David Tutera Wedding Dresses
David Tutera

David Tutera wedding gowns are a work of art.

David Tutera Wedding Dresses


David Tutera wedding gowns are a work of art. Every wedding dress designed by David Tutera has something unique and special about it that sets it apart from his other wedding dresses. Every single detail in all of his wedding gowns allows the bride to connect to her personality. Offering spectacular fit in an affordable range, David Tutera’s wedding dresses offer confidence to all the brides on their wedding day!

We all know that in a lifetime there are few occasions and moments in our modern-day time where a woman finds herself in a position to don herself with a no-holds-barred ball gown, much less a jeweled tiara, and all too many where she's called on to wear to a neutral suit or common "biz-caz" combo. Without any doubt that with so many soon-to-be-brides this year (all thanks to COVID-19 for postponing the weddings last year), their wedding planning always starts with the quest of finding the famous designer wedding dress. A dress that will leave everyone enchanted and mesmerized on their wedding day! A wedding dress speaks for itself and obviously a lot about the bride! That’s why it was or will never be a cakewalk for a bride to choose a wedding dress when the options are endless in the market!

Well, there are times when brides get amazingly lucky as they are able to find that one wedding dress that they have always envisioned while growing up! After being through high and low, braving chilly department stores and pushy bridal shops, they eventually come face-to-face with "The One" wedding dress. Now the question is how does the bride know that, yes, this is the one where her search ends? Well, there are certain signs, like she might start crying the moment she will look at the dress, or there have been scenarios when the mother of the bride and all her girlfriends starts getting emotional all at once! And then suddenly the rest of the wedding planning that includes the theme, the tone, the right wedding venue, we mean everything, springs to life and falls into place without much effort!

But on the other hand, some brides aren’t as lucky as other brides. They have searched just as hard, worked their way through all the bridal shops including those in the nearby states, but still haven’t found that ‘one dreamy and whimsical’ wedding dress. All those brides who are looking for something unique and extraordinary that resonates with their playful and enchanting personality must consider weaning David Tutera wedding dresses! Yes, we are talking about the famous celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera! The prominent personality who has planned and organized a great number of celebrity weddings, including the ones of Star Jones, Shannen Doherty, and Antonio Pierce has also started designing beautiful and elegant wedding dresses at rather affordable prices!

From authentic and traditional wedding dresses to classic and modern to couture-inspired, David Tutera wedding dresses are truly universally appealing and every bride’s favorite! There is an extraordinary variety of styles in the wedding dresses designed by David Tutera! For a modern-day bride to bride who is looking out for a classic wedding dress for her wedding day or wants to wear a boho-inspired wedding day, David Tutera is the ideal store for all your wedding dress types and fit! With finest and high-quality fabrics and unique and contemporary details such as hand-beaded Swarovski crystals, with an impeccable fit, David Tutera wedding dresses are sure to exceed even the highest standards of a bride! With stunning embellishments and pocket-friendly cost, we can assure you that the moment you will see a David Tutera wedding dress you will instantly fall head over heels in love with it. And won’t return without buying it and later gushing and recommending it to all your soon-to-be-married friends! You can always check out David Tutera wedding dresses online or can also check out websites that feature second-hand wedding dresses by David Tutera, like, Borrowing Magnolia. You are sure to find a perfect and graceful pre-owned David Tutera wedding dress at this website and that too on sale! Though David Tutera wedding dresses are quite affordable, there is no harm in saving some extra bucks when you get the best deal!

David Tutera- Where it all began?

The name- David Tutera doesn’t need an introduction. He is indeed a leading wedding and entertaining expert known for transforming any ordinary occasion or celebration into an extraordinary type. Having planned weddings for Matthew McConaughey and Prince Charles, among other household names, David Tutera’s name has become synonymous with style. Elegance, creativity, and grand vision! Not only limited to wedding planning, but Tutera is also the author of seven popular books on the topic and is also the host of the hit primetime show, ‘My Fair Wedding’ on WE tv.

Lately, David Tutera collaborated with world-famous Mon Cheri designer Martin Thornburg in order to design and produce the David Tutera for Mon Cheri wedding dress collection. His bridal collection is all about love, romance, and beauty. A David Tutera bride will look nothing but fabulous on her wedding day and will make a remarkable statement!

Wedding dresses with an elegant, and classy yet sultry and sexy vibe, make the David Tutera Bridal collection standout! Apart from designing wedding gowns, Tutera is also into designing wedding veils that evoke romance while making every romantic bride out there feel chic and magnificent on her wedding day! David’s dream and inspiration is to allow every bride to walk down the aisle in flawless style!

Well, talking about the history of this amazing and world-famous brand, making wedding specials runs in the family DNA! David’s grandfather owned a flower shop, and his grandmother Mary was a seamstress, and her sister, Ida, owned a bridal boutique where she used to design custom-made wedding dresses based on the style and needs of the brides. David’s mothers’ wedding dress was also designed at his aunt’s bridal boutique! Tutera’s family venture into weddings started with florals at the age of 19, and thus has bloomed since then, bringing David Tutera into wedding fashion! Each wedding dress designed by David Tutera is a creative, modern, and new collection with a luxurious fusion of fine fabrics and embellishments! David Tutera believes that every bride is unique and surely deserves to stand out especially when it’s her big day. In an interview, he mentioned that a bride is like a snowflake: no two brides are alike, therefore we assure that the designs of our wedding dresses should be unique and one-of-a-kind! Looking at David’s passion for wedding dress designing, we are guessing that he is looking ahead of planning timeless and unique wedding dresses for his two lovely daughters, Cielo and Gracie when the time comes to incorporate all the modern trends!

At present, David Tutera presides over an award-winning company built from extensive experience and utmost dedication in order to make weddings an unforgettable moment of every bride’s life! With his Italian roots, and the joy of fashion David Tutera is taking the wedding dress industry through a storm while leaving his mark all across the world!

David Tutera- Inspiration and Collection

Every wedding dress designer including David himself at David Tutera’s embraces and celebrates all that is a woman! From a bride’s cultural to ethnic background, from her body shape to her curves, from her radiating personality to her beliefs. The creative heads working in designing the outlandish wedding dresses see the inner beauty of all the brides knowing that each and every bride is gorgeous and fantastic in her own unique way. And the designers including David want their bride’s wedding dresses to celebrate who they are on their wedding day with full confidence! David works diligently to assure that every single detail in all his bridal wedding dresses helps brides to connect with their individual personalities and relish the pure joy on their wedding day!

Talking about the collections, then David Tutera’s 2020 Atelier Bridal Collection signifies love. The celebration of love expresses the greatness of life. With every wedding dress designed by David Tutera, he pays utmost care and dedication and thus holds the deepest hope that when a bride will wear the wedding gown designed by him, she will absolutely feel not only special but simply beautiful and incredible, because this is what she is!

The 2020 Atelier Bridal Collection by David Tutera is further divided into eight different collections and styles of wedding dresses including Cielo, Krista, Kristen, Jennifer, Mariana, Tiffany, Mary, and Fio!

Cielo Wedding Gown

The wedding gown under the Cielo Collection by David Tutera is a celebration of glamour highly inspired by haute couture but also designed while keeping the latest trends in mind. A Cielo Collection wedding gown has soft yet lavish colors and textures! Creatively and artfully designed ball gowns with a full circle pleated tiered tulle skirt combined with lace trimmings for giving that fine and elegant detailed look. Made with layering ivory-colored duchess satin, gleaming rose gold organza, ivory tulle, and beautiful Chantilly lace, any bride will fall in love with the wedding gown under the Cielo Collection! Cielo’s wedding gown will speak to the confident bride who dares to be cool, yet is undeniably elegant and sexy! Along with the Cielo, the wedding gown comes in exquisite detail, embroidered, adorned with crystal embellishments wedding veil that effortlessly makes a once-in-a-lifetime statement of absolute allurement! David Tutera Atelier Cielo veil is absolutely dramatic, full, and can also be an extended haute couture length!

Krista Wedding Gown

The Krista wedding gown under the 2020 Atelier Bridal collection is perfect for the brides who are planning to have a Disney Princess look for their wedding day! Krista’s wedding gown is a soft-ball gown that is extraordinary, classic, stunning, yet understated! Designed with a high panel neckline and decked out with delicate lace, Krista’s wedding gown is a rare combination that any bride would find anywhere except at David Tutera! This fabulous wedding gown is what our modern-day bride needs to look out-of-the-ordinary on their wedding day! A nude signet and ivory tulle give Krista’s wedding gown a truly soft and magical feel. Wearing Krista on your wedding day will make you look nothing but an elegant princess when you will walk down the aisle towards the love of your life! Krista’s wedding gown when paired with Krista’s wedding veil will bring a magical feminine softness to your entire bridal look! The hand-arranged laces and intricately detailed crystal beading on the veil will give you the right glow and beauty to your memorable day!

Kristen Wedding Gown

Kristen’s wedding gown will be a perfect fit for all those brides who want to stand out and make a remarkable statement on their wedding day without even trying! Kristen’s wedding gown is a fit & flare ethereal beauty. Designed with four layers of soft fabrics including nude satin, organza, nude tulle, and ivory tulle, altogether leading a soft dimension to the shape of this fantastic wedding gown, the creations are pure art! Kristen’s wedding gown is truly breathtaking and you will also agree with us the moment you will witness it! It definitely has something that can blow any bride’s mind! Not only the wedding gown, but even Kristen’s wedding veil is also simply breathtaking and enchanting! A bride wearing Kristen's wedding gown along with its wedding veil will surely feel a heavenly feeling of beauty on her wedding day!

Jennifer Wedding Gown

The Jennifer wedding gown under the 2020 Atelier Bridal collection radiates the classic charm and elegance of 1950’s bridal fashion but yet is truly contemporary in every aspect! The exquisite detail in the straps and trim of the flawless neckline offers a simple touch that makes the most visual impression when it comes to Jennifer’s wedding gown! The fabric, the fine details of the work on the gown, and everything in between made this wedding gown a truly timeless beauty! Talking about the Jennifer veil, it is also a classic elegance. Stunning with just enough sparkle accented with pearls sure to capture your timeless beauty.

Mariana Wedding Gown

Designed from three layers of extraordinary and fine fabrics - ivory satin, glitter tulle, and ivory lace, the Mariana wedding gown under the 2020 Atelier Bridal collection is produced specially for truly romantic brides out there! Mariana’s lavish fabric and graceful details start from an alluring neckline and further continues all the way down the hemline of the gown. The side open slit in the gown added a more sexy and spectacular vibe to the overall gown. Even the Mariana wedding veil is romantic. A lovely double-layered veil with delicate florets intensified by crystal accents a bride is sure to look truly marvelous!

Tiffany Wedding Gown

Featuring the most-enchanting fusion of ivory duchess satin, soft nude tulle, glitter tulle, ivory tulle, and exquisite lace, the Tiffany wedding gown is nothing but ethereal! From swiping floor-length hemlines to the stunning train, the Tiffany wedding gown can be worn in any setting and we can assure that a bride will not only feel but look extremely gorgeous! The Tiffany wedding veil is just as spectacular as the wedding gown. With lots of delicate layers and textures and crystals, the Tiffany veil will give a bride a romantic eye-catching feeling on her special day!

Mary Wedding Gown

With a dramatic sweetheart neckline perfectly paired with a sexy bustier mermaid silhouette, the Marry wedding gown offers a light and playful feel to a bride on her wedding day! A bride wearing a Marry wedding gown will witness a fresh and glowing look that will definitely catch everyone’s attention without any delay! The Marry wedding gown will be the best choice for a free-spirited bride! Mary’s wedding veil will perfectly compliment any wedding gown but will surely be a perfect and stunning match when gracefully paired with the Marry wedding gown! 

Fio Wedding Gown

For all the soon-to-be-brides who are planning to shine out like a sparkle just a bit but with a fresh, clean, and very romantic look, the Fio wedding gown is the perfect choice for you all! Adorned with delicate crystals, pearls, lace, glitter tulle, light champagne duchess satin, and illusion hemline, the Fio wedding gown is truly stunning. A bride wearing this gown will feel like she has been transported into a sequence of a fairy tale story. Even the Fio veil is nothing but alluring and marvelous. Crafted with crystals, pearls, and a bit of stardust, donning this veil with any wedding gown will complement a bride’s entire wedding look!

Well, amongst all the collections presented by David Tutera, the Mon Cheri Collection is one of the most talked-about. The David Tutera for Mon Cheri Collection features classic and trendy wedding dresses, which can effortlessly make any bride outshine on her wedding day! From dreamy and princess-like ball gowns to sexy and sultry fitted mermaids, the Mon Cheri Collection has a vast variety of options to offer to the brides. All the Mon Cheri wedding dresses are flattering, dramatic, and gorgeous. The best part of this latest collection launched by David Tutera is that it will cost only $750 - $1,575. Because David believes that every bride deserves the best for her wedding day. So, if you are looking ahead to explore the Mon Cheri collection you can visit Regiss in Louisville, Bowling Green, Owensboro, and Glasgow to shop the incredible David Tutera for Mon Cheri collection and find your dream wedding dress today without any delay!

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