Chic Nostalgia Wedding Dresses
Chic Nostalgia

Chic Nostalgia wedding gowns feature excellent designs and impeccable craftsmanship, flawlessly paired with quality fabrication to produce that once-in-a-lifetime wedding gown!

Chic Nostalgia - Bohemian and Romantic Wedding Dresses!

Chic: Elegant and Stylishly Fashionable

Nostalgia: Sentimental yearning for a beautiful memory of the past

The brand Chic Nostalgia is all about timeless wedding gowns for the most unforgettable moments of your life! Chic Nostalgia wedding gowns feature excellent designs and impeccable craftsmanship, flawlessly paired with quality fabrication to produce that once-in-a-lifetime wedding gown! A bride wearing Chic Nostalgia will embrace luxurious fabrics, scrupulous hand-beading, and romantic laces that will make her feel of luxury without the splurge! 

We understand that a wedding day is indeed one of the most special days that every bachelor waits to witness in their life. Being the most special day of everyone’s life, it is very obvious that the person has invested a lot of fantasies and dreams for this special day! There are endless things that one is concerned about on one’s wedding day, and the wedding dress is one of the things that bother every bride’s mind the most! Every bride wants her wedding dress to be nothing but perfect and spectacular so that she stays the center of attention throughout her wedding day! 

Every soon-to-be bride wants everything right and perfect, just like her wedding dress for her big day! And being a bride, we are pretty much sure that you will understand that there is something definitely important about having a wedding dress that looks absolutely amazing on you and help you make a remarkable statement on your wedding day! Well, there are times when most brides don’t fully understand this concept and feel overwhelmed during their wedding dress shopping as they are not sure about wedding dress designers but just have some idea of the general style they want. But then there are those brides who have everything already figured in their heads for a long time. They have decided which wedding designer they are going to wear for their wedding day along with the style of the wedding dress. So, if you fall in the first category of brides (which we think is incredibly amazing) we have something for you! Chic Nostalgia

Chic Nostalgia is a famous bridal designer brand that embraces the utterly bohemian (boho) look/feel especially for our boho brides who have always dreamed of having an elegant, dreamy, and free kind of vibe to be there in their wedding dress! Being a bride if you feel that your personal style is more ethereal than traditional or more relaxed than structured chances, then we are pretty sure that you are in the market for a bohemian wedding dress. And there is no better brand in the wedding gown industry for bohemian wedding dresses than Chic Nostalgia! The precise hand-beading and unique laces create a look and feel of luxury in distinct styles for the modern romantic bohemian brides! 

Chic Nostalgia wedding dresses are designed from a passion to combine classic silhouettes with modern designs, allowing every classic bride to be modern and chic, yet timelessly beautiful and enchanting! The finest fabrics and exquisite designs make Chic Nostalgia wedding gowns as beautiful as possible! 

Chic Nostalgia- Where it all began?

The brainchild of a Chinese native and a fashion graduate, Amber He founded Chic Nostalgia in 2009. Highly inspired and charmed by the magnificent splendor of period costume, Amber’s love for texture, pattern, and exoticism got evident in her classic yet bohemian bridal gown designs

Offering unique yet romantic bridal wedding dresses to discerning shoppers, Chic Nostalgia is an ideal choice for brides who are looking for lacey and budget-friendly wedding dresses! Chic Nostalgia designs are widely known for their new to eternal bridal designs! Designer Amber embodies the character and essence of Chic Nostalgia with her free and utterly creative spirit, making her wedding dresses refreshing and one-of-a-kind, especially for her boho brides! Nostalgia by Amber He wedding dress is perfect for stylish brides who have contemporary tastes! Since its establishment, designer Chic Nostalgia has been praised worldwide for its winning mixture of elegant and out-of-the-ordinary style and affordability! 

The designer house of Chic Nostalgia is located in the stunning seaport city of Dalian. Chic Nostalgia bridal collections are available all across the world. Being sold in nearly 50 countries and regions, with more than 400 top retailers all over the world! Each new bridal collection by Chic Nostalgia is presented at various international bridal fashion weeks including the Bridal Fashion Week in New York, Chicago, London, Barcelona, Milan, and Moscow! 

Chic Nostalgia Collections

Chic Nostalgia bridal collection will leave you obsessed with the designs and wedding gowns! The wedding gowns by Chic Nostalgia are soft and comfortable, light but not simple and romantic, yet free. We can assure you that brides wearing Chic Nostalgia for their wedding day will love the experience! They will feel beautiful in every possible way! The band features 9 different and stunning bridal collections for our modern-day bohemian brides to choose from- Beyond the Sea, Cloud 9, Curvy Collection, Desert Blossom, Garden Collection, Love Captured, Mellow, Secret Love, Water Maiden, and White Sand Journey! 

Let’s see what some of these Chic Nostalgia Bridal Collection offers that makes them so desirable amongst our millions of brides! 

The Dessert Blossom Bridal collection by Chic Nostalgia is inspired by Moroccan flowers. Moroccan flowers are known for their strong blooms, as they are able to survive and flourish even in the hardest climate. The Dessert Blossom collection features clean lines, fresh takes on lace, and contemporary-style sleeves treatment! 

From over-the-top glam to refined and sexy minimalism, the Chic Nostalgia Desert Blossom collection is definitely something to swoon over! Some of the best Dessert Bloom Collection styles are here for you to have a look at and then choose!

Style Ela

Style Ela by Desert Bloom features detachable tulle sleeves that offer a second look to the floral lace trumpet wedding gown adorned with beaded straps. Brides who are looking for a chance of style during their wedding reception can consider Style Ela as it is the perfect designer wedding gown for a second look

Style Etasha

A gleaming A-line wedding gown with a graceful sheer illusion bodice covered in sparkling crystals and an airy illusion skirt over a lace floral lining makes Style Etasha under the Desert Bloom collection an alluring wedding dress for our bohemian brides! 

Style Ayla

Style Ayla features a ravishing A-line wedding gown with 3D floral appliques with a boned corset and a sweetheart neckline and detachable puff sleeves! If you have watched Bridgetown on Netflix and are fascinated by Victorian-era gowns, then style Ayla is the perfect choice for all those brides who are looking ahead to bringing the classic vintage charm to their wedding day look!

Style Stella

A truly mesmerizing and showstopper kind of wedding dress! The Stella wedding gown features an enchanting illusion corset bodice adorned with glittering beaded 3D flowers, with a low V-back. The ethereal butterfly-style sleeves of this wedding gown bring out the inner beauty of every bride in the best way possible! 

Style Vanessa

For brides who are looking for a designer wedding dress that has a perfect combination of sexiness and sweetness, then Style Vanessa is an ideal choice. Style Vanessa features a mermaid-style wedding gown decked out with exquisite allover lace appliques with a scalloped hem, in the most romantic cafe au lait color! 

Style Agave

Style Agave highlights a completely different side of the Desert Blossom collection by Chic Nostalgia. Featuring a sleek trumpet wedding gown with a crisp crepe skirt and a lace bodice gracefully designed to represent the leaves of the agave plant makes this style of wedding dress an ideal choice for an outdoor wedding!

Style Winona

Style Winona offers an understated bridal look with a major vibe under the Desert Blossom collection by Chic Nostalgia. Featuring a crepe trumpet gown with a scoop neckline with lace-adored long sleeves and an alluring and intricate lace illusion back, the Style Winona wedding gown is the best option for brides who want to flaunt their sexy sides! 

The Mellow collection is the new addition to the Chic Nostalgia collection family. The wedding gowns under the Mellow collection do have their signature boho touch with a much refined classic look! Wedding gowns under the Mellow collection are adorned with soft French lace and tulle. This collection of wedding dresses are perfect for a garden wedding


Apart from soft French lace and tulle, the collection of wedding dresses under the Mellow collection by Chic Nostalgia also features Venetian lace and stunning chiffon. Both these fabrics mixed together to create a stunning beach bridal look. So, brides who are looking for Chic Nostalgia beach wedding dresses can consider wearing something from the Mellow collection! 


The wedding dresses under these two collections are best suited for summer weddings. Made with soft and comfortable fabrics that will keep our brides in comfort during the summer season! Championing flowing skirts and supple fabrics, combined with intricate laces for forgiving silhouettes, extravagant trains, and playful paneling, the wedding dresses under Water Maiden and Beyond the Sea Collection are nothing but stunning and incredible! Offering the perfect combination of contemporary flair and bohemian romance, the wedding dresses under these two collections are just magical and swoon-worthy! 


There is no doubt that Chic Nostalgia wedding gowns are well-known for outdoor weddings and evening celebrations all over Europe and in the United States. The Garden collection by Chic Nostalgia is what our modern-day brides are looking for! Something lightweight with simple and refined styling, with little to no trains. Something that is out-of-the-ordinary! The wedding dresses under the Garden collection are perfect for garden weddings, backyard weddings, and even for micro-wedding

It is true that Chic Nostalgia wedding dresses are known for their whimsical and bohemian looks. Here are some of the other fine styles that you can consider for your wedding day look! 

Style Kandy

We can assure you that you will instantly fall in love with the Kandy wedding dress! Featuring a classic and elegantly beaded a-line dress with a soft chiffon skirt, style Kandy gracefully elevates the beauty of a bride. The feminine sleeves paired with a deep V back bring out the best for any down-to-earth bride who is looking for a little something extra in her comfortable wedding gown!

Style Ember

Style Ember wedding dress is indeed fantastic, or we say perfect wedding dress straight out of a magical world. The clean and simple lines accented with purposely placed beading made to accentuate a bride’s flawless body. Made with silk chiffon, this beautiful wedding dress is lightweight, making it a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Featuring a deep V-neck with a unique tie back, the style Ember wedding dress is definitely a perfect fit for all the brides who are looking ahead to truly stand out on their wedding day! 

Style Raven

Sexy, chic, and stunning, the Raven wedding dress is one of the ultimate dresses for a bride who wants to make a statement in an understated way! Brides who want to keep everything simple and stubble, but yet want to leave a lasting impression on everyone’s hearts and minds, should consider wearing style Raven for their wedding day! Brides who are looking for a change of dress for their wedding reception should consider wearing this style as this style of wedding dress comes with a built-in costume change, a detachable skirt for fullness and extra sparkle and bling! The elusive yet sexy unlined bodice, the slim beaded waist, and the delicate straps make style Raven a true one-of-a-kind designer wedding gown! 

Style Sable

Words will fall short to describe the alluring beauty of style Sable wedding dresses. Style Sable wedding gown hits tradition to the curb and instead supplants it with modern-day charm and romance, a little touch of whimsy, and more than a handful of fierceness! Adorned with peacock lace, a detachable peacock train, and a sexy halter neckline, Sable wedding dresses make no excuses for being a truly different type of wedding gown! Combined with a crisscross back, Sable wedding dresses are indeed alluring and enchanting! 

Designed with timeless brides in mind, Chic Nostalgia wedding dresses highly emphasized femininity, softness, and movement! Chic Nostalgia resale designs are highly desired by brides all over the world. If you are planning to save some money on your wedding dress and thinking of buying pre-owned Chic Nostalgia wedding dresses, then there are various online websites where you can easily get second-hand Chic Nostalgia wedding dresses for sale! We, at Borrowing Magnolia, feature stunning, budget-friendly, and on sale pre-owned Chic Nostalgia wedding dresses that will not only help save you some big bucks but will also help you make an outstanding statement on your wedding day! 

Chic Nostalgia wedding dresses are deeply loved by our modern-day brides who are very much passionate about the beauty of nature and are always in pursuit of freedom, romance, and true self! Highlighting individuality, bringing natural spirituality, and utmost classic beauty in refined personality, Chic Nostalgia wedding gowns are absolutely refreshing, filled with too much bohemian romance and freedom. For brides who are planning destination weddings, Chic Nostalgia is the first choice when it comes to designer wedding dresses!

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