Dennis Basso Wedding Dresses
Dennis Basso

For every glamorous and fashionable bride, Dennis Basso wedding dresses are considered to be a staple.

Dennis Basso Wedding Dresses

For every glamorous and fashionable bride, Dennis Basso wedding dresses are considered to be a staple. This iconic and highly lauded American fashion designer is known for his glamorous and romantic bridal designs that use intricate and captivating details to create a super fashionable bridal look for any woman. A popular modern bride designer and a native New Yorker, Dennis Basso is all about the trendiest bridal fashion in each season.


Right from the moment a woman begins dreaming about her wedding, more than anything else she visualizes about her wedding dress while daydreaming striking images from princess movies, music, ballet, and TV. With top fashion designers and creative teams hitting the ground every season scooping out the best bridal trends, from bold botanical prints to lacey romantic wedding gowns, we have seen everything when it comes to the latest wedding fashion trends. The fashionable runway shows and celebrities walking the red carpet have always had our hearts swooned, and we could never help but see a little dream about our wedding dress to be exactly like that. We all can probably agree that there is a different fanbase for timeless and classic wedding gowns that will never be out of fashion, but there are also modern brides who are getting married wearing pantsuits. Whatever a bride decides for her wedding, it is always special to her and adds new meaning to the brand new life that awaits her, and no matter what, the wedding dress will forever be a remarkable reminder of love and companionship, and hence it’s got to be special.


One of the most celebrated wedding dress designers for modern brides, Dennis Basso is an American fashion designer who is known for creating some of the most dramatic and fashionable bridal trends each year. The all-time glamor and romantic bridal wear designs from the house of Dennis Basso feature soft and feminine wedding dresses that call for drama and spotlight. Dennis Basso wedding dresses are popular among trendy and modern brides as they are exclusively feminine and sophisticated meant for brides who want to be noticed on their wedding day. This New York-based bridal designer comes up with wedding dresses with artful and bespoke combinations every season that not only sweep the internet but also make their mark in the top bridal trends of the season


Considered to be one of the most popular wedding gown designers in the history of bridal fashion, Dennis Basso is a native New Yorker whose bridal collections feature standard dreamy silhouettes that are embellished on the top to make them pop, and each bridal dress retains the sophistication and drama that he is known to bring out. The eye-catching bridal pieces from Dennis Basso wedding dress designer are known to include a number of off-shoulder ball gowns and various other gowns where the use of attractive patterns match perfectly with running floral appliqué. One can also find some of the trendiest bridal jewelry and accessories that are accessible to brides from all walks of life as the wide range of styles and price points are designed to suit different tastes, budgets, kinds of weddings, and sense of styles.


Dennis Basso - the beginning 

Dennis Basso was educated at Catholic University in Washington DC and has been an alumnus of the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. One of the most respectable and famous supporters of the fashion industry, Dennis Basso has been a long-standing member of the most prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Fashion Institute of Technology for his unending support and his visionary talent and business acumen. A native New Yorker, Dennis Basso designer was ready to launch his own business in the year 1983. That was the beginning of this bridal fashion empire when he brought this fresh new perspective of designing clothing with fur, by treating it as a fluid fabric that is lighter and proves to be more sinuous with silhouettes, and bolder in coloration and patterns. Becoming an instant hit among socially influential women and stars of that era, Dennis Basso designer dresses started their blockbuster journey right from that moment. As the business of fashion boomed through the natural evolution for Dennis the distinctive designs featuring signature verve and attention to glamorous styling along with the complementing fur designs began to rule the fashion industry with its newfound chic and stylish quotient. In the year 2002, Dennis Basso bridal dress designer opened its first freestanding boutique at the prestigious Little Nell Hotel in Aspen. 


Followed by this milestone, in the year 2003, his first flagship on a store was opened on Madison Avenue in Manhattan and with an in-store boutique at Harrods. By this time Dennis Basso designer dresses were already a range on the global platform. He has been a constant at New York Fashion Week every year and season since the year 2007. Drawing the attention of top media channels, NY tastemakers, and some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities, Dennis Basso wedding gowns have become a prominent name among the top-tier New Yorkers. Dennis Basso designs and gowns have been graced by some of the most famous celebrities including Hayden Panettiere, Emmy Rossum, Helen Mirren, Tyne Daly, Angela Bassett, Mary J. Blige, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Brooke Shields, Sarah Rafferty, Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Robin Roberts, Katie Couric, and Olivia Palermo to name a few. Dennis Basso wedding dresses also prominently graced the screen when they were worn by both Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones in “Chicago,” by Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”, Nicole Kidman in “Nine”, and Charlize Theron in “Snow White and the Huntsman.” 


Considered to be one of the most influential bridal dress designers globally, Dennis Basso bridal designer believes that women should have access to quality and sophisticated wardrobes regardless of where she comes from. With that philosophy and vision in mind, Dennis Basso designer launched his major collaboration with QVC two decades back, featuring faux furs, ready-to-wear, and accessories, and, subsequently, a home collection. In the year 2011, the Dennis Basso brand had their most recent extension with the launch of exclusive bridal designs for one of the most esteemed bridal wear houses- Kleinfeld Bridal salon in New York City. Last year, the Dennis Basso brand launched its new sleek flagship store at 825 Madison Avenue in a landmark building. This five-story townhouse spans 10,500 square feet of the area starring the purest glam and sophistication that Basso is known for and featuring the designer’s extensive collections of furs, ready-to-wear, and accessories. 


Dennis Basso - the brand 

Known for creating some of the most luxurious bridal wear and collections, Dennis Basso bridal brand is home to expert craftsmanship and artistically timeless work that shines bright through some of the most classic bridal designs to have ever graced the fashion industry. With the sole mission to make some of the finest and luxurious bridal items, the Dennis Basso brand has stayed true to its vision and mission since its inception. The Dennis Basso New York City studio features expert artisans and craftsmen that have worked for generations and have perfected the art of handmade designs that focuses on fashion, modernity, and innovation. With devotion towards talent and workmanship, the team behind Dennis Basso bridal gowns has combined some of the most advanced dressmaking and bridal couture techniques that have allowed them to generate automatic and limited products that surpass all quality standards. 


In the year 2007, Dennis Basso bridal label helped manage to acquire and renovate a 30,000 square fashion house in Long Island City. Within a distance of a few minutes from Midtown Manhattan, the Dennis Basso warehouse was renovated into an atelier for design, research, development, pattern making, sewing, and finishing, as well as executive offices and accounting. Before going out into the label of Dennis Basso wedding gowns for sale, raw materials for the designed pieces are handpicked in limited quantities from auctions and collectors worldwide, which makes Dennis Basso designer wear unique and timeless. The sourcing of diverse materials enables them to craft every item from conception to completion with sincere attention to detail, quality, and value which are furthermore delivered to the clients globally with an assurance of service that stays with them for years. 


The Daniel Basso retail boutiques carry the same philosophy, vision, and mission as the design studio in selecting some of the most widely recognized international locations and designing spaces that feature the highest and impeccable standards of materials and dressmaking techniques as a backdrop to all the unique products that are being manufactured. Sitting on four floors and expanding in 10000 square feet of area in Manhattan's most prestigious blocks, the Dennis Basso flagship townhouse is a premium address for brides globally that is dedicated to luxury fashion. Nestled on Madison Avenue in New York City, and making it one of the most coveted bridal brands globally, the flagship townhouse of Dennis Basso features a dedicated concierge team that sets bespoke appointments with prospective brides and work together with the design and tailor team for creating some of the most timeless customized made-to-measure gowns that feature luxurious and artistic fur details, which is an exclusively Dennis Basso signature style. 


After operating for 14 years in Aspen, Colorado the designer label behind Dennis Basso wedding gowns in the luxurious hotel called the Little Nell, this bridal brand has become a permanent fixture of culture and philanthropy that supports the community and has become synonymous with eclectic and expensive tastes that feature timeless bridal designs, sporty fringe furs, lavish throws, and hand-embroidered daywear. After a luxurious beginning with the most luxurious havens of fashion- Harrods in London, Dennis Basso brand has become one of the trendiest bridal wear designers on the planet. It has recently collaborated with designer David Collins and created a master space of 2,400 square feet which is also considered to be one of the largest fashion boutiques in Harrods. Dennis Basso wedding gowns for sale features evening ball gowns, glittery cocktail dresses, and handcrafted furs at this fashion boutique, which are displayed in gold cages, gold leaf accents, and marble floors, making it a one-stop-shop for some of the most premium and luxurious bridal collections. 


With a vision to give back to the community and adhering to the company's social responsibility, Dennis Basso wedding dress designer has featured the house tag saying "Handmade in New York City", which stands out in all the collaborations with different charities across New York, Aspen, Miami, California, all over the United States and Europe. The house tag of this fashion house is the core value of this brand and signifies the original choice of keeping the production line in New York City, which is also considered to be an essential symbol of quality control at the highest level. This quality control goes on to signify the countless hours that are devoted to the development of dressmaking and bridal couture techniques which is again a combination of different materials and textures that goes into each of the bridal designs. Considered to be one of the biggest hallmarks of designs, the team behind Dennis Basso label focuses on creating uniqueness by mixing designs and crafts which results in bridal designs that become an authentic work of art.


Dennis Basso - styles and inspirations 

One of the most highly lauded bridal designers in the world, Dennis Basso creations have appeared on multiple fashion runways and have been graced by countless red carpet stars and Hollywood celebrities. Home to some of the trendiest wedding gowns in the history of bridal fashion, this celebrity wedding gown designer is a very popular name in the bridal industry and his famous bridal salon Kleinfeld is a favorite among engaged women. Crafted with artful combinations of chiffon, duchess satin, organza, and tulle, each Dennis Basso wedding gown carries its own distinct personality. The sophisticated and accessible wedding gowns feature a wide range of price points which makes them affordable luxury. The wide range of styles that suit different tastes and are considered to be appropriate for a wide range of weddings, from traditional wedding appropriates to modern-day bridal wear. The glamorous, elegant, and stylish bridal designs feature some of the most popular bridal fabric like lace, silk, and tulle, which is adorned with accent detailings like beading, appliqués, and embroidery, making each piece undeniably wedding-worthy. The collection of timeless Dennis Basso bridal dresses was designed with the diverse tastes of the modern bride in mind.


Sometimes you pin some dress in your mind and head to another store in search of better deals or prices. And by the time you realize that the former one was the best you lose it to some other budget-savvy bride-to-be. Here, we would suggest you make hay while the sun shines and feel relaxed. It’s now or never. A-Line, mermaid, sheath, short, you just name it, Borrowing Magnolia has a dazzling selection of Dennis Basso resale wedding dresses and evening gowns in different colors. He is known for crafting some of the most memorable fashion moments of our time including many celebrities, the Dennis Basso preowned wedding gowns from the house of this trendsetter fashion designer are a true dream come true. He became popular worldwide for his epic designs and is a name that has got etched in the history of the fashion world. Every bride will find her style with second-hand Dennis Basso wedding dresses. His wedding gowns have graced Hollywood beauties and style icons.

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