Modern Trousseau Wedding Dresses
Modern Trousseau

All the soon-to-be-brides out there, just take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and just think of the most beautiful day of your life, your wedding day!

Modern Trousseau Wedding Dresses

All the soon-to-be brides out there, just take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and just think of the most beautiful day of your life, your wedding day! And now just exhale and allow your mind to dwell on those beautiful imagined moments, the moments that are soon going to become an unforgettable and lively reality. Well, when it comes to the wedding day, we know that you have been thinking and planning about your perfect wedding dress since you were young, and this is the time when you have figured out every detail about your wedding dress. We all know that shopping for the perfect wedding dress at times gets stressful and overwhelming, as it is likely the most expensive single dress that you will ever purchase, but that is completely fine! You don’t need to worry about anything as those stress lines on your forehead don’t suit your glowing skin! 

If certain terms like A-line and fit-and-flare wedding dresses leave you wondering and thinking, you don’t need to worry! You have got your back. We have got you covered. And we are very much sure that you might have also heard about multiple dresses (what in the world is that?) with a formal one for the wedding day, and something more casual or we say unique and timeless for your wedding reception, we still have got you covered! Want to know how? Well, here is the answer, with Modern Trousseau wedding dresses! A designer wedding dress by Modern Trousseau will allow you to make a remarkable statement on your wedding day. A Modern Trousseau bride will look nothing but elegant, classy, and extraordinary! We can assure you that your guests and even your partner will not be able to take off their eyes from you on your wedding day! 

A famous and prominent wedding dress brand in the United States, Modern Trousseau is a couture designer. The wedding dresses designed at Modern Trousseau are made with luxurious and exquisite French and Italian laces and silks, perfect for an elegant and gleaming timeless bride! An American-made bridal house, Modern Trousseau is on the list of every bride-to-be. The brand excels in custom-made wedding dresses in their flagship bridal boutiques. A bride can easily get a Modern Trousseau wedding dress as this brand has retailers globally! For more than extensive 30 years, Modern Trousseau wedding gowns evoke classic couture while highlighting modern sophistication, style, and glamour! The trademark of the Modern Trousseau brand is personalization. They allow their brides to ensure that her wedding dress is uniquely hers and is made keeping her wedding dreams in consideration! It’s her wedding dress and it will speak all about the bride who is wearing it.

Modern Trousseau’s wedding dress designs are the ultimate in creativity and production. Every wedding gown designed at Modern Trousseau is a work of art and is unique in its own way. Each and every wedding dress starts as a two-dimensional unique sketch that is further brought to life with the careful selection of fabrics. Every designer puts utmost care and dedication while designing a unique and timeless Modern Trousseau wedding dress. The professional and extremely creative designer working at Modern Trousseau always ensures that they design the dream of a bride, not just her wedding dress. Recently, the designer and owner of Modern Trousseau, Callie, dressed Bachelorette star, Emily Maynard, for her southern-inspired wedding

We know that a wedding dress is one of the most expensive garments a bride shops for her wedding dress. It has to be perfect and designer as well! Well, Modern Trousseau’s wedding dresses are not that expensive as they come easy on pockets! They usually range between $2000-$5000, which means brides can easily shop for them. But if in case you want to save some extra bucks on your designer Modern Trousseau, you can always visit the websites like borrowing magnolia for pre-owned Modern Trousseau wedding dresses. There are various advantages of shopping for second-hand Modern Trousseau wedding dresses as foremost it will help you save some extra bucks! That is definitely a win-win situation for you. And if in case you get Modern Trousseau wedding dress on sale, then there is nothing better than that! 

Known by brides all across the world as classics are done right, Modern Trousseau bridal wedding dresses are gracefully designed and produced with utmost love in the USA. A bride can easily find all the beautiful and stunning collections of Modern Trousseau wedding dresses in the flagship boutiques in Charleston, Nashville, Louisville, Washington D.C, and New Haven, Connecticut. In addition to the label being stocked by prestigious bridal retailers worldwide, if a bride need’s a wedding dress designed by Modern Trousseau in a rush, we can assure you that this famous brand will definitely work on quick turnarounds. So, allow Modern Trousseau to design your dream custom wedding dress for the most special day of your life! 

Modern Trousseau- Where it all began?

Situated in the heart of Yale and in New Haven’s shopping district, Modern Trousseau is the only intimate couture bridal boutique offering all the beautiful brides with an incredible and ultimate wedding dress shopping experience! 

Launched in 1986, by Callie Tein, Modern Trousseau is a well-established and widely renowned wedding dress design house for brides all across the world. As the symbol of the Modern Trousseau name, owner Callie Tein’s designs revolve around extravagant laces and delicate French and Italian fabrics. Modern Trousseau’s unique and extraordinary designs have been featured in various top prints and online publications, including Vogue, Inside Weddings, People Magazine, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and more! 

Callie Tein believes that when a bride finds her dream wedding dress, the look that she carries at that point in time is truly priceless and rewarding. And that is the moment that fuels Callie’s passion for designing bridal wedding dresses. Talking about Callie, she has been head over heels in love with fashion since her childhood days when she was in Melbourne, Australia. She once slipped in her mother’s evening gown while she was modeling the sixties-and-seventies-era pieces of artwork in a fashion show, and that very moment her mother's evening gown was given a new life in that fashion show! 

While entering for her BA in Fashion Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Callie kept on designing women’s wear for various Australian organizations. And eventually, one fine day she landed a position for designing bridal wedding dresses, and that’s when she actually discovered her unique and incredible talent for creating memorable dresses. 

The only reason due to which Modern Trousseau is highly known for its custom wedding dresses is because when Callie was in her designing days, she would walk with her sketchbook, visiting various boutiques to sell them her designs, and changing her sketches on the spot to suit the stores’ owner’s requests! And that readiness to alter the designs to satisfy the wearer’s needs and style still stays with the brand! Every wedding gown designed at Modern Trousseau can be changed and modified to suit each bride’s wedding day vision, which ultimately makes each Modern Trousseau bridal gown a one-of-a-kind and wearable work of art and creativity! 

Callie believes in style. She believes that style is timeless as a trend is something that keeps on changing with every season! In order to design and produce the finest wedding dresses, she works with delicate and elegant Italian laces, imported silks, and delicate beadwork. In certain scenarios, if she is not able to find that perfect fabric for her design, she designs the lace patterns and beadwork for production in the finest ateliers! Undoubtedly, Callie has raised the bars and has set the standard of nothing less than perfect for every Modern Trousseau wedding dress. The reason for her raised bars is that she wants that whenever a bride remembers her wedding day, she should always evoke it looking and feeling gorgeous without having any other second thought in her mind! Each wedding dress at Modern Trousseau is a wearable work of fine art and loves to mark that very special moment when a woman becomes a bride. 

Modern Trousseau- Inspiration and Collection

As per Callie, there is no right or specific way to design a wedding dress. For her, it is a very organic process. For her, the inspiration for designing wedding dresses can come from anywhere. There is nothing specific that inspires her. Sometimes, it's just a fabric that made her fall in love, and the very next moment she will be draping that same fabric on the stand and all she does is let the fabric speak to her and tell her what it wants her to do! In an interview, Callie mentioned that if a designer is going to fight with the fabric, then there is no way the designer is going to be happy with the end process. For designing a unique wedding dress all is required to work affectionately with the fabric and the texture that you have always got and wait to see what you come up with. She believes that it is the most fun way for any designer to do it.

Nothing in the world seems more glamorous and amazing than being a woman who has the potential and knows the art that spins thread into wedding dress gold. Designing a perfect wedding dress is not only about glitz and glam, trust us, but it is also a good ole’ hard work. And when talking about Callie and her inspiration for each and every wedding dress that she has designed in the past or will be designing in the future, she mentioned that it can come from anywhere. For every wedding dress, it is a different process. Modern Trousseau features 4 bridal wedding dress collections. From classic to modern to boho-inspired, these collections have everything for every bride out there! 

Bridal Possibilities Collection

As the name suggests ‘possibilities’, the Bridal Possibilities Collection by Modern Trousseau caught Callie thinking that everything is possible when it comes to designing a wedding dress. There is nothing that is not possible. Keeping her brides in her mind, Callie created this stunning collection of wedding gowns while adding distinct flavors to them! 

From plunging V-neckline to strappy shoulder to illusion necklines, the Bridal Possibilities Collection by Modern Trousseau features wedding dresses for all the modern-day romantic brides. Brides who want to have either fit-and-flare style wedding dresses or sheath-style wedding dresses with intricate beadwork and long trains can also consider slipping into the Bridal Possibilities Collection.

Classic Elegance Bridal Gown Collection

This specific bridal dress collection is a true favorite of designer Callie. From fit to flare with a pop of shimmer in the back to pleated ballgown skirt radiating elegance and drama to spaghetti straps and low back frilled wedding gown to silk wedding gown with dramatic V-necklines, the Classic Elegance Bridal Gown Collection has everything for every kind of bride! 

The Classic Elegance Bridal Gown Collection was the Fall 2019 Collection launched by Modern Trousseau that stayed in the headlines for a long while, inspiring all soon-to-be brides to explore some new options for their fall wedding dress

Luna Bleu Collection

The Modern Trousseau Luna Bleu Collection was highly inspired by the intricate patterns offered by mother nature. Callie was greatly inspired by the beautiful shells that are always scattered along the sand and consumed over time to reveal dramatic spiral interiors! Ancient fossils that are left in the rocks and the soft and fine nature of dried plant fronds. Everything here lends an endless cycle of beauty that has inspired this collection line!

From outdoor wedding ceremonies to destination weddings on the beach, the Luna Bleu Collection is perfect for every wedding celebration. A bride wearing Luna Bleu Collection will be radiating while she will walk down the aisle towards the love of her life. The wedding dresses under this stunning collection offer the bride to flaunt her sexy back and well-toned body in the best way possible! 

Curvy Collection

The Curvy Collection by Modern Trousseau is size-inclusive. The size of the wedding dresses varies in-between 18-26. Modern Trousseau Curvy Collection is specially made for a bride’s measurement not as per the standard size chart. This luxurious collection of wedding dresses allow brides of all shapes and sizes to feel perfectly comfortable, confident, beautiful, and classically elegant on the most special day of her life! From hip-hugging to plunging V-neckline to fit and flare wedding dresses, the Curvy Collection by Modern Trousseau features a vast variety of wedding dresses for a bride to choose from! 

Apart from gorgeous wedding dresses, Modern Trousseau also offers stunning and lovely wedding veils to the brides. Their Veil Collection is something that a bride will never stop talking and loving on! The wedding veils designed at Modern Trousseau are made of fine and exquisite French tulle or English net and accented using the same lace and applique of their wedding dresses. Both the wedding veil and wedding dress when paired together creates a cohesive look that is distinctively bridal and stunning! Wedding veils designed at Modern Trousseau can be crafted in any length in light ivory, ivory, or blush to best suit you and your wedding gown

The best part of being a Modern Trousseau bride is that designers at this brand are able to recognize that each and every bride is different and unique. The designers offer endless notification options to suit a bride’s individual vision for her wedding day bridal look. At Modern Trousseau, the modern-day brides will have the chance to combine tops and bottoms if they want something different and out-of-the-box for their wedding day. Brides can also opt to get their necklines altered, modify the shape of their wedding dress, choose colors, swap out the laces, and embroideries, enhance the beading work, add embellishments, and much more. It’s like brides can add or remove anything they want from their wedding dress. The endless personalization options and exceptional quality fit make each and every wedding dress designed at Modern Trousseau gown a one-of-a-kind, wearable work of art! So, what are you waiting for? Go and Shop!

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