Katie May  Wedding Dresses
Katie May

A contemporary wedding designer by chance, with a whole lot of soul, Katie May found her passion in a wedding dress, building every dress like it's a piece of art.

Katie May Wedding Dresses

A contemporary wedding designer by chance, with a whole lot of soul, Katie May found her passion in a wedding dress, building every dress like it's a piece of art. There is an ageless elegance and modern sensibility in each of the pieces, making them pleasantly current and relatable, with a hint of something else which elevates each piece beautifully. 

Sure the flowers are pretty and the decor sets the right vibe, but isn't a wedding all about the dress, at the end of it all? The dress enables you to feel like a princess, lets you own the day, and becomes the perfect accomplice to the most special day of your life. It lights up the face of a bride in excitement, and it's easy to imagine why. There is a dream caught somewhere in there between every fluff of the fabric, every sparkle of a stone, or every crease of the silk, which come out in full bloom when the bride first walks down the aisle. Every bride-to-be has at one point at least nurtured the dream of walking down the aisle in a dress that is jaw-droppingly beautiful and completes the wedding day with the perfect flair. There are as many different kinds of wedding dresses as there are brides, and the option of finding just the right dress to suit your unique personality is heartening. While every wedding dress is pretty, saying “I do” in the right wedding dress which truly expresses your vibe is something that makes you feel confident and ready to take over the whole world. Whether you are a boho babe with wildflowers in your hair, or a classic romantic girl with a soft spot for a rom-com like wedding, whether you are a wild child with hope of a forest wedding, or you are a beach bum with a thing for blue water lines, there is a wedding dress with your name on it, irrespective of the wedding theme, vibe and wedding colors that you have chosen. Will the search be long and taxing and will demand several inputs from you? Yes! Will it be a long process of trial and error till you find the one? Yes! But will it be absolutely worth it when you finally get to slip into your dream dress? Definitely yes!

While every wedding dress is special in its own account, a designer wedding dress can have a bit more to it than a normal wedding dress. A designer dress instantly deciphers that the dress is brought together with the highest skills and materials at work. With a string of proficient minds and hands at work, the yield is bound to be as perfect as one could expect. For a bride who is well acquainted with the world of fashion, a designer wedding dress is a given for her special day. It is the dream of many girls to say their vows in a pretty dress by their most loved designer, and while there are many great popular wedding gown designers, different designers cater to different clientele. If you are a bride with a contemporary fashion sense, the Katie May wedding dresses might be just what you need! Beautiful dresses with classic cuts and contemporary silhouettes, each and every piece from the designer is a dream. Let us take a closer look at the Katie May bridal collections, and all that there is to know about them.

Katie May- The Beginning!

The legacy of Katie May started in early 2012, when young and fresh-faced Katie May Neu devised her younger sister's wedding gown. The gown was incredibly sexy with a plunging open back, and a silhouette that hugged Kristine's form perfectly, and this was unlike anything in the market at the time. During the wedding, Katie May posted an image of her sister in her Princeville wedding gown on her then blog, which was later pinned on Pinterest and quickly went viral from there. Soon enough, in just a couple of days, the image of Kristine in Katie May's Princeville gown had been pinned tens of thousands of times from adherent brides-to-be wanting to wear something like this on their wedding day! The demand had already been stirred, and as a response, the brand Katie May was born. After dressing up several brides and a whole four years of growth in the bridal line, Katie May designer brand launched bridesmaid dresses too, introducing an exalted combination in crepe fabrication and modern silhouettes that haven't been in the bridesmaids’ options until now. This extended the clientele of Katie May significantly, opening the doors for not just brides, but also for bridesmaids, and women attending other special events like galas, formals, and such. With a significant sales success, the company was able to launch in the contemporary market late in 2018. Katie May now proudly ships to Nordstrom, Revolve, Intermix, Bella Bridesmaids, and other such stores across the country. Katie May will now soon start servicing brides straight through their online sample gown process as well as experiential shopping experiences held throughout the country starting in 2020. 

Katie May- Inspiration and Approach

Katie May has dressed various different brides in just the short tenure of four years, dressing them in exquisite pieces of art, and making their special days even more special! A brand that depicts the perfect mix of elegance and sexiness, every piece by this creator is like a dream come true. This is for the brides who truly belong to the current times, the bride who looks for something more than just a plain white princess dress for their wedding day. These are the brides who are not scared to ask for what they truly want. Customizing elegant yet sassy dresses with a delicate balance of intricate lacework, sleeve and neck details, and more! The effort is not just to dress the bride in a pretty dress, but to do so in a way that she feels empowered and truly herself.

Katie May- Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations 

Katie May wants the bride stepping into her store to feel exceptional and empowered as they walk out, and her collection provides just that. Stunning collections with delicate yet memorable elements, each of the collections are bright and fresh, like a springtime flurry while still holding strongly to the core vibe of modern-meets-elegant. The signature style from this designer evokes sexiness in a classy way, perfect for our modern brides. Immense attention to detail and intricate lacework is something that seems to make a consistent appearance in the gorgeous dresses put out by the brand. The signature style here is all about clean cuts and easy elegance and sensual shapes executed with class. We also love the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses created by the brand, each with a perfect balance of classy and sexy. Every piece by Katie May wedding gowns, be it for the bride walking down the aisle or for the bridesmaids sharing their friend’s special day, is a creation that is designed to make the special day look and feel even more special, and we are all for it!

Katie May- The Takeaway

A Katie Mary dress is the ideal blend of class and modernity, leading to a dress that fits perfectly into the life of 21st-century women. There is something easy and relatable about each of these dresses, which makes them instantly alluring. Classy, elegant, and modern, these are products of sweet contradictions and are pretty ones at that. Offering an exquisite range of backless wedding gowns that are beautiful in aesthetic, structure, and composition, Katie May is all about mixing elegance with just the right touch of sexiness, resulting in dresses that are waiting to take your breath away. Working with delicate laces, shapely silhouettes, and clean lines, each one of the Katie May dresses is a winner. Every fold in the dress, every sparkle in the bodice, and every web of lace are arrayed in a way that is exceptional and stunning, like a piece of music. For the modern woman who is fearlessly sexy while still being elegant, Katie May will complete her day most perfectly. Ranging up to $3500, a dress from this creator is worth every penny spent. And for others who are not ready to spend that number on their wedding gowns, the second-hand Katie May wedding dresses options are equally pretty!

Wedding dresses are the most magical of dresses, whipped together with equal measures of airy fabrics, sparkly dreams, and a whole lot of magic. Maybe it's the way the silk glides on your skin, maybe it's the way the skirt twirls and fluffs around you, or maybe it's the tag of the famous wedding designer attached to the dress, everything about that dress ought to be special. From the moment you try it on for the first time to the time you dress up in it and walk down the aisle, you will instantly feel how special you feel in that designer wedding dress. You will feel like a million bucks and look like a million bucks too, and you will be sporting a smile to match the dress. If you afford to buy that dreamy designer dress fresh off the rack, there is nothing like it, but not everyone can afford to show up in a spanking new designer wedding gown on their special day. Having the option to buy a sustainable wedding dress lets one dabble in luxury without totally breaking the bank, all the while contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Firstly, a bride with a strong design sensibility will be happy that she scored a Katie May resale designer piece at such a deal, and secondly, she will walk into the future with a smile on her lips, contentment in the heart that the dress she bought is sustainable and has fully served its purpose and will continue to do so in future too. A dress that is already made with the most precarious of materials and even more excellent skills at work surely deserves more brides to serve its objective well. It hugely reduces the carbon trace on our planet and offers a more eco-friendly lifestyle, which is a huge win on its own. Finding a Katie May wedding gowns for sale is one of those huge wins which makes your special day memorable!

Many brides nurture in their hearts the quiet hope of wearing a designer dress on their wedding day. After all, who can resist the call of wearing a jaw-droppingly pretty dress with silk as soft as butter and shimmer as magical as fairy dust, and with a designer name attached to it? While the dress is a dream, the price might wake one up from the sweet slumber quite abruptly. This is exactly why many brides-to-be wrap away their forlorn dreams of ever wearing a designer wedding dress. This is the perfect segway for a pre-owned designer dress to make an appearance and make itself known. The option of owning a pre-loved bridal gown is exactly the kind of loophole that a fashion-savvy bride-to-be looks for. It reiterates the fact that high fashion doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, and then some! Perfect for budget brides with a penchant for eco-friendly fashion, a pre-owned wedding dress fits the measure, both financially and fashionably. Facilitating several trend-conscious brides with a strict budget to revel in the exquisite beauty of a designer dress, a pre-owned Katie May bridal gown is a license to luxury without having to pay up a ludicrous amount of money for the same. The Katie May pre-owned wedding dress has not only induced surges of revolution to the sustainable fashion industry, and has influenced the total carbon footprint that the clothing industry releases, but it has also restored the fragile dreams of a girl who wants to wear that designer dress on her special day. It also makes a lot more sense to wear a gorgeous piece of clothing as many times as you can, than to just use it once and put it in storage. Why store a beauty away that can be boasted as many times as possible? Buying pre-owned inspires brides to love a piece of clothing with fresh admiration, even when it is donned and loved once, and passes it on to add magic to many brides’ special day. Seems like the perfect deal to us!

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