Christos Wedding Dresses

Classic silhouettes with a side of intricate details with vintage romantic influences, a Christos wedding dress is for the modern romantics who are looking for a love story in a cynic’s world.

Christos Wedding Dresses

Classic silhouettes with a side of intricate details with vintage romantic influences, a Christos wedding dress is for the modern romantics who are looking for a love story in a cynic’s world. Taking one on a trip of happily-ever-after, every dress created by Christos is a classic love story in itself!


So your wedding day is just around the corner and you are slowly but surely working your way through that master checklist! Wedding planning is no walk in the park, but you want this day to be as perfect as possible! You have your color combination picked, your wedding cake is going to be just the cutest, and you have the rustic-industrial theme for your wedding down to the T. But is any wedding prep ever complete without the dress? We think not! And just like every other thing on your wedding day, you want your dress to be just perfect too! The dress plays a huge role in the overall vibe of the wedding. It is not just a dress that dresses the bride and makes her look pretty but is so much more than that. A wedding dress establishes the tone for the wedding and holds in its tender folds a myriad of emotions. The dress ensures the bride shines like the brightest star in the night sky, and every move, every sway, and every sweeping motion aims to leave the guests in awe! This is essentially why the hunt for "the perfect dress" is imperative for a wedding. And this is why brides all over the world explore all the means to get their hands on that perfect wedding dress! The good news is that there are as many dresses as there are women, and one shouldn't worry about finding the perfect fit, because there is a lot of variety out there, regardless of your wedding theme, personality, or vibe! Whether you want a ball gown to go with your traditional hotel wedding, or you want an airy dress to work well with your beach wedding, rest assured that you will find your fit. Can it be challenging and confusing? Sure! But when you slip into the perfect dress, all of the confusion and weariness will fade away and you will know for sure that this is "the one."


Clearly, we are obsessed with wedding dresses here and are of the strong belief that there is no such thing as a wedding dress that isn't special. Ranging from the dress which has been passed down from your grandma to the dress which spoke to you in that nearby thrift store, there is magic in every wedding dress. It is, after all, a dress that dresses up the bride as she starts an exciting new chapter of her life, and no matter what is the brand or the price, the wedding dress does its job of making the bride look her best! But there is something about a designer wedding dress that speaks differently. Maybe it's the creamy and buttery silks or the whipped-air tulles, maybe it's the details and precision observed in the embroideries and embellishments. Maybe it's the name in the dress or the awe it brings to the faces of the guests, but a designer wedding dress truly makes a wedding that much extra special. The fact what a designer dress means to the bride is different in every case. Maybe it's the name of the designer which means so much to you. Maybe it's the way the dress makes you instantly feel like you belong to a fairytale. But if you are a bride with a taste for fashion, you are sure to appreciate a designer dress to wear on your special day. A fashion-conscious bride will already have all of the designer names of their choice pinned to their Pinterest board and researched upon. However, if you are a romantic bride with a penchant for all things soft and romantic while still being modern and current, a Christos wedding dress might be the right fit for you! Dreamy wedding dresses which make one think of romantic picnics and love letters, without being dated or out of fashion, investing in a Christos wedding gown might be the right call for you if you a modern romantic who loves love notes in the days of abbreviated text messages, and want the vibe to be emitted on your wedding day! Let us look at the Christos bridal designs a bit more intimately and find out all there is to know about the brand!


Christos - The Beginning!

The legacy of Christos was started in 1984 by Cyprus-born designer Christos Yiannakou. Christos Yiannakou was born on April 28, 1930, in the village of Ardana on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and at the age of 22, Christos arrived in New York City to persevere his passion for fashion design. With limited knowledge of English and limited money, he applied to the Traphagen School of Design and was admitted for all his unique design talent. While attending Traphagen, he also worked as a freelance fashion illustrator, and soon after design school, he launched his bridal design career at Galina Bridal. His design skills were quickly recognized by the bridal industry and he ultimately became the lead designer for Galina Bridal, designing wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and flower girl dresses. Retiring in 2005, Yiannakou privately invited Amsale to carry on the responsibility of a creative director, and Amsale held up the fort of the Christos legacy, by acknowledging tradition and imbuing a touch of modern sensibility, resulting in an alluring mix of designs. The renowned bridal designer, Christos Yiannakou passed away on August 1st, 2017, after a grueling battle with cancer, and his career in the bridal industry spanned 40+ years. 


Christos - Inspiration and Approach

The inspiration behind the Christos wedding dresses is the hopelessly romantic brides endeavoring a dreamy romantic gown with a modern sensibility. Created by designer Amsale Aberra, the Christos wedding gowns are simplistic, classic, romantic, and simply beautiful. Amsale sees Christos as an organic continuation of her own collection, as both depict timeless designs, however, Christos evokes a feeling of natural beauty and romance which is refreshing and enlightening in today's world!


Christos - Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations 

Christos's designs were exceptionally known for his use of elaborate lace, primarily Alençon, in addition to Guipure, Chantilly, and embroidered and embellished laces, which became works of art. His bridal gowns were classic and timeless designs that transitioned from the sixties into the current time. The Christos collection is the ideal blend of modern and vintage couture detail invoking beauty and purity with a dreamy romantic vibe. Staying true to its core design elements, each of the dresses showcases intricate detailing and features hand beaded belts, elegant lace hems, and handcrafted silk flowers, while feather-like tiers of tulle, silk, and lace produce fluid and breezy silhouettes. 


Christos - The Takeaway

The Christos bridal has created several classically romantic and elegant designs sold all over the world. For the woman looking for romance in her wedding dress in the cynical and stoic world of today, a Christos wedding dress might be just the right pick. Enveloping one in the timeless allure of classic silhouettes and details which are enough to take one's breath away, there is no wonder that Christos has earned a special place in the hearts of many brides-to-be. Having graced the tinsel doorsteps of Hollywood too, the Christos gowns have been featured in films such as 27 Dresses, The Accidental Husband, and My Best Friend’s Girl starring Kate Hudson.


We are a big fan of all wedding dresses here, and you might have noticed. We believe that a pretty white dress worn by a blushing bride is beautiful regardless of its make, price, or designer. It by no means has to be a designer dress for it to be special. However, it can't be denied that a designer dress stands in its own league altogether and rings its own breed of "special" to the day! So why is a designer wedding dress so enticing? Because it is made with care and utmost respect to quality. Because it ensures that all eyes are on the bride. Because it single-handedly elevates the tone of the evening with its undeniable presence. Whisked together with buttery fabrics and romantic ruffles and lighter-than-air tulles, a designer wedding dress is made to make a bride feel more special than she has ever felt in a dress. We will not run out of reasons why buying a designer wedding dress is potentially the most rewarding purchase of your entire wedding. The luxurious and affluent feel that the dress grants, the finest selection of fabric and adornments which yields a premium look, highest quality of mind, hands and machines at work, plus the way the art fits like a dream, a designer wedding dress is most certainly an experience which needs to be cherished! Right from the moment you first see the dress, online or offline, till the moment you take the dress off after the most magical day of your life, every moment is promised to be pure joy! While there can't be enough said about a dress well made by a renowned designer, and while it is a thrilling experience to go and buy that designer dream dress fresh off the rack, not many brides get to live that dream. If we take into account all the brides who are either on a budget or just refuse to spend a huge chunk of money on a dress, even if it is for their wedding day, buying a designer dress retailed full-price is not always an option. This is where second-hand wedding dresses come in and save the day! Pre-owned wedding dresses open up a world of possibilities and eliminate the age-old gap between budget brides and a beautiful designer dress, enabling the brides to find the dress that is meant for them, without having to worry about the price tag!


Every bride holds a wish close to her heart- the wish to wear a beautiful designer dress as she says "I do" to her special person. They all want to look like a million bucks as they walk down the aisle to their sweetheart and while a select few get access to this elite dream, most hardly ever get close enough to this dream! It is no wonder that weddings require an ample amount of money and purchasing a designer dress that is valued at a few thousand dollars is not a fair and practical option for everyone. This is exactly why hopes of walking down the aisle to your spouse in a totally stunning designer dress are most often filed away, in pursuit of more practical factors! However, second-hand wedding dresses come as a lovely relief, especially for the brides trying to save a bit for their future home or honeymoon! It provides the bride a chance to live her designer dress dreams, but with prices that are slashed to half as compared to the prices that the same designer dresses are being retailed for. It also adjusts the ingrained perspective about how a wedding dress is not just meant to be worn once but can, in fact, be worn multiple times, lighting up the days of many pretty brides in its brief span of life! It is a fair proposition, considering a designer piece of art is constructed with the most premium of materials and finest of procedures, only to be worn for one magical day! Standing by the concept of wedding dress re-wears, a second-hand wedding dress blows a fresh inspiration into the bridal clothing industry, a refreshing change indeed! The idea of purchasing and reselling a pre-loved bridal gown is exactly the kind of action that introduces a fashion-conscious bride-to-be with their dream dress that they have been dreaming of while paying just a small chunk of the price for it. And all along, she gets to make a choice that is beneficial for our planet as a whole! Holding the option of buying and investing in a sustainable wedding dress lets one absorb the luxuries while they get to save their money and also the planet! It also acknowledges a more sustainable way of existence, as this practice significantly reduces the carbon footprint that the clothing industry adds to this planet. And if along the way you find a beautiful Christos wedding gown for sale or a wedding gown on Christos resale, nothing like it. With buying a Christos designer wedding gown, you will be surely the most stunning and memorable bride ever, but you also get to do so at a much lower budget, something that you wouldn't have dreamt of otherwise! It challenges our mental blockage about how a wedding dress is a dress that is special and can be worn just one day, and beautiful high fashion cannot be accomplished without paying handsomely for it. While there are numerous platforms to pick from, if you are especially fond of the modernity and ethereal romance that a Christos wedding gown brings to the table, there are several appropriate websites that might make your vision come to life! A Christos pre-owned wedding dress offers a taste of luxury, without having to compromise on the budget and the environment. And after your wedding day celebration comes to an end, and you have worn your beautiful designer dress which is the perfect balance of modern silhouettes and romance, you can pass down your serendipitous dress for the next bride in the line to enjoy!

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