Priscilla of Boston Wedding Dresses
Priscilla of Boston

Priscilla of Boston wedding gowns has been originated by legendary bridal designer Priscilla Kidder who has gained extreme popularity after designing Grace Kelly's wedding dress in 1956.

Priscilla of Boston Wedding Gowns

Priscilla of Boston wedding gowns has been originated by legendary bridal designer Priscilla Kidder who has gained extreme popularity after designing Grace Kelly's wedding dress in 1956. Priscilla of Boston bridal gowns are timeless, elegant, and feminine that makes them the best fit for all kinds of brides.

“We are getting married.” As we imagine this wonderful moment of life, we start feeling plentiful hearty feelings and emotions associated with a couple who has been truly smitten in love. Since the day you came to realize that “he is the one” you have been finding out of the millions of butterflies in your belly excited as the pearl tries to come out of its shell! The day you walk the aisle is spectacular and so as you treat the ambiance. From a romantic breeze that is touching you from head to toe during your charismatic entrance to the ceremony to the soft little details at every corner that have been painted your way, everything seems like congratulating you for the biggest party you would have ever thrown in your lifetime. But, do you know what is the most interesting thing amidst all these lovely arrangements around? All the eyes are on you and your wedding attire- from the design, you opted for your bridal dress to the veil you have put on to the hara sleeves you have added to add an extra layer of style. As you deserve to pick the best of everything to put in your bag, how about a designer wedding dress that maintains your elegant look while keeping you in comfort?! Because we don’t wanna let your bridal charm fade in any case.

When it comes to wedding shopping, there’s nothing as panic-inducing for a bride as finding the perfect wedding dress. With endless options to choose from, the most overwhelming part of choosing a gown is narrowing down the style that best suits your style and personality. 

Of course, trying on 100 gowns across a dozen salons, the quest to say yes can result in endless frustration and a serious bridal fashion nightmare. So, what trick can help you reduce the stress and make your wedding dress shopping a cakewalk! It’s time to be practical and opt for pre-owned bridal gowns. You might be wondering if it is reliable? And is it worth taking such a risk, that too for your big day? Don’t worry. Second-hand Priscilla of Boston wedding dresses let you buy a designer wedding dress of your choice out of so many vibrant ranges of all-size dresses, that too at the price of rented ones. 

If you have any doubt about how this modern concept treats you, let us highlight some of the benefits that will lure you to opt for buying Priscilla of Boston pre-owned bridal gowns. Without any second thoughts, this will be a smart move to your budget-savvy wedding where you save a lot of hard-earned money to enjoy your newly married life without any hustles. Also, most modern brides believe that there is no use of spending much money on a dress that they are going to wear only once in a lifetime. So they prefer to invest in designer wedding gowns for sale that cost them less, too with a royal celebrity kind of feeling that comes only from branded wedding dresses as they look nothing short of magical on you. Sounds exciting!

So, take a glimpse of this popular wedding gown designer and its latest collections that will tempt you to pick any of the masterpieces for your special celebration.

Priscilla of Boston- The Beginning of a Brand

Priscilla Comins was born in 1916 in Quincy, Mass. After graduating from the New England School of Design in Boston, she was noticed as a buyer in the bridal section of R. H. White's department store. Mrs. Kidder opened a bridal boutique in 1948, The Bride’s Shop, on Newbury Street in Boston, with her husband, James Kidder, a businessman, that eventually began wholesaling dresses to stores around the country under the Priscilla of Boston label and gave an overloaded sales of more than $10,000 in its first week. 

This high-rated success put her increasingly in contact with the wealth and she obtained a storybook assignment in 1956 through a friend, Stanley Marcus of Neiman-Marcus, for designing bridesmaids' gowns for Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Furthermore, as her popularity went beyond imagination, she got the privilege to design the dresses for famous personalities including Rockefellers, Fords, and Pawleys. Added later on the list were Lyndon B. Johnson's daughter Luci Baines Johnson, as well as Richard M. Nixon's daughters, Tricia and Julie.

After making sleeveless gowns popular in that era, she also made so many other changes that became trends. Millie Martini Bratten, editor of Bride's Magazine said, ''When Priscilla began designing dresses, she applied lace to them and made them decorative. Previously, dresses had been relatively simple and unadorned.'' This drastic change in the wedding industry has provoked the brides to think beyond the box and bring home something extravagant and classy to wear for their wedding day. 

Priscilla Comins Kidder, who rose to prominence as Priscilla of Boston, outfitting young brides since ages in embellished dresses that were synonymous with American matrimonial style, died at the age of 86. The company closed its doors in 2011, but the Priscilla of Boston bridal collection is still loved by brides seeking the renowned style and craftsmanship.

Priscilla of Boston- Unique collections and styles for modern brides

Well, a wedding is a complete process, shopping for your perfect dress is its quintessential phase that reduces almost half of your efforts. It’s best to get an idea of what you’re looking for before you start the search. On one hand, it makes the process less overwhelming while on the other makes you more confident in your decision-making. Nowadays, the bridal salons allow you to make an appointment with them when you are ready to buy, that too with a sense of what they might like. To start with, it is better to take a look at some websites that call for a range of designer collections from top brands so that your dream dress doesn’t get snapped up by another bride.

And do you know what? A little birdie told us that your partner is a ton of times more excited to see you as a bride than you are amazed at your bridal look! And you surely don’t want to miss that innocent expression of him when he sees you for the first time as his wife. As you both share your first look and he reads your sexy eyes with winged eyeliner, this burst of emotions makes him melt like butter! Now you must have realized how eye contact is way more intimate than your words could be. 

Let your partner lose his senses for a few seconds while you enjoy the best version of yours in your favorite Priscilla of Boston designer wedding gowns. What else do you need to accentuate your beauty when you are already killing the floor with a stunning appearance. All thanks to the gorgeous collection of Priscilla of Boston wedding dresses that is always dedicated to helping every bride turn out in her freshest version on her big day! 

Wow! This mere imagination is so beautiful in itself and you can expect how amazing it would be to live this scenic view in reality. Simply awesome for some Instagram-worthy pictures of you and your gorgeous girlfriends who have been waiting since long to flaunt their amazing dresses to match with your gracious wedding gown with those lovely bouquets made of lilies, hydrangeas, roses, and tulips. A simply breathtaking view that you have envisioned so many times before but it still makes you smile every time you think of a bride-to-be, the most gorgeous lady on this planet for the evening who has the maximum fan following for the moment and people are waiting to get into frame for just once! Of course, who won’t love to be clicked with a gorgeous lady who is looking glam in her scintillating strapless designer wedding gown!

Giving you some of the best-fitted wedding outfits from the brand, the Priscilla of Boston serves you with the authentic taste of class and elegance to be showered to you on your wedding day. One of its classic dress numbers is Priscilla of Boston Lynette Crossover Gown featuring topstitch across the bodice spacing out all the way down to the skirt. The crossover sweetheart neckline with a back zip gives the comfort of easy in-and-out changing. Also, the perfect length train looks dramatic and voluminous bustled to make you feel like a lady in complete sophistication. 

The extremely flattering texture of the Priscilla of Boston Morgan dress from the Vineyard Collection is another artistic piece with gorgeous embroidery throughout the gown. With a strapless neckline and a fully embroidered skirt, the bow at the waist adds elegance to this classic style. Let your charm extend one more level with this amazing style that is nothing but a piece of beauty for those who don’t want to settle with limited choices.

Running on the queue is another dramatic style of the brand that gives you so many compliments as you take a royal entrance to the wedding. Priscilla of Boston 'Maeve' wedding dress looks timeless and beautiful without needing the frills and bling. Being so comfortable in this dress, you can shine the entire day like a fresh blooming flower. The sweetheart neckline is to make the flattest chest look full. Likewise, a beautiful French bustle in the back is something different that allows its easy and quick use as it buttons up easily in a minute. A bow on the side looks unique as pinned into a flower shape while a brooch is added for a touch of shimmer. Pockets on each side are an added convenient feature. The inserted pads in the bust give you the option to not wear a bra. But those who won’t find it comfortable can easily take it out. Wearing an underskirt is a nice idea if you want to add more volume to the skirt. One extra tip! Wear a slip to make the dress look a little more full.

Priscilla of Boston- Maintained Legacy for its Entire Tenure

Priscilla of Boston established an international reputation for its rich selection, its blend of ongoing fashion trends and classic looks. While most wedding dresses in the 1940s were quite simple in nature, Kidder was the first designer to use large amounts of lace to decorate her gowns and she credited herself with creating the first line of wedding dresses for smaller women.

With a very democratic approach to her customers, Kidder used to believe in creating the styles for everyone, from mature brides, to women on tight budgets, along with the petite and larger-sized women. Attracted by the company’s originality that was maintained by a successful woman-owned business, the Smithsonian acquired a collection of Priscilla of Boston gowns, papers, and photographs in 1996. These photos from the collection that have been taken for publicity have shown the world how wedding styles evolved over the second half of the 20th century. Furthermore, with the rise of Priscilla of Boston, the country’s wedding industry has evolved as well. Marriage has been an important rite of passage throughout American history, and the way it’s done with the said choices made, plus cultural and religious aspects involved, it purely reflects the individual values, and the times we live in. With each piece of Priscilla of Boston, the legacy and the country’s vibe can be felt!

Priscilla Kidder was an influential lady who took a step in spreading the notion that a wedding gown is meant to be a special dress for a bride, rather than just a pretty dress that a woman might or might not wear again and her aim was to help women make their wedding day extra special and unforgettable. Kidder died in 2003 and the shop, later became part of the conglomerate of David's Bridal stores, that was shuttered in 2011.

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