Amsale Wedding Dresses

Amsale Aberra is an Ethiopian born bridal couture designer who is celebrated as the inventor of modern wedding dresses.

Amsale Wedding Dresses


Amsale Aberra is an Ethiopian born bridal couture designer who is celebrated as the inventor of modern wedding dresses. Complementary to the fashion-forward bride, Amsale designer wedding dresses have a reputation of unwavering attention to detail and understated glamor. Known for creating pared-down and minimalist styles, Amsale bridal couture collections feature bridal gowns for creating an impactful and elegant statement.

Having a daytime ceremony that will end up as a sundowner on the beach? Are you planning to exchange your wedding vows in a traditional cathedral? Are you traveling to a different country to have a destination wedding? No matter what you have decided for your wedding day, one thing that will be remembered from this special day of your life is the kind of wedding dress that you will be wearing. Whether it is your bridal portraits or making a dramatic entry in front of your wedding guests, your wedding dress selection tells a lot about your unique personality and sense of style. There is no doubt that every bride wants to look unique and elegant on the most special day of her life, and the choice that she makes while picking up her wedding dress leaves a mark long after the wedding day has passed. 


This is the reason designer wedding gowns are becoming and have always been so popular among brides who want to make a bold and unique statement on their wedding day. Your designer wedding gown whether it is adorned with long trains and dramatic embellishments, or it is a tulle ball gown with chantilly lace, will spark and shine differently rather than a regular wedding gown because of the unfaltering and immaculate craftsmanship that goes into making a designer bridal dress. Finding the perfect designer wedding gown that is adorned with luxurious fabrics, cutting-edge designs, and exquisite embellishments will reverberate your distinct personality while empowering creativity and sophistication.


Crafted with timeless elegance and unmatched attention to detail, Amsale designer wedding dress collection synonyms with luxurious restraints and exquisite simplicity. The timelessly beautiful Amsale bridal has become one of the most popular household names in the wedding industry that is known to create powerful impacts with simple and minimalist wedding dress designs. Each design from the house of Amsale bridal wear collection reflects timeless craftsmanship and delicate handcrafts with couture dressmaking techniques. In an era of ornate embellishments and design-heavy wedding dresses, the extraordinary collection of Amsale bridal gowns stands as an inspiration to brides who want to make a feminine statement in a completely minimalist way.

Amsale- the beginning

Amsale Aberra was born in the year 1954 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Aberra Moltot, Ethiopia's vice-minister for National Community Development, and Tsadale Assamnew who was a housewife. She moved to Green Mountain College in Vermont to study commercial art and as there was a political upheaval in her native land, she began to design and sew her own clothing as the financial resources were limited. This was the first time when Aberra started considering a potential career in fashion designing and her creativity definitely came into play thereafter. Aberra took her degree in political science from Boston State College and enrolled in New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, where she earned an associate degree in Fashion Design. After completing her degree at FIT, she worked as a design assistant for Harvé Benard for 2 years. Amsale began to work for her bridal couture company with an approach to create simple wedding gowns with no unnecessary embellishments and details for minimalist and modern brides. The design philosophy behind Amsale's wedding dresses was to take a 'forever' modern approach to sophisticated designs, and her timelessly crafted wedding gown designs were the perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern designs, such as using rich fabrics with illusion necklines.

In the year 1985, Aberra's first revelation came in when she was searching for the perfect modern silhouette wedding dress for her wedding day and came to know that her options were limited to overly dramatic and ornate embellishments. She got her head start with one very important gown- her own wedding dress, which she created in a completely pared-down style, and was soon lauded as the inventor of the modern wedding dress. Amsale loves the simple elegance and minimalist wedding dress designs, that a bride can find both modern and personal at once, and also add a distinct drama to her wedding day. The clean and sophisticated wedding gowns found a way into the bridal industry with Amsale's precious vision.

Over the decades, Amsale bridal couture collection has carried on and will continue to endure in the age of modern romance. Currently, Aberra's husband CEO Neil Brown and her daughter Rachel Brown, along with the senior design team of Sarah Swann and Margo Lafontaine, who were also chosen by Amsale are carrying this legacy with the vision and goal that was left behind by her. While honoring the rich legacy of sophisticated and minimalist Amsale wedding dress designs, the bridal couture brand remains one of the most popular names in the wedding industry.

Amsale- the legacy, style, and inspiration

Amsale is one of the world's leading luxury bridal houses and continues to be known as the founder and inventor of the modern wedding dress. Headquartered in a salon on Madison Avenue in New York City, it is considered to be one of the most popular bridal salons and wedding specialty stores worldwide.

Amsale wedding dresses are crafted with the philosophy of elegant simplicity that is meticulously handcrafted with couture dressmaking techniques. Exuding chic femininity and sophistication, the understated glamor and unwavering attention to detail come into play as a true reflection of a modern-day bride behind every bridal gown from Amsale wedding dress designer. Every wedding dress design from Amsale evokes a feeling of connection and an indelible legacy of Amsale Aberra’s founding philosophy and lifelong pursuit of enduring styles.

The distinctly iconic collections of Amsale designer wedding dresses over the decades have featured timelessly beautiful designs that are draped in luxe fabrics and indicate hand craftwork, without making it look busy, meant for the modern and sophisticated bride who represents elegance and confidence in simplicity. The effortlessly bold wedding ball gowns are refreshingly modern and appropriately classic, that can be the perfect choice for a fashion-forward bride who chooses to look timeless in her bridal portraits for years to come. There is no doubt that Amsale has been a powerhouse in the bridal industry since 1985 as it takes its primary inspiration from the vibrant personalities of to-be brides, highlighted by signature couture design techniques and hand-touched by the master seamstresses.

Amsale- the timeless wedding collections

Amsale wedding gowns for sale is an undoubted treat for to-be brides who want to look timelessly charming and elegant chic classic on her wedding day. Excess and indulgent are not words that are traditionally associated with Amsale designer wedding dresses. All the Amsale bridal wear collections over the decades have been presented in an effort to show a 360-degree wardrobe for the entire wedding party with a timeless variety of display and simple contemporary wedding dress styles. The most classic wedding dresses are always given a fresh styling and design outlook so that there is always something to look forward to in each season. Minimalist sweetheart necklines, tulle ball gowns with Chantilly lace, and crisp white trains topped off with a bow are always packed with a dramatic wow-factor and manage to sweep fashion-forward brides in each season every year. From traditional ball gowns to modern-day delicate mini-dresses, Amsale wedding gown collections have always lent a touch of cool to the proceedings. The retail price of Amsale designer wedding gowns ranges in price from $3000 and $12000. Let us explore the classic bridal couture collections from Amsale and understand the evolution of this bridal brand giant.

The iconic collection of Amsale wedding gowns is a simply iconic and true namesake bridal wardrobe line. It features the signature couture design techniques and hand-touched by the master seamstresses at the New York atelier. Ranging from the  high-waisted ball gown made from  silk wool with long sleeve stretch lace top over a bodice, to the fit-to-flare bridal gown made of silk faille with dramatic bow, neckline and buttons down the back, the clean and sophisticated bridal wear designs were an instant hit the moment it entered the industry. One of the most celebrated wedding line collections, Nouvelle Amsale was meant to complement the fashion-forward brides who love to make a statement on their wedding day. The clean lines and timeless drapery of the effortlessly beautiful bold ball gowns were primarily inspired by the dynamic personalities of sophisticated and bold brides. Ranging from the classic soft tulle ballgown with primrose chantilly lace, long sleeves and hand appliqued corded lace on the V-neck bodice to the bold and beautiful mikado spaghetti strap soft A-line gown with sheer back bodice and shoulder bow detail, every piece of wedding dresses was a work of master craftsmanship.

Amsale's Little White Dress collection was perfect for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and bridal showers, or even for pre-honeymoon and post-honeymoon photoshoots. The casual line of dresses from Amsale whether it is the mikado off-the-shoulder shift dress with back bow detail and side pockets or the strapless faille dress with draped bodice and back bow detail, every dress from the classic casual wardrobe reflected finesse and aesthetically pleasing casual dresses for every wedding activity. The most unique collection from Amsale bridal dress collections is the Amsale X You, which features customizable designer wedding dresses from Amsale's library of silhouettes, styles, and fabrics to choose from. For every bride who knows what she is looking for in a wedding dress can customize her dream designer wedding gown from as low as $4850, making it not only affordable but also worthy of the wedding day. From the large range of customizable bridal gowns, you can create not just the perfect wedding dress, but the perfect ball dress for you.

Amsale- in pop culture

For the third season finale of Grey's Anatomy, in the year 2007, ABC purchased and featured a crisp white Amsale wedding dress that quickly became the talk of the Hollywood town. In the same year, Lincoln, the luxury vehicle division of Ford, hired Amsale Aberra for producing a TV commercial for their MKX model. Giving a detailed tour of Amsale's Madison Avenue flagship salon to the viewers, in the year 2011 WE TV aired Amsale Girls that was loved by all the fashion icons and became a quick hit. What goes behind the scenes of the highly skilled bridal consultants who worked with each bride to find her dream wedding dress was loved by the audience. Also featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and The View, Amsale designed wedding dresses also made its way to blockbuster movies like American Wedding, 27 Dresses, When in Rome, and The Hangover.

Amsale Aberra made her way twice to the list of '150 most influential African Americans' for the magazine known as Ebony Magazine. There were many celebrities who were fans of Amsale wedding dresses that made her one of the most popular wedding gown designers across the world. Notable celebrities like Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Selma Blair, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Heather Graham, Lisa Kudrow, Katherine Heigl, Kim Basinger, and Heidi Klum wore Amsale designed dresses and graced the red carpet. In the year 2012, Hilaria Baldwin wore an Amsale wedding gown on her wedding day.

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