Augusta Jones Wedding Dresses
Augusta Jones

Augusta Jones's bridal dresses are created mindfully and skillfully, drafting patterns to suit a myriad of body shapes.

Augusta Jones Wedding Dresses

Augusta Jones's bridal dresses are created mindfully and skillfully, drafting patterns to suit a myriad of body shapes. Creating collections for the bride who fancies a timeless yet stunning wedding gown that provides enough room for expressive, individualistic, and memorable styling. With every Augusta Jones dress, the old trends are respected which the new is celebrated, with the proper balance of both.


Weddings are special. While it is probably the most magical time of your life, it also needs a whole lot of work to make this special day a grand success. Featuring glimmering chandeliers and the rosiest of roses, there are many elements that add sweetness and charm to your special day. While the decor can set the vibe and the perfect menu can make the day, it is the dress that rates high in importance, especially for the bride. The dress lets the bride live her day of a fairytale. the dress which glimmers and shimmers as she glides down the aisle. The dress sways gracefully to the music as the couple dance to their firsts dance. Isn't it all about the dress? We digress. The point here is that a dress essentially makes a perfect wedding day, as it makes the bride blush and feels special in that special way. The wedding dress is more than just an outfit. It is dreams pinned and stitched into a pretty dress that comes with the magical power to make the bride feel like a million bucks. With every flair and fall of the fabric, every embellishment, and every intricate pattern, a bride’s dreams come true. So clearly a wedding dress is never about just designing a dress but comes packed with a whole lot of plans and sensibilities that go into building a wedding dress. So the journey towards finding that perfect dress is equally crucial. There is a wedding dress for every bride out there-the boho bride, the classic bride, the rustic bride, or the glam one! Whether your wedding theme is art deco or an industrial glam, whether your preferred wedding location is the mountains or the warm white beaches, there is a dress for you, irrespective of your choice. You might have to research a bit longer and dig a little deeper, but when you find that perfect dress, all will be worth it!


While every wedding dress is special, a designer wedding dress brings a bit more "special" to the party.   A designer dress brings along with it, on top of the sheer happiness of a wedding dress, the added excellence of technology, skills, and materials, making the designer wedding dress truly feels like a work of an artist. For a bride who is intimately acquainted with the world of fashion, a designer wedding is a box that has to be checked. It is the dream of almost every bride to say their vows in a beautiful dress designed by their favorite designer. While there are many amazing popular wedding gown designers out there, different designers cater to a different constituency, ensuring every bride, with all of their variable and colorful personalities, has options. If you are a bride with an elegant yet distinct fashion sense, Augustus Jones's wedding dresses might be just what you need! Striking dresses with timeless cuts and contemporary silhouettes, each and every piece from the designer is absolute magic. Let us take a closer look at the Augustus Jones bridal collections, and all about the brand.


Augusta Jones- The Beginning!

Augusta Jones is a high-end bridal dress designer who takes it on himself to create exquisite dresses which are gorgeous, high on style, yet unique to the bride. Augusta Jones was created in Britain and shaped and designed in the United States, and mindfully and expertly creates patterns that will suit all body shapes. Based in London, Augusta Jones was first launched in 1999 by Charlotte Leung for her own bridal boutique. The essence of Augusta Jones is represented by artistic styling and versatility to meet and flatter all shapes and affordability. Now Augusta Jones is stocked in over 150 stores around the world. For a bride who can appreciate anything timeless yet memorable, an Augusta Jones dress is all about allowing those timeless dresses to be worn with a strongly individualistic and memorable styling. It was in 2019 when Robert Bullock took over the Kleinfeld brand as a Creative Director. Well instituted in the bridal industry, Robert is acknowledged to be composing the Augusta Jones Collection. Augusta Jones has always loved a clean, timeless aesthetic featuring thoughtful details and excellent craftsmanship. With the addition of Bullock came a fresh breath of new creativity, along with a new perspective and experimenting with new fabrics. This has certainly taken the brand in an exhilarating new direction without compromising the company’s viewpoint. Augusta Jones has always maintained a harmonious working relationship with the legendary Kleinfeld Bridal and strives to provide every bride their dream dress.


Augusta Jones- Inspiration and Approach

Augusta Jones has dressed many brides in beautiful wedding gowns and has earned a significant name for his unmatched skills and impeccable attention to detail along the way. While this dedication to quality has earned him an expansive following and success, Augusta is still constantly inspired by the bride he designs for and believes that her needs come first. Just as every bride is unique, so are the dresses he creates for them and his collections are classic and ageless and feel like home, while still being deliciously diverse and personalized, a perfect juxtaposition indeed. Known for the beautiful styling, along with universally flattering silhouettes, and quality at affordable prices, the Augusta Jones wedding dresses are surely a sight to behold. 


Augusta Jones- Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations 

Augusta Jones wants every bride zipping up her wedding dress to feel like the most beautiful woman ever, while still feeling like herself, and his selection of gorgeous wedding dresses tries to achieve just that. Created for the modern romantic bride, the wedding gowns are stunning and are made to fit for the bride's unique taste. whether you want to be sexy, demure, or classic, there is an Augusta Jones dress to match the mood. One of the best things about Augusta Jones bridal gowns is their attention to quality and how using high-quality fabrics and solid construction make truly heirloom-quality timeless gowns that are sure to survive being passed down for generations, and will never go out of style.


Augusta Jones- The Takeaway

An Augusta Jones wedding dress is a harmonious blend of timeless style and the unique taste of a bride, leading to a dress that goes excellently with the life of a modern woman with a desire for timeless allure. The style is ageless, perpetually classic, and relatable while still being unique and specific to our different brides, making all of their creations absolutely stunning and desirable every time! Classic, unique, and timeless, these are products full of nuanced elements that are excellent for a bride with a more exquisite taste. Offering an impeccable range of elegant wedding gowns with luxe fabrics and delicate embellishments, Augusta JonesWinnie is all about the forever appeal with the expressive taste of our brides, resulting in dresses that promise to take your breath away. A luxury boutique brand creating timeless and classic gowns, each of the Augusta Jones wedding gowns is Bespoke, meaning that brides can work closely with the stylist to make necessary changes to personalize the look for your wedding day. He understands that every bride is different and her wedding dress should depict nothing else than her truest self.


Wedding dresses have the capability to light up the faces of everyone in a room, and not just the bride. and if it's a designer dress, the faces light up a little bit brighter! They are the most enchanting of dresses and are whipped together with equal quantities of luxe fabrics, sparkly embellishments, dreamy laces, and a whole lot of liquid magic. Maybe it's the name flashing in the nape of the dress which brings promises of luxury to the table. Maybe it's the way the fabric feels against your skin, or maybe it's the way the dress sways and fluffs around, creating a cloud of fabric. Or maybe it's just the reflected glory of the happiest day of your life, but there is something about a designer wedding dress that strikes a little differently. From the moment you spot in the showroom, till you slip into it and walk down the aisle, every moment is bound to be pure magic. If you can afford to purchase that dreamy designer dress fresh off the rack, nothing like it, but if you can't afford to get it first-hand, second-hand might be the perfect choice for you! Second-hand is the perfect sweet spot for budget brides with a thing for designer dresses. Having the opportunity to invest in a sustainable wedding dress lets one dabble in luxury without spending a huge amount for it is truly extraordinary. And one can do this and go home with the reassurance that one are contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. The sustainable wedding dress has a two-way win, with one part being about the fashionable bride getting her designer dress at a competitive price, and the other being about going home with the mental high that the dress that she paid for is sustainable and has a more extended lifespan than the regular wedding dresses. A pretty dress formulated with the most precarious of materials and putting some unique skills and resources at work certainly deserves to be worn more and serves its purpose well. It hugely decreases the carbon impression on our planet and grants a more eco-friendly lifestyle, which is an enormous win by itself. Finding an Augusta Jones wedding gown for sale is one of those notable high points of the wedding which makes a bride's special day extraordinary!


Most brides dream of wearing a pretty designer dress on their special day. I mean, who can really resist the allure of the luxurious fabrics, the most skilled hands, and resources that go into making that stunning wedding dress? The allure of the dress is magical while the prices still manage to bring a hopeful bride to ground realities pretty often than not. While in most cases the designer wedding dresses come with a hefty price tag it also happens that the number of designer dresses is limited and are only available for a select few. This highly diminishes the chances of a hopeful bride-to-be to wear their favorite designer wedding dress. But with a pre-owned designer dress, everything is changed in that department. The fine thread of owning a pre-loved bridal gown is precisely the kind of thing that unites fashion-loving bride-to-be with potential dream dresses, all by paying just a portion of the price. It reemphasizes the fact that high fashion doesn't have to cost a lot, and can be obtained with the right outlook in place. A dream fit for budget brides with an affinity for eco-friendly fashion, a pre-owned wedding dress fits the bill, both financially and fashionably. Allowing several trend-conscious brides with strict resources to celebrate in the gentle charm of a designer dress, a pre-owned Augusta Jones bridal gown is a license to luxury without having to shuck out a bizarre amount of money for the same. Second-hand wedding gowns like Augusta Jones’ preowned wedding dress has not only inspired waves of change in the sustainable fashion industry as a whole, and has swayed the total carbon footprint in the clothing industry, but it has also renewed the fragile dreams of a bride who wants to flaunt a stunning designer attire on her special day. It is also evidently better to use a gorgeous piece of clothing as many times as one possibly can, than to just use it once and put it away in storage. After so much thought and work has been put into something like this, why store a piece of wearable art away that can be paraded as many times as possible? Buying pre-owned enables brides to love a piece of clothing with a fresh breath of appreciation, even when it is preloved and pre-owned, and to later pass it on to add magic and good luck to another brides’ special day. While this is a fresh concept, it is a perfect journey for a designer wedding dress.

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