Alita Graham Wedding Dresses
Alita Graham

Alita Graham for Kleinfeld wedding dresses is known for her exclusive signature styles made out of 100% silk, original embroidery, pleated silk tulle, Swarovski crystals, and ribbon embroidered lace.

Alita Graham Wedding Dresses

Alita Graham for Kleinfeld wedding dresses is known for her exclusive signature styles. These styles feature designer bridal wear made out of 100% silk, original embroidery, pleated silk tulle, Swarovski crystals, and ribbon embroidered lace. Considered to be one of Kleinfeld’s most successful exclusive designer collections, Alita Graham wedding dresses are a line of silhouettes that caters to a more traditional and classic bride. The use of Swarovski crystals and ribbon-embroidered lace makes them stand out among vintage wedding gown lovers. 


Choosing a dream wedding outfit is one of the biggest milestones in the wedding planning process for each and every bride across the globe. Even for brides who scale down their wedding celebrations, picking up a designer wedding gown from the lines of some of the trendiest wedding gowns of the year is still considered to be an unmatched breakthrough for the bridal checklist. While some brides might opt for a casual courthouse LWD for their intimate wedding, others get donned up in a chic traditional ball gown that is reminiscent of the glorious past years. Whether it is a micro wedding with a sundowner cocktail party or an at-home elopement, the trendiest wedding dresses from the house of some of the most popular wedding gown designers on the planet will set the stage on fire, making the bride look runway-ready.


The world-renowned New York-based bridal salon Kleinfeld Bridal brings you a dream wedding dress line designed by one and only Alita Graham. These contemporary and chic bridal styles can be the dream come true for every free-spirited woman who dreams of dressing up in a dreamy wedding dress while getting married to the love of her life. This wedding dress line from the house of Kleinfeld Bridal is all about classic styling with the beauty of vintage aesthetics for modern brides who love wedding dresses with awesome back features and effortless fashions. Meant for free-spirited brides from all walks of life, Alita Graham bridal dresses feature whimsical details like lace and crochet for an effortlessly chic bridal look. Whether you're getting married at the beach or hosting a mountain wedding in the countryside, the trendy wedding dresses from the house of Kleinfeld Bridal will spell a whimsical dream that will match your style and evoke a relaxed wedding day look.


One of the most famous bridal salons in the world, Kleinfeld Bridal is known for its dramatic and head-turning bridal designs, launched the chic collection of Alita Graham wedding gowns in the year 2012. Quickly taking the world of bridal fashion under its storm, Alita Graham bridal wear became a universally recognized bridal collection featuring classic vintage styles that combines classic lines of rich silks and satins which are re-embroidered with soft romantic bridal fabrics and some of the finest lacework, and crafted into wearable fits for a high fashion and easy-going feel. The incredible value of Alita Graham wedding dresses quickly made them one of the most affordable luxuries for brides across the globe. These bridal dresses are not only stunning and chic but since it is designed by Alita herself, every bridal piece from this collection is designed to make you look unforgettable and turn your wedding day into a perfect fashionable soirée.


Alita Graham- The Beginning

One of the most known leaders of bridal fashion in the world, Kleinfeld Bridal salon is home to the largest selection of elegant bridal wear both in Europe and America. Dedicated to providing a seamless and unparalleled experience to both brides and grooms, Kleinfeld is known for its exceptional services, wedding dress assistance, and couture alterations. Right from the time, this New York-based bridal salon got wildly popular in TLC’s popular television series, Say Yes to the Dress, Kleinfeld became the home for some of the most popular wedding gown designers and top bridal couture names. And one of the most amazing bridal designers of Kleinfeld, Alita Graham designer is known for bringing out bridal lines exclusively for Kleinfeld Bridal. The range of timeless silhouettes and classic vintage ball gowns from the house of Kleinfeld by Alita Graham caters to traditional and classic brides who love vintage aesthetics. The embodiment of Swarovski crystals and ribbon-embroidered lace of Alita Graham designer wedding gowns have managed to create a statement among brides from all over the world.


The collection of Alita Graham wedding gowns is one of Kleinfeld’s most successful exclusive bridal designer lines. Catering to a wide range of brides, Alita Graham bridal collection offers fashion-forward wedding dresses for modern brides as well as vintage chic ball gowns for traditional and classic brides. Notable for the unique details featuring original embroidery work and intricate use of laces, Alita Graham wedding gowns for sale have become a distinct trademark of gorgeous bridal wear collections among to-be married women from all walks of life. Also, crafted with keeping women of all sizes and shapes in mind, the inclusive size range of collections from Alita Graham designer are meant for embracing the elegant curves of a bride. Adhering to a broad range of styles and unique tastes, the gorgeous Alita Graham wedding dress designs know how to fit the body and shape of every bride in the world.


The amazing selection of bridal gowns in New York from Kleinfeld comes with a good selection of plus-size bridal gowns and includes some of the most celebrated bridal fashion icons in the world. The exclusive bridal line of Alita Graham designs too conveys a unique sense of style. The huge Kleinfeld store in New York is a fashion paradise for brides. It features commodious dressing rooms, viewing areas with a warm ambiance, and glazing mirrors galore for you to check yourself out wearing your dream designer gown. With over 200 dedicated bridal specialists, one can be assured with the best assistance during the entire process from browsing to delivery. These specialists are knowledgeable and experienced who are trained to interpret a would-be bride’s desires and visions into reality and guide her to that magic moment of saying yes to the dress!


Dating back to 1941, the exclusive Kleinfeld Bridal Salon was first established by Hedda Kleinfeld and Jack Schacter, in Brooklyn for featuring occasional and special dresses. With over 60 years of legacy and history, it has boomed into becoming one of the most loved names in the bridal fashion industry. From a single storefront with three dressing rooms in Brooklyn to an exclusive bridal showroom in Manhattan with 28 dressing rooms, 17 fitting rooms, 1500 designer sample dresses, and a staff of 250 employees, Kleinfeld has come a long way and services to more than 1700 brides annually! For so many New York brides, a trip to this bridal boutique with their mothers and BFFs has become an important pre-wedding ritual. From oodles of the most glamorous wedding gowns in the world to the impeccable quality service, the iconic bridal fashion store in New York states their goal, “We want your experience in our store to be as memorable as your wedding day.”


Alita Graham- Styles and Inspirations 

Alita Graham wedding dresses are known for their subtle hints of luxury and opulence. She is one of the “it” wedding designers of contemporary wedding styles. The positively sublime Alita Graham wedding gowns for sale use unmatched details like pleated tulle, embroidered lace, and Swarovski crystals in each of her collections and these details make them distinctive for discerned brides. It’s hard to describe Alita Graham designs without pulling focus to the original embroidery and gorgeous lace silhouettes, which touch the hearts of more traditional brides.


The luxurious bridal collections from Graham comprise some of the most high-end and sought-after wedding gowns of all time. If you are a bride who wants to make a statement on her wedding day, Alita Graham ball gown dresses can be your gateway to create dazzling drama. The detailing of these designer dresses involves unique beadwork and Swarovski crystal accents that are dipped in blush and ivory color palettes for a non-traditional bridal look. From traditional and vintage ball gowns to modern and colorful sheath wedding dresses, each and every design by Graham gives the bride no choice but to stand out on her wedding day.


The most fantastic detail of Graham’s bridal designs is the variety of sizes. The inclusive bridal size charts are crafted for flattering a myriad of body types with their subtle attention to detail. With size up to 28, the Alita Graham plus size wedding gowns will enable your natural beauty to truly shine on your big day! Aligned to create big day drama, the exclusively crafted designer wedding gowns are the ultimate match for bedazzling queens.


Apart from the exclusive and stylish plus-size wedding gowns, Alita Graham bridal dresses are also perfect for all kinds of bridal budgets. The undeniably elegant designer wedding dresses by Alita can make you feel spoiled but also come at a price (with prices ranging from $2000 - $5000) that fits right in your budget. Also, if you are looking to sell your wedding gown post-reception, this exclusive bridal designer wear collection is worth checking as it has one of the highest resale values in the bridal fashion industry.


Alita Graham- Bridal Couture Dresses

One of the most loved wedding gown designers for classic brides, Alita Graham wedding dress collections is an abode of designs featuring femininity, poise, tradition, and fairy-tale quality sewn into every stitch. The gorgeous collection of Alita Graham wedding gowns is like an answer to every bride’s prayers for the perfect wedding dress. The exclusive Alita Graham designs are known globally for their sharp attention to the woman’s body and delicate and romantic detailing, which has made them a safe haven for the daydreams of every bride-to-be.


Alita’s non-traditional wedding dress designs make her one of the most coveted designers by modern brides who want to create a fashion statement. Apart from the femininity and poise, there are certain unique pieces in her collections that feature blush color palettes, unlike traditional white wedding dresses. The exclusive designer collection at the most prestigious bridal salon is a testament to the beauty of these gowns. Some of the most timeless and classic wedding dresses of Alita Graham are- the Sweetheart Mermaid Gown, Floral Ball Gown, A-line Chiffon Gown, Layered Organza Ball Gown, etc. These wedding gowns are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and the retail price of Alita Graham designs ranges from $2000 to $5000.


Alita Graham- The Takeaway

Celebrating unique female figures through timeless bridal fabrics, the Kleinfeld Bridal design team of experts takes immense pride in their ability to create some of the most loved wedding gowns in the history of bridal fashion. The timeless bridal designs are focused on figure-flattering elements teamed up with seaming, lace, and beading, meant for brides of all shapes and sizes. The all-inclusive sizes of wedding gowns make it a favorite among to-be brides. The inspiration behind Alita Graham bridal couture collections comes from listening to brides and brides-to-be across the US and abroad. 


Designer bridal wear and wedding gowns are becoming a rage among brides who want to look and feel special on their wedding day. Catering to the special and unique needs of every bride who wants to create a statement on her wedding day, Alita Graham designer wedding gowns are celebrated for their timelessness and classic elegance. But for all the brides on a budget who always dared to dream big for their wedding day, Alita Graham preowned bridal gowns can be a dream come true as they can be the showstopper they have always imagined to be. Make all your amazing dreams come true by wearing a crisp white Alita Graham preowned bridal gown from Borrowing Magnolia at half of the retail price or even less.

Picking out your favorite second-hand Alita Graham wedding dresses can be a breezy and wholesome experience, along with being your primary step towards eco-friendly weddings, as finding a pre-owned designer bridal gown can be the best way to reduce carbon footprints by reducing the waste materials that are produced in the process of making a wedding dress. Also, you can have your chance of finding the perfect wedding gown from the runway-inspired and classic collections of Alita Graham resale lines that are no longer available in the retail stores but have always remained timeless and have graced your Pinterest boards from time immemorial.

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