Stephen Yearick Wedding Dresses
Stephen Yearick

Designer Stephen Yearick’s wedding dresses are the embodiment of glamor and endless sophistication!

Stephen Yearick Wedding Dresses

Designer Stephen Yearick’s wedding dresses are the embodiment of glamor and endless sophistication! Known for incredible details, intricate designs, and exacting standards, wedding gowns by Stephen Yearick will make any bride the center of attention on her wedding day! A bride wearing Stephen Yearick will leave everyone breathless in the crowd!


The wedding of your dreams starts with the two most important and beautiful things! First, finding the love of your life, and second, finding the perfect wedding dress for your memorable day! So, now that you have got the partner-for-life secured, all that is left is to delve into the bridal fashion world and find the best and trendy wedding gown to complete your dreamy fairy tale celebration! 


We all know that for a bride, her wedding dress is the most precious garment that will always stay close to her heart for eternity! We are pretty much sure that you may have been thinking and planning about your ideal designer wedding dress since you know everything about wedding and wedding dresses! From expensive wedding dresses designed by popular wedding gown designers to budget-friendly wedding dresses, the market is bulging at the seams with various styles and cuts! These days, with countless options to choose from, depending on the style, silhouette, and budget, brides are being blessed with the prosperity of wedding dress options! But as there goes a saying, “Too many choices can overwhelm us and cause us to not choose at all!” At times, it gets a bit difficult and tricky to choose from such a vast array of wedding dresses and wedding dress designers! So, if you are also dealing with this kind of dilemma, you don’t need to stress! We have got you covered! No wedding dress designer is anywhere near to this incredible and famous wedding dress designer- Stephen Yearick


Designer Stephen Yearick’s wedding dresses are known for redefining the boundaries of the bridal fashion world! Every wedding gown designed at Stephen Yearick features exquisite ornate detailing on luxurious and decent fabrics and sexy silhouettes, serving the modern princess bride! For all the brides who have always dreamed of adding an extra flair of drama and sensuality to their wedding day bridal look, Stephen Yearick designer wedding gowns are the best options to go for! Stephen Yearick’s wedding gowns range between $4,500 to $10,000. But if you are thinking of saving some money on your Stephen Yearick’s designer wedding gown, you can always choose the option to buy Stephen Yearick pre-owned wedding dresses! There are various online destinations where you will easily get second-hand Stephen Yearick wedding dresses! Websites like Borrowing Magnolia, Oncewed, Preowned Wedding Dresses, Stillwhite, and others, also feature used Stephen Yearick wedding dresses on sale! Trust us, all the Stephen Yearick resale design collections will make you go wow and are definitely shopping-worthy! It is always a smarter idea to buy a pre-owned designer wedding dress than to spend a huge amount of money on a wedding dress that you will wear once in your lifetime and will keep in your closet for the rest of your life! 


The style of wedding dresses designed by Stephen Yearick is traditional but bold! Designer Stephen Yearick’s wedding gowns are an ideal fit for brides who are crazy about statement gowns, dripping with alluring and whimsical bling! After all, bling and brides are best friends! In the heart of the wedding dress designer, Stephen Yearick’s bridal exudes glamor and shimmer! Widely known for elegant, crystal beading, and show-stopping, fine and rich embellishment, a Stephen Yearick bridal gown allows you to inevitably sparkle on your wedding day while leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of your admirers and wedding guests! 


This New York City-based popular wedding design brand is known for producing wedding dresses that radiate sensuousness in the best way possible! The chic and edgy designs cater to high fashion, yet fulfill a classic and romantic modern bride’s most discerning tastes! Apart from designing wedding gowns that are popular amongst our millennial brides, Stephen Yearick wedding dress designers also specialize in elaborately beaded wedding veils, and mind-blowing evening wear! Stephen Yearick’s wedding dresses are custom-made to fit every bride’s unique figure. The designer Stephen Yearick always fulfills special requests to customize train lengths, necklines details, and much more as per the brides’ desires! Each and every Stephen Yearick wedding dress is cut to measurement instead of cut only by size! 


The unshackled extravagance of Stephen Yearick’s highly embellished wedding gowns adorned with beaded embroideries, fully encrusted laces, glistening Austrian shining crystals, and expertly draped and ruched soft satin fabrics. Some of the popular Stephen Yearick gowns and designs are often featured on “The Brides of Beverly Hills,” as well as on the red carpet


Apart from designing iconic and stunning wedding gowns for our beautiful brides, world-famous designer Stephen Yearick created history by designing the wedding gown for stunning diva Susan Jeske also known as Ms. America 1997 for her 2018 spring wedding


Susan Jeske’s wedding dress designed by Stephen Yearick was a custom-made Victorian wedding gown that had exquisite crystal beading, ornate detail, and show-stopping luxurious embellishments! A team of about 50 professional and creative designers from Stephen Yearick was involved in the designing and production of Ms. America’s wedding gown. Susan Jeske's wedding gown took almost 365 days (1 year) days to get completed, out of which 180 days (6 months) were used for embroidery, stitching, and stunning artwork! In that iconic wedding dress, about 100 yards of 11 different types of delicate and luxurious fabrics were used by the designers! 


In the creation of Susan Jeske’s wedding dress over 10,000 hand-beaded embellishments were sewn into her wedding gown which included lovely sequins, gorgeous pearls, and 10 different types of multifaceted Austrian Crystals. There were Swarovski Crystals used in the bodice and on the sleeves of her wedding gown. The wedding gown when finally completed weighed about 35 pounds but was strategically constructed so most of the weight was carried by the hips. A custom-made Victorian wedding will have exquisite crystal beading, ornate detail, and show-stopping rich embellishments. 


Stephen Yearick Bridal Collection

Stephen Yearick’s bridal collection is all about different hues of romantic color integrated into its spectacular designs! The use of stubble colors in the wedding dress and its design is one of the reasons why Stephen Yearick’s wedding gowns are highly desired by our modern-day brides! The unique ability of the designer to put different shades of fabrics to achieve a simple effect makes the choice of colored bridal gowns easy for most brides! Every bridal collection launched by Stephen Yearick in the past to date highlights the glamorous femininity paired with amazing embroideries and beadwork (two signature elements of this Stephen Yearick design house) in the best way possible! Every Stephen Yearick bridal collection caters to the bride’s satisfaction! 


Stephen Yearick’s bridal collection is a truly modern couture collection best suited for modern-day romantic brides who are up for something unique and bold! The designer’s creations and designs are personalized to assure an appropriate fit for any body type and can always be altered or modified to create the perfect designer wedding gown to grace an unforgettable wedding celebration with endless glamor, style, elegance, and sophistication! Wedding dress designer Stephen Yearick outlines glamor for all the brides who are looking for suppleness along with some sexy vibes. The always inventive beading on wedding dresses designed by Stephen Yearick complements the elegant silhouettes and never fails to add a dimension of luxury without overwhelming the beauty of the wedding gown. Stephen Yearick wedding dresses are one-of-a-kind designer and popular wedding gowns that represent the ultimate in high fashion glamor. A bride wearing Stephen Yearick’s wedding dress will leave everyone mesmerized and enchanted the moment she will walk down the aisle towards the love of her life to announce the promise of forever with them amongst the loved ones! 


Luxurious silk satin Duchess and Mikado are used lavishly to create sculptural folding and drapes in the ball gown and bridal range. Featuring the finest feathers, rosettes, and lovely crystal stones, the wedding gown collection by Stephen Yearick brings out the subtle details and bold expressions of exuberance! The Stephen Yearick / YSA Makino collections set a new benchmark in quality with a dedication to ensuring a precise fit, brilliant use of color, and ravishing detailing to produce masterful creations. The bridal collection launched by Stephen Yearick has received much acclaim and appreciation and still continues to adorn the most elegant clientele all across the world! 


Before you go ahead and start your wedding dress shopping, here are some of the popular styles created by Stephen Yearick that you must see! You never know for which one you might fall and choose to wear on your wedding day! 


Style 11293 by Stephen Yearick

Style 11293 wedding dress features a stunning mermaid cut for all the brides who want to flaunt their well-toned sexy curves! Adorned with delicate embroidery, stunning beadwork, and sheer beaded back for a flawless bridal look! The sheer deep plunging sweetheart neckline of this style will make you go wow for a moment as it will allow you to flaunt your style in the best way possible! The embroidered illusion sleeves set this style of wedding dress apart from the rest of its collection! The built-in cups, bustle, and long train will add an additional layer of drama to your overall wedding day look! The crystal button on the back of the dress is something that makes this dress one of the most-shopped Stephen Yearick wedding dresses amongst our brides! High waist and hour-glass figure with impeccable details, style 11293 is an ideal fit for all the brides who are up for a dose of some bold and sensuous feel! The retail price of this style of wedding dress is $5,709. But if you search for websites that sell Stephen Yearick pre-owned wedding dresses, there are chances that you might get them at a lower price. For instance, the same style is available at Stillwhite at the cost of $1,722. Yes, just and check it out! 


Style KSY153 by Stephen Yearick

Style KSY153 is a perfect ballgown wedding dress. All the brides who have always envisioned looking like a Disney princess on their wedding day, this is the wedding dress for you! Featuring a deep plunging sweetheart neckline, perfect for brides to flaunt off their toned collar bones, this floor-length ball gown is something that will sweep you off your feet the moment you will see the beauty of this charming and alluring designer wedding dress! Ranging between $4,000 - $4,999, style KSY153 by Stephen Yearick comes under 2 to 16 size! Adorned with delicate beading, exquisite embroidery, and finest lace, this ball gown is every bit a princess wedding dress! The beaded illusion long sleeves and embroidered illusion back of this wedding dress are what set this style apart from the entire bridal collection of Stephen Yearick! 


Style 88040 by Stephen Yearick

Style 88040 is more like evening wear, but our fashion-forward brides can consider wearing it during their walk down the aisle too to make the moment memorable! The deep plunging V-neckline of this dress brings out the sensuousness of a bride in every possible way! Available in sizes from 0 to 18, this fabulous figure-flattering dress is nothing but magical and magnificent! Adorned with bling and beads, this chic style lets a bride wearing this dress on her wedding day make an outstanding statement while leaving everyone in the audience in amazement! The sexy low back of this dress is something that will get your attention in the very first go. The feather bridal cape with this dress will add a charismatic, dramatic effect to your overall bridal look


All the brides who are looking to turn heads as they walk down the aisle, nothing fits better than Stephen Yearick wedding dresses. The best fusion of couture and contemporary bridal designs, the wedding gowns by Stephen Yearick are nothing but an idea of a dream wedding dress coming true to life!

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