Alexandra Grecco Wedding Dresses
Alexandra Grecco

Exuding dramatic and soft ethereal details that are an embodiment of the past era and cinematic landscapes, Alexandra Grecco bridal brand is home to heirloom quality designs.

Alexandra Grecco Wedding Dresses

Exuding dramatic and soft ethereal details that are an embodiment of the past era and cinematic landscapes, Alexandra Grecco bridal brand is home to heirloom quality designs. Alexandra Grecco designer dresses are a dream come true for all the modern and effortless brides as they feature high-quality fabrics and intricate hand-embroidery straight from New York’s garment district.


Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every bride. From ruffling through the latest bridal styles that look inspiring to getting your hands on the dreamiest bridal dress fabric that feels like a feather against your skin, there is a perfect designer wedding dress just around the corner for you to find so that you look like an ethereal dream on the biggest day of your life. Just like your love story is one in a million, you’d naturally want your wedding gown to stand out in a sea of other dresses so that it goes on to tell about your unique taste and shining personality to everyone on your wedding day. Hence, getting a dress that gleams unique and whimsical details from some of the most popular wedding gown designers might be what you’re looking for. 


Talking about some of the most renowned wedding dress designers, we cannot miss mentioning the much celebrated and popular Alexandra Grecco. This New York-based bridal designer is home to wedding dress designs that inspire brides from all walks of life and continues to blaze live fire on runway shows every season. Meant for brides with a keen eye for the smallest of details, Alexandra Grecco bridal designs feature intricate embroidery works and high-quality bridal fabric from all over the world. Designed and made in NYC, Alexandra Grecco wedding gowns for sale have become a hotspot for to-be brides as the sleek and minimal bridal styles suit every personality and sense of style.


Alexandra Grecco: The Beginning 


New York-based bridal fashion designer Alexandra Grecco first launched her eponymous bridal couture collection in the year 2014, after her wedding in 2013 when she saw the opportunity to create her own line. But before this, her first ready-to-wear collection came out in spring 2010 that was inspired by dramatic landscapes and old European aesthetics. The real and innovative couture techniques that strike a chord between modern and vintage aesthetics showcased classic and feminine designs that were deeply rooted in a glorious nostalgic era. After achieving a sense of timeless elegance, by pairing aesthetics with the finest fabrics and intricate hand-embroidery techniques, Alexandra Grecco bridal couture collection was introduced in 2014 with less traditional wedding dress designs.


A tale as old as time - Alexandra Grecco too fell in love, got married, and created her own wedding dress, which eventually became her very own bridal collection. When she was looking for a perfect wedding dress back in 2013, she realized that it’s only possible when she’ll take matters into her own hands. That is how she designed her own wedding dress that perfectly blended intricate details with natural beauty. That was the start of the chic wedding dress collections from Grecco that echoed her aesthetic and used high-quality fabrics that brides would cherish. After the launch of the namesake bridal line in the summer of 2014 that featured glamorous wedding dresses with chic aesthetics and unique hand-sewn techniques, Alexandra Grecco designs became synonymous with timeless and refined silhouettes. Alexandra Grecco is known for sourcing materials from all the nooks and corners of the world and worked with local craftsmen, artisans, designers, and seamstresses in the Garment District of New York City to produce her distinct designs.


In 2018, the Alexandra Grecco spring wedding dress collection featured a celestial theme which was named ‘Stardust’. “With every collection, I design our pieces to feel really light and effortless. This season, we have a bit of a celestial theme throughout, and the embroidery is just breathtaking,” said Grecco. The gorgeous line-up of wedding dresses featured designs with exquisite beading work that looks like stars falling from the sky and adorned with whimsical details for brides who appreciate the beauty of a classic silhouette, but also has a bit of whimsy in them. 


The latest 2020 collection of Alexandra Grecco wedding dresses at London Bridal Fashion Week featured a bridal lineup that was a fusion of a much-coveted fusion of romance and sophistication. The contemporary bridal wear collection featured gowns that were gorgeous, stylish, and sultry. They were meant for brides who want the best of both for their wedding day look- a blend of contemporary romance and vintage style. The one-of-a-kind aesthetics and uniqueness of Grecco’s designs set her bridal collections apart from the rest. For every bride, who wants to create a statement with minimalism, Alexandra Grecco’s wedding designs can make her look like a model who’s fresh off the runway at Bridal Fashion Week.


Alexandra Grecco: Styles and Inspirations 


Each and every piece of Alexandra Grecco designer dress is thoughtfully handcrafted in New York City. No details are spared while crafting Alexandra Grecco designer wedding gowns, and every piece of wedding dress silhouette comes with thoughtful features that can suit every body type and flatter every skin tone. Crafted to fit and flatter every curve of a bride, each wedding dress from the house of Alexandra Grecco is hand-sewn using high-quality fabrics, and features delicate floral lace, beading work, custom-made details, and ethereal embroidery patterns that are bound to make you fall in love with them. Ranging from A-lien dresses and long flowy bohemian wedding dresses to sheath trains and gowns with illusion details, Alexandra Grecco wedding dress collection has something for every bride on this planet.


Alexandra Grecco wedding dresses are handwoven with a signature effortlessness and lightness that makes the experience of a bride walking in her bridal gown a smooth and seamless experience. With all the timeless, whimsical, ethereal, and delicate styling, a bride can literally ‘float in the air’ on her big wedding day when she wears an Alexandra Grecco wedding dress. Inspired by historic French Quarter architecture and dreamy pastel hollyhocks of Ile de Ré, we can see a striking old European influence in each of Alexandra Grecco wedding gowns for sale collections. The continuously evolving Alexandra Grecco bridal styles stem out of an organic and focused vision that concentrates on crafting non-traditional wedding dresses for modern brides. The chic vintage wedding gowns that speak elegance of the past era are also inspired by dramatic landscapes. The latest Alexandra Grecco bridal collection designs were launched to captivate a sense of timeless elegance and beauty, and the striking influences of breathtaking landscapes and true femininity testified to that. Rooted in the nostalgic charm and handwoven technique of old Europe, Alexandra Grecco wedding dresses feature her signature use of lush fabrics and impeccable tailoring. 


Celebrating true femininity and elegance, the Alexandra Grecco wedding gowns are designed to flatter a wide range of body types. Some of the most classic and timeless Alexandra Grecco bridal collections that managed to sweep everyone across the globe are- Cloud Nine, Wild Honey, The Magic Hour, and The Classics. The New York-based wedding dress designer focuses mainly on effortless and naturally beautiful wedding dresses. Meant for every type and style of wedding, whether you are having a seaside brunch wedding or a mountain top reception surrounded by thick forest lands, or even an urban rooftop with the bustling cityscape behind you, Alexandra Grecco wedding gowns are a beautiful choice for any wedding theme or venue.


The range of shapes and details are the key highlights of these sought-after wedding dresses and inspirational bridal styles. From whimsical wedding dresses with chic vintage accents to dreamily flowy lace wedding dresses for a Bohemian wedding, you are bound to find your wedding gown that is inspired by your long coveted dreams. The subtle details and intricate features make Alexandra Grecco wedding dresses pop out in a sea of designs from some of the most sought-after wedding gown designers. The price range of Alexandra Grecco bridal gowns can range from anywhere between $2000 and $7000. With a size range of 00-20, every Grecco bridal gown is bound to fit and flatter brides across the globe.


Alexandra Grecco: Bridal Couture Collections 


One of the most famous wedding gown designers, Grecco continues to rule the bridal fashion industry with her ethereal gowns with nontraditional touches. Holding true to her original vision, her wedding dress inspirations still see influences from places like the French Quarter and Il de Ré as well as retro aesthetics and vintage couture. Each and every Alexandra Grecco designer wedding dress collection features clean lines and classic silhouettes that are meant for flattering brides from all walks of life, no matter what their personal style may be. 


The Poppy Civil Collection by Alexandra Grecco Spring 2022 features designs that embody luxe femininity with her intricate embroidery, floral appliqués, and use of lace from head to toe. For contemporary brides who love more classic and cleaner silhouettes, this collection can be the ultimate find. There is no shortage of low necklines, figure-flattering silhouettes, and delicate lacework, and every wedding dress feels like a modern take on a classic. Featuring ball gowns with unique lace paneling to sheaths with high slits or ruffled details, the trendiest wedding dresses for 2021 from Grecco are all about reimagining the traditional.


The whimsical Alexandra Grecco’s BOTANICA Part I and II Collections were inspired by florals and blooms which were embellished with shimmering hand-embroidered florals, both classic and abstract. Featuring striking influences of wildflowers in the midst of wild and seemingly unfavorable surroundings, this bridal couture collection is a brilliant work of art that can lift the spirits of a bride with an unparalleled poise and unwavering presence. The captivating beauty of both the collections offers natural peace and serenity at its best.


The Moonstone Collection By Grecco is another celestial-inspired bridal line. Offering a range of ethereal weddings that showcases dramatic influences of incandescent landscapes featuring a radiant light of the late summer sun. Designed for all the hopelessly romantic brides, Alexandra Grecco’s Moonstone features wedding gowns with lush crepe paired with shimmering metallics, voluminous sleeves, and updated signature sleek silhouettes. The modern romantic showstopping wedding gown styles from Grecco come with hints of colors, statement details, and unique textures. 


The Classic Collection by Alexandra offers effortless and chic statement-making designs which resonate with her original vision of the brand. The fully size-inclusive wedding dress designs also come with a wide range of shades of illusion mesh to match any skin tone. The curvy wedding dress collections offer customizations and are inspired by old black and white bridal photos. This bridal collection pays homage to 1960s fashion while catering to modern brides today. It also features exclusive bridal fabrics like satin, organza, and lace and a wide variety of styles curated for the fashion-forward classic bride.


Alexandra Grecco: The Takeaway


As we all know how the wedding industry contributes to landfill waste and increases carbon footprints. Hence, buying and selling wedding gowns has been picking up as one of the most refreshing wedding trends of recent years. All the sustainable brides who want to host an eco-conscious wedding, have sought alternative and environmentally viable options like wedding rentals and second-hand wedding shops. Sustainable brides who want to make a difference on their wedding day and make a statement are seeking second-hand wedding dresses and accessories. There are sites to buy and sell second-hand wedding fashion, which features thousands of designer wedding dresses that have been worn just once and have been beautifully maintained with their original designs and details intact.


Featuring some of the best second-hand Alexandra Grecco wedding dresses, Borrowing Magnolia can be a great spot if you are looking for designer preowned bridal gowns that not only look chic but also enable you to make a huge fashion statement on your wedding day. The collection of Alexandra Grecco resale features some of the most elegant designs from the house of the designer, featuring whimsical classic silhouettes as well as chic vintage designs with clean lines and soft ethereal details. Just like every time, the collection of Alexandra Grecco preowned wedding dresses have our hearts as they are timeless, elegantly styles, and delicately detailed with buttery silks and intricate woven and beaded artwork.


Image Courtesy : Alexandra Grecco

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