Mikaella Wedding Dresses

Mikaella wedding dresses are designed for brides with a young and modern spirit who are always looking to add a little fun to their wedding day style!

Mikaella Wedding Dresses

Mikaella wedding dresses are designed for brides with a young and modern spirit who are always looking to add a little fun to their wedding day style! The wedding gowns by Mikaella offer a perfect balance between classic silhouettes and the latest bridal trends! 


We understand that for a bride, her wedding dress holds a very special place in her life! It is a garment that she always keeps close to her heart no matter how old it gets! For a bride, her wedding dress serves as a reminder of the most beautiful and special day of her life, the day of her dreams! Indeed, brides spend a lot of time, money, and effort in the search for a perfect wedding dress, so that in the future seeing her wedding dress will cause those happy memories to come flooding back! 


It is true that a wedding dress reflects a bride’s personality, and that is why our modern-day brides are being all prepped up when it comes to their wedding dress shopping! Not only the design, style, and pattern, but they have also decided upon their wedding dress designer! The majority of brides prefer to wear designer wedding dresses on their wedding day to stand out amongst the crowd! One of the main reasons because due to which our brides are so much into designer wedding gowns is because many of the brides after their wedding day wants to keep their wedding dress either as a token of remembrance to their special day, or to give to their children or grandchildren as a family heirloom so that they can wear the trendy designs on their own special day! So, if you also fall into the above-mentioned category and are looking for a famous wedding dress designer for your wedding day, here is the best option for you- Mikaella Bridal


One of the famous and popular wedding dress designers, Mikaella wedding gowns will make you swoon the moment you will witness their exquisite and unique collection of designer wedding gowns! Made with endless love in Toronto, Canada, Mikaella wedding gowns offer exquisite simplicity and refined craftsmanship to brides of all styles. All the fashionista brides who are looking ahead to a bridal look with a tailored finish for their wedding day should definitely consider buying Mikaella’s wedding dress for their big day! 


Artistically designed by Marty Bernstein and making a remarkable statement in the wedding gown industry, the Mikaella’s wedding gowns are meticulously crafted with luxurious and finest fabrics, modern and chic laces, clean finished modern lines, and very charming and subtle details! The wedding gowns by Mikaella are being showcased in over 200 popular bridal boutiques, around the globe! So, brides, start your research and find your nearest bridal store and shop for your perfect wedding dress by Mikaella designer


Designer wedding gowns by Mikaella Bridal are all about the art of dressmaking! And the creativity and uniqueness are flawlessly highlighted in each and every design of Mikaella’s wedding gowns! The wedding dresses designed at Mikaella are magnificently crafted from the finest quality of fabrics and are stunningly intensified with gorgeous hand detailing and embroidery! The wedding dresses designed at Mikaella offer the look, the feel, the elegance, and the classic sophistication of high fashion couture gowns at an affordable price! Modern and classic brides who are looking to infuse some additional drama to their overall wedding look should always consider shopping for Mikaella’s wedding gowns! With so much glamour, sensuousness, and drama to offer, designer Mikaella’s wedding gowns are very much desirable and popular amongst our romantic modern brides! Costing between $2,240 to $2,850, Mikaella wedding gowns are very much budget-friendly when compared to other famous designer wedding gowns! Well, if by any chance you are planning to save some bucks on your wedding dress, you can always consider the option of shopping for pre-owned Mikaella wedding dresses. Mikaella’s second-hand wedding dresses, or we say used Mikaella wedding dresses in the best condition, are available on various online websites. Well, if you do a bit of deep research, there are chances that you might get some of the exquisite pre-owned Mikaella wedding gowns on sale too! Trust us, all the Mikaella resale designs are worth buying for your wedding day! For reference, you can always check out the popular websites that deal in popular and designer second-hand wedding dresses like Borrowing Magnolia, Preowned Wedding Dresses, Stillwhite, Oncewed, and many more!


The brand Mikaella is known for designing and producing all styles of wedding dresses in their manufacturing center in Toronto, Canada. While producing and creating designer wedding dresses in their manufacturing centers, Mikaella Bridal keeps tabs on the quality control checks which are mandatory to ensure that each and every designer Mikaella’s wedding gown is finished impeccably, tastefully, and to perfection!


Brides who are looking for a premium authorized retailer for Mikaella wedding gowns, here is your answer- Archive Bridal in San Diego! The price point for Mikaella bridal gown will linger between $1800 to $2800! 


Mikaella Bridal- Where it all began?

Mikaella Bridal is the sister company of a world-renowned bridal design company, Paloma Blanca! In spite of directly jumping over the Mikaella Bridal establishment, let’s have a look at the history of the parent company (Paloma Blanca) and later how this stunning and popular wedding dress designer sister brand emerged!


Founded by Manny Bernstein, in 1937, Paloma Blanca was first known as Blue Bird Dress. With its original location in downtown Toronto, Canada on the popular Spadina Avenue, this famous wedding dress design company started with stunning bridal gowns and evening wear divisions! Manny’s brother Harry Bernstein also worked for the company and eventually took over the entire business from his brother! He perfectly continued their family tradition of creating unique and popular wedding gowns and stunning evening wear crafted from high-quality fabric. With his continuous effort, Harry helped to maintain Blue Bird Dress as one of the leading design houses in Toronto, making a name for itself all over Canada! 


In the late 70s, Harry’s two talented and creative sons Marty and Sydney Bernstein started working for their family business! From shipping to marketing to sales and designs, both the brothers were head over heels invested in their business and planning to expand it further! Excited to spread their wings and reach, Marty and Sydney worked together and increased the distribution of their wedding gowns and evening wear to hundreds of stores throughout the United States! This cross-border success ignited a new vision, and it was the moment when Blue Bird Dress became Paloma Blanca. After the company was renamed Paloma Blanca, the designers were highly focused on creating exclusive designer wedding gowns and accessories! Later on, Paloma Blanca introduced its sister collection and brand, Mikaella! Almost 7000 popular wedding gown designs later, Paloma Blanca wedding dresses continue to turn heads whenever a bride walks down the aisle! Every and every Mikaella wedding gown is designed, cut, sewn, and beaded with love! 


Mikaella Bridal Collection and Famous Styles

Truly inspired by the unique individuality of our brides and Mikaella wedding dresses fantastically infuses a graceful layer of extra drama to the overall bridal look! Mikaella wedding gowns offer a breathtaking twist when old Hollywood glamour meets new contemporary designs! This year, the brand launched 2 stunning collections- Fall 2021 Bridal Collection and Spring 2021 Bridal Collection!


Let’s dive in and see what each of the collections has to offer to our modern-day classic brides! 


Mikaella Fall 2021 Bridal Collection

The Fall 2021 collection launched by wedding dress designer Mikaella has certainly danced off the pages of a magical fairy tale and will always be making its way into bridal boutiques all across the globe! The 2021 Fall collection by Mikaella features twelve enchanting designer wedding gowns that are going to be in the spotlight for this fantastic romantic season! Keeping the major focus on dreamy lace bodices, playful skirts, and stunning long trains that will surely sweep you off your feet, Mikaella evokes a modern contemporary fairy tale vibe with its 2021 Fall Collection! 


The team of designers working at Mikaella bridal is known globally for introducing classic bridal silhouettes with all the latest and modern trends, keeping our fashion-forward brides in their minds! The 2021 Fall Collection by Mikaella majorly focuses on the use of asymmetric lines and draping as Mikaella designers believe that it is an imaginative way to elevate their bridal gowns, making them a work of art! 


So, all the fairy godmothers, you can take a break, chill for a while, and kick up your feet, as the 2021 Mikaella Fall Collection has got your princess’s back! This year the brides who are looking to embrace the princess vibe in their wedding dress, Mikaella’s 2021 Fall Collection is for you all! The wedding dresses under the 2021 Fall Collection are nothing but dreamy! The wedding gowns highlight enriched stylish seer bodices and dancefloor-ready alluring skis with sensuous skirt slits, charming, gathered cap sleeves, and even detachable wedding dress train


Some of the popular styles under the Mikaella 2021 Fall Collection that you can consider adding to your list of desired and popular Mikaella wedding dresses are here! C’mon, let’s have a look-


Style 2352

The wedding dress under style 2352 radiates extremely stunning and positive vibes from head to toe! A bride wearing this style on her wedding day will actually be able to witness her true beauty in every possible way! Style 2352 features a shimmering and sparkling lace bodice with playful gathers on the cap sleeves, paired with a classic tulle skirt that has been adorned with a sexy side slit! Brides who are up for some boldness, style 2352 is the perfect choice for your wedding day bridal outfit! 


Style 2360

For all the chic and romantic modern brides who are in search of a designer wedding dress with less on shoulders and more skirt coverage, style 2360 is a perfect option! Sexy spaghetti straps and sensuous and daring bodice cutouts paired with a quintessential Tulle skirt, a bride wearing style 2360 on her wedding day will definitely make a remarkable statement amongst the crowd! Trust us, all the eyes will be glued on her! 


Style 2350

Style 2350 is one of the most liked and popular wedding gowns by Mikaella designs! The pleated cap sleeves, a detachable stunning crêpe bow on the back, and some of the flawless and enchanting features of this style! The top to bottom princess seams on the front, and a gorgeous removable train together will make a bride make a bold statement the moment she will walk down the aisle! Style 2350 is an ideal choice for all those brides wanting two bridal looks on their wedding day! As two looks are being so in trend these days, so brides don’t spend an extra buck on shopping for a second wedding dress, this style will do the trick! 


Mikaella’s Fall 2021 Bridal Collection features a wedding day bridal look that is bold, distinct, and unforgettable in every possible way! Saying yes to this year’s Fall Collection launched by Mikaella will be the second-wisest decision that you will ever make (of course, saying yes to your boo, will always remain the first). Once you will experience the iconic comfort that these Fall Collection bridal gowns have to offer, trust us, there is no going back! 


Mikaella Spring 2021 Bridal Collection

The 2021 Spring Bridal Collection launched by Mikaella flaunts carefree romance in every possible way! The 2021 Spring Collection is a true vision of beauty! This year Mikaella’s Spring Collection is all about long, flowing trains, ornate lace placement, and chic billowing sleeves. The Spring Collection by Mikaella offers a vast selection of breezy and boho-esque wedding dresses for our modern and bohemian brides. It is absolutely true that enchanting and breathtaking trains look nothing but elegant and supreme when cascading down the aisle, and are also perfect for posing stunning bridal portraits! All brides who dream of wearing luxurious and freedom gracefully wrapped in the form of a wedding dress, Mikaella’s 2021 Spring Collection is the best choice! 


Style 2325 & Style 2328

Style 2325 and Style 2328 are the two most popular and desirable wedding gown styles as they not only boast two of the longest and prettiest trains of the entire 2021 Spring Collection but are also accented with exquisite and luxurious fabrics covered with delicate buttons down the full train length! The open back of both styles allows our modern and boho brides to flaunt their style and charisma in the best way possible! 


Style 2326 & Style 2330

All the brides who are looking to add an extra flair of drama to their overall bridal look should need to direct their attention over the whimsical trains on styles 2326 and style 2330. The sheer and elegant lace trailing behind these chic wedding gowns are designed to make a remarkable statement! 


Style 2330 not only features an unforgettable and eye-catching train, but the exquisite lace placement and exquisite trim details on the front of this style wedding gown are nothing but alluring and remarkable! Style 2330 under the Spring Collection accentuates the feminine form in the most flattering ways! Brides are getting obsessed with this specific style launched by Mikaella under its 2021 Spring Collection! 


Style 2325

Wedding gowns under style 2325 are all about crêpe that epitomizes modern elegance in the best possible way! The bateau-style neckline paired gracefully with full-length billowing sleeves, while the sensuous and sexy open back with spaghetti strap mind-blowingly contrasts the front view of the dress! 


Style 2332

For all the lace-loving and fashion-forward brides who are looking for a designer wedding dress that sets them apart from the masses, style 2332 under 2021 Spring Collection will be an ideal and marvelous choice! Stunning billowing lace sleeves are one part of this fascinating gown; add in an alluring V-neckline, eye-catching beading, a keyhole back, and a show-stopping train, and voilà! you have a dress that all your wedding guests will be reminiscing about for years to come.


The 2021 Spring Collection by Mikaella is as energetic and spirited as the brides these wedding gowns are designed for! Each and every wedding gown featured under the 2021 Spring Collection is ready to join a Mikaella bride on the adventure of a lifetime! 


Brides who are very much eager to look out-of-the-ordinary on their wedding day, trust us, this sister brand will never fail to impress you and leave all your wedding guests in sheer amazement! Discover your perfect Mikaella wedding dress gown made with utmost love and care nowhere else but in Toronto, Canada! 

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