Matthew Christopher  Wedding Dresses
Matthew Christopher

Known for signature red carpet glamorous bridal styles, Matthew Christopher bridal label is all about wedding gown collections featuring luxurious fabrics accentuated by luminous, delicate beading and embroidery.

Matthew Christopher Wedding Dresses

Known for signature red carpet glamorous bridal styles, Matthew Christopher bridal label is all about wedding gown collections featuring luxurious fabrics accentuated by luminous, delicate beading and embroidery. From creating off-the-runway chic and couture-inspired bridal styles, Matthew Christopher wedding dresses are one of the most coveted and sought-after bridal trends in the history of the wedding industry.


When we envision a wedding and imagine two individuals exchanging their wedding vows, one of the most striking details that stand out and take the center stage is a crisp white wedding gown adorning an already gorgeous bride as she looks into the eyes of her beautiful future. A beautiful wedding dress still remains one of the most important symbols of wedding even today between cultures and societies across the world. Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is still one of the most important wedding decisions you will make during your wedding planning session. From choosing some of the most timeless wedding dress necklines to picking up a bridal gown that brings out the best in you, there are so many factors behind buying a wedding dress that fits all the bills.


One of the most celebrated wedding designers in the world, Matthew Christopher bridal label has been one of the most favorite destinations of to-be brides for more than two decades now. The refined bridal styles inspired by runway styles that are dazzling, chic, sophisticated, and eclectic, Matthew Christopher is considered to be one of the best bridal designers in the world for glamorous brides. Featuring signature off-the-runway red carpet styles with couture-inspired techniques, the finest wedding dresses from Matthew Christopher are purely meant for women who do not shy away from following the latest bridal trends, and who want to create a style statement on their wedding day. Creating styles with luxurious fabrics that are accented by intricate artwork, luminous details, delicate beading, and embroidery work, Matthew Christopher wedding dresses combine structured silhouettes and feminine aspects with a blend of fresh twists purely meant for modern brides who want a sophisticated and modern wedding look that will remain timeless. 


With a dedicated fan following and loyal clientele all over the world, Matthew Christopher wedding gowns are impeccable and have been seen countless times on the red carpet as well as getting featured in some of the best wedding inspiration publications. The flawless couture bridal collection from the house of Matthew Christopher highlights the love and intimacy that comes with weddings and celebrates the glamor and femininity of the brides within. Considered to be one of the most sought-after bridal gown designers in current times, Matthew Christopher wedding dress designer is a visionary designer whose unfaltering love for fashion and runway styles have manifested a celebrated career in the world of bridal fashion and couture. He captures the essence of a modern-day sophisticated bride who emphasizes precise construction and fit, elegant dressmaking techniques, and dedication to quality and elegance in every wedding dress she touches. He strives to celebrate bridal fashion as that facet of the fashion industry that still highlights the glamor and dimensions which love brings in a very pure and timeless way.


Matthew Christopher- the beginning 


Matthew Christopher Sobaski, an iconic American fashion designer was born in Packwood, Iowa in 1976. From a very early age, he participated in the art of sewing in 4-H, which is a U.S.-based network of youth organizations. This initial hobby manifested itself and made Christopher one of the most celebrated bridal fashion icons in history. After completing his studies at Iowa State University, Matthew went on to join the Art Institute of Chicago and moved to New York City in the year 2000 to pursue his career in bridal couture design. Soon after that, he began his career as a bridal designer with Demetrios Bridal and later moved on to work with Candace Solomen to perfect his craft of bridal couture designs. He rose to head designer with Galina, and also took part in opening the bridal section for Watters and Watters. In the year 2002, Matthew Christopher started his first Chicago-based bridal label that featured some of his most novel collections featuring everything from intricate and embellished lace overlays to modern, sensual draping and effortless, classic silhouettes. His bridal label brand was later on acquired by Van Der Velde, which was again run by two of the most successful entrepreneurs from Chicago known as William and Colette Van Der Velde. The brand Van Der Velde was the result of an unending passion for the bridal couture industry of this entrepreneur pair from Chicago. Adhering to the highest of standards, this amazing duo joined hands with Matthew Christopher designer, one of the most celebrated bridal fashion icons, and together they proudly created a fashion house that is second to none. Standing out in every detail, this iconic American fashion house takes pride in their amazing artistry and efficient customer service. Along with their team of talented craftsmen, William, Colette, and Matthew have brought their design aesthetics to life and simultaneously built a sound empire of bridal fashion for themselves. 


Recognized as one of the top bridal couture designers in the history of the wedding industry, Matthew Christopher wedding gowns for sale have managed to make their mark among not only to-be-brides but across the entertainment industry of the world as well. After getting featured in several movies like 'The Wedding Ringer' with Kaley Cuoco, and 'You Again', which featured a gown from his 2007 collection, Matthew Christopher designer boomed into becoming one of the most iconic bridal fashion designers. Matthew Christopher wedding gowns from the house of Van Der Velde have a devoted following and have been worn on the red carpet and in movies by Debra Messing, Carli Lloyd, Kristin Chenoweth, Julie Lake, and more. Several of Matthew Christopher couture gowns are a regular feature in publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, and as well as the television show 'Say Yes to the Dress'. His wedding dresses and fashion gowns were also covered for the 2016 January edition of Vanity Fair in a featured article. Matthew went on to make his first cameo as a costume designer of Benita Alexander's dress in the documentary known as 'He Lied About Everything' in the year 2016. His astounding collection of couture gowns have also made its appearance in the Broadway adaptation of 'Honeymoon in Vegas'. Kristin Chenoweth wore a Matthew Christopher creation to the Creative Art Emmy Awards and got voted onto the top 5 best-dressed list.​


Matthew Christopher bridal features everything from molded bodices and sculpted necklines reminiscent of old-world elegance to some of the most loved signature styles from red carpet made out of the finest silks, satins, and tulles, and teamed up with delicate detailing that continues to set him apart in the bridal couture industry. Highlighting the love and intimacy of vintage wedding gowns, Matthew Christopher designer celebrates the family and the glamor of every bride in a unique way. Van Der Velde wedding collections are a gallery that sparkles with some of the most loved bridal styles from princess-inspired ball gowns to sleek mermaid silhouettes. Wedding dresses designed by Matthew Christopher are always remembered for their firm and perfected fits and flattering silhouettes that are meant for brides with different body types. Every bridal piece designed by Matthew will continue to be remembered as a classic piece that will stand the test of time, as each of them is picture-perfect and the epitome of timeless elegance and romance, that is inspired by the bride's own personality. His hands-on approach and his constant traveling soirees to numerous trunk shows for more than two decades has given a very custom feel for each bride that graces Matthew Christopher designs.


Matthew Christopher- styles and inspirations 


Matthew Christopher is a visionary American bridal designer who admires and loves fashion that gets translated to his premier bridal collections from the house of Van Der Velde. The combination of modern elegance with classic glamor is reflected in each of the intricate details from hand-drawn organic beading to show-stopping silhouettes, that speak out drama like nothing else. Matthew Christopher wedding dress designer enables each bride to change the look of their wedding gown to adapt to their unique personality and figure. These custom-made wedding dress designs include options from changing the length of the train, to altering the silhouette of the skirt and adding or eliminating sleeves. Matthew Christopher custom-made wedding dresses have time and again won over and over brides who love fashion and the latest wedding trends with his brand of hard-to-fault and timeless gowns. Each and every Matthew Christopher bridal collection evokes the same quality that he has been heralded for throughout his career with new and exciting elements and touches. Some of the most exclusive crystals for bridal collections feature bolder necklines and embellishments, along with wedding gowns with exquisite back details. Invoking glamor and sophisticated beauty with a touch of flirtatious whimsy, Matthew Christopher wedding dress collections implement various elements of style and fashion-forward artistry combined with the structural technique and impeccable fit his brides are accustomed to in each design. Bringing unique visions to the life of every bride, Matthew Christopher bridal gowns feature unique characteristics with unfaltering attention to detail that results in the perfect dress for a perfect day. 


Designed by designer Matthew Christopher, the fashion collection from Van Der Velde features show-stopping designs and acute attention to detail. Known for the daring strapless styles, classic silhouettes, textured embroidery, and out-of-the-box angular bodices inspired by his grandmother's wedding dress, Van Der Velde bridal collections are all about elegant looks, breathtaking style, and timeless laces made in timeless couture styles. Ranging from some of the trendiest bridal veil styles to a collection of intimates, one can find everything at this fashion level in contemporary designs that celebrates size inclusivity and are recognized for their ideal fit. Each Van Der Velde wedding dress is meticulously constructed from luxe fabrics and features intricate details that highlight the feminine lines of every bride. With careful consideration for cut and fit, along with couture sewing techniques, the bridal collections from this phase fashion label are considered to be some of the most sought-after gowns on the market. The Van Der Velde design team travels to Trunk Shows across the US and abroad to help brides find their dream dress. You can always expect the Matthew Christopher signature silhouettes to complement all body shapes, with understated elegance in every detail. You can also shop the latest trendsetting bridal accessories that are handpicked by Matthew himself to complete your bridal look from head to toe.


Matthew Christopher- bridal couture collections


Matthew Christopher bridal couture brings to life the romance and enchantment of love. Featuring everything from intricate and embellished lace overlays to modern, sensual draping and effortless, classic silhouettes, Matthew Christopher wedding gowns for sale is a dream come true destination for every bride as each bridal piece is meticulously constructed from some of the most luxurious bridal fabrics teamed up with delicate detailing. The exclusive craftsmanship of the talented fashion designer team at Van Der Velde carefully crafts some of the most glamorous and timeless wedding gowns on the market, with carefully cut and fit considerations, teamed up with Matthew Christopher's signature seaming. Christopher works closely with each of his clients and crafts some of the most exquisitely contoured gowns that fit brides of all shapes, sizes, and styles. His iconic presence in the bridal industry has created lasting and impactful relationships with brides globally and his salons continue to serve as an inspiration for many popular and unique bridal designs. Christopher's designs embody an everlasting charm and sophistication that brides covet for their most special celebration.


Celebrating unique female figures through timeless bridal fabrics, the Van Der Velde design team takes immense pride in their ability to create some of the most loved wedding gowns in the history of bridal fashion. The timeless bridal designs are focused on figure-flattering elements teamed up with seaming, lace, and beading, meant for brides of all shapes and sizes. The all-inclusive sizes of wedding gowns make it a favorite among to-be brides. The inspiration behind Van Der Velde bridal couture collections comes from listening to brides and brides-to-be across the US and abroad. Some of the most timeless and classic collections of Matthew Christopher are- Esmé, Everlasting, Revival, Perennial Bliss, Breathless, and many more. These wedding gowns are available in sizes 2-30 in all styles and the retail price of Matthew Christopher designs ranges from $3000 to $9000.


Designer bridal wear and wedding gowns are becoming a rage among brides who want to look and feel special on their wedding day. Catering to the special and unique needs of every bride who wants to create a statement on her wedding day, Matthew Christopher designer wedding gowns are celebrated for their timelessness and classic elegance. But for all the brides on a budget who always dared to dream big for their wedding day, Matthew Christopher's preloved wedding gowns can be a dream come true as they can be the showstopper they have always imagined to be. Make all your amazing dreams come true by wearing a crisp white Matthew Christopher pre-owned bridal gown from Borrowing Magnolia at half of the retail price or even less.

Picking out your favorite second-hand Matthew Christopher wedding dresses can be a breezy and wholesome experience, along with being your primary step towards eco-friendly weddings, as finding a pre-owned designer bridal gown can be the best way to reduce your carbon footprints by reducing the waste materials that are produced in the process of making a wedding dress. Also, you can have your chance of finding the perfect wedding gown from the runway-inspired and classic collections of Matthew Christopher resale lines that are no longer available in the retail stores but have always remained timeless and have graced your Pinterest boards from time immemorial.


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