Lovers Society Wedding Dresses
Lovers Society

A society of brides dressed in dreamy floaty whimsical wedding dresses, delicate accents, earthy hues and lacy craftsmanship, Lover's Society is a society which speaks in enticing volumes.

Lovers Society Wedding Dresses

A society of brides dressed in dreamy floaty whimsical wedding dresses, delicate accents, earthy hues, and lacy craftsmanship, Lover's Society is a society that speaks in enticing volumes.   Holding in its arms souls on flight and romantic hearts, this is a designer which speaks to the modern bohemian and leaves a lasting impression. Make your boho wedding complete with a Lover’s Society wedding dress, and you will never regret the dreamy whimsy and the free-spirited allure that comes with it. The result will be a boho bride with just the right aesthetics.


Is there any other occasion in society and in one’s life which is as happy and fun as a wedding? We think not! Not only is it a beautiful expression of a love story, a perfect match of two hearts, it is also aesthetically beautiful, fun, and full of drama! A wedding day is the perfect compilation of several big and little details which go into making a perfect day. There are several bits to the puzzle, several fragments which add to the bigger picture. Whether it is the venue that is chosen among many or the jewelry which sparkles in your neck, whether it is the color of the flowers or the tune of the playlist, everything needs to be just right. And the dress takes the spotlight every time. The dress awes and makes one’s heart skip, and the dress brings tears of joy to pay a visit. Needless to say, the dress of the bride plays an important role in the wedding aesthetics and vibe. It is more than a dress, but is rather a beautiful creation of hope, love, and dreams. It depicts something much more than just a dress to flaunt but is rather a realization of a bride’s dreams. Since it is such a crucial addition to the wedding, finding the perfect dress is everything. It is understandable why brides go through the high and low to get that dream dress. No matter what is your wedding theme, your specific style, or your vision for the wedding, there is a dress for every one of our brides. Whether the bride is rustic or classic, modern or glam, there is a dress out there to fit the bill squarely. While the search might be long and grueling, the feeling of slipping into a dress that looks and feels like a dream is iconic.


While every wedding dress is wonderful in its own simple way, there is always something that sets a designer wedding dress apart. It adds that extra bit of magic to your special day, making it even more "special". A designer dress brings with it the pure exhilaration of owning a designer wedding dress, along with the assurance of top-notch quality and the sheer superiority of technology, skills, and materials. All of these elements make a designer wedding dress truly feel like an indulgent, luxurious experience, and like it is a work of art. For a bride who is closely related to the world of fashion, the designer wedding dress is a dream that has to be accomplished.  Almost every bride hopes to say her vows in a strikingly elegant dress fashioned by their favored designer. While there are several popular wedding gown designers out there, different designers cater to different clientele. This enables them to cover all bases, ensuring every bride, with all of their different and interesting personalities, has alternatives to choose from. If you are a bride with a striking and extraordinary fashion sense, Lover's Society wedding dresses might be just what you need! Stunning dresses with memorable designs, every pretty dress from this name is pure magic and is built to touch and leave a striking impression. Let us take a closer look at the Lover's Society and all that it entails.


Lovers Society- The Beginning!

Lover’s Society, a fairly new brand in the neighborhood, has its roots in Auckland, New Zealand. Recognizing that the bridal journey is not really about individual journeys, but is rather a society, where brides lean on each other for support, to celebrate all of the high points and tackle all of the lows together. The brand believes in showing up for brides by bringing in one awesome dress after another which wows and awes the brides and takes their wanderlust souls elsewhere.  new dress collection that wows and takes everyone elsewhere in mind and spirit! The brand's minimal modern boho aesthetic ensures that every piece you pick is a beautiful story itself.


Lovers Society- Inspiration and Approach

The muse of the Lover's Society is a modern wanderlust-loving bride, with the soul of a kite and the heart of a bird on a flight. All of the designs portray the free-spirited energy combining bold lace, nude mesh, and delicate, frail-as-a-butterfly details. The approach is that of the perfect balance of intricate embroideries and fragile lacework, and detached freedom and thirst for what is out there. Luxurious and bohemian with an appreciation for detailed craftsmanship, a Lover's Society dress is the fine balance of romance and free spirit. The Lover's Society combines a one-of-a-kind vision in fashion with a heavy sprinkling of modern boho vibes. Reminiscent of lazy afternoons and moonlit nights, a Lover’s society dress is for the dreamers who are not afraid of even the far-flung of dreams.


Lovers Society- Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations 

Gathering inspiration from the world-at-large, Lover’s Society pours its bohemian heart into each of the dresses, creating masterpieces that are perfect for the women who love to dream, contemplate, write poetry, and wish on the falling star on a moonlit night. The collection is beautifully refreshing, young, fresh, and full of whimsy, while still being vintage, romantic, and as wise as time, a balance that is challenging to master but is done beautifully by the designer here. The Tulum collection, for example, is the perfect dress that works beautifully as a bridal dress, while still modern enough to vibe with the bride in a way that she will be excited to wear it over and over, probably at a sun-soaked destination wedding rescheduled for next year. The style is minimal, modern, and simplistically aesthetic, while still being able to awaken your inner oasis! Similarly, all of the other collections are equally distinct, a quiet specific feeling, without straying too far from its core brand identity. Lover's Society is a dream come true for dreamers and each of their dresses speaks of unexplored places, unexplained emotions, and untamed souls.


Lovers Society- The Takeaway


Lovers Society is an electric and free-spirited mix of designs created for the dreamers and drifters, for the gypsy souls who inspire and influence every design. A Lover's Society wedding dress is the perfect balance of a time-flung wandering soul in the modern world, leading to a dress that is a masterpiece and inspires and awes. Lover's Society presents a range of gowns with meticulous attention to detail an easy flow of elegance, and a whole lot of soul. Each design, each embellishment, each flower in the lace evokes freedom and oneness with the universe as a whole. Acknowledging that every bride is different, the brand offers the brides a chance to express and portray themselves the way they want, offering each design as unique as a snowflake.


Wedding dresses come with the superpower to draw emotional responses and can brighten up a face like no other. While this reaction can be reaped out of any wedding dress, a designer wedding dress appears to do the job splendidly. And understandably so! Designed with the most delicate of materials like silky fabrics, dreamy laces, intricate embroideries, and adornments, a designer wedding dress is created with a whole lot of love and magic. Maybe it's the luxurious feel of the fabric or the premium look, maybe it's the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into it, or just how the name of the designer brings a brilliant smile to any bride's face, but the feeling of a designer bridal dress always feels different. It is promised that from the moment you spot your dream dress in the clothing rack till the time you fluff up your dress and walk down the aisle, every moment dressed in that masterpiece is pure magic. If you can buy that pretty dress featuring in your dreams first hand, great going, but if you can't afford to get it first-hand, second-hand is an option that breathes relief to most bride's dreams. Second-hand is in fact the perfect sweet spot for brides with a budget to claim their designer dresses.  Having the possibility to invest in a sustainable wedding dress lets one savor luxury without paying an enormous amount for it is truly exceptional. And the best part is that the bride can do this and go home with the moral reassurance that she is providing towards a more sustainable way of living. Buying a sustainable wedding dress is a great situation, with one section being about the fashion-savvy bride getting her designer dress at a fabulous price, and the other being about going home on a happy note that the dress which she just invested in is sustainable and has a more prolonged lifespan than the conventional wedding dresses, and tells a lot of interesting stories. A pretty dress created with the most luxurious of materials and by setting some unparalleled skills and resources at work surely merits to be worn more than once and to serve its mission well. It significantly diminishes the carbon footprint on our planet and offers a more eco-friendly way of living, which is an enormous win by itself. Finding a Lover's Society wedding gown for sale is one of those memorable high points of the wedding day which makes a bride's memories extra special!

Every bride dreams of wearing a pretty designer dress on their wedding day, and this is something that never gets old. The dress is alluring and makes one daydream about wearing it, but the daydreams are shattered once the realities of buying a designer dress surface. While in most cases the designer wedding dresses come with a large price tag it also appears that the number of designer dresses is inadequate and is only open for an elite few. This significantly reduces the opportunities of a hopeful bride-to-be being able to wear their preferred designer wedding dress. But with a pre-owned designer dress, there is an instant change in everything. The act of buying and selling a pre-loved bridal gown is exactly the kind of thing that connects fashion-loving brides-to-be with their potential dream dresses, all by spending just a fraction of the price. It simply emphasizes the fact that if the approach and the perspective are right, high fashion can still be achieved without breaking the bank. Enabling several fashion-savvy brides with strict financial limitations to enjoy the charm of a designer wedding gown, a pre-owned Lover's Society bridal gown is a permit to extravagance without having to pay out a huge chunk of money for it. Second-hand wedding gowns like Lover's Society's preowned wedding dress have not only induced a revolution in the sustainable fashion industry as a whole, it has also affected the total carbon footprint in the apparel industry. It has also revived the fragile hopes of a bride who wants to vaunt a beautiful designer dress on her special day. There is no doubt that it is economically and sustainably better to use a beautiful piece of clothing as many times as one possibly can rather than using it once and putting it away in storage indefinitely. After so much thought and effort has been put into creating a masterpiece, it is almost rude to just don it once and do away with it, and not share the magic. Purchasing pre-owned allows brides to love a piece of clothing with a fresh perspective, even when it is preloved and pre-owned so that it can later be passed on to brighten the day of another bride. Isn't that a beautiful idea or what?


Image Courtesy - Lovers Society

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