Truvelle Wedding Dresses

Truvelle wedding dresses are designed for brides who are confident, unconventional, and modern!

Truvelle Wedding Dresses

Truvelle wedding dresses are designed for brides who are confident, unconventional, and modern! The wedding dresses designed at Truvelle are ethereal, light, and minimalist-inspired wedding dresses that create a look that is both traditional and modern!


Take a deep breath, and hold it for a moment, and now just imagine the most beautiful day of your life, your wedding day! Now slowly and steadily exhale, letting your wandering mind dwell on those imagined beautiful moments, the moments that will soon become a romantic and unforgettable reality! It is true that weddings do not come often. For the most part, it only comes once in every woman’s life! It is what makes weddings ultra special and memorable! And for that reason, it is of no surprise that a bride will splurge and start planning her wedding day meticulously! And if everything goes according to her plan, that means she will be the most stunning and beautiful woman at her wedding! It is a dream of every bride to look nothing but out of this world on the wedding day in her best designer wedding gown! 


Well, talking about the perfect wedding dress, we are pretty much sure that you have already planned too many things related to your wedding dress since you were a little girl like the style of your wedding dress, the fabric, and probably the wedding dress designer! It is very natural for a bride to want to wear an expensive wedding dress on her wedding day, after all, this day is never going to be back again! And luckily, the best wedding dress designer can make your dream of looking like a stunning and breathtaking bride on the wedding day come true in no time! When it comes to finding a famous and popular wedding dress designer, the options are wide! With so many options to choose from, we understand that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming to pick the one that resonates with your personality! So, here is something for all the romantic modern brides, who are looking to wear a designer wedding dress that is a piece of art on their wedding day, the Truvelle bridal dress is the correct and best option for you! 


Truvelle wedding dresses are handmade in British Columbia, Canada. Designer wedding gowns by Truvelle place a firm emphasis on the quality of fabrics along with the fit, and design of the wedding dresses that are nothing but effortlessly elegant and stylish! With the new, creative, and extremely refreshing approach to create mind-blowing designer wedding gowns, designer Truvelle always strives to provide the brides effortlessly designed wedding dresses of the highest craftsmanship! Starting from scratch, the wedding gowns by Truvelle are made to order with a heavy emphasis on design, fit, and quality! All Truvelle designs and patterns are handcrafted with utmost care and dedication. The fabric used for the production of wedding dresses is carefully chosen and is individually hand-cut, and that is why every Truvelle wedding gown has a unique and romantic story behind it! 


Designer Truvelle is one of brides’ favorite and popular wedding gown designers in the wedding gown industry! The young and famous wedding dress designer, Gaby Bayona, the founder of the wedding dress designer brand- Truvelle, together with the passionate and creative team of designers at Truvelle created the perfect fusion of beautiful and popular wedding dresses with mindful and out-of-the-ordinary designs! With the motive of zero waste during the production process, the wedding gowns by Truvelle are not only stunning and fantastic, but they are also thoughtfully and efficiently designed and produced! This Vancouver-based wedding dress design company is highly focused on fine attention to the quality, and all the “little things,” along with overall coolness for all the effortlessly confident and super romantic classic and modern brides


The price range of Truvelle wedding gowns in their bridal shop ranges from $2,000 to $2,400. But in case you are looking for Truvelle wedding dresses on sale, you can always check out websites like Borrowing Magnolia, Pre Owned Wedding Dresses, Stillwhite, Oncewed, and more for amazing sale on all the popular Truvelle wedding gowns! Well, these are some of the websites that also deal in second-hand Truvelle wedding dresses! You will easily get pre-owned Truvelle wedding dresses, or we say used Truvelle wedding dresses at an affordable budget! Well, shopping for a Truvelle pre-owned wedding dress is always a smart option, which many of our millennial brides are opting for these days! We can assure you that all the Truvelle resale collections of wedding dresses are nothing but stunning. The moment you slip into any Truvelle second-hand wedding dress, you will feel that a used Truvelle wedding dress will offer the same comfort as the exclusive Truvelle wedding dress will offer! 


Truvelle Bridals - Where did it all begin?

Launched by very young and talented wedding dress designer Gaby Bayona in 2013, Truvelle is a unique bridal line specially designed for laid-back, romantic, and effortless brides, who want nothing but to reflect their personality in every possible way through their wedding dress! For the big 8 years, the wedding dress designer Gaby remained proudly made-in-Vancouver, and to keep it that way only! 


The wedding gowns produced at Truvelle design house are designed for real women! Truvelle wedding gowns give all the modern brides an alternative option to fabulous traditional wedding gowns! With unconventional elements and a whole lot of effortlessness, Truvelle designer wedding dresses are designed for incredibly confident, easy-going brides, because above all, the brand believes that a bride should feel as good as she looks on her wedding day! 


Let’s have a look at the history of how this talented wedding dress designer made her name in this amazing and competitive world of bridal gowns! Following a childhood that was spent in her mother’s custom dress shop, the founder, Gaby, started Truvelle after realizing and noticing that brides were looking for something a little less traditional with a twist of chic and modernity! 

Gaby started her bridal line as a one-woman show, doing everything from designing to taking bridal appointments all by herself out of her living room! In the first year, Etsy helped Gaby to grow her business and increase its reach, and that is how she got the Truvelle name out in the market! Handled by a young girl and her single sewing machine in the past, currently, this famous and stunning wedding dress design brand, Truvelle, features 30 employees and is successfully operating in a 9,000 square feet studio space in Vancouver’s East Hastings neighborhoods! The Garment Studio is where each Truvelle wedding gown is designed and created, from the initial sketching to the final stitch! With everything under one umbrella, wedding dress designer Gaby is able to ensure that each and every Truvelle wedding gown that leaves the studio is designed with high attention to detail and a whole lotta love! At present, Truvelle wedding gowns are also available in the famous bridal stores in New York City, and Cincinnati stores. 


In 2015, wedding gown designer Gaby opened her new brand of bridal boutique and her first shop, the Truvelle Flagship. With the great success of her first store, her brand expanded to acquire sister labels of all types including dresses, accessories, and bridal veils!


Truvelle Wedding Dress Inspiration

Wedding dress designer Gaby finds inspiration for her wedding dresses in all the little corners of the world. Our designer loves to travel and loves meeting new people, and as mentioned by her, the new people that she meets from every corner of the world while she is traveling always inspire and motivate her! She tries her best to put all the ideas, and inspiration in her look books! Designer Gaby has always looked to other brands and businesses outside of the bridal gown industry, as she believes that there are so many creative people doing really cool things which can be the source of inspiration for her new designs and collections! She also mentioned that the constant feedback from her brides strongly helps and her creative design team to come up with new designs and ideas for wedding gowns! 


Truvelle Wedding Dress Styles & Collection

The Truvelle wedding dress collection is a one-of-a-kind bridal collection for effortless, refined, and modern brides! Truvelle bridal collection is best described as ethereal, light, and minimalist. All the wedding dresses designer at Truvelle has a fantastic blend of all the modern elements like minimalism, sleek lines, and sensuous plunging necklines and enchanting back with faint but still noticeable and eye-catching elements like incredible lace and gorgeous appliques and fabulous and dainty beading! Every bridal collection launched by Truvelle offers a classic combination of “old meets new '' which automatically creates a fuss-free, fresh, and light-hearted wedding dress that is a great and fantastic choice for every bride! Truvelle bridal collection is perfect for those brides who have always wanted wedding gowns full of light-hearted adorned with fine and delicate modern details! 


There is a unique and spectacular thing about the Truvelle wedding dress collection. The clean lines and flowing skirts of the wedding dresses designed at Truvelle appeal to both traditional and modern brides. Designer Truvelle has a unique and extraordinary ability to combine high structured bodices with flowing tulle skirts but on the other hand, can also mix delicate, beaded bodices with sleek, column-shaped skirts. This fusion of clean lines and flow makes the Truvelle bridal collection highly sought after by modern brides who have always dreamed of making a remarkable statement on their wedding day! 


Since its establishment, Truvelle is a brand that always listens to its brides. The bridal line launched by designer Gaby was primarily created as an alternative to traditional wedding wear, being one of the first “Indie” bridal brands. Every year, the bridal collection launched by Truvelle is based on the insight and real stories of our brides and retailers! And the 2021 Truvelle Bridal Collection was no different! Truvelle 2021 Bridal Collection showcases a beautiful example of local creativity and is so damn pretty! The 2021 Bridal Collection honors all the past brides and simultaneously promotes inclusion! All the wedding dresses under the 2021 Bridal Collection are classic bold and unique laces, and come with dazzling new features like square necklines, champagne lining, and exquisite pearl fabric


There were so many amazing and incredible brides to choose from, but Truvelle narrowed down the choices to 8 brides and turned its 2021 Bridal Collection into the namesake dresses over these brides. The Truvelle 2021 Bridal Collection is online and all around the world in various sizes ranging from 0 to 26! Let’s have a look at the 8 stunning wedding dresses launched under the 2021 Bridal Collection by Truvelle! 


The Amy Wedding Dress

For brides who are in search of a wedding dress with a lovely plunging neckline, mesh details, and delicate floral sequin lace, then the Amy wedding dress is a perfect choice! Available in sizes from 0 to 26, the cost of this wedding dress is $2,750. We can assure you that a bride wearing the Amy wedding dress on her wedding day will surely turn heads. The Amy dress features beautiful sequin floral lace that will definitely catch light and glimmer all night and make a bride look nothing but a dream come, true angel! The plunging neckline of the Amy dress is the show-stopping detail, and the sensuous crisscrossed mesh panels are a delicate and luxurious detail that offers a little extra security. The marvelous illusion back dips into a flattering u shape which is held together with a silk satin spaghetti strap, making it more eye-catching! The lace a-line skirt drapes effortlessly, and further extends into a long, enchanting wedding train


The Christine Wedding Dress

Costing about $2,950, the Christine wedding dress is traditional yet classic, chic, and modern. This modern-style wedding dress features a deep plunging V-neck pretty bodice with silk spaghetti straps. The alluring illusion lace back dips a bit low and joins a raw silk band which will accentuate your waist! The Christine wedding dress is an ideal choice for brides who are up for a bold bridal look and are not scared of flaunting their sexy backs! The skirt of this wedding dress features 3 tiered layers of bold botanical mesh lace, which further extends into a lavish wedding train! Trust us, if you are planning an elegant and grand ballroom affair or a romantic and easy-going vineyard wedding celebration, wearing the Christine dress for your wedding day will make you look delightful (you might even resonate with your 3-tiered wedding cake, haha!). 


Jessi Wedding Dress

Available in sizes 0 to 26, the Jessi wedding dress costs $2,550. The Jessi wedding dress is nothing but utterly sweet and surprising. Featuring a classic sweetheart neckline that gracefully meets the illusion details in the center front and center back! This classic wedding dress is adorned with bold floral lace, along with embroidered florals with translucent sequins. The ruched A-line skirt of this wedding dress is effortless and airy and begs for a twirl here and there. The lace on the entire dress is contrasted with a lovely champagne satin lining. A rounded long train will add more drama the moment you will float down the aisle, the marvelous pearl buttons gracefully crawling up on the back of the dress gives an elegant touch to the overall look of this fresh and alluring wedding dress! 


Kaley Wedding Dress

The Kaley wedding dress is a perfect choice for our romantic brides who are looking for something sweet and stylish. Costing $2,750, the Kaley wedding dress features cap sleeves and a scoop neck. The awe-inspiring pearl fabric of this stunning dress is definitely a unique feature that is making our brides go crazy! In short, brides are obsessed with the Kaley wedding dress! The charismatic open back of this gorgeous wedding dress dips into a deep V-shape, highlighting the sensuousness of every bride. Apart from the pearl fabric, the Kaley wedding dress also features pockets, which is indeed making it a top choice in our millennial bridal wedding dress list! 


Kisha Wedding Dress

With nothing else quite like it, the Kisha wedding dress will surely leave all your wedding guests swooning over you all night! Available at the price of $2,800, the Kisha wedding dress is a timeless and classic wedding gown launched by the Truvelle designer. The magnificent part of the Kisha wedding dress is the long train, which adds endless drama to a bride’s overall modern-day royalty look! 


Lexi Wedding Dress

Brides wearing Lexi wedding dresses for their wedding day will be able to float through the room in a graceful and elegant way! This alluring and airy wedding dress is designed with a lightweight mesh lace with a bold botanical appearance. The scoop neck and low scoop back detail of the Lexi wedding dress will make a bride feel that she is on cloud nine all night! 


Lulu Wedding Dress

For all the brides who believe that they are always going to remain young at heart, the Lulu wedding dress is for you! Brides can buy this designer wedding dress for $2,500. This playful and fresh designer wedding dress features an enchanting straight neckline with spaghetti straps that gracefully complement every body type. The oversized floral lace and airy open-back make this dress a real stand-out. 


Mackenzie Wedding Dress

For all the romantic brides who have always dreamed of nothing but romance, the Mackenzie wedding dress is for you all! This classic and dazzling wedding dress is available at the cost of $2,775. The open and illusion back of the Mackenzie wedding dress are one of the favorite details that leave our brides breathless and obsessing! The deep-v bodice & a-line skirt offers comfort and ease of movement so that you don’t have to hold back any of your dance moves with your partner!


No matter which style of wedding dress you are going to on your wedding day, we can assure you one thing, that every Truvelle wedding dress will add extra glamour and charm to your overall bridal look! Happy wedding dress shopping!

Image Courtesy : Truvelle

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