Love Marley Wedding Dresses
Love Marley

The Love Marley bridal gowns are crafted with flowing fabrics, have graceful lines, and are worn with an easy, English Rose elegance.

Love Marley By Watters Wedding Dresses

Love Marley is a new member of the Watters family, one of the most respected and recognized bridal design houses internationally. The brand is not only loved for providing a myriad selection of styles made with high-quality materials but also for the price tags they come with to suit every budget. They quite literally have something special for every special bride. Love Marley is for those brides who are hankering after a subtle, romantic look for their special day. You will find drama, comfort, style, versatility, and individuality all at a time in the Love Marley bridal collection! The Love Marley bridal gowns are crafted with flowing fabrics, have graceful lines, and are worn with an easy, English Rose elegance. Love Marley is launched to cater especially to brides looking for gowns that have a stylish boho, vintage feel and that are perfect for a beach, garden, rustic, or modern wedding. Romantic, hands down elegant, and easy to wear! Flowy tulle, timeless lace, modern illusion necklines, and sexy backs would be the major WOWs going down the aisle if you choose to wear a Love Marley bridal stunner!


Some things have to happen. Two people fall in love and marry each other to stay together for the rest of their lives. Pandemic or not, weddings will take place and brides will continue dreaming of walking down the aisle in a stow-stopper style donning a gorgeous wedding gown- maybe a designer stunner! There is something magical in a couture dress crafted by an experienced designer that drags brides towards it. But chances are the price tag with heavy numbers will repel them and they will end up pricking the bubble containing their dream of wearing a designer gown by their favorite designer with their own hands. However, there are many up and comers designers who strongly believe that every bride deserves a piece of magic and attention for her special day. And Watters & Watters, a bridal dream-driven company specializing in innovative fashions in wedding dresses for brides and their bridal party from bridesmaids, young mothers of the bride and groom, junior bridesmaids to flower girls is one of them. Awesomesauce! 


The inception

The story of this world-renowned designer started about 3 decades ago in 1988 when Vantana moved to Dallas after graduating from FIDM in Los Angeles. She realized that the market was not able to give the brides and their guests what they wanted for their special occasions and weddings. She discovered there was a demand for well-designed dresses that were one-of-a-kind for those ladies who wanted to stand out from the crowd. She began with crafting one-off dresses not only for herself but also for her family and friends who were pissed off with the cookie-cutter dresses available in the stores. Soon she understood that Dallas was the ideal place to start a new business because of its southern hospitality, thriving fashion industry, and central location to Los Angeles and New York City. Before starting her company she worked at the Dallas Mart and moonlighted designing and producing bridesmaids’ dresses during nights and weekends. After designing custom bridesmaid dresses, she and her team took the next step and started selling to local bridal salons, including Neiman Marcus and Stanley Korshak. Their hard work paid off!


From friends & family to high-profile Watters brides

Being at the heart of the company, she passionately involved herself in setting the design tone. For Vantana “a design is where it starts, but not where it ends.” By the late 1980s, Watters was a treasured name in the bridal wear industry, thanks to hand-stitched details, luxurious fabrics, and innovative designs. Today, the Watters family is nothing but a clan of designers, pattern-makers, and seamstresses crafting dream pieces for fashionista brides and their team of beautiful ladies. On the ball, the designers at Watters know fashion and how to mold it into a modern dramatic dress that deserves only love! Watters takes pride in dressing not only brides next door but also style-influencers, celebrities, movie stars, TV actresses, and inspirational women who belong to the fashion world. The high-profile Watters brides include model Hunter McGrady and So You Think You Can Dance contestant, Allison Holker plus JoJo Fletcher of The Bachelorette wore the cross-front Micah' bridesmaid dress for a friend's wedding in the British Virgin Islands. And how can we forget the proposal moment of the model Nicole Kaspar on stage during Watters Spring 2019 Fashion Show's grand finale in New York City!


Be it a floral aisle decked up for a bride or glistening red carpet ramp surrounded by a roaring crowd, women love to walk it in a designer dress by Watters. She loves implementing the creative and innovative themes and ideas proposed by her passionate team into dresses to make them stand out in the market. Not only the artistic team weaves magic around the dresses with their handmade accessories and props but also by doing distinctive make-up and stylish hairdos. It’s the labor of love for sure that makes Watters designer dresses!


A significant addition to the company

The company that started with a few handmade dresses for kith and kin now serves women worldwide. In 2017, Sydney Watters Dunbar, daughter of Vantana Watters brought her innate sense of the brand coupled with a passion to dress up the women for their red-letter day to the company as Style Director. Putting her stamp on bridal fashion, she not only helps usher in a new era of millennial-centric style but also creative marketing strategies around the use of social media. More power to her elbow! Dress designing is in her DNA and her upbringing with the company became a rich seam to mine. Fleshing out the collections with her creative direction, Sydney works with the design team elbow-to-elbow. Today the brand is in a league of its own and it’s not easy to say no to a Watters designer dress whether you are from California, London, or São Paulo. Watters is a global brand while every single dress is designed and sent with love from its home base in Dallas, Texas.


Collections, Inspirations & Price Range: Right up your alley!

Watters, one of the leading global fashion brands, has gifted the industry 5 brands boasting luxury bridal gowns and dresses for bridesmaids, wedding parties, and special occasions: Watters, Wtoo, Willowby (or Love Marley), Seahorse, and Encore. The success of the company’s Watters bridesmaids line led to the launch of Watters bridal line. Watters Brides is their premier brand of bridal gowns designed with elegant styling, luxurious fabrics, and intricate detailing. Then, it was a natural progression into the creation of their Wtoo bridal and bridesmaids line in 2009. Most recently, the company debuted their Willowby by Watters collection (formally known as Love Marley), which is a unique line with a vintage twist, offering fresh takes for the one-of-a-kind bride.


Watters is the company’s premier flagship brand and is best known for artful designs that personify innovation, hidden details, and craftsmanship. To this day, Watters remains a family-owned company and is led by Founder and Designer Vatana Watters, whose inspirations emanate from her world travels, experience living on both the US coasts, and her aspiration to reflect the spirit of the times. In Vantana’s words: “Inspiration is an interesting thing, as it comes from many forms and places. I’ve found inspiration in trips overseas, to the mall, or even as simple as a stroll down the street. Many dresses have found their way into collections through my recollection of details from my travels, flowers, vintage finds, fabrics, laces, embroideries and beading, books, magazines, media, and of course real brides. I’m fortunate to work with such a talented design team. We share our inspirations and many of the best ideas come from these collaborations.” To-be-brides look to Watters and its five brands to determine upcoming trends in wedding gowns. Click here to have a look at the Watters, Wtoo, Willowby Watters, and Wtoo Bridesmaid all-new fall 2017 collections.


Wtoo or W-Too: The sister brand of Watters & Watters, Wtoo brought the millennial brides gowns that were even lighter and casual with no bells and whistles. Brides who are planning smaller, non-traditional weddings and those who are tying the knot in vineyards, gardens, seashores can say yes to the Wtoo wedding dresses. You can be a Wtoo bride just by paying between $1300 - $2000 or even less if you are looking for second-hand designer wedding dresses for yourself and your bridal party. Wtoo by Watters’ newest collection, “Siren Song,” is inspired by the mystery of the sea and musings over Hans Christian Andersen’s classic, “The Little Mermaid.” Distinguished by form-fitting silhouettes, flowing fabrics, beading, skin-baring elements, and embroidery, this collection captures the depths, details, and beautiful complexities that live both above and beneath the surface of the sea. Wtoo by Watters bride can expect an array of feminine and flirty silhouettes, each designed with a sense of sisterhood in mind. Many Wtoo dresses come in sizes 00-32W, reflecting the brand's emphasis on both inclusivity and individuality


Both the Watters and Wtoo by Watters brands have broadened into bridesmaid dresses for the style-savvy couple. Their collections are known to unite trendsetting looks designed with timeless taste and can be ordered in a vast array of colors and fabrics. Additionally, select Wtoo bridesmaid gowns are available for purchase online with immediate delivery as the brand puts an increased emphasis on its direct-to-consumer offerings.


Willowby by Watters (aka Love Marley): The more bohemian and airy brand, Willowby, features Watters wedding gowns with a free-spirited twist. Perfect for a beach, garden, rustic, or modern wedding, Willowby collections by Watters feature easy-breezy, fuss-free, marvelous, and flowy bridal gowns. Wtoo collections are inspired by classic elegance and offer both romantic and traditional designs for brides and their bridal parties. Whether you are a bohemian bride, classic bride, or modern bride the Willowby collection by Watters has it all from boho dresses, vintage wedding dresses, lace dresses to the dresses that scream Napa Valley bridal look. Willowby squarely fits into your dream of having a beach wedding, garden ceremony, modern wedding, or romantic budget wedding reception in a barn without hurting your bank account.


Love Marley by Watters 2016 Collection: Watters family introduced their Love Marley label in 2014, branching into the more bohemian market and absolutely nailing every look. The focal point of this collection is the blend of subtly draped tulle and romantic lace, which the designers use to create gowns that are light, classically ethereal, and unbelievably easy to wear. If you are a unique bride and looking for a dress that can add a new dimension to your bridal look then their Poetry in Motion, Love Marley by Watters 2016 Collection is just for you. We love these Love Marley gowns with separates and you’ll love them too if you’re a bride with a penchant for mix and match. Ideal for the bride who is jonesing for a readily available look for her ‘I do’ moment, By Watters is the company's latest addition, which provides a soon-to-be-bride an easy-breezy experience


Anyone who has seen "Say Yes to the Dress" knows that the hottest trend for bridal fashion isn’t strapless or sleeves—it’s both! More and more brides are buying two wedding dresses or just the gowns with separates for the big day to change up their look from ceremony to reception. This season we’ll be showcasing more bridal separates than ever before, gowns with intricate hand-beaded detailing and fabric manipulation, and several new color options. Simplicity and modern look with top-of-the-line fabric is what the line is known for in the wedding gown couture world. More than ever, brides are eager to see what's next for this dynamic mother-daughter duo in the upcoming Watters Winter 2021 collection after embracing Watters’ spectacular launch of Spring 2021 Bridal Collections- Le Fleur Bridal Collection, Wtoo Sweet Embrace Bridal Collection, Willowby Kaleidoscope Skies Bridal Collection.


High-end Love Marley designer gowns create magic but don’t break your bank! The Watters bridal brand prides itself on offering a wide range of affordable wedding dresses. Each Watters designer brand is characterized by a distinct point of inspiration. While the dresses with the Watters namesake label range from $1800 - $7500. Wtoo by Watters, a luxe yet accessible brand, collections range from $600 to $4000. The Willowby label is aimed at brides who "take the road less traveled" and offers dresses from $500 - $4000, with most styles also available in plus size. By Watters dresses, starting at $350, are all available to purchase online and include complimentary shipping.


Second-hand Love Marley wedding dresses- that never fail to impress!

First off, Borrowing Magnolia would want to shout out to the brides who choose to tie the knot in a pre-loved designer wedding gown. Not only do they make their dream of exchanging nuptials donning a designer dress come true without burning a hole in their pocket but also they show their kindness towards the planet. Additionally, it's a great way to incorporate something old and something borrowed in one fell swoop. You can never go wrong with a Love Marley preowned bridal gown. We have plenty of second-hand wedding dresses from popular wedding gown designers listed on our website at jaw-dropping prices including Love Marley designer wedding gowns. We have second-hand Love Marley wedding dresses in myriad styles currently in stock, that too at unbelievable prices. Don’t believe us? Click here. Get your hands on Love Marley resale and Love Marley wedding gowns for sale to save huge on a dress that you are going to wear just for one day.

We can't wait to see you walk down the aisle in the preloved Love Marley bridal dress with new hopes and dreams of a happy married life with no regrets later that you spent a fortune on something that was used just for a few hours. Even if donning a second-hand wedding gown on your first-hand happiest occasion is not your thing, you still can recoup some of the money spent on the wedding dress by listing it on second-hand wedding dress seller websites. If buying a secondhand wedding dress is not a great option for you then selling your used wedding dress definitely is.

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