Martina Liana Wedding Dresses
Martina Liana

Martina Liana wedding dresses have been gracing aisles for brides who want to feel elegant, confident, and above all fashionable on the biggest day of their life.

Martina Liana Wedding Dresses

Martina Liana wedding dresses have been gracing aisles for brides who want to feel elegant, confident, and above all fashionable on the biggest day of their life. Considered to be one of the most favorite choices for brides globally, Martina Liana bridal wear radiates confidence, displays global glamor, and an impeccable range of style. The embodiment of exquisite couture bridal designs which are displayed in the crafted wedding gowns are completed with exquisite finishes and artisanal fabrications.


Going out with the gang of bridesmaids and getting your dream wedding gown sounds like a common desire among women who are recently engaged. However, there is something so striking and sophisticated about choosing a designer wedding gown for your big day. With some of the best designer wedding gowns, you can be guaranteed to find quality materials that go into the manufacturing of designer wedding dresses compared to ordinary wedding dresses from the market. There is a reason why we can see brides making such a huge deal about bridal collections that get launched every season where several bridal haute couture and high fashion brands sweep the ramps with some of the most extraordinary wedding gown collections. Ranging from the unique styles and intricate detailing to finding the perfect fit that will fit you like a glove, designer wedding gowns are truly a dream come true for every bride across the globe.


Considered to be one of the most popular wedding gown designers of all times, Martina Liana bridal brand is for every bride who wants to radiate global glamor, impeccable style, and confidence on her wedding day. From impeccable fit and bridal couture customizations to distinctive designs and luxurious fabrics, Martina Liana wedding dresses are the perfect embodiment of exquisite couture bridal designs. With the idea of giving every bride a chance to bring her bridal visions to life through custom designs, Martina Liana bridal designer brand has taken the world stage as one of the leading bridal fashion labels. It rose from the unfaltering creative visions of Head Designer Martine Harris and her international design team. Martina Liana bridal gowns are said to be inspired by a bride's love story and the latest runway trends and fashion houses around the world. From featuring luxurious fabrics and glamorous beading work details to using some of the finest bridal dresses of heirloom quality and embellished details like Swarovski crystals and Diamante ornaments, Martina Liana bridal label is for every bride who is seeking a fashion statement that she can truly call her own.


Martina Liana - the beginning

“A bridal gown is more than just something a bride will wear once. She will replay the memories of her day in her mind for years to come and pictures of her will be passed down for generations.”- Martina Liana.


The chief executive Chief Creative Officer of Essense Designs, Martine Harris along with her husband Wayne Harris founded Essense Designs over 20 years ago in Perth, Australia. Essense Designs is an award-winning Australian fashion house with a mission to meet and exceed every bride's expectations while designing wedding gown, they are known for manufacturing and wholesaling the prettiest bridal gown collections. The trendy and fashion-forward bridal collections from the house of Essense Designs feature couture finishings, custom made fits, and extraordinary customer service behind them. Along with Martina Liana, Essense Designs is the fashion house behind bridal labels like Essense of Australia and Stella York along with bridesmaid label Sorella Vita. The company has grown to serve a global customer base with offices in the United States, Australia, Europe, and the UK. 


The designer Martine Harris describes how the wedding dress is not just a piece of clothing for every bride, it's an experience that a woman is going to remember for life. Hence she thinks that it is very important for her to make a bride feel beautiful and confident on her wedding day, and to be a part of it, and to be able to design the perfect wedding gown for her still remains one of the most celebrated and incredible feelings for Martine Harris. Since today's brides are looking for a little bit of everything, from the latest runway fashion trends to timeless vintage wedding gown styles that will never go out of fashion, Martina Liana wedding gowns for sale have become the natural hotspot for bridal fashions that are inspired by looks — think cutouts and high necklines as well as strappy features and romantic florals. Ranging from traditional bridal designs like sweetheart necklines, simple fabrics, and classic silhouettes to modern-day minimalist bridal designs like simple silhouettes, ornate details, glamorous styles, and romantic elements, Martina Liana wedding dresses and bridal collections cater to all kinds of bridal styles from traditional to modern to bohemian and minimalist. Martina Liana wedding gown designs combine the latest in design mastery and exquisite craftsmanship to create a style that is extraordinarily yours. Each Martina Liana wedding gown is crafted with exquisite finishes and artisanal fabrications that elevate and refine the traditional bridal fashion experience. Many of these bridal styles are also available in plus size making them inclusive and even more unique.


Martina Liana - styles and inspirations

Giving brides worldwide to wear something more than just another wedding dress from the market, Martina Liana wedding dress designer crafts wedding gowns that allow brides to make a statement that will exemplify their attitude, her elegance, her personality, and her unique sense of style. Every embellishment and every cut of Martina Liana wedding gowns are crafted with one aim in mind- to create an enduring memory. From perfectly handcrafted fits to bringing heirloom quality detailing, each bridal gown from the house of Martin Liana bridal will definitely stir hearts and leave your guests in pure awe. Along with catering wedding dresses to plus size and curvy brides, the signature Martin Liana designer dresses collection is well-known for its impeccable fit, couture customization, and distinctive designs. Ranging from the signature dramatic trains with intricate lace patterns and form-fitting, flattering shapes to the luxurious fabrics and featured details like Swarovski crystals and Diamante embellishments, every Martina Liana bridal gown is the perfect romantic sophistication.


Martina Liana wedding dresses are crafted with the philosophy of elegant simplicity that is meticulously handcrafted with couture dressmaking techniques. Exuding chic femininity and sophistication, the understated glamor and unwavering attention to detail come into play as a true reflection of a modern-day bride behind every bridal gown from Martina Liana bridal dress designer. Every wedding dress design from Martina Liana evokes a feeling of connection and an indelible legacy of Martine Harris’s founding philosophy and lifelong pursuit of enduring styles. 


The distinctly iconic collections of Martina Liana designer wedding dresses over the decades have featured timelessly beautiful designs that are draped in luxe fabrics and indicate hand craftwork, without making it look busy, meant for the modern and sophisticated bride who represents elegance and confidence in simplicity. The effortlessly bold wedding ball gowns are refreshingly modern and appropriately classic, that can be the perfect choice for a fashion-forward bride who chooses to look timeless in her bridal portraits for years to come. There is no doubt that Martina Liana has been a powerhouse in the bridal industry since its inception as it takes its primary inspiration from the vibrant personalities of to-be brides, highlighted by signature couture design techniques and hand-touched by the master seamstresses.


Martina Liana - bridal couture collections

The Australian team at Martina Liana had the vision to create a bridal fashion label that blends couture customization and quality with exquisite design. We can see the way the luxurious fabrics flow as the bride glides down the aisle wearing Martina Liana bridal gown, along with the way the handcrafted fit accentuates her womanly form and the heirloom quality detailing adorning each and every corner of the wedding dress. As Martine Harris once said, "We had the vision to create a bridal fashion label that blended couture customization and quality with exquisite design. We are proud that this vision has been brought to life through Martina Liana. Each new collection is even more captivating than the last and we feel validated by the amazing response this label has received from brides across the world.” 


Ranging from A-line wedding dresses that enable a bride to make a dramatic statement worthy of a boho goddess while embodying the true spirit of effortless glamor to fun and lively ball gowns that brings the magic and fun to the table, Martina Liana bridal collections will make you fall in love with the luxurious feel of these exceptional gowns and will appreciate the designer’s superb attention to detail. From lace, V-neck, sweetheart, back detail, fit and flare, vintage, train, strapless ball gowns to sparkles, sleeves, mermaid, trumpets, and sheath wedding dresses, each and every dress from the house of Martina Liana is a piece of art that showcases the refined glamor, timeless style and elegance of the woman she has become, and the journey of a lifetime on which she now embarks. Unique features of Martina Liana dresses include sophisticated lace, chic shoulders, a touch of color, and timeless sparkles for a collection that is pure perfection. The dresses are handcrafted with luxurious fabrics, including soft Italian metallics and silk satins. Creating wedding gowns that allow brides to make a statement on the biggest day of their life, Martina Liana designer bridal couture collections showcase a large variety of expertly constructed gowns focusing on the unique curves of a woman’s body and featuring an impeccable fit. Playing with various design elements such as layering unique bridal laces over soft and rich colors for exquisite effects to creating incredible couture bridal designs in fitted and A-line silhouettes, Martina Liana wedding collections offer wedding dresses with gorgeous lace, breathtaking beading, and sophisticated silhouettes, giving you the perfect romantic look for your wedding day.


Martina Liana - price and size

Crafted with the perfect combination of exquisite silhouettes, classic details, and customizable options inspired by the latest trends, these high-fashion details come together to give brides the truly bespoke feeling they always imagine — capturing their “forever” statement in a way that no other gown can. As a step for the inclusion of curvy brides, and with the belief that beauty comes in every style and shape, Martina Liana curvy bride wedding dresses feature beautiful bridal designs and plus size bridal dresses with the perfect fit for every bride who wants to look distinct and unique on her wedding day. The bold and vibrant colors, the cutting edge dress designs, the elegant ball gowns as bridal wears, and timeless lacework mermaid silhouettes are designed for every occasion leading up to the wedding day celebrations. With a normal size range of 2-20, and with a customizable size up to 28 on selected wedding gowns, the retail price of Martina Liana wedding gowns ranges between $2000 and $6000. 


With affordable styles and a hoard of design options, you can wear a pre-owned Martina Liana bridal gown on your wedding day with layers of beautiful high-quality fabric, intricate embroidery work, fine details, and dazzling embellishments. Get your hands on a Martina Liana resale collection and find your designer wedding gown at half the retail price or even less. The beautiful creations and affordable prices of Martina Liana's pre-owned designer wedding gowns are going to open up a whole new world for all the newly engaged and to-be brides. Take your pick for the favorite bridal gown from one of the most loved wedding dress designers in the world without altering your wedding dress budget. The wide collection of Martina Liana pre-loved bridal gowns is intricately maintained that can absolutely blow you away with the high-end designs and low price tags. 


The preloved Martina Liana wedding gowns are even a great option for your bridal party as well, for the important people on your wedding day. The second-hand Martina Liana wedding dresses can give everyone a whimsical fairytale look that everyone wishes for without spending a fortune. The affordable Martina Liana wedding dresses are found at an even lesser price that can open up a whole new range of options to utilize and spend the remaining budget on different wedding celebrations. The sky’s the limit when you choose a preloved and pre-owned Martina Liana bridal gown: have your dream cake, pick out your favorite and luxurious wedding theme, choose the high-end floral decoration in sync with the wedding decor, provide signature drinks on your cocktail reception, and gift designer dresses to your most loved ones.

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