Sottero & Midgley Wedding Dresses
Sottero & Midgley

The luxurious bridal gown collection from Sottero & Midgley are specially crafted for making bold statements by chic and glamorous brides.

Sottero & Midgley Wedding Dresses

The luxurious bridal gown collection from Sottero & Midgley are specially crafted for making bold statements by chic and glamorous brides. The designer Sottero & Midgley wedding gown haute-couture collections are filled with alluring details, luxe fabrics, and cutting-edge designs that empower creativity and sophistication.

Picking up the perfect wedding dress is such a fun process, but, it is also a very meaningful part of your wedding planning. To shine bright like a diamond on your wedding day finding what you are looking for might come with a lot of homework for you. For many brides having an exact picture of their dream wedding dress might not result in reality because of dynamic wedding trends and updating wedding dress collections. 

Sweeping down the aisle looking like a queen donning a crisp white designer wedding dress, when everyone's eyes are on you will definitely need a lot of research and updates. Whether you have decided to wear a custom made wedding dress or you want to opt for a pre-loved wedding gown, your choice will add special meaning to your wedding day because choosing the perfect wedding dress is entailed by a very special experience that is second to none. No one in the world is like you and hence your wedding dress should reflect your unique taste and shining personality, and thereby wearing a dreamy designer wedding gown that is specially handcrafted for you will definitely make you a showstopper on your wedding day. 

One of the most popular wedding gown designers across the world, Sottero & Midgley offers designer wedding gowns collections that might be the answer you have been looking for when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. An inspiration to the chic and glamorous brides, Sottero & Midgley wedding dress designer is known for enabling brides to make a bold statement on their wedding day with wedding dresses that feature alluring details, luxe fabrics, and cutting-edge designs. The trendiest and elegant wedding gown styles are specially made for the brides with discerning tastes and a keen eye for details. The classic show-stopping trains, embellished plunging necklines, and exquisite embellishments adorn the Sottero and Midgley haute-couture bridal gown collections.

The luxurious designer wedding gown collection is a dream collaboration between two of the most famous wedding dress designers in the US Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram. There is no doubt that the result of this amazing collaboration empowered creativity and elegance that has set a different level of standard in the wedding fashion industry. The sophisticated wedding couture collection from the design studios of Sottero & Midgley entails a dynamic team of experienced talents that are ongoing for over three generations in directing the design activities, along with manufacturing and retailing.

Sottero & Midgley- the beginning

Launched in 1997 by design director Lesley Margaret (“Maggie”) Webster assumed the alias of “Maggie Sottero” in honor of her great grandmother. Capturing the hearts of millions of brides right from its inception, Maggie Sottero designer wedding gowns feature beautiful and romantic designs that are known for their affordable prices without compromising in style and fashion. Since then Maggie Sottero designer has introduced hundreds of wedding gowns seasonally belonging to different collections and each collection carrying a specific taste and personality. Creating contemporary and sophisticated bridal wear, Maggie Sottero continued to design wedding dresses for the fashion-forward brides, with an artful blend of refined styling and eye-catching drama. 

Since then Maggie Sottero’s designs have introduced 3 iconic labels under her brand's umbrella that are known as Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram, and Sottero and Midgley. With distinctive styles and personalities, each wedding gown collection is meant for different brides with different budgets and personal styles. Known for the classic designer wedding dresses with perfect fits, intricate lace motif work, exquisite detailing, and unique embellishments, Sottero & Midgley bridal collection is created to match every bride’s personal love story and make her feel the most special on her wedding day. Lesley’s daughter and Head Designer, Kelly Midgley says, “Our philosophy of value and innovation hasn’t changed. From initial concept to final touches, each gown embodies our pursuit of perfection.” With impeccable styling and immaculate detailing, every designer wedding dress has a love story to tell in a completely unique and romantic way.

Sottero & Midgley- styles and inspirations

The distinctive aesthetic and ability to design dreamy wedding dresses that it is made for every body-types, shapes, personal tastes, and unique personalities, Sottero & Midgley has become one of the most favorite family-owned bridal design houses that have dressed millions of beautiful brides around the world. With over 20 years of experienced expertise, Sottero & Midgley’s designer wedding dresses have become one of the most sought-after bridal gowns in the wedding fashion industry. The gorgeous wedding gown from Sottero & Midgley designer features wedding dresses at affordable prices for all the budget-savvy brides who are looking to make a bold statement on her wedding day. The timeless, sophisticated, and elegant Sottero & Midgley wedding dresses are characterized by edgy and contemporary designs that are perfect for the modern bride with a touch of whimsy and vintage designs for traditional brides

The old-world charm and inspiration of the classic Sottero & Midgley wedding dresses never fail to appeal to brides and continues to be one of the most versatile wedding gown lines in contemporary times. Ranging from vintage and elegant bridal gowns to contemporary boho-chic designs, Sottero and Midgley wedding dress designer wedding gowns feature a wide variety of colors, dramatic silhouettes, and distinctive lacework with impeccable quality and couture styling. Changing with every season, the seasonal bridal gown collections feature different moods and personalities that are different and distinct from one another. Starting from sultry and sophisticated wedding dresses for brides with adventurous spirits to dreamy and vintage ball gown collections, Sottero & Midgley wedding gowns never run out of uniqueness and creativity. 

A bride who would love to describe herself as confident, fashionable, and unique, Sottero & Midgley wedding gowns for sale might turn out to be her ultimate dream come true that fits right into her personality and wedding vision. The jaw-dropping beauty of these glamorous and elegant wedding dresses will surely stun all the guests present on a wedding day as the sheer sophistication and timeless elegance of these handcrafted masterpieces are second to none. Whether it is the sexy necklines and luxurious fabrics, or the unconventional and glamorously detailed embellishments, your wedding dress inspiration will never run out of style and fashion and will be celebrated for generations to come.

Sottero & Midgley- price and size

The exclusive wedding dresses from the Sottero & Midgley wedding line collection are priced at and above $1400 which makes it a perfect fit for brides in a budget, who also have a flair for timeless fashion. With a vision to craft designer wedding dresses at affordable prices, Sottero & Midgley bridal collection is an ideal wedding dress designer for every bride. The classic handcrafted wedding dress masterpieces from Sottero & Midgley offer sizes from 0 to 28 to support and compliment all kinds of body types and figures in the best possible way. The comfortable and glamorous wedding dress designs are made with jersey lining and super soft fabric, that are crafted to hug the body at the perfect places, without feeling tight or suffocating. Promoting self-love and body acceptance, the impeccable fits of these wedding dresses are intended for every bride who wants to feel special on her wedding day.

Sottero & Midgley- the bridal dress collections

Launched in 2006, the unique and timeless wedding dress collection from Sottero & Midgley has an answer for every type of wedding; whether you are looking for soft glamor and whimsical ball gowns or unconventional and boldly designed wedding dresses. Defining a bride's unique grace and personality, the comfortable and glamorous Sottero & Midgley wedding dress designs are characterized by timelessness and sophistication. With concerted efforts to diversify the wedding industry, the new black wedding dress known as Zander by Sottero and Midgley broke the internet at a high-speed pace with its bold, edgy, unconventional, and unique elegance. Let us explore some of the exquisite and latest Sottero & Midgley designer bridal wear collection.

The Khloe Collection by Sottero & Midgley features exclusive wedding dresses for brides with a flair for passion and adventure with a dash of bold and feminine sides. The contemporary and sexy ball gowns for a couture bride feature an intriguing juxtaposition of geometric motifs and illusion cutouts along with scattered laces that look highly glamorous and extraordinarily stylish. The lacy bold backs and intricate tulle fabric work flaring up like a dream, every wedding dress from this luxury bridal collection looks meticulously crafted. 

Another exclusive bridal dress line, Sottero & Midgley Solana Collection features beautiful and exceptionally elegant wedding dresses that are crafted for the brides who appreciate living in a world filled with beautiful contradictions. The beauty of confidence and boldness inspired this unique wedding dress collection that promotes the power of self-love and acceptance. With the perfect fusion of elegance and glamor, the exclusive wedding dresses are created for making a sexy and sophisticated statement. Whether it is the traditional sheath wedding dress that gives a timeless bridal look or the glamorous off-shoulder double lace train wedding dress, every piece of this exclusive collection is meant for a romantic adventure mixed with a European influence.

The latest Emerald Collection from the house of Sottero & Midgley is for the sultry and sophisticated bride who has a wild and adventurous spirit. The unique touch of 'undone' perfectly describes the inspiration behind this exclusive fall bridal wedding line that is characterized by plunging necklines, a cheeky underlay of illusions, and barely-there silhouettes. This wedding bridal gown collection was crafted as an ode to fierce love and roguish glamor for the brides who want to celebrate self-confidence and boldness. Characterized by geometric sparkling patterned tulle, precious pearl embellishments, intricate bead, and lacey work, shimmery motifs, gorgeous illusion details, and bold backs, these chic and inimitable Sottero & Midgley designer wedding gowns celebrate the souls of unabashedly feminine brides who love all things dreamy, vintage, and divine.

The Ariya Collection by Sottero & Midgley features unique wedding gowns that appeal to all the wild and romantic instincts of a woman and celebrate the charm of an untamable spirit. The extraordinary styling inspirations of this exclusive wedding dress range come from unconventional and glamorous inspirations of a woman. Another unique and stylish wedding gown line the Bardot Collection is a celebration of one of the most intrepid art forms, 'En Plein Air', that translates to a method of painting outdoors. Synonymous with the bold southwest horizons and misty European hamlets in the Victorian age, this vintage, and classic wedding dress collection is characterized by restless and romantic inspirations. Another classic and sophisticated bridal couture collection from the creative minds of Sottero & Midgley, the Aston Collection embraces the strength and beauty of a feminine bride. The bold designs are characterized by soft and comfortable fabric that promptly represents confidence, love, and sophistication or as they would like to say 'exquisite defiance of conventional'.

There are many places where you can buy Sottero & Midgley resale bridal collection at half or even less of your wedding dress budget. Borrowing Magnolia can be your dream stop shop to find the perfect Sottero & Midgley pre-owned wedding bridal gown as they feature preloved designer wedding dresses in multiple sizes to accommodate brides of any and all body types. Teamed up with diversity and affordability you can lay your hands on the perfect second-hand Sottero & Midgley designer wedding dress, and take your first step for an eco-friendly wedding decision as part of your wedding planning. With more and more brides opting for pre-owned designer bridal gowns, finding your dream Sottero & Midgley preloved wedding dress is just a click away. 

Find one of the latest designer wedding gowns or pick one of the dreamiest vintage bridal dresses from the line of Sottero & Midgley resale wedding gowns. Whether you are a boho-chic bride with an unconventional taste or a traditional bride with a flair for vintage bridal ball gowns, you can always rely on Borrowing Magnolia for finding the best Sottero & Midgley pre-owned wedding gown that celebrates the powerful force of femininity and make you a Hollywood showstopper on your wedding day.

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