Daughters of Simone Wedding Dresses
Daughters of Simone

Daughters of Simone is the quintessential collection of non-traditional wedding gowns for all boho brides, who always want to feel dreamy and effortless on their day.

Daughters of Simone Wedding Dresses

Daughters of Simone is the quintessential collection of non-traditional wedding gowns for all boho brides, who always want to feel dreamy and effortless on their day. The intricate boho wedding dresses achieve a style that evokes a sense of wonder and whimsy. From beach weddings to romantic elopements, Daughters of Simone wedding dresses are the style you are after! 

Finally, the cool fall air is settling in and we are breaking the sweaters out of our closets. We are suckers for fall weddings and we know that finding that one perfect and unique wedding dress for the cooler temperatures can be a bit tricky! As we know there are some brides for whom the idea of a highly structured traditional wedding dress is the ambivalence to everything that their personal and bridal style emblematizes. We completely understand that. Not every bride needs to want to have an internal corset and a cumbersome hoop as not all weddings happen in churches or hotels, and not all brides want to look like a Disney Princess.

For all those free-spirited and romantically inclined brides who are on the lookout for a best designer wedding dress that speaks to their soul, Daughters of Simone has always been a name that is known to portray the indefatigable and remarkable uniqueness of brides on their wedding day and will also offer you some help when choosing an incredible boho bridal dress! 

Whether the inspiration was from Kate Moss and her legions of woodlands nymphs led you down a path of boho bridal dress, or the idea of having a charming outdoor wedding under the starry city escape, or maybe just the thought of you dancing barefoot all night with your sweetheart, we are delighted that you are looking for something more sartorially outlandish. The Daughters of Simone has visions of you skipping through meadows, but they are probably getting a bit carried away now…

Daughters of Simone- where it all began?

“Romance and Antique Lace, Blossom trees, and Billowy Sleeves… this is what young love should feel like.”- Daughters of Simone

A bohemian non-traditional bridal gown company established in the Big Apple of AmericaNew York. Daughters of Simone is an establishment created by two amazingly inspired and creative sisters- Ashley and Brittany! Inspired by fashion muses of years gone by, including their mother’s very own 1970s shoulder-baring wedding gownsister duoAshley and Brittney (the designers) designed their first collection of wedding gowns for the soul-bearing and strong-willed brides of the world who remind them to keep charging forward! Making a boho vibe to flawlessly match with today’s bride, this amazing sister duo has been marking their marks on the wedding world for years! 

The name- Daughters of Simone was inspired by Simone de Beauvoir, the French writer, and philosopher. A visionary, and a strong and courageous woman who was independent and challenged that status quo for women at a time when a woman's future was predetermined. The sister duo firmly believed that Simone de Beauvoir’s out of the box ideas are creatively represented in their unique wedding gowns. This famous French writer and philosopher is known for her speaking up for women at the time when women were not expected to have a voice of their own! Simone is still the backbone of Daughters of Simone and the brand effortlessly fuses her lively spirit into everything they do! 

The business was initially started with a quest through frugality stores for vintage wedding dresses which were then touched up (tweaking the gowns here and there to give them a new life and more modern appeal) and sold to Etsy. With the Etsy shop a smashing hit (no surprise there considering the brand’s eye for detail and taste in vintage), Brittany and Ashley opened a showroom for Daughters of Simone, a thriving business with an eclectic edge in their San Francisco apartment. 

Daughters of Simone welcomes strong and courageous women, who know how to leave their everlasting impression on the people in any celebration. Ash and Brit design for women who have the nerve to feel like themselves on their wedding day, while overlooking what may be considered the tradition. They find this idea extremely romantic.

In 2019, Ashley and Brittney launched their Bridal Collection called Day Dream, which includes the exclusive ‘Ash’ gown (being Ash’s wedding gown). After which they spread their wings and launched their two collaborations, the bridesmaids’ line with Leave her Wilder and the jewelry collab with A.B. Ellie. They also opened up an office in their hometown of Fresno, California, where brides are able to go and try on exquisite dresses for their wedding day. Lately, they have also expanded into wholesale, stocked in stores like Anthropologie’s BHLDN and boutique across the globe (quite literally!) and their label has grown into 6 beautiful collections! 

Daughters of Simone- collections and inspirations

Romantic. Confident. Free Spirit are the three words that perfectly describe the Daughters of Simone. 

Talking about their inspiration, Ashley and Brittney’s designs spoke briefly to their carefree childhood, where colorful paint splatters were encouraged by their beautiful and abstract artist mother and adorable carpenter daddy, while they both dotted the floors of their home. A pinch of rebelliousness, a never-give-up theology, and lawless creativity was much the recipe of their formative years. Out of which Ashley and Brittney’s eye for the unorthodox sprung!

The sister’s duo began to design their own collection of wedding dresses, still vintage-inspired but with their own touch of incredible creativity from start to finish. After gaining fame and fan-following amongst the brides, the sisters were successful in breaking down the perception that bohemian was not a style of weddings, and henceforth, Ashley and Brittney moved to New York, the city of dreams to make their last and longing dream into a beautiful reality. The sisters participated in New York Bridal Week, and grew their presence on the East Coast and eventually, abroad! They have an exclusive showroom in New York where they hold their full collection! 

The sisters, Ashley and Brittney, believe that every corner of our beautiful planet earth houses a group of amazing women, unlike the rest. They all are different from each other! Some of them are the vagabonds, whereas some of them are hippies, while the others are outlaws. Some of them are the wanderers while the rest of them are the starry-eyes. The designers of Daughters of Simone always keep these wonderful and incredible women in mind while designing every bohemian wedding dress. The sisters’ team behind the Daughters of Simone boasts a cool, laid-back style with all the rock and roll trimmings. Combining their love of vintage and fashion, their collection speaks to free-spirited brides who aren't afraid to do their own thing. Showing off the best pieces of a woman's silhouette. Daughters of Simone’s collections are inspired by the free-flowing era of the 1970s with fabrics composed of scalloped ivory crochet-laces, 100% buttery silks, and smooth chiffons that highlight the best features of a woman’s silhouettes! Their classic and fabulous collection usually ranges in price from $1700 - $2500. Getting DOS wedding gowns under sale is the dream come true for every bride. Their stores all across the world have a quiet collection of white flowy blouses and dresses from vintage stores so a lot of elegant and beautiful pieces that are actually inspired by real vintage are found in Ashley and Brittney’s closet. 

Daughters of Simone- unique and popular styles

Daughters of Simone collection is the best label for all the stand-out brides who are looking for a relaxed fit bridal gown. Something comfortable that she can wear and then dance the night away with whilst also looking her carefree best. Their stunning collections are perfect for the free-spirited bride or the brides who are looking for something that makes them feel a little extra special, especially for an intimate destination wedding! 

Bridal bell bottoms, flared sleeves, barebacks, sensual crochet, swirling capes, and exquisite beading- this is a wedding dress collection for the true bohemian brides amidst you! Daughters of Simone wedding gowns are the go-to gowns designed especially for all the brides who are looking for something alternative, nostalgic, and super cool! DOS latest collection, Dawn of a New Age is exquisitely filled with statement making-separates, romantic seventies-inspired gowns, and intricate embroideries!

The most unique and popular wedding gowns designed by the Daughters of Simone that is famous amongst our 21st-century brides are the Lola and LU

The Lola

The Bohemian Luxe wedding dress, the Lola is a breathtaking wedding gown made up with 100% cotton crochet lace, designed especially for the brides who want a dramatic vintage vibe with modern touches! Highlighting the high neckline perfectly descending past the eye-catching collarbones meeting with a plunging low back that is perfect for any wedding venue. This lovely bohemian wedding gown is lined with a matte satin liner, although the long sleeves are left unlined to contrast with a hint of skin. The silhouette will perfectly fit throughout the bodice while flaunting the beautiful and curvaceous body of the bride. The flares above the knees descend into a flowing crochet train which ends with scalloped trim. This beautiful Daughters of Simone wedding gown comes with a hidden zipper while the clasps are lined under the exposed back for ease of dressing. This elegant wedding dress comes with custom options- if you don’t want the train, you can still have this beautiful wedding gown for your big day. 


Amongst all the bohemian bridal gowns designed by the Daughters of Simone, LU is the most beloved shoulder-baring wedding gown! Created with ivory-colored matte stretch satin liner overlaid among featherlight ivory chiffon, LU wedding gowns are fitted throughout the bodice before graciously cascading to an A-Line skirt. The ethereal chiffon layers gracefully flow into a rounded extended train decked out with an intricate floral crochet lace trim. This classic train is known for taking everybody's breaths away. The top ruffle of this beautiful wedding gown boasts a blending crochet lace trim as the hem. The armbands of LU dresses are made with an elastic band for comfortable wear and can also be worn on the shoulder or off the shoulder. For ease of dressing, the dress comes with a hidden ivory back zippers with added clasps. If you are choosing the LU styled wedding dress for your big day, you will have the advantage to get this dress customized without the train! 

Wedding dresses from Daughters of Simone are priced from approximately €1600 to €1400 and are available to buy online, along with international shipping for the designer’s studio located in California. You will also find the premium and exclusive Daughters of Simone’s design in Ireland at Archive 12 in Belfast, and even you will also find their unique wedding pieces in the selected boutique in the UK, amongst them Heart Aflutter in London, Jean Jackson Couture in Manchester, and Ghost Orchid Bride near Hull! 

Apart from classic and iconic bohemian style wedding dresses, Daughters of Simone has an exclusive jewelry segment in collaboration with A.B. Ellie which is available in the Fall Collection. These intricate and boho-chic style accessories consist of bold jewelry, gold crowns, necklaces, and earrings! All this collection is also available online for you to play up the uniqueness of your designed pre-owned wedding gown by adding one or two statement accessories to your bridal look. You can also have a look at their accessories and gifts section, if you want something classic and cut above the rest for your wedding day. 

Daughters of Simone- vision and goal

If you are a born die-hard romantic bride and have an eccentric flair for endless drama, you will surely love Daughters of Simone eye-catching, unique and exquisite boho wedding dresses! Effortless elegance is the very first thing that will pop in your mind when you will think of bohemian wedding dresses designed by the Daughters of Simone. Sisters, Ashley and Brittney love that all their designed wedding gowns are unique, with an original story that their brides breathe new life into. They always see every bride as an individual, and hence they make sure that this is not just any other bride getting married, she is someone very special and unique and her wedding dress must represent that in complete swing. 

The Daughters of Simone always makes sure that the wedding dresses that are designed by them feel like the bride is herself in. They always desire and wish to design something that makes every bride look beautiful and feel more like herself on her wedding day! 

‘Daughters’ taps into that sense of nostalgia, freedom, and complete originality that so perfectly compliments the resilience of every female spirit. By wearing a piece designed by the DOS, you will feel like... Yourself!

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