Enzoani Wedding Dresses

The extremely creative and style-conscious bridal, Enzoani crafts wedding dresses that are for your wedding day from start to finish - dress it up or dress it down.

Enzoani Wedding Dresses

The extremely creative and style-conscious bridal, Enzoani crafts wedding dresses that are for your wedding day from start to finish- dress it up or dress it down. Bringing the best of both worlds to women who want more than just intricate detailing, Enzoani designs its dresses keeping in mind those brides who love to switch their looks for their big day. The Enzoani bridal gowns are whimsical and intricately designed from bodice to train to give the brides wearing Enzoani a fairytale vibe. All her desires will be gracefully reflected by her Enzoani wedding dress on her wedding day! An Enzoani bride is a sheer example of luxe feminine which is effortlessly individual! 

A wedding dress is not just a piece of clothing that a bride will wear on her wedding day, it has so many emotions, sentiments, and memories attached to it. And that’s why every bride wants a perfect wedding dress for her big day. There are so many things that a bride needs to consider before she goes ahead with her wedding dress shopping. The designer, the style, the fabrics, and the list goes on! So, here is a pro tip to all the soon-to-be-married brides who are heading for their wedding dress shopping soon, prepare a checklist before you head out. 

The very first thing is to pick out your favorite wedding dress designer and then the style and the rest of the things. Well, if you need assistance in choosing a specific brand for your wedding day, here we have got you covered- Enzoani! When a bride chooses an Enzoani wedding dress for the wedding day she chooses a little story, old or new. Whether a bride opts for a fresh off-the-rack Enzoani bridal gown or decides to don an Enzoani preowned wedding dress, her story will still be unique. While choosing a second-hand wedding dress is always a great idea for a budget-conscious bride, selling one-off designer wedding dress is still a smart idea for eco-conscious brides. Get your hand on pre-owned Enzoani resale or Enzoani wedding dresses on sale on various second-hand wedding dress seller websites including Borrowing Magnolia to nail the best price! Here you will find a vast variety of second-hand Enzoani wedding gowns along with collections from popular wedding gown designers in great condition and that too at affordable prices. You might also find never-used Enzoani wedding gowns for sale, you never know!

Enzoani - Where it all began?

Enzoani, the brand that appeared in 2005, and then quickly expanded to race with the top brands in the market by incorporating traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely handcrafted wedding gowns! The first collection of Enzoani was premiered in 2005 to rave critical and consumer reviews, and from that instant moment, this name quickly started catapulting the brand into prominence on the world’s bridal stage! 

Since its initial launch, Enzoani has become one of the most renowned and famous brands across multiple countries majorly because of its focus on innovative and creative style, extraordinary quality, and a fit and finish like no other! The brand Enzoani is the exclusive flagship collection that truly represents the brand’s signature style in the best way possible! 

Gracefully led by creative director, Kang Chun Lin, the wedding dresses designed at Enzoani reflect a flawless and stunning combination of traditional and modern designs. The Enzoani’s ability to combine sex appeal with a superior fit while keeping an incredible focus on the quality of construction positioned this brand as a forward-thinking couture house for all the modern brides out there! From its establishment, Enzoani captured significant market share in the United States and Europe with current distribution in over sixty countries all across the globe. 

Over the years many of the unique and out-of-the-ordinary designs introduced by Enzoani have been adopted by various leading competitors and the entire bridal industry! Every year, Kang Chun Lin, the creative director at Enzoani along with his team strive to anticipate the needs and desires of all the soon-to-be brides while offering them modern, couture bridal gowns that are not only cozy and comfortable to slip into but are also perfectly tailored and executed with the highest degree of craftsmanship! No two Enzoani wedding dresses are the same. Every wedding gown has its own uniqueness that sets it apart from the rest of the wedding gowns! 

Enzoani was founded and is headquartered in Southern California, with offices and retail partnerships available all around the world. Enzoani wedding gowns are being sold exclusively through premium authorized retailers and are never sold online! Well, if you are a Florida bride, you can easily go and shop for Enzoani bridal dresses at Tie the Knot Boutique. This boutique is the most trusted and high-end bridal boutique in Bradenton, Florida. 

Well, talking about the hands and brain behind this famous label- this brand is led by the award-winning master degree designer Kang Chun Lin. Kang Chun is a graduate of the London College of Fashion. Along with him, he brings an avant-garde inspiration to a timeless design esthetic! Kang Chun has been designing bridal gowns for nearly 20 years and he leads a team of designers who continuously strive to improve and expand their prior work and accomplishments. Kang Chun has always been focused on offering sophisticated elegance, with European style and influence, and the brand’s signature detailing at a much affordable cost to all the brides! 

Enzoani - Inspiration and Collection

For 2021, the designer Kang Chun Lin launched two stunning and gorgeous bridal collections for all the modern romantic brides who are in search of something unique and timeless- Enzoani and Blue by Enzoani. Both these luxurious and charming bridal collections made their way to Paris, France for their oh-so-romantic and dreamlike photoshoot!

The Elysee Collection of wedding dresses by Enzaoni is also loved by our brides as it radiates charm and grandeur in the best way possible! 

Enzoani Bridal Collection

The wedding dresses under the Enzoani Bridal Collection symbolize the brand’s signature style. Modern and classic designs that are flawlessly combined with exquisite and luxurious touches to create one-of-a-kind wedding dresses. The 2021 Enzoani Bridal Collection carries two charming and incredibly breathtaking sister labels- Beautiful and Blue by Enzoani!

The Enzoani Bridal Collection brings stunning capes, gorgeous detachable trains, classic silhouettes, and much more than every bride will have to start bookmarking their favorite gown soon. Mentioned below are some of our favorite Enzoani bridal wedding dresses. Come and have a look! 

Paige- Enzoani 2021 Collection

If you are confused and not able to decide whether you want to wear a dreamy A-line wedding dress or want to go for a sultry mermaid wedding dress? Well, in that case, Paige is the perfect option for you! All the brides who are looking for a two-in-one wedding gown to wear for their wedding day bridal look! If you are going for this particular style then trust us, you will make an outstanding statement on your wedding day! Paige has a detachable skirt that will help you to switch between looks with its versatile pieces. Its lush tulle skirt features whimsically intricate and detailed beadwork that starts at the hem and is carefully placed, descending down the train of the wedding dress! 

Pallas- Enzoani 2021 Collection

If a mermaid wedding dress is your always and forever dream wedding dress, then Pallas is the best option for you! Pallas is an update on the classic mermaid-style wedding dress. A lace bodice with a delicate crepe skirt makes it an instant favorite amidst our glam brides! This stunning number features a signature Enzoani train, that adds an extra touch of lavishness and grandeur to a bride’s bridal look. We can assure you that you will be head over heels in love with its fancy paneling around the waistline as it builds a silhouette for an hourglass-like figure.

Paisley- Enzoani 2021 Collection

Confused about having a lace or tulle wedding dress for your wedding day? Well, here is a solution for you. The Paisley wedding dress under Enzoani 2021 bridal collection offers a twist to the classic mermaid silhouette with its extraordinary train and sexy illusion bodice. Trust us, you will undoubtedly love its unique and intricate lace pattern and its sultry back design! With its unique floral lace details and flowing tulle train, we are pretty much sure that wearing this style on your wedding day will make you will feel soft, romantic, and ethereal vibes! Paisley wedding gowns are best for those ultra-glam, stunning staircase shots

Pauline- Enzoani 2021 Collection

All the soon-to-be-brides, with Pauline style you can get three incredible looks for your wedding dress. Yes, absolutely correct. The Pauline wedding gown lends sultry and detachable off-shoulder sleeves with a playful bow! Dress it up or dress it down, the choice is all yours! Here is a pro trip, during your wedding ceremony you can dress it up to have an elegant look, and for your wedding reception when it’s time to party and dance you can dress it down for a more sexy and flaunting look! Its open, corset-like back adds a chic, modern, and extra-supportive touch.

Patty- Enzoani 2021 Collection

Patty’s wedding gown is a stunning and gorgeous wedding gown featuring an alluring, regal cape that will elevate a bridal look. A modern-day bride will fall head over heels in love with Patty wedding gowns. Adorned with hand-beaded lace bodice details highlighting 3D lace appliques, the sweet and exquisite details of Patty wedding gowns make them more desirable amongst our glam brides. The delicate beaded pinky rings are gracefully tucked along the hem of the cape where your hands will rest, creating a stunning effect for your walk down the aisle. From a wedding ceremony to a wedding reception, Patty is the best and top choice for any bride! 

Pamela- Enzoani 2021 Collection

All the brides who are looking for a wedding gown with that gorgeous and stunning dramatic train, but at the same time also thinking that it might be a bit too much after the ceremony? Then, in that case, Pamela’s wedding gown is the perfect choice with the perfect fit. This wedding gown offers a detachable train so that you can feel free and comfortable during your wedding reception and have the best of both worlds! 

Pascale- Enzoani 2021 Collection

For brides who have a huge inclination and love for hand-beaded lace details, the Pascale gown is an ideal choice. Featuring a sexy low V-back, covered with delicate buttons sweetly trailing from the bodice to the hem of the train, the Pascale wedding gown will offer brides a chance to flaunt their well-toned back in the best way possible! 

Peach- Enzoani 2021 Collection

We can assure you that you will love Peach. One of the reasons because of which brides are so much in love with this specific wedding gown is for its illusion cut-outs set at the waist to thigh area! This glamorous, sexy, and contouring design gives the illusion of a smaller waistline with a classic hourglass-like figure. Subtle shimmering details are laid beneath the sweetest, boldest floral lace which will make a bride feel confident and sexy while walking down the aisle towards the love of her life! 

Pearl- Enzoani 2021 Collection

Pearl wedding gowns are aggressively becoming one of the most-talked-about and all-time favorite wedding dresses amongst our modern brides. The sweet, sexy, and romantic vibe of this dress has taken our bride’s heart and has captured her mind. The subtle contouring designs of this dress can be gracefully seen with the lacework forming an ‘M’ atop the waist! This specific feature of this beautiful dress helps to extend the figure and trim the waistline. Being a bride we can assure you that you will surely fall in love with this gown’s versatility as it has an accompanying detachable train and cape! Pearl’s cape is exquisitely adorned with matching lace on the top and along with the bottom hem, giving an angelic look to a bride. The grace and charm of this stunning wedding gown will definitely wow all your wedding guests! 

Pebbles- Enzoani 2021 Collection

Decked out with all-over lace with the softest tulle skirt on a classic mermaid silhouette, Pebbles is sure to capture all your guests’ attention without you putting much effort! Lattice geometric patterns of the lace elongate the figure while adding decorative details guaranteed to take breaths away.

Blue by Enzoani

The Blue by Enzoani is a truly captivating and enchanting collection that flaunts modern wedding dress trends for all the brides who have a deep and intense love for intricate detailing! This flawless and admiring collection of wedding dresses perfectly marries modernity and sophistication in the most charming and graceful way! 

Founded in 2007, by the creative director of Enzoani- Kang Chun Lin, this collection is an all-time favorite among our brides. Kang started designing this line as it flawlessly complements the flagship label Enzoani. All the wedding dresses designed and crafted under the Blue by Enzoani Collection are meticulously produced with the utmost attention and love and thus offer a high-quality fit and flattering finish that you won’t find anywhere else! The best part of this collection is that the wedding dresses under this collection are quite budget-friendly. The price of Blue by Enzoani wedding dresses ranges from $2,000 to $3,000.

The wedding gowns by the Enzoani bridal brand embrace elegance through marvelous styles and exquisite embellishments! Wedding dresses under Blue by Enzoani collection are everything a modern bride could want, and even more! It has crystal buttons, Chantilly lace, and alluring beading! All the soon-to-be-married brides can easily browse through this luxury collection of contemporary wedding dresses online or by visiting the store and find their perfect and dream wedding gown! We can assure you that you will surely be sold for the Blue by Enzoani collection without having any second thought! 

One of the most desired and most-demanded wedding dresses under the Blue by Enzoani Collection is the Nadia. A Nadia wedding gown features a romantic sweetheart neckline, delicate floral lace appliques, and soft glitter tulle that add an extra sparkle of perfection to the overall look of a bride. A bride wearing Nadia’s wedding dress will feel like she has been transported straight from a fairy tale. The dream of looking and feeling like a Disney Princess on your wedding day will be achieved by this stunning wedding gown! 

Beautiful Bridal

Beautiful Bridal Collection is a newer label launched by Enzoani. This charming collection features almost the same gorgeous and enchanting details as that of Blue by Enzoani but with a smaller price tag. The style of wedding dresses under the Beautiful Bridal Collection evokes understated elegance and sophistication. 

Enzoani wedding dresses under the Beautiful Bridal Collection offer delicate and finest detailing, utterly romantic designs, and classic silhouettes that perfectly fit all figures. A bride wearing a dress from the Beautiful Bridal Collection will look nothing but picture-perfect on her wedding day. 

As already mentioned the range of Beautiful Bridal Collection of wedding dresses is affordable and comes very easy on pockets. You can get a marvelous wedding dress for your big day in the price range between $1,500 - $2,000! Every dress crafted and produced under this collection achieves optimum luxury through its finest quality craftwork! You can simply explore and shop all the latest and modest designs of the Beautiful Bridal Collection and fall for an ethereal dress that may look oh-so-soft and subtle, but also speak volume and romance in abundance! Wear a Beautiful bridal dress on your wedding day and be a bride that everyone fancies! 

Elysee Collection

The Elysee Collection by Enzoani is highly inspired by Neoclassical art and architecture. The term ‘Elysee’ is derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘Elysium’ which means a place of a state of perfect happiness! Unique, timeless, and gorgeous, the Elysee Collection is sure to amaze all our soon-to-be brides out there! The designer designing wedding dresses under this collection uses modern silhouettes to emphasize and contour the shape! The wedding dresses under Elysee Collection vary from $2,500 to $3,000! Happy wedding dress shopping with Ezoani!

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