Lela Rose Wedding Dresses
Lela Rose

The trendy wedding dresses from the house of Lela Rose are all about classic and sophisticated details meant for brides from all walks of life.

Lela Rose Wedding Dresses

Known for bridal collections featuring wedding dresses with elegant and fresh aesthetics, Lela Rose infuses modern elegance in every bridal piece she creates. With over 23 years in the wedding industry, the New York-based Lela Rose designer label continues to boast sculptural silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and handcrafted details. The trendy wedding dresses from the house of Lela Rose are all about classic and sophisticated details meant for brides from all walks of life.


Weddings and the act of marriage are all about symbolism. From traditional wedding customs of breaking the glass to throwing confetti, there are many symbols associated with weddings that hold meaning for a couple's new journey. However, it completely depends on each couple whether they want to celebrate weddings with traditional symbols as they are or add twists to old wedding traditions. Similarly, another most important element of weddings is the bridal outfit. Whether you are a fan of traditional wedding dresses or you want to create a statement by donning a creative wedding dress alternative on your wedding day, you cannot skip bridal outfits altogether. Ranging from brides who want to include something blue in their wedding dress to brides who want to break age-old traditions and get married in a pantsuit, the tradition of wedding dress has come a long way and is evolving every day with the introduction of new wedding collections around the world.


Exuding elegant southern charm with a modern edge in all her bridal designs, Lela Rose bridal brand is a New York-based bridal fashion house that is home to some of the most elegant bridal collections featuring delicate crotchet and lace accents. The eponymous bridal label from Lela Rose was created out of the desire to craft timeless bridal wear that will exude casual luxury and classic elegance. This New York-based fashion designer creates bridal dresses with feminine florals and beautifully sculpted silhouettes teamed up with pleats, sequins, and appliques. Known for her elegant aesthetic and fresh point of view, Lela Rose bridal collection features wedding dresses in jewel tones, brilliant use of pastels and light springy florals, luxurious fabrics, gorgeous fabrications, sculptural silhouettes, and handcrafted details. Some of the most modern bridal trends with a preppy aesthetic are known to be her signature style. 


Formally trained as a painter and sculptor prior to fashion designing, Lela Rose designer is known for bringing her artistic background to play while creating some of the timeless bridal creations. From adding unexpected dimension and breadth to each season's bridal collection to crafting some of the airiest and bohemian bridal wear that give a nod to modern trends, the signature Lela Rose bridal gowns are all about modern-day experiments and trendiest bridal couture techniques. From exquisite bridal gowns to printed silk dresses, each piece of Lela Rose bridal wear is intricately designed and exquisitely hand-finished in the USA. Started in 1998, Lela Rose bridal brand has brought refined and fresh aesthetics to the table of bridal fashion on a global platform. The elegant perspective that she brought to fashion design since the inception of her bridal brand made her a household name among to-be brides who want to stand out and bring out their feminine side to play on their wedding day.


Lela Rose - the beginning 


Lela Rose is an American fashion designer who was born and raised in Texas. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, and later on, attended the University of Colorado from which she graduated in the year 1991 with a major in painting and sculpting. Her artistic side came into play as early as her college days when she started making vests from vintage scarves, and it manifested into her original calling to the world of bridal fashion. In the year 1993, she graduated with an associate degree from Parson School of Design in New York City. Rose went on to work under Christian Francis Roth, a celebrated New York-based fashion designer, and Richard Tyler, a designer based in Los Angeles. Her first collection was launched in the year 1996 out of her own apartment featuring several wedding dress collections with heavy embellishments. In 2001, her outfits were worn by Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush at their father's presidential inauguration, and she instantly became a famous celebrity in the fashion industry. Up until that point, Lela Rose designs were mainly celebrated among private clients but, with this newfound fame, she began to expand her brand with retail businesses like some of the most popular names in the fashion industry- Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Lela Rose wedding dress collection features a refined and fresh aesthetic that has brought an elegant perspective to bridal fashion. Lela Rose wedding dresses are internationally recognized, with a devoted celebrity following. 


The New York-based bridal fashion designer has driven the spirit of the brand and the company from the perspective of an entrepreneurial designer along with characterizing it with her passion for style, design, and décor. Lela Rose brand is infused with her background in sculpting and painting and every bridal piece that comes out of this fashion house is a resultant piece of art. Apart from being a woman with strong principles, Lela Rose is also the owner of the brand, a wife, and a mother. Her commitment to support and give back to the community makes her an inspirational figure for many new entrepreneurs as she has proactively supported a proven network of artisans, sewers, pattern-makers, manufacturers, and small business owners in New York City, since the inception of the company, and maintained all the apparel production in New York City. Her bridal wear collection is sold all over the nation as well as across the globe in specialty stores, bridal boutiques, and premium retailers including some of the most famous names in the bridal fashion industry, including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-Porter, and Nordstrom. The flagship store of Lela Rose production is located in Dallas, Texas, and sold internationally through specialty stores located in Canada, the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, and the Middle East.


Today, Lela Rose eponymous collection spans a complete range of designer wear including bridal wear separates, dresses, coats, jackets, tops, skirts, pants, and knits, along with some of the most trending bridal accessories like clutches and jewelry that exudes casual luxury and refined sophistication. As a designer, she has made it a central focus of her brand to base all possible apparel production locally, actively supporting a proven network of artisans, sewers, patternmakers, manufacturers, and small businesses based in her adopted hometown. The resulting Lela Rose collections strike an inimitable balance of uptown glamor and southern grace. Lela Rose wedding gowns for sale is an exquisitely designed offering of bridal gowns in sculptural silhouettes and luxe, flattering fabrications, and complementary accessories, along with additional ready-to-wear and bridesmaid dresses. It was the unique point of view and unmatched quality of Rose's designs that took her brand to this esteemed level where it has received so many recognitions and awards among fashion editors, stylists, and high-profile celebrities who are regularly seen in her timeless creations. Each and every Lela Rose wedding dress exquisitely manufactured in New York with the perfect balance of clean lines and whimsical embellishments, turning this brand into an awesome and sophisticated collection of gowns. Rose is now a published author and released her first book which goes by the name of Prêt-à-Party with Rizzoli in 2015. The book mainly focuses on the love that she possesses for style and entertainment and creates a platform for her future opportunities and products.


Lela Rose - styles and inspirations 


One of the most celebrated glamorous wedding designers, Lela Rose wedding gowns is a collection of elegant and modern bridal designs that are brought to life with handcrafted details, timeless fabrics, and brilliant use of colors. Having ruled the bridal fashion industry for more than two decades, Rose's unique details continue to grow in her bridal collections that seamlessly blend timeless and feminine silhouettes with of-the-moment embellishments and alluring features, to create a truly modern elegance in every gown. Lela Rose wedding dress designer has a natural eye for classic beauty and instills that in each design of her bridal collections. Making a favorite among fashion-forward brides and A-listers, Lela Rose wedding gowns are known for their haute couture and tailoring techniques that come from the hands of a team of loyal and talented seamstresses and artisans who maintain the production of each bridal design and collection in New York City, to be later on distributed across the globe. Apart from bridal designs, her collection of cocktail dresses, evening wear, and bridesmaid dresses are popular for their fit and tailoring techniques that are redefinitions of classic silhouettes and vintage evening gowns. 


Lela Rose wedding gowns are known for their signature timeless luxury and effortless styles that are seen in each eponymous collection that is known to complete a bride's wardrobe. The impeccably crafted wedding gowns by Lela Rose feature unfaltering attention to detail display a rich use of colors, tactile fabrications, sculptural silhouettes, and handcrafted details. The exclusive Lela Rose collection ranges from everyday separates to perfect wedding gowns, that get updated every season with a season's fresh collection that always proves to be a feast to the senses. The collections of Lela Rose wedding dresses feature classic silhouettes with an unexpected twist, making them both modern and timeless. The super cool and unconventional fabrications make the signature style of Lela Rose truly unique, making each offer bridal design shine in any venue from a Manhattan Penthouse to a Malibu beach.


The latest Lela Rose collection has brought her signature femininity and artistic background to play with airy, ruched floral printed voile options, which are bridal dresses perfect for summer micro-weddings and flounced blouses paired with a new olive denim trouser for the big day. The upcoming Lela Rose bridal collections are perfect for outdoor weddings and get-togethers that are more casual in nature as they display exuberant and playful fashion statements. With ruching details running throughout, these summer wedding dresses are mostly lightweight knits and easy cotton dresses and separates that come in an optimistic palette of blues, purples, and goldenrod paired with black and white. Beginning with a ready-to-wear line and launching her maiden bridal collection in 2006, Lela’s luxurious, refined, and intricately designed creations have established her as an internationally well-respected designer. Her love for bridal couture fabrics has found its way into the sophisticated and effortlessly elegant designs that come with inventive handcrafted details.


Lela Rose - bridal couture collections


Known to be one of the most popular wedding gown designers in the history of bridal fashion, Lela Rose bridal designs are widely regarded for their refined sophistication mixed with modern lifestyle aesthetics. Lela Rose wedding dress designer continues to celebrate her elegant aesthetic and fresh point of view in her trendy bridal designs and ready-to-wear collections. Her former training as a painter and sculptor prior to fashion designing comes into play as she adds unexpected variations in her bridal collections. In the fall of 2006, the first collection of Lela Rose bridal wear was launched which was followed by a huge success. She partnered with The Dessy Group for an exclusive bridesmaid line right after her first maiden success in bridal fashion and created some of the most celebrated bridesmaid collections, that continue to inspire many to this day. Some of her most celebrity clientele includes famous names like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Chastain, Claire Danes, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldana, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Selma Blair, Laura Dern, Olivia Munn, Sofia Vergara, Karolina Kurkova, Chrissy Teigen, January Jones, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and First Lady Michelle Obama, among others. 


In the year 2018, Rose launched an eponymous ready-to-wear clothing line is known as Pearl by Lela Rose featuring fun, fabulous, and effortlessly stylish dresses, separates, and evening wear. Sold over 80 independent Pearl Stylists, this collection is sold directly to the customer website as well as via the network. Lela Rose Bridal features exquisite gowns in sculptural silhouettes and luxe, flattering fabrications to complement the cosmopolitan bride. The timeless and light gowns from the house of Lela Rose feel like a confident expression of an artist’s vision that gives a nod towards modern trends are her signature. Epitomizing the true American style, you will find her bridal collections featuring hard-to-find embossed silk organzas, crisp silk taffetas, and unique laces. For every bride who wants something chic and romantic, Lela Rose wedding dress designer is the answer. 


Lela Rose wedding dress designer bridal collections are home to unique clothing collections that are a lively spread of floral and geometric patterns. Using various techniques to make unique collections that feature fabric flows, embellishing a long-coat with metallic fringes, patterning crepe sides on organza dresses, and using a flourish of floral print on cotton shirt-dresses, among other designs, Lela Rose wedding gowns for sale continues to be one of the most favorite destinations for to be brides. Replicating nature’s endless variations and fused metallic and yellow into the common pattern, Lela Rose floral print dresses are anything but regular and offer a great selection of clothing, including gowns, jackets, and blouses. Making it accessible for brides from all walks of life, Lela Rose dresses range from £5,350 – £8,550. The inclusive size range of Lela Rose bridal gowns is 00 - 30.


Whether you are not just the sentimental type or you are just budget savvy bride, if you want to sell your wedding dress or buy a preloved wedding gown, there are online bridal marketplaces that can help you to save some money. Buying a used wedding dress is the perfect way to snag a designer wedding dress for half or even less of its original retail value. Buying pre-owned bridal gowns can not only help you to save money but also relocate your wedding funds to something more significant like the down payment for your dream house or your dream car. If you get lucky you can buy a supersensuous and sophisticated Lela Rose preowned wedding gown from a bride with a similar body type without making too many alterations and cut down your costs. Borrowing Magnolia features an exclusive Lela Rose resale collection for you to choose your dream wedding dress, which is also an amazing way to reduce and reuse. This eco-friendly bridal decision of buying second-hand Lela Rose wedding dresses can be a terrific deal for you to score your dream wedding dress at half or even less of its original price. 

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