Madison James  Wedding Dresses
Madison James

The Madison James Collection of Allure Bridals blurs the lines between modern and vintage, appealing to a sense of whimsy and romance!

Madison James Wedding Dresses

The Madison James Collection of Allure Bridals blurs the lines between modern and vintage, appealing to a sense of whimsy and romance! A wedding dress under the Madison James Collection will set you apart and will make you outshine on your wedding day! 

Happy end of 2020! We are hoping that you had an amazing and wonderful Christmas on Friday and luckily you are joining us today for your wedding dress shopping (all the thanks to that shiny ring on your finger). We are all cheering with mimosas in your honor! Before we go ahead and help you to find that perfect designer wedding dress for your big day, we want to congratulate you. So, the heartiest congratulations on your recent engagement! And without any further delay, it’s time you start your quest for your ‘the one’ wedding dress. The one designer wedding dress that you have been dreaming about and talking about non-stop! So, where do you start? I know you might have thought that finding that ‘one perfect wedding dress’ wasn’t that much difficult. However doing the homework like narrowing down the designers, the style, fabrics, and other details- is important. If by any chance you hadn’t poured that much preparation before you go out in search of your wedding dress, then trust us, the search for your dream wedding dress will quickly turn from fun to stressful! From classic to beachy to boho to rustic, there are endless wedding dresses available in the market today. But as special you are your wedding dress should also be one-of-a-kind. And for the best and outstanding wedding dresses, the Mansion James Collection of Allure Bridalsis something that will be a perfect fit for you!

The wedding dresses designed under Madison James Collection radiate modern romance. Wearing a Madison James wedding dress is the dream of a sophisticated, glam bride. Offering stunning and fresh silhouettes, avant-garde, and delicate fabrics, and intricate and contemporary lace textures and designs, Madison James bridal wear features the perfect fusion of romance and elegance in the best way possible! The bridal collection of Madison James of Allure Bridalsalways aims to showcase the mesmerizing and breathtaking beauty of a woman head over heels in love! 

With Madison James bridal collection every bride out there will be able to show her flawless and enchanting feminine side in the best light. From beading to lace appliques, the professional and experienced designers working in creating the masterpieces pay utmost care, dedication, and attention to the details of each of the wedding dresses. So, that when a bride wears a Madison James wedding dress, she looks intricate and unique! 

One of the greatest reasons due to which our romantic modern-day brides are choosing to shop for wedding dresses by Madison James is that they come easy on pockets. Ranging between $800 - $3400, Madison James wedding dresses are a great choice for all the brides who want the finest designer wedding dress and that too in an affordable price range! These days, websites like Borrowing Magnolia are featuring pre-owned Madison James wedding dresses, so, if you like you can always check out at the ease of your comfort. 

Madison James- Where it all began?

Madison James Collection is another segment of the Allure Bridalsbrand. The history of Allure Bridalsgoes back to 1998 when it was just a small retail store. But ever since then, this stunning designer bridal brand has grown into an award-winning bridal company. Owned and operated by the famous designer, Kelly Crum, all the segments of Allure Bridalsare known for their classic yet contemporary and timeless wedding dresses. Wedding Dress designer Kelly Crum always pays close and utmost dedication and attention to the details of the wedding dresses designed by herself or by her team of extremely professional and talented wedding dress designers. From beading to lace appliques everything steps into the process of wedding dress designing to give them intense attention. 

Being raised in a family that is so much immersed in the fabric Industry, Kelly Crum decided to create his own wholesale business in clothing line in the year 1977, and then he started his own company and became the president of American Clothing Express Inc. In the year 2011, his efforts were recognized on a large scale and he was awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year Award, by the Barlett Area Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1998, Allure Bridals has added a large variety of bridal collections to fit every bridal style, budget, and body type. Apart from Madison James, the other bridal collections that fall under Allure Bridals are as follows- Allure Romance, Allure Couture, Wilderly Bride, Allure Women, and Allure Modest. All the wedding dresses under this brand cost anywhere from $600-$4000. Each and every collection has its own specific price range and uniqueness that makes every bride look different from another and outshine on her wedding day! 

Madison James Collection

Bridal Collection

For all the fashionista brides out there, the Madison James is the perfect line for their wedding day bridal look. We can assure you that any bride wearing a Madison James wedding dress will make a remarkable statement on her wedding day. All the eyes will be set on her throughout the celebration. The wedding dresses under the Madison James designer brand are somewhat similar to what Allure Couture has in its store for its modern-day brides. Though, there is always a but, Madison James wedding dresses are more budget and fashion-friendly than any other collection offered by the Allure Bridals! Three words that come to mind when we have to define Madison James bridal collection are- progressive, up-to-date, and stunning! After all, which bride in the world doesn’t want intricate beading, dramatic silhouettes, and gorgeous trains in her wedding dress? No one right! And yes, here Madison James bridal collection for you won’t disappoint. We promise you that! 

Madison James wedding dress collection will transport every bride to her childhood days. Especially those ones, when they as a little girl dressed up like a princess and pretended to get married. Madison James’ bridal collection always turns the brides’ dream of looking like a Disney princess on her wedding day into lively and romantic reality. The wedding dresses featured by Madison James are beyond-gorgeous! Wearing a wedding dress by Madison James will put every bride’s ‘princess’ back on their wedding day agenda! As they believe in details like the beading, floral appliques, dramatic backs, and perfect drapings! 

Madison James Spring 2021 Collection

Madison James 2021 Spring Collection by Allure Bridals magnifies authentic and traditional bridalwear into an even more refined, attractive, and breathtaking iteration! The detail of every wedding dress of the 2021 Spring Collection by Madison James is aimed to set it apart from the rest of the designs and collection and thus to make a bride outshine on her wedding day! Designers at Madison James believe that every bride deserves to be at her most beautiful on her wedding day, and thus they always strive to not only design and produce the flawless and unique wedding dress but to also offer daily inspiration for all the soon-to-be brides! 

Madison James 2019 Fall Collection

2019 Fall Collection by Madison James was the talk of the town and of the headlines too! Madison James 2019 Fall Collection by Allure Bridals was all about creative and innovative designs, classic and stunning silhouettes, and lastly a whole lot of romance. Gone are the days when the spring season was believed to be the season of love. Nowadays it’s all about falling head over heels in love with the Fall season. And 2019 Fall Collection by Madison James made every bride believe that you can always fall in love with the Fall! One of the best things that Madison James launched in their 2019 Fall Collection was that it was a size-inclusive collection. The size-inclusive collection fits the brides from size 0-30, allowing contemporary to meet the vintage look available for all soon-to-be brides! As the designers at Madison James believe that every bride deserves a vast collection of wedding dresses to choose from for her wedding day bridal look! There shouldn’t be anything that she should be compromising about. 2019 Fall Collection of Madison James by Allure Bridals was nothing but whimsical and dreamy! 

Madison James Prom Dresses

Apart from designing classic and outlandish wedding dresses, Madison James is also known for its prom dresses. Yes, you heard that right. Apart from a woman’s wedding day, prom is one of the biggest and another special occasion where she will have to dress for from head to toe, and likely the first of its kind. Whenever the word ‘prom’ is mentioned, every girl’s mind instantaneously enchants up a beautiful image of her perfect prom dress for the celebration. Every young woman or a girl out there wants to be the Venus of the ball and feel like the prom queen even if she has not officially won that title. And to make that dream a lovely and gorgeous reality, Madison James prom dresses are the best! 

The prom dresses designed by the designers at Madison James are nothing like you have ever seen in your life! With Madison James prom dress a woman can never go wrong. Featuring stunning and gorgeous silhouettes that can flatter any body shape with a vast array of lovely colors, Madison James is always set for every prom season! Fashionably trending in slinky sheaths and ballgowns, Madison James prom dresses never go out of style. The prom dresses at Madison James feature high necklines and sultry off-the-shoulder gowns so that every girl on this special occasion gets to flaunt her collarbones and well-shaped curvy body in the best way possible! Girls who want to go for bold prints and patterned prom dresses, don’t need to stress as well, as Madison James has everything for every girl out there! These days, burgundy and deep jewel tones are so in trend and yet fashionable as they flatter every skin tone. So, if you wanna try these shades then you can look for Madison James prom dresses that are available at Alexandra’s Boutique! Madison James prom ball gowns will surely have your eyes shimmering with excitement as the designers closely work in bringing out the latest fashion every now and then. Prom Dresses by Madison James also include classic and elegant designs, crop tops, and two-pieces. If you are a bold prom-goer, then you can always check out the fantastic jeweled necklined gown with feisty patterns. With endless varieties ranging from fit and flare gowns to mermaid dresses to lilac crop tops and petal-pink off-the-shoulder gowns, we can assure you that at Madison James you are sure to find the prom dress of your dreams. 

If you are looking for black-tie sequin gowns or incredibly romantic lace-embellished prom dresses you will find them at Madison James. From lovely and enchanting colorful pastel evening gowns to intricate beaded pageant-style prom dresses, you will have endless options to choose from the best for your special occasion! Madison James designer prom dress will surely bring out your inner fashion diva to make your prom night an unforgettable celebration of your life (of course till your wedding day comes!). 


Well, if you are gushing your Lara Jean prom dress (To all the boys Always and Forever) the latest romantic Netflix movie that has already made our girls excited for getting all dolled up for prom and sharing the night with that someone special, then Madison James is the ideal choice. With Madison James’ exquisite prom dresses, we can promise that you will be able to recreate that special moment with your partner just like Lara Jean and Peter Kevensky did! So, girls just go out and start shopping for your prom dresses in advance! 

In an interview, Kelly Crum mentioned that “the fashion industry is all about celebration. From weddings to proms to other special occasions. And we always aim to design and produce the best of best designs for our beautiful ladies out there so that when the moment comes they feel extra special and out of the world. Their inner beauty should glorify in the best way possible!”

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