Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses
Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander bridal collection holds an exquisite and elegant range of wedding dresses that is highly fashion-forward and current.

Justin Alexander Wedding Dresses

Justin Alexander's bridal collection holds an exquisite and elegant range of wedding dresses that is highly fashion-forward and current. His wedding dresses wrap the brides especially the modern-day women in sensuality and refinement with their classic silhouettes. Justin Alexander’s wedding gowns have stunning and impeccable craftsmanship and construction, and they fit flawlessly to the body making every bride outshine and feel herself and beautiful! 

As we all know that, brides all over the world have been forced to pivot and change their wedding plans in the past year (yeah, great thanks to COVID-19). From elopements to micro to at-home to virtual weddings, 2020 has witnessed various kinds of weddings. All these weddings have now become the standard, causing bridal fashion to adjust while keeping up with the current times! But with everything coming back to normal (not to forget the new normal with masks and hand sanitizers) our soon-to-be brides are all excited about their wedding shopping, majorly wedding dress shopping. Filled with endless hopes and positivity, there has never been a better time to prepare for a wedding in 2021. In fact, shopping for a designer wedding dress is surely one of the most amazing and incredible experiences that are cherished by two groups- The bride and her family! So, if you are seeking the most unexpected wedding gown that is only and only designed for you, there is always an underlying thought that something more inspirational and outstanding is just around the corner! 

Talking about exquisite and extraordinary wedding dresses, the recent series on Netflix, ‘Bridgerton’ has crazily raised our bride’s vision for the wedding dress. We can assure you that every bride after watching this fantastic series has gotten wholly swept up in the Bridgerton craze. With dramatic and intriguing storylines, steamy and passionate romance, and grand ballroom gracing our screen, it is just impossible not to fall head over heels in love with this transporting show. And when we are not burning for the incredibly beautiful and heart robbing characters and their lavish and luxurious lives, we are undoubtedly mesmerized by their stunning and sometimes outlandish costumes! So, if you are a bride-to-be who has binged -watched this incredible show and is now looking ahead to wearing a Bridgerton-inspired designer wedding gown- congratulations you are in deep luck! With endless wedding dresses in the market inspired by the Regency-era, your dream of leading the Duchess of Hastings on your wedding day can easily be accomplished with Justin Alexander wedding dresses

Highly inspired by the timeless designs of the 1950s and 1960s, designer Justin Alexander's bridal collection will take you to the storied era of fashion and purpose. All the wedding gowns designed by Justin Alexander are inspired by old Hollywood and vintage glam. The bridal collection under this marvelous banner embraces a classic, refined, and timeless feel! It’s available luxury at its finest! So, if you are planning to emulate the gorgeous Daphne Bridgerton’s simple yet enchanting and stunning 1800s wedding dress look with an empire waist, delicate puff sleeves, and an alluring square neckline, then Justin Alexander bridal collection has got you covered! 


Justin Alexander: Where it all began?

Back in 1946 when women used to relinquish the idea of clothing as a mere necessity and embracing fashion as a way to express beauty, confidence, and moreover femininity, Justin Alexander debuted on the bridal fashion scene as T&G Bridal in Brooklyn, New York! The brand T&G was collaboratively founded by Shirley and Ted Warshaw who used to sell tiaras and headpieces out of Brooklyn, New York. Moving ahead in the 1970s the second generation of Warshaw joined the business and thus expanded it to the wedding dress market. Later on, Larry Warshaw brought the business to Europe with Sweetheart Europe, including the Sincerity Bridal Collection. After massive growth and success in the Western European market, Larry re-entered the US market in 2001 and shortly launched the Justin Alexander collection. 

Since its natural roots, Justin Alexander successfully became a contemporary designer and manufacturer of mid-to-high-end designer bridal gowns and bridal accessories. Each and every bridal gown designed by Justin Alexander is distinctly appreciated for its vintage inspiration elegantly paired with contemporary details and designs. He joined the business full-time in 208 with a focus on strengthening the five distinct brands that provide market trends and the diverse needs of brides across the globe! Knowing that a bride’s taste in fashion is as intricate as the woman herself, the company has expanded itself to include the marquee collection Justin Alexander, in extension to the noteworthy designs of Justin Alexander Signature, Adore by Justin Alexander, Lilian West, and Sincerity Bridal! All these 5 brands meet the needs and desires of all types of brides all over the world! 

Based on the crossing fashion trends and needs of real brides, Justin Alexander creates the perfect wedding day look with stunning silhouettes, adorned necklines, and a close eye to detail! Each brand collection under the designer Justin Alexander banner caters to a different bride based on various parameters. Starting from fabrication to design to styling and lastly the price point. With unique and exceptional quality and elegant styling, Justin Alexander’s bridal dress designs have gained huge popularity and have been worn by brides all across the globe. And everything has to lead the company to become one of America’s and Europe’s most influential generators of wedding fashions

Currently, Justin Alexander maintains a North American headquarters in New Jersey and a European headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with regional offices set up in New York City, London, and Hong Kong. The company has more than 1,500 authorized retailers worldwide carrying one or more of the Justin Alexander collections. Usually, Justin Alexander wedding dresses range in price from $1,297 - $2,299. So, if you get a Justin Alexander wedding dress on sale don’t make a pass over it, just grab it without having any second thought! 

The team working at Justin Alexander firmly believes that a wedding is a special moment in the lives of two individuals and families, and thus they are always honored to be a part of such a special celebration through their wedding dresses! 


Justin Alexander: Collection and inspiration

As already mentioned above, the Justin Alexander bridal collection is inspired by old Hollywood and vintage glam. So, all the brides out there who want the same exact look as Daphne Bridgerton here is your chance to achieve it. Every bridal collection of Justin Alexander has 3 eye-catching elements. Bold backs, unexpected details, and modern sophistication. The bold backs with the thoughtful back details of the wedding gowns designed by Justin Alexander will help you grab your wedding guests’ attention and leave them gazing. Whereas the intricate details will surprise you as you will find them in many of their fascinating skirts. And lastly, the modern sophistication will bring out the clean and classic bridal look when you will be rocking in rich and alluring fabrications.

A bride wearing Justin Alexander has a refined sense of style and is looking for a vintage-inspired wedding dress that makes her feel confident, empowered, elegant, and glamorous! The professional team of designers working at Justin Alexander is experts at mixing trends with what really works on a woman's body. From Grace Kelly to Audrey Hepburn to Duchess Kate and Natalie Portman, the list goes on. There are many famous style icons that epitomize Justin Alexander’s collection, especially the bridal collection! Each of these famous ladies has a confident, sophisticated, and timeless charm and style that speaks for a Justin Alexander bride. 


Justin Alexander serves brides with a wide range of styles. They have a beautiful and endless collection of bridal gowns for every style, body, and personality. In short, Justin Alexander has a perfect wedding dress for every bride. From damn sexy sheaths and exquisite boho details to the ultimate Disney princess wedding dress, Justin Alexander has a huge collection of fascinating wedding dresses! 

For every season, the Justin Alexander collection finds new inspiration. Like the Spring/Summer 2017 Justin Alexander collection was highly inspired by the cosmopolitan woman. 2017 Summer/Spring bridal collection of Justin Alexander included sophisticated styles with carefully placed accents, such as banding, embroidered straps, and unique back design. The 2017 bridal collection was more of classic silhouettes with clean finishes highlighting modernity and style. 

Whereas the 2018 Winter/Fall bridal collection of Justin Alexander was much focused on drama. Justin Alexander’s 2018 Winter/Fall bridal collection was all about silhouettes, simplicity, and embellishments, while their stunning and glamorous classic got a modern touch-up! And lastly, the Fall 2019 collection of Justin Alexander’s was princess-inspired and radiated the grace and charm of a sincere bride. 

Talking about Justin Alexander's bridal collections, here are some of the best styles that you can refer to for your big day bridal look! 

Style 44117

Style 44117 of Justin Alexander bridal wedding dress is all about modern romance. A bride opting for a wedding dress under Style 44117 will be able to feel the romance come to life. This style not only boasts romance but also makes a bride feel empowered and confident on her wedding day. The deep V neckline and keyhole backs, paired with illusion strapless bodices with beaded Venice lace and organza mermaid skirts with a chapel length train will bring out the best in any bride who is all set to feel the charm of modern romance! 

Style 99040

The Style 99040 comes under the Justin Alexander Signature bridal collection. The Style 99040 emulates the classic royal look found in the wedding gown of the Queen of England. The beautiful long-sleeved cape bodice is intensified with asymmetrical pleating on the shoulder and an overflowing Mikado skirt. If you are going for this specific style for your wedding day bridal look, you will surely be able to imitate the look of the Queen of England. 


Style 88019

No wonder Princess Margaret’s wedding dress was a sensation. Her gorgeous wedding dress set the bar for all the soon-to-be-married brides. Every bride wanted a wedding dress just like her. So, if you are still looking for a wedding dress that so much resembles Princess Margaret’s wedding dress, then Justin Alexander’s Style 88019 is the perfect choice for you. This style resembles the chic design of Princess Margaret’s wedding dress. Made of white organza with a modest V neckline that flows into a stunning Mikda circular-cut skirt.

Style 88001

Though it is not a cakewalk to recreate the Tudor-style of Princess Anne’s wedding dress, Justin Alexander’s Style 88001 pulls inspiration from the design. The timeless high lace neckline is paired with a voluminous and clean silk dupioni skirt. A chapel-length train finishes this classic look. Go for this style for your wedding dress and we can assure you that all the eyes will be on you throughout the celebration.

Style 9868

Without any doubt, Princess Diana was always a trendsetter. She was surely an extraordinary princess as her fashion statement was remarkable and trendy in those times too! Her designer almost took a year to design her stunning wedding dress, which was surely a piece to cherish and adore. If you are also looking for that kind of wedding dress that will make you a standout amongst all the brides of the year, then you can always try Justin Alexander Signature Style 9868 or Style 99005. Both these styles channel the same dramatic glamor as Princess Diana’s wedding dress. 

Style 99009

Lastly, all the brides out there who want to recreate Duchess Kate’s signature wedding look, simply go for Justin Alexander Style 99009. This style is a couture take on a royal wedding dress. Elaborate beading ornaments on the bodice and illusion Sabrina neckline, cascading into a tulle skirt. The look is perfected with a chapel-length train and a touch of modern colorization.

No matter which Justin Alexander style you choose for your wedding dress, you will definitely be able to recreate Daphne Bridgerton’s look in every way possible! There is no denying the fact that Justin Alexander wedding dresses are remarkable and will make you look incredibly beautiful on your wedding day. 

Just a pro tip here, all the brides who are looking for that ‘one wedding dress’ should always do a little research before their first visit to a bridal shop to get an idea of what they like. Always take the advantage of sites like Borrowing Magnolia, social media, and other brand websites to see if there are any Justin Alexander preowned wedding dresses available or not. Websites like Borrowing Magnolia do offer second-hand Justin Alexander wedding dresses and various other elegant wedding dresses designed by popular wedding gown designers of the world so that brides can save something over their wedding dresses and also get the best wedding dresses for their special day!

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