Galia Lahav Wedding Dresses
Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav wedding dresses have a unique reputation for endless romance, with figure-flattering silhouettes, and intricate details.

Galia Lahav Wedding Dresses

Galia Lahav wedding dresses have a unique reputation for endless romance, with figure-flattering silhouettes, and intricate details. All the fashion-forward brides who are seeking for the perfect princess wedding dress are embracing blush, and Galia Lahav has got an array of selection of couture wedding dresses that perfectly fit the bill of every bride. From layered wedding dresses with glitters and sparkle to gathered and embroidered, or totally curve-hugging wedding dresses, Galia Lahav has got you covered for your wedding day! ​​​​​​

As a soon-to-be- bride, the proposal is not the only thing you will have to ‘say yes’ to. Since every minute detail comes together to create the wedding you have always envisioned, there are plenty of decisions that you need to make in order to have a flawless and unforgettable wedding. And saying yes to the perfect wedding dress is high up there, right next to finding the love of your life. 

Your wedding day is your day to relish every moment in the spotlight, as all eyes will be on you; whether walking down the aisle, having your first dance, or mingling with the guests. So naturally, this defining moment deserves a dress worthy of the celebration. As you want a wedding dress that feels one-of-a-kind for sure. World-famous designer Galia Lahav is known for designing these kinds of wedding dresses that make every bride look extraordinary on her wedding day. Her designer wedding gowns are world-renowned for their delicate and threadlike embroidery, dramatic trainsnecklines, and plunging backs. Designed and created in a couture atelier in Tel Aviv, Israel, each wedding Galia Lahav wedding gown is made to the individual bride’s specific measurements, ensuring a perfect and flawless flattering fit. The wedding gowns by Galia Lahav have become a huge worldwide sensation amongst the brides who hate seeking out the designer’s glamorous wedding dresses in select high-end retailers all across the globe. Galia Lahav features 2 incredibly stunning collections- luxury Couture and classic Gala for all the modern brides

Designer Galia Lahav gained recognition and an amazing fan following in the United States of America after designing for Dancing with the Stars in 2008. Her bridal gowns feature an impeccable fit, made out of enhanced quality fabric with breathtaking backs! The exquisite wedding gowns of Galia Lahav are kinda pocket-friendly and thus usually range between $6,000 - $16,000. 

Galia Lahav- where it all began?

The fashion-brand ‘Galia Lahav’ defines a new era of elite fashion for women through the evening and bridal gowns. With more than 30 years of establishment in haute couture dresses, Galia Lahav is the world-famous designer known for designing wedding gowns for brides and bridesmaids. Born to a Russian family of a seamstress, from a young age, Galia had a strong passion and inclination for sewing and designing. Initially, she started teaching art which later developed into a desire to turn her artwork into fashion, and then after that, she created her own brand. She began her journey in the bridal industry with creating custom-made wedding gowns for brides and within a blink of an eye, she became a rising sensation in Israel. As her brand grew so did her name worldwide leading her to become a well-recognized designer who is loved and adored by her brides. Whether it is her delicate embroidery, dramatic dress trains, or fine beaded fabric details, each piece created by her exudes art characteristics from all mediums. Each gown is a masterpiece and is strongly influenced by her history as an artist. For more than three decades her fashion house has bloomed from what once was her local haute couture house in Tel Aviv, to spreading through locations worldwide including stores in the USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, and more. At present, she is considered to be one of the world’s leading designers customizing lavish gowns for high-profile celebrities and aristocratic women abroad. As her name is recognized worldwide, she always remains true to her origins as a designer showcasing romantic and dramatic elements through each captivating gown.

Galia Lahav- collection and inspiration

Galai Lahav believes that a vision is all you need and then, magic can occur! Galia Lahav’s collections are majorly inspired by the mythological and mythical heroines. The unique and stunning collections of Galia Lahav got influenced by the legendary women who are made from the finest quality lace and skills. The designers at Galia Lahav put a very big emphasis on texture, and depth through materials and used a new approach to layering fabrics together, and a new way of exploring and accentuating the female form! 

In each and every collection of Galia Lahav the designers have tried their best to bring all the knowledge and love to the woman’s body and her being, and this has been vastly expressed in many layers of each and every wedding dress designed at Galia Lahav. Their exclusive designs allow the woman’s living spirit to enter and lead the garment motion on the catwalk or in a nightclub. The colorfulness in their designs and creations flawlessly blends harmoniously and portraits the true essence of a modern bride.

Galia Lahav carries 2 different bridal lines: Bridal Couture and GALA. So, whether you want to be an enchanting royal beauty in couture or to embrace your fairytale dream in GALA creation, each dress under these two collections is far beyond a product- it’s a unique and romantic story! 

The Bridal Couture

The wedding gowns under the Bridal Couture line are widely known for their romantic and sensual nature and exquisite details along with their figure-flattering silhouettes. Putting great emphasis on comfort, this incredible creation by Galia Lahav defines new standards for high fashion brides making them always ahead of their time. This collection of her wedding gown usually ranges between € 8,450 - € 12, 650


Whereas the GALA creation by Galia Lahav is the fashion house’s made-to-order bridal line. The incredible and alluring GALA wedding gowns are known for the sweet-and-sexy cuts, highlighting the curvaceous body of the bride under the soft fabrics. This collection is undeniably for all the beautiful brides who are looking for a fashion-forward look. If you are going for this majestic wedding collection, we can assure you that you will have an outstanding wedding dress under this collection with fabric quality and endless comfort! The GALA by Galia Lahav wedding dresses ranges from €5,100 - €8,050.

Galia Lahav- unique and popular styles

As already mentioned in the above section that marvelous designer Galia Lahav runs 2 different styles of bridal lines. One that is utterly romantic with figure-enhancing silhouettes, whereas the other one features sexy cuts with for brides to flaunt their tones curves. While under these 2 stunning lines, there are various unique and popular styles that will surely blow your mind off and will leave you in amazement. So, let’s just check out!

Unique and Popular Style Under Bridal Couture

Fancy White

Fancy White is the latest Fall 2020 collection launched by the incredibly talented designer, Galia Lahav. This specific collection celebrates individuality and the self-confidence that every bride strives on her wedding day. Inspired by the bounteous beauty reflected from within, just like bouncing off the shining brilliant white diamond, the Fancy White collection of wedding dresses will make you shine like the brightest star throughout the celebration. 

Make a Scene

Our 21st-century brides speak of self-love, self-care, independence, confidence, and boldness. Majorly inspired by the musical ‘Dreamgirls’ Make a Scene collection is for all those beautiful brides who want to go all bold and classy for their wedding day! If you are choosing to go with Make a Scene collection of the Bridal Couture featured by Galia Lahav, then surely you will stand out amongst the celebrations and will set the new bars for all the brides-to-be! 


This season, Galia Lahav tried to tap into the romantic Latin culture of Portugal to get the inspiration for the Alegria collection. Meaning happiness in Portuguese, this charismatic couture collection is incited by the country’s beautiful, panoramic, and picturesque landmarks and palaces- the colors of the beguiling azulejos everywhere you look are fascinating romance and rich.

Queen of Hearts

As the name suggests, undoubtedly wearing the dress from this collection will let you steal people’s hearts and will bake you the look of the most beautiful queen, anyone has ever seen in their life. Draw inspiration from the royalties, by embellishing signature Galia Lahav glamor with rubies and gold accents that break free from white-ivory for the fiercest of brides. Wearing a collection from Queen of Hearts, you will rock the complete classic and royal bridal look in full swing! 

Florence by Night

Florence by Night is another latest collection launched by Galia Lahav, that leads to new approaches to gossamer tulles, fine laces, and intricate embroidery, woven into their interpretation of how the world of scents would come to life through this stunning new collection. This collection is majorly a dedication for a bride’s desire to express her individuality in her daily life with her scent, and through glam fashion on her wedding day! 

Victorian Affinity

As the name suggests, the Victorian Affinity collection is highly influenced by the exceptional era in England and its parallel phase in France, ‘La Belle Epoque’, when the day to day surroundings were acknowledged with only buoyancy! The classic and cheerful wedding gowns under Victorian Affinity are treated with the utmost care and fitted with love, the way it gets carried by the bride on her wedding day. The designers at Galia Lahav used their own admiration for the female body and designed this incredible collection filled with love, care, and passion! 

Le Secret Royal Part I & Le Secret Royal Part II

The main objective of these two collections is to believe in love. Galia Lahav's collection will positively help you in finding what you are actually looking for if you are all set and ready to see beyond your set boundaries. 

Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower collection under the Bridal Couture is specially designed for those brides who have always planned for a fairytale style wedding and wanted to have that iconic Disney Princess look for her wedding dress. Wearing this collection will make you feel like a princess from the medieval era who is all excited and ready to get united with her knight in shining armor. As her prince charming returns from conquest in a faraway land, she eagerly waits in her alluring Ivory Tower from this charismatic and breathtaking collection. 

Les Reves Bohemians

We all believe that there exists a universe where fantasy, romance, and bohemian fairy tales collide, and to make this fantasy come true, Galia Lahav created a world of bridal counters unlike any you have ever seen before or will see in the future. Through all those romantic and magical stories, and fables of the past, Galia delves into our childhood dreams of eternal love and magic as she created this lovely new collection and introduced it with the name ‘Les Reves Bohemians’! 

Tales of the Jazz Age

The Tales of the Jazz Age collection is highly inspired by the roaring 1920’s notion of affluence and deliverance from earlier restrictions. Keeping the charm of this era in mind, Galia Lahav indulged in new elegant and daring designs, recreating the style of this classic time period. With musical influences giving light to the new age of Jazz, Charleston, and the speakeasy night scene, this specific collection is a glimpse of its radiating culture. Through a variety of new patterns, Galia gives you past, present, and future on your wedding day, as she has included the intricate hand-beaded fabrics, divine pearls, ivory lace, and glistening crystals in this whimsical collection.

LA Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is a unique and beautiful love story taking place on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. LDV is an enhanced collection of wedding dresses symbolizing the new generation of brides. With opalescent beads lavishly adorning the body, with La Dolce Vita collection, Galia Lahav defies a new era while altering the traditional gown.

The Empress Collection

The Empress Collection is a glamorous collection that delves into worlds of fantasy and fiction. Featuring textured French lace and luxurious Italian skills, the Empress Collection features a composition of enchanting treasure around the body! The ethereal series of wedding gowns under this collection is modern and angelic.

The St-Tropez Cruise Collection

The St-Tropez Cruise Collection will allow you to explore the French Riviera, sail your yacht, and ride your Harley Davidson from the hills of Monte-Carlo to the hot white graveled beaches in Cannes. This collection is best suited for destination weddings, whether you have planned to exchange your vows while the ocean is being your front yard, or with the rolling mountains being your backyard! 

Homage to the Sizzling 1920s

Dazzling body silhouettes, form-fitting corsets with class and appeal, this season displays Galia Lahav’s personal touch on the sizzling 1920’s era. Embodied with drama and luxury, this collection celebrates this period through the beauty of feminine curves, youth, innocence, and romance.

The GALA line of Galia Lahav features 10 remarkable and incredibly unique styles and collections under it. So, before you go ahead and make your choice for the perfect wedding dress for your big day, take a glance at the 10 collections-

Collection No. X

The brides wearing one of these ethereal designs of GALA Collection X will arise as a free-spirit. With the free-spirited woman in mind, designers Sever and Lahav created GALA Collection X to remind the Galia Lahav bride how exotic and empowered she is. In its 10th season, the GALA Collection X speaks passionately to the woman unafraid of change and self-expression.

Collection No. IX

The ethereal GALA IX bridal collection flaunts the allure, the emotions, and the immense and stunning beauty of the deep blue. Galia Lahav along with Sharon Sever together harnessed the magic, freedom, and emotion of the sea through this amazing collection of theirs!

Collection No. VIII

Featuring a range of exquisite wedding gowns, the GALA Collection VIII wedding gowns are inspired by the gorgeous fantasy of Alice in Wonderland. With nods to Edwardian fairytale heroines, untamed garden labyrinths, and the skewed glamor of Tim Burton, Gala Collection VIII is a different way of looking at wedding gowns. 

Collection No. VII

In fables and fantasy, the GALA by Galia Lahav Collection No. VII will take you on a journey to an ensorcelled forest.

Collection No. VI

GALA VI Collection is all about being able to, exactly where you want to be. The wedding gowns under this collection are soft in volume and youthful in style while preserving the charm of a bride. 

Collection No. V

GALA Collection No. V took on rhythm, challenging ourselves to bring adagios, crescendos, and a symphony of sounds to life. A women’s soundtrack says as much about her styles as her signature scent, and this latest collection of GALA aims to appease any bride looking to walk, strut, and dance to her own unique beat. 

Collection No. IV

Collection No. IV of GALA creation mirrors an urban-boho bridal look and feel! So, all the brides who want to have an authentic bohemian look in their wedding dress should consider this collection! 

Collection No. III

GALA’s Collection No. III is majorly inspired by the Bohemian unconventional lifestyle and is devoted to the Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini. As Fellini knew his way in Mixing fantasy, baroque images, and earthiness, so is this whimsical “BOBO” GALA collection; we are sure that you will find a handful of fabrics, silhouettes, laces, and senses of style that redefine the term “wedding outfits”.

Collection No. II

This enchanting collection of GALA creations is a pure-love-for-nature collection. This stunning collection is best suited for all those brides who have endless love for natural beauty. 

Collection No. I

Inspired by romantic capitals of the world that provide the backdrop to contemporary love stories, GALA Collection No. I caters to brides who prefer modern, dreamy dresses that are soft, subtle, chic, and comfortable to wear and makes them feel more like you! 

Galia Lahav- Goals & Visions

The brand Galia Lahav is known for mastering the art of creating luxury apparel. They take pride in being one of the leading wedding dress designing companies that are able to provide custom couture wedding gowns without physically meeting their brides, all the thanks to the unique technology they have developed. Gala Lahav’s emphasis is majorly on personalization and customization, alongside their uncompromising designs, that is what continues to differentiate them from other designers!

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