Ines Di Santo Wedding Dresses
Ines Di Santo

Time and again seasonal and annual bridal collections have swept us off our feet with some of the most competitive, dynamic, and diverse bridal fashion trends from both the mainstay designer brands and fresh talents.

Ines Di Santo Wedding Dresses

Time and again seasonal and annual bridal collections have swept us off our feet with some of the most competitive, dynamic, and diverse bridal fashion trends from both the mainstay designer brands and fresh talents. With each season update of bridal fashion collections, we see to-be brides seeking both unexpected and fresh designs as well as something that is timelessly romantic and has classically whimsy approaches. Each seasonal bridal collection from the big and luxurious bridal brands present us something unexpected like an edgy textured ball gown with a corseted bodice or a silk faille A-line gown adorned with hand-cut appliqués, as well as new takes on traditional designs like a dreamy gown with a sweeping train will be feeding the social media channels and Pinterest boards. No matter what your personal style is or what kind of a unique taste you have, the ateliers of some of the most haute couture bridal fashion designers have always been the driving force behind of-the-moment bridal conversations, offering twists and turns on the traditional staples, that strive to make a bride look jaw-dropping gorgeous on her wedding day.


Right from the moment a woman begins dreaming about her wedding, more than anything else a woman starts visualizing about her wedding dress while daydreaming striking images from princess movies, music, ballet, and TV. With top fashion designers and creative teams hitting the ground every season scooping out the best bridal trends, from bold botanical prints to lacey romantic wedding gowns, we have seen everything when it comes to the latest wedding fashion trends. The fashionable runway shows and celebrities walking the red carpet have always had our hearts swooned, and we could never help but see a little dream about our wedding dress to be exactly like that. We all can probably agree that there is a different fanbase for timeless and vintage wedding gowns that will never be out of fashion, but there are also modern brides who are getting married wearing pantsuits. Whatever a bride decides for her wedding, it is always special to her and adds new meaning to the brand new life that awaits her, and no matter what, the wedding dress will forever be a remarkable reminder of love and companionship, and hence it’s got to be special.


Probably one of the most loved and celebrated bridal couture brands across the world, Ines Di Santo’s bridal designs have managed to capture the essence of sophisticated glamor and vibrant femininity of a woman's beauty and her bridal collections right from its inception in Toronto, Canada in the year 1984. Recognized as one of the leading designers of bridal couture brands in the world, Ines Di Santo wedding dresses, and evening couture designs capture the rich touch of sophistication and femininity, which also reflects in her designs along with the designer’s Italian and Spanish heritage. Her love of glamor and high fashion inspires collections of sophisticated, vibrant femininity, marked by superb fit, originality, and inimitable construction. The unrestrained luxury in all the collections from Ines Di Santo wedding gowns for sale stands as a testament to the Spanish and Italian heritage as well as to the fact that she was brought up in beautiful Buenos Aires. Using techniques that are often found only in couture design, Ines plays to the feminine side of a woman’s beauty in both her bridal and evening collections. Despite the fact that she runs one of the most ever-expanding and ever-growing designer bridal couture brands in the world, Ines's bridal gown designs ensure the highest standard of quality and each wedding dress from the house of Ines Di Santo comes out as a piece of art, meticulously crafted and checked by one of the greatest bridal designer herself.


Ines Di Santo: The beginning

"A life without couture is like the sun never coming up" - Ines Di Santo

Born in Italy and educated all over South America and Europe, Ines Di Santo is recognized as one of the leaders and pioneers of global bridal fashion couture. She launched the Ines Di Santo bridal designer label in the year 1984 in Toronto, Canada when her daughter was just nine years old. Her daughter Veronica join the business fourteen years later and together they have gone on to accumulate and gain media accolades and global praises in some of the most esteemed online bridal blogs like Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Town and Country Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Brides and more. Ines Di Santo wedding dresses have graced the red carpet including the Golden Globes and made several small screen debuts like My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and Mario & Courtney’s Wedding Fiesta on TLC. Presenting the epitome of grace and elegance, the signature Ines Di Santo bridal gowns are known for being unapologetically romantic with an essence of passion, beauty, love, and desire. According to the designer, the wind to the sails behind this globally recognized bridal brand was the pursuit of finding the 'perfect wedding gown' for every Ines Di Santo bride, that will not only fit her like a glove but also adorn and embellish her sense of personal style and unique personality. 


After serving as a leader in the world wedding industry for more than three decades, Ines Di Santo designer label bridal gowns depict a modern interpretation of classic couture techniques, exquisitely handcrafted embroideries, and the finest bridal wear fabrics from Europe. As a testament to the wonderful upbringing in Buenos Aires and as a reflection of the romance of the art world as a young woman who went on to study fine art and design in Argentina and Italy, Ines Di Santo wedding gowns are quite simply the epitome of sophistication and grace that are inspired by a love of glamor and romance. Ines Di Santo wedding gowns play to the feminine side of a woman’s beauty, and the connection to our European Heritage lays the foundation for her expressions in each of the designer wedding gown that she meticulously crafts. Ines Di Santo's bridal wear uses the gestures of fine art as a catalyst bringing luxurious details, couture construction, and red carpet glamor to each of the sophisticated bridal collections that we see in each season. Ines Di Santo Couture Bridal Collection exemplifies a chic styling using luxe fabrics, intricate crystals, and beautiful embroidery, every gown makes a glorious statement.


Today, Ines and her family reside in Canada, while her bridal designs are favored by discerning retailers, brides, and celebrity red carpet events around the world which makes Ines Di Santo label as one of the leading and ever-expanding international bridal businesses. The signature vintage bridal gowns and timeless wedding dress designs feature a rich touch of femininity and sophistication, which are clearly depicted by her deep background with parents that inspired and supported her interest in the arts, Ines studied both fine art and design in Argentina and Milan. While maintaining an office in the United States, the company’s headquarters, atelier, and flagship salon are located in Toronto. Ines Di Santo’s wedding dresses are carried in stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in bridal salons and specialty stores worldwide.


Her daughter Veronica Di Santo was brought up in her atelier, worked alongside her mother, and later on joined her business in her own right in 1998. Another catalyst behind expanding the Ines Di Santo brand to become one of the fastest-growing luxury bridal companies in North America, alongside her mother remained one of the most trusted critics and adoring fans for each other. While Veronica acts as the Managing Partner, her mother Ines manages the designing room, and together they commit to letting each other play on their strengths and continuously pave the way for the growth of Ines Di Santo’s brand philosophy.


Ines Di Santo: Styles and inspirations

The signature bridal couture wedding gowns from the house of Ines Di Santo designer reflect the unique individuality and beauty of every bride that they work with. With a strong-headed passion for quality and craftsmanship, Ines Di Santo's bridal designs feature bridal collections with a wonderful adventure that revolves around the best quality in everything from her fabrics to the fittings. The trendy bridal dresses from the house of Ines Di Santo exist to make brides feel exquisite on their wedding day, irrespective of their sense of style or fashion. With a strong philosophy that says 'when you walk down the aisle with the love of your life, you deserve a wedding gown that is as extraordinary as this occasion', Ines Di Santo’s Couture Collections and Ines by Ines Di Santo Collections strive to bring chic stylings are never complete without luxe necessities such as silk organza and taffeta, sparkling Swarovski crystals, downy Ostrich feathers or intricate Alençon lace. 


Ines Di Santo bridal wedding gowns are one of the most sought-after wedding dresses in the world that are sure to get your guests talking. After perfecting the craftsmanship of bridal wear, Ines Di Santo's bridal collections come from a house of seasoned seamstresses that bring Ines’ visions to life. From sketch to the real dress this team of devoted artisans takes weeks and even months in creating timelessly crafted wedding dresses that are meticulously sewn, embroidered, and beaded in the designer’s atelier. With a vision to dress up a bride and endow her with the power to feel like a star-studded red carpet icon on her wedding day, Ines Di Santo's wedding gowns for sale is a destination that stands as true respect for timeless craftsmanship. From bringing French Chantilly lace to life for a countryside wedding to adding vintage-inspired beadwork for a city soirée, Ines Di Santo bridal gowns are a collection beloved by modern brides for its’ unique, yet high-fashion aesthetic. From colorful ruffles and glamorous sheer details to bold wedding gowns with jewel tone color play and floral details, the dream bridal collections from the house of Ines seamlessly bridge the gap between classic brides and modern brides. Often created with structured bodices and dramatically big skirts, Ines Di Santo gowns are for the bride who wants to make a bold, dramatic statement with her wedding dress. Ranging from traditional ballgowns and trumpets to contemporary jumpsuits and detachable overskirts, there is an Ines Di Santo wedding gown for every type of bride!


Ines Di Santo: Bridal couture collections

Known for being unapologetically glamorous and timelessly aesthetic, Ines Di Santo has evolved to be one of the most popular wedding gown designers of all time. With intricate details and opulent bridal fabrics to die for, the Ines Di Santo designer label is highly known for bringing every woman’s bridal fantasy to life which can leave your audience in awe. The instinctively feminine wedding gown designer has brought to us some of the most timeless and classic bridal wear collections in the past three decades. With striking hand-ruching and tailoring techniques as her signature styles, Ines Di Santo wedding gowns for sale is a spot where you will find a sculpted and polished bodice being married to sumptuously layered skirts and romantic detailing. From draping celebrity brides and social media influencers, Ines Di Santo's luxurious wedding dress collections have also managed to garner an eager client base of discerning brides globally.


Draping each, unique silhouette to enhance, highlight and transform, her internationally recognized designs are regularly featured in international bridal publications and are carried at luxury retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. With more than 30 years of experience creating gowns under her eponymous label, Ines Di Santo wedding dresses continue to captivate brides thanks to the designer's bold tastes and keen attention to quality and fit. Within the brand, there are two couture collections known as INES by Ines Di Santo and Ines Di Santo. The Ines Di Santo wedding dress collections are varied and perfect for the fashion-forward, modern bride who wants to make a statement as they are crafted with beautiful laces, hand-painted details, rich beading, and amazing craftsmanship. 


Ines Di Santo: Price and size

Considered to be one of the most loved and celebrated bridal designers in the world, Ines Di Santo wedding gowns are priced anywhere between $3500 and $9000 standing as a perfect fit for budget savvy and conscious brides. For every bride with a resolution to find the perfect designer wedding dress, each wedding gown from the house of Ines is designed to give you the latest wedding styles while keeping with the design aesthetics and keeping it budget-friendly. The standard size chart of Ines Di Santo bridal wear ranges from 00 to 22 and the production timeline is usually 4 months for each wedding dress. Each bridal gown stands as a depiction of her personal story that is detailed with ultra-feminine touches and inspired by the unforgettable moments and memories of her life. The iconic design sensibility is reflected as it is soulfully executed while celebrating every woman for what she is and who decides to wear her name on the biggest day of her life.

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