Selia Yang Wedding Dresses
Selia Yang

Classic, with the significance of an unforgettable and remarkable design, a Selia Yang dress comes with an air of beauty surrounding it accompanied by the glow of femininity and sensuality, making every bride feel special!

Selia Yang Wedding Dresses

Classic, with the significance of an unforgettable and remarkable design, a Selia Yang dress comes with an air of beauty surrounding it accompanied by the glow of femininity and sensuality, making every bride feel special!


Planning a wedding is no walk in the park! It is something that not just scares you a little, but also tires you out in its entirety. However, to make sure that everything gets planned according to your wishes to make your big day the most special day of your life, a getting-things-done demeanor is crucial throughout the whole process of planning, but it is also encouraged that you have fun along the way! This is, after all, a time that you wouldn't get to enjoy in the future, so go ahead, try a few dresses, go cake tasting, and tour venues! We promise you, it is as much fun as it is work! Weddings remind us of love in its most pristine form, a love that emanates dedication, commitment, and the promise to be with each other forever. This promise must reflect in your preparations to make the moment as memorable as it can be humanly possible to do so. Every dream wedding deserves to be realized in its full glory.


The process involving wedding planning begins the moment you accept the proposal. The journey from right that moment traces the trajectory of where things may lead if done in a proper manner. Be it budgeting, decorations, catering, or the officiator – everything needs to be in order and triple-checked with both the bride as well as the groom. For things to be in tandem with the desires of your heart, choosing the right wedding planner becomes as important as saying “I do.” An easy, comfortable relationship with frequent conversations and binding trust is what you must seek while choosing THE wedding planner to help you with the vision of your happy day. A dream wedding is possible only when it takes place with team effort, where the team consists of you, your fiancé, and your wedding planner. Time is of the essence and a decisive mindset with a no-nonsense get-things-done-attitude is of extreme importance to tick out the checkboxes of lists of things to be planned.


The moment your love decides to bend down on one knee is the moment your dreams of the perfect wedding day start flashing in front of your eyes. The most striking part of those flashes is the wedding dress that you envision yourself wearing for the happiest moment of your life. Your wedding dress is hands down the most important part of your wedding, only next to your fiancé. Your wedding dress defines the vibe of your wedding day. It sets the tone of the ambiance of the wedding banquet. Going for just about anything is a big no; your wedding dress is what you, your partner, and your guests will remember whenever the subject would be brought up in the future. Your image would be captured in every person’s mind, and it will be your dress that would define that image, and you don’t want it to be anything less than perfect now, do you? Now that we have established the importance of the perfect wedding dress, it is also important to note that there are many designers who are known to be the best, but it only takes one to know one when it comes to looking out for the real deal. Extensive research, a hefty amount of shop hopping, and clarity in mind regarding your personal style are three important forces in finding the perfect dress for your perfect occasion.


When it comes to looking for the perfect dress of your dream, anything lesser than the best is a deal-breaker. It takes a keen eye to determine what’s best. Cheap fabrics and boring, basic designs need to be separated from classic and vintage pieces while hunting for the perfect dress. Such attention to detail can be achieved only while going through designer collections instead of making do with ordinary pieces. Only a designer wedding dress can promise you the grace, quality, and longevity that you require for your ideal wedding dress. Imagine celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary where you decide to recreate your wedding looks, and it turns out that your wedding dress is just a big handkerchief of holes and threads. Designer wedding dresses prevent such deterioration of fabric with time due to the high quality of machinery that is used with equally valuable raw materials that last long without losing any of its grace. While there are a variety of options for a bride, like wearing your mom's wedding dress, finding a thrifted wedding dress, or buying a pretty dress from your local mall, designer wedding dresses have a charm of their own! If you are a trend-conscious bride with a penchant for fashion, buying designer wedding dresses is a great idea. And Selia Yang is a name that you must already be familiar with! Let's take a closer look at this designer’s beautiful work!


Selia Yang – The Beginning

Do you recall the last shot of the movie “Made of Honor” and that beautiful dress that Michelle Monaghan donned in that shot? That is Selia Yang in front of you, in all its glory. Based in NYC, the Selia Yang brand offers you a highly exclusive selection of wedding as well as evening gowns much to the likes of celebrities like Marisa Tomei and Tia Carrere. What started as a small shop in 9th Street under the “Garb New York,” went on to become the brand that got featured in Martha Stewart, Town & Country, New York Magazine, New York Times, Times Out – among other publications. This premium designer brand takes simplicity and elegance to a whole otherworldly level and stands as the perfect pick for your customized dream wedding dress. 


Selia Yang – Inspiration and Approach

Selia Yang, as a designer, gets the significance of an unforgettable and remarkable design with an air of beauty surrounding it but most importantly, the glow of femininity and sensuality that emanates from her pieces when adorned by its rightful owner for their special day or night. Such elegance of her dresses is what puts her designs not just out of the box but also ends up ticking every requirement off the checklist and goes one step ahead into adding more to the list while fulfilling it simultaneously. Yang’s love for glamor, innovation, and above all, fashion, is what makes her designs truly astounding apart from their obvious upscale quality and custom-stylized fit. The designs of this brand tend to highlight the natural aspects of feminine beauty instead of adding extra pompous props which may sometimes distract everyone from noticing the real star of the event, i.e. the bride. Her incorporation of glam in a timeless fashion is what sets her designs apart from the rest of the designers of New York City. A bridge where traditional bridal extravaganza meets the chic contemporary bride is what we may call a Selia Yang exclusive specialty. Excellent customer service with a one-on-one personalized approach is a cherry on the top.


Selia Yang – Popular Styles and Collections

Selia Yang offers a wide variety of picks to choose from. The collection tends to be a wide range of fashion tastes and choices. If you’re looking for something that’s classic yet chic, then Selia Yang is the one for you.

Bridal Collection 1: This collection features a range of classic timeless pieces, each gown dedicated to the simple yet elegant style that caters to the desires of those brides who wish to keep it minimal without shying away from exuding class. The collection features nine exclusive gowns with signature waist-down flare, namely Annabelle, Sofie, Isabella Samantha, Sara, Eva, Lilian, Evelyn, and Evanah.

Bridal Collection 2: This collection’s selling point is its mermaid-style flare with a plunging neckline and some showy pomp to accentuate the more contemporary appeal of the gowns. Accessorized with gemstones, tassels, frills, laces, and beadworks to speak to the hip demands of the spunky brides of 2021, this collection is worth your time and consideration. The collection features eight exotic pieces of mermaid-princess fantasy, namely Sophia, Nora, Kerina, Chantel, Tulin, Isabel, Chloe, and Cholese.

Bridal Collection 3: A collection that entails a fun mixture of vintage and the modern with ensembles of laces, sheath styles, and some glitter to entail a princess-meets-diva vibe to it. The kind that suits the taste of those who cannot conform to a specific fashion taste and love to mix it up while radiating pizzazz that’s unique to their style. The collection features eight gowns of non-conformist renaissance couture, namely – Divine Bridal Gown, Arial Couture, Criss Cross Eva Sheath Bridal Gown, Yerina V-neck Couture, Elizabeth Couture Bridal Gown, Corset A-Line Persia Gown, Polina Trumpet Gown in Silk Organza, and Anika Bridal Gown.


Selia Yang – The Takeaway

One look at the collections, and you feel it in your bones that this is the brand that is meant for fulfilling every woman’s wedding dress dreams. Going for designer couture is the best choice for the sake of your ideal wedding goals. We do not want cheap fabrics to dull the shine of probably the best day of the rest of your life. While going for a designer, Selia Yang proves her worth to be the best choice. What’s visible to the eye does not require any proof now, does it? Excellent choice of fabric, intricately tapered designs, smart use of laces, silks, and frills to bring out just the right proportions of your body while retaining the classy elegance of a bride. This collection proceeds to enchant not one but three different tastes in wedding dresses, talk about being versatile!


This is something that we have established that designer wedding dresses triumph over cheap ones in every aspect. Be it the designs, styles, quality of the fabric, the durability of the outfit, its versatility in the long run, and retainment of its sentimental value to pass on from one generation to another; a designer wedding dress happens to be your best bet. What could be more beautiful and surreal than walking down that aisle towards the love of your life, surrounded by every other person that you love and feel loved by, rocking an outfit that would be remembered for years to come, and establishing your image as the bride in all its glory? I cannot think of anything better than a designer dress that is worth every penny. No fear of getting upstaged at your own wedding when you happen to be wearing the best!


A store-bought dress does not carry the oomph that a designer dress’s aesthetics provide. Our eyes are too sharp and taste too refined in this fast fashion world to easily pinpoint the difference. However, it takes one to know one. You choose the dress that speaks to your taste, your senses, and your desires. All three criteria are covered under a designer wedding dress, but it is on you to give it a shot and then be thankful for life.


While talking about the perfect wedding dress and insisting on not compromising on style and quality, a very significant aspect cannot be left behind, and that aspect is budgetary constraints. It is a no-brainer that weddings are meant to make you spend a significant chunk of money, and wedding dresses from designer brands are no joke. Renting a wedding dress could be one such option, but we are not trying to kid around here, are we? Renting makes things complicated because the dress doesn’t feel like it belongs to you, partly because it doesn’t and other reasons include constant worrying about not spoiling the dress, losing the sentimental value because you can’t keep it for future uses, extra care needs to be taken when it comes to availing rental services for couture, otherwise it’s another chunk of your pocket down the drain. 

Then, is there any other alternative for people who suffer from budgetary constraints but still aspire to have the wedding of their dreams? One way to get a designer wedding dress and to keep it as well is to buy a preowned or a second-hand wedding dress. This alternative has become a popular means of achieving your perfect idea of the wedding among young couples all over the world. The Internet is filled with such platforms that provide preowned designer wedding gowns at a cheaper price while retaining their designer glory. This option is not only easy on the pockets but is also sustainable. Its sustainability lies in the fact that it reduces your carbon footprint, making this option not just economically smart but ecologically efficient as well. If you have your heart set on a Selia Yang dress, but buying it first hand is not the only option, there are various pre-owned Selia Yang wedding dresses available online. Whether you have been trying to keep an eye out for a Selia Yang resale dress or hoping that the dress of your dream will go in for a sale, we promise it is easy to find a Selia Yang wedding gown for sale, whether you search online or offline. You can still live your Selia Yang bridal dreams by investing in a Selia Yang preowned dress. You can get many options for your own pre-owned Selia Yang wedding dress online, just a click away, and ready for you at a fraction of the retail price! Furthermore, you will surely find just the second-hand Selia Yang wedding dresses you are looking for, the perfect addition to your dream wedding! And after the wedding bells settle and the honeymoon tan is gone, you can sell it further for the next bride to enjoy!

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