedding gown without breaking the bank, you can always check out the full range of gorgeous wedding gowns on various popular second-hand wedding dress sellers online like Borrowing Magnolia! Yes, there are many more styles on our website. Even though the brand has stopped producing new dresses, you can still check out the existing collection of Bonny Bridal wedding dresses on various websites that deal in second-hand wedding dresses! 


Image Courtesy: Bravo Bride 

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