Romona Keveza Wedding Dresses
Romona Keveza

The Legends Bridal Collection by Romona Keveza answers the call for wedding dresses that stand the test of time.

Romona Keveza Wedding Dresses

The Legends Bridal Collection by Romona Keveza answers the call for wedding dresses that stand the test of time. The quest of all brides who are in search of the best wedding dress ends at Romona Keveza! From ethereal to cutting-edge contemporary, Romona Keveza bride will always become the talk of the town for her wedding dress! Whether it’s a sleek sheath or a full A-line ball gown, Keveza’s designs exude a high standard of quality that speaks to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every wedding dress.

A wedding dress holds endless emotions for a bride. For a bride, her wedding dress is not only the most expensive piece of clothing she will be investing in but it is something that means a lot to treasure for the rest of her life. So, when it comes to choosing a wedding dress, there has to be something unique and timeless that makes a bride think that yes, this is the one wedding dress that she has been searching to wear for her wedding day! Whether that wedding dress is by one of her favorite wedding designers or holds a special meaning or it just feels like she was destined to wear. Well, talking about famous wedding dress designers the list is long, but amongst all the popular wedding dress designers, Romona Keveza designer is giving all the soon-to-be-married brides another reason to fall in love with her classic and stunning bridal wear! 

Many influential or we say popular A-list women have graced the red carpet wearing designer Romona Keveza’s eponymous label. From stunning Lady Gaga to beautiful Scarlet Johansson and lovely Jennifer Lopez, amongst others, have worn Romona Keveza designs and flaunted gracefully in front of the world making it to the headlines! Well, talking about her bridal collection, designer Romona Keveza is now adding a fine and graceful touch of Hollywood glamor to weddings by redesigning some of these celebrity dresses into bridal wear. That simply means that brides can now simply walk down the aisle towards the love of their life on their wedding day in a style previously worn by Angelina Jolie. 

Romona Keveza wedding dresses are known for translating Hollywood charm and elegance into a luxury bridal wedding dress collection. From a signature aesthetic to refined allurement, designer Romona Keveza continues to inspire all the soon-to-be brides of discerning tastes with her lovely wedding dresses that stand the test of time. Designer Romona Keveza’s unique perspective as both evening wear dresses and wedding dresses give all the brides the chance to dress like red carpet royalty on their wedding day! A Romona Keveza bride will always stand out amongst the crowd on her wedding day and will make a remarkable statement throughout the celebration! We can assure you that wearing Romona Keveza for your wedding day will surely take the breath of all your wedding guests, and will give endless photography opportunities to the wedding photographers to capture your wedding dress in the best of frames! 

Usually, Romona Keveza wedding dresses cost between $5,000 - $10,000. The wedding dresses by Romona Keveza come in all sizes. Varying from 0 - 22, according to their standardized size chart, a bride can find her perfect fit without any hassle! Romona Keveza has wedding dresses for all the brides. From classic to modern romantic brides to bohemian brides, every bride will surely find something that will make her stand out on her wedding day. 

Brides who are planning to wear Romona Keveza dresses on their wedding day and also planning to save some bucks on their wedding day at the same time can always look out for websites like Borrowing Magnolia and get exquisite and stunning Romona Keveza pre-owned wedding dresses at the best price in the best condition! There are other websites also where you can find second-hand Romona Keveza wedding dresses and wedding dresses under Romona Keveza resale for your wedding day! As there is no harm in saving some extra bucks when it comes to planning a flawless and perfect wedding day! 

Romona Keveza- Where it all began?

Talking about Romona Keveza, we all know that this famous name doesn’t need any introduction. It’s already a flourished name and a brand not only popular amongst our brides but also amidst our celebrities! A legendary fashion and bridal designer, Romona Keveza is widely known for dressing up celebrity brides and celebrity red carpet events! This New York-based wedding dress designer has moved into bridal designing when a client of hers requested an evening gown in white for her wedding day! Romona Keveza is also known for her evening gowns! Romona Keveza wedding dresses possess glamor and utter sophistication of red carpet exquisite gowns and the charming femininity and incredible romance of bridal gowns! 

Established in 1999, at present, Romona Keveza has grown to four luxury brands including, Romona Keveza Collection, Romona Keveza Collection Bridal, LEGENDS Romona Keveza, and lastly ROMONA New York! Master crafted in the entire North America region, the brand Romona Keveza has now become one of the most respected brands in the industry of fashion (especially in bridal wear). Well, talking about being one of the leading names in the fashion world, Romona Keveza is also a leader in luxury bridal wear. Being the best wedding dress designer of all time, Romona Keveza is the only designer who got featured in the best-selling book: Legendary Brides by Letitia Baldrige, Grand Doyenne of etiquette and social secretary to the Kennedy administration. Being a famous fashion insider, Romona Kebeza has dressed some of the world’s most beautiful and influential women of all time. From their red carpet look to their bridal look, she has been the name behind their stunning and headline-making bridal look too! From stunning and sexy Angelina Jolie to Oprah Winfrey to Taylor Swift, and many more to add to the list, she has always been on everyone’s top list when it comes to wearing a designer wedding dress! The Romona Keveza bridal brand is being sold to the finest luxury retailers globally! 

Talking about her journey- leaving a mark on the world, she once received a request from a VIP who wanted to have one of her black evening gowns done in white for her wedding day, and that when Romona started her own company 18 years ago! And then in 2003, gorgeous Julia Roberts wore one of the dresses designed by Romona Keveza, and that when her company started getting requests from stylists and celebrities asking if she could design and produce the dresses in different shades and colors! Initially, Romona Keveza was designing dresses for celebrities but eventually, she has a whole line of wedding dresses that fit our brides and their budget too! Romona Keveza features both- a luxury price-point ready-to-wear collection that is featured in New York and an elegant and eye-catching bridal line. In short, the brand Romona Keveza comes to full circle! 

Romona Keveza’s wedding dresses feature a unique and contemporary look for all her wedding dresses. No doubt, the wedding dresses designed at Romona Keveza are meticulously crafted wedding gowns that are intricately fitted to flatter the female form. From the modern crepe sheath to the Disney princess-inspired lace ball gown, every Romona Keveza bridal dress embodies refined luxury and elegance in abundance! 

There is no doubt that Romona Keveza has become an icon in the bridal fashion industry. Not only because her designer wedding gowns are gorgeous, but also because all the wedding gowns are unique and timeless! 


Romona Keveza Collections

Romona Keveza’s wedding dress collection is defined by a signature style that is more feminine, sophisticated, and utterly luxurious! Designer Romona prides herself on being on various different to many of the big household names, as she never endorses or approaches anyone to wear her designs on the red carpet. She had always believed that it’s the women supporting women. Brides go for Romona Keveza’s wedding dresses because they are able to authentically relate to all her wedding dresses! On a wedding day, a bride always looks out for an opportunity to indulge in the world of the red carpet on her wedding day, and bridal dresses by Romona Kevez do the same magic! 

Romona Keveza’s wedding dresses offer a peek into the world of celebrity. Every wedding dress designed at Romona Keveza bridal house radiates the glamor of Hollywood. It all goes back to the era of the 1920s, where the flashbulbs going and stunning and exquisite jewelry, flawless hairdo, and the well-toned leg coming out of a limousine created just a perfect and timeless moment! Everyone equally deserves the chance to live that glamorous and grand life even if it is vicariously through the TV, and when it comes to our brides, they surely deserve the chance in every way possible! 

Romona Keveza herself admitted that the bridal fashion has really taken off in the last 15 years or so, as more and more modern-day brides are looking to have a bit of individuality when it comes to their big and special day! And this is the only thing all the designers and Romona Keveza herself keep in mind when it comes to designing the perfect dress for brides out there! Every wedding dress at Romona Keveza bridal house has a unique style and work that will radiate the unique characteristics of every bride in the best way possible on her wedding day! The uniqueness and elegance of the wedding dress and the bride will be best reflected in all her wedding photos

Well, talking about her collections, every single collection bearing her label is different from the rest. And her bridal dress collection is something that any bride will fall head over heels in love with! 


The Romona Keveza Collection

The Romona Keveza Collection is one of the finest bridal collections launched by designer Romona herself. This stunning bridal collection has a traditional aesthetic, featuring a selection of gleaming and elegant white wedding gowns that offer classic fit with clean lines, opulent fabrics, and refined silhouettes! All the wedding dresses under this amazing collection lean towards classic couture, as they radiate and flaunt femininity. The playful tulle detailing, floral lace appliques, and statement-making necklines make the Romona Keveza Collection a standout bridal collection! Wedding dresses designed under the Romona Keveza Collection offer wedding dresses designed with all-over beaded embellishments.

The Romona Keveza Collection is for every modern bride out there who is looking to wear something elevated and sophisticated on her big and special day! The trend-forward capes, dramatic sleeves, and high necklines make all the wedding dresses under the Romona Keveza Collection timeless! A Romona Keveza bride will be the center of attention on her wedding day as she will not only be looking graceful but will also feel confident. Wearing a Romona Keveza wedding dress a bride will look nothing but a stunning and glam celebrity who will walk down the aisle with complete confidence! 

Fabrics are not common, they are becoming rarer and rarer! And the Romona Keveza Collection is all about the finest of the silk crepes. The wedding dresses designed under this collection are started by one designer and finished by her only. It’s not an assembly line, wedding dresses designed and produced under this collection are all about atelier processing! All the wedding dresses under this collection are the finest examples of fine garments! 

The Fall 2020 Romona Keveza Collection features wedding gowns that are ideally designed for brides who truly understand the quality of wedding dresses. Using the finest and the best techniques and made in North America, the Fall 2020 Romona Keveza wedding dresses are the gowns designed for fashionista women. Not only limited to that, but Romona Keveza’s Collection wedding gowns have sustainable fabrics such as natural silk. The hand-made technique used by the designer makes all the wedding gowns incredible! 


Legends Romona Keveza Collection

The Legends Romona Keveza Collection boasts the wedding dresses that are designed for all the brides-to-be who are looking for simple, classic, and elegant wedding gowns designed in silk Mikado, silk Shantung taffeta, and Damask lace, to walk down the aisle in full grace and elegance. The only embellishments on these gowns are demure bows, placed strategically to flatter the female form. The wedding dresses under the Legends Romona Keveza Collection are very classic. It is timeless and unique. It’s the kind of dresses that Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy became famous for!

A pro tip here for all the soon-to-be brides- if you want to reflect the elegance then go for the Romona Keveza bridal collection as this brand is best known for it!

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