Made With Love Wedding Dresses
Made With Love

An Australian luxury bridal brand, Made with Love bridal collections features stunning bridal gown and wedding dress designs that are created with the intention to make elegance and sophistication affordable for every unique bride across the globe.

Made With Love Wedding Dresses

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An Australian luxury bridal brand, Made with Love bridal collections features stunning bridal gown and wedding dress designs that are created with the intention to make elegance and sophistication affordable for every unique bride across the globe. Presenting timeless craftsmanship and intricate detailing, Made with Love is an online wedding boutique store that is known for creating beautiful and affordable bridal wear for every bride with a keen eye for details and big dreams for her wedding day.



Most brides are excited to find a wedding dress that they can feel beautiful in as they glide down the aisle and dance at the reception. But planning for your dream wedding dress might make you nervous and giddy and it is easy to see why. There is a stark difference between browsing through magazines and Pinterest and shortlisting your dream wedding dress and shopping for it in person. We all know how it is the dream of every bride to look their best on their wedding day and the choice of choosing the perfect wedding dress makes a big difference. If we have learned one thing from the fashion industry, it is that wedding fashion trends keep on changing rapidly, and keeping up with the new alerts of changing wedding trends can always help you to look magnificent on your wedding day. Keeping everything in mind and bringing out the inner beauty with the support of luxurious and comfortable fabrics, a designer wedding gown that is crafted to perfection might be the answer every bride is looking for.


As Coco Chanel once quoted "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different," hence, looking for the best and perfect designer wedding gown that is going to embellish a bride will only help her to look beyond comparison on the big wedding day. Designer wedding dresses have a way of bringing out the best in brides as they are made bearing in mind the different body types of brides along with accentuating various feminine details that differ from one bride to the next. Created with high-quality materials and unfaltering attention to detail, designer bridal gowns often feature many styles to choose from that are unique and allow a bride to be a showstopper and stand out on her wedding day. For making a statement as a bride, investing in a designer wedding gown that has unique characteristics and materials is inevitable. Making brides look and feel regal and luxe, ultra-sophisticated and luxurious wedding dress collections from popular wedding gown designers across the world have been quite popular among brides with unique tastes and palette for refinement.


One of the most popular and loved wedding gown designers across the world, Made with Love bridal is an online wedding boutique store from Australia that has managed to make its mark among showstopper brides with unmatched personalities and an appetite for timelessness. The Australian luxury bridal brand with stockists throughout Australia, United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia showcases modern and ultra-feminine designs that have been crafted to absolute perfection. Made with Love wedding dresses feature bridal styles that are created with the intention to make elegance and sophistication affordable for every bride. Starting out as an online boutique store, Made with Love Bridal is now known to be one of the coolest bridal boutiques around the world. Featuring signature styles that are contemporarily versatile and laid-back luxurious, Made with Love bridal collections range from styles that are eclectic and bohemian to glamorous and dazzling. From elegant minimalist gowns that are opulently designed with fluttering shoulder details and embellished capes to romantic figure-hugging silhouettes and bridal skirts, Made with Love wedding gowns for sale will surprise every bride with its exquisite and sophisticated bridal collections. 


Founded in Australia by designer Carla, who is now supported in the running of her business by her sister, mother, husband, and brother, Made With Love Bridal provides an easy way for international brides to order their gowns online. The Gold Coast-based Aussie bridal brand is well-known for its sensuous fitting silhouettes that range from column wedding dresses and flowy bridal gowns to A-line wedding dresses, each and every piece of bridal collection from this boutique store is designed to fit and flatter every curve of a woman who deserves more than just another designer bridal dress. Ranging from plunging sweetheart necklines and low backs to the dreamy fitting silhouettes, each bridal wear from the house of Made with Love features traditional lace, beautiful floral appliques, and gorgeous beading details. Crafted for brides from all walks of life, the chic and sophisticated Made with Love wedding gowns are for every romantic bride who wants to look just as glamorous as she feels on her wedding day. The brand is also stocked at over 140 boutiques internationally including the UK, where it also has a flagship store in Bermondsey, London.


Made with Love: The beginning

Made with Love Bridal is an international online boutique created by Carla Jenkins. It all began when Josh proposed to Carla for marriage and thus began the bandwagon of the hunt for the perfect bridal dress. With the onset of this exciting occasion for both the extended families of Josh and Carla in 2013, she began to search for the perfect wedding dress for her. But to her dismay, her hunt resulted in visits to more than 10 bridal stores from Gold Coast to Brisbane, with very unfruitful and unfulfilling results. Carla realized how finding the perfect wedding dress that will match her sense of style, and adorn her body type, and also fit right into her budget was next to impossible for her at that moment. As a result, she began extensive research to custom-make her wedding dress and became friends with the seamstress. Although it took a lot of work, the results turned out to be truly magnificent and it soon became addictive for Carla. 


Understanding the need of the hour and with sheer determination and unfaltering focus, Carla started her journey and named it 'Made with Love'. It is her natural flair for style and a love for all things ‘wedding’, that she took to Facebook and Instagram and the accounts soon indicated a follow of interest by thousands of followers. Taking it further, she started looking for inspiration in the wedding industry and combined it with her bold and feminine style with a dash of wow factor details, which resulted in the popularity of Made with Love designer wear among brides. Her first bridal collection came out in June 2013 and followed by her second collection in 2014. These collections featured high-end designs with down to earth price tags that made a mark among to-be brides as they went on to feature 'affordable elegance'. Made with Love Bridal designs and creates beautiful, affordable wedding dresses and veils. Each one of their pieces is evidently imbued with love. Although Made with Love Bridal is an online boutique store, they have flagship boutiques in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Adelaide. Their bridal gowns are in stores located in Australia, Europe, Canada, United States, Asia, and South Africa.


Made with Love: Styles & inspirations

Flattering and feminine, Made with Love Bridal wedding dresses are made with the highest quality fabric and are available in generic sizes which are delivered worldwide. Right from the flirty plunging necklines, timeless trumpet-shaped skirts, well-structured corsets, Made with Love Bridal designer offers a beautiful collection of wedding gowns that accentuates the timeless curves and exudes a feminine charm. This label is a perfect fit for brides who are looking for simple and elegant wedding dresses. Buying a wedding dress online is the new normal as the world has turned towards digital platforms for the sake of convenience, guarantee, and price. Made with Love Bridal designers offer these positives with an added perk of delivering a personalized experience that is second to none. The experienced online store understands the stressors of brides and provides them with all the assurance and information they need to feel confident while ordering their dream wedding dress online.


Made With Love is elegant and charming with a subtle daring edge that will captivate your senses. Sultry and classy, the Made With Love bridal gowns are incredibly romantic and the perfect fit for a sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic. You will always find sophistication and drama in these dazzling collections which will have you causing a scene in the best kind of way. Australian-based Made with Love Bridal was born out of a desire to create climatically beautiful and intricately detailed pieces, worthy only of the noted occasion of two hearts in a union. Most Made with Love brides are based internationally and hence it goes without saying how they couldn't try on their wedding dresses until they arrive by post. But the sheer assurance that they are in good hands makes hundreds of brides proud owners of Made with Love designer dresses. 


Made with Love designer wedding dresses are made from the most beautiful and high-quality fabrics that are handpicked by the team of designers and seamstresses including tulle, satin, lace, beads, hand-made lace, and satin-organza. Their lace origin ranges from small towns in France to big cities like New York. Some of the bridal collections from the house of Made with Love feature designs in ivory, bone, nude, and tan. The amazing modern and vintage bridal collections feature many jaw-dropping, body-hugging designs that show off a bride's beautiful curves. Each design is created by a small family-like team, handmade with craftsmanship, love, and best wishes. These wedding dress collections are for the bride who wants to be seen and appreciated for all the curves and highlights of her body's natural built. 


Made with Love: Price & size 

Made With Love bridal collections feature gorgeous and eye-catching designs that are sure to make any bride swoon. These uber bridal collections pack a lot of sass in a no-fuss dress. Considered to be one of the most popular wedding dress designers of 2020, this wedding dress designer is a favorite among brides around the world. From being featured numerous times on wedding blogs and articles, this popular bridal dress designer is one of the most visited icons on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Most wedding dresses from the house of Made with Love take anywhere between 10 to 12 months including shipment and delivery. They have a sample size of each wedding dress in a size from 8 to 12. They also have beautiful sleek modern dresses with soft fabrics which let brides have a choice of a comfortable wedding dress that is very lightweight and in trend with bridal fashion.


Made with Love: The bridal dress collections

Made With Love Bridal collections produce beautiful, stylish, and affordable wedding dresses for both modern and traditional brides. With a relaxed and 'girl next door' vibe, these wedding dresses are perfect for brides who want to have a little fun on their wedding day. Some of the prime bridal collections feature amazing wedding gowns like 'Ryder', the enchanting wedding dress with a statement-making power and oozing with style, and 'Penny', the ultimate shape-shifting, curve-hugging, and extraordinarily charming wedding dress with a boned corset and cups with a slight mermaid skirt that shapes even the finest curves. Some other designer bridal gowns like 'Lola' are considered to be the most sultry, as it is a handmade wedding dress with beaded sparkle lace with a structured boned corset bodice, and 'Rosey' the effortlessly beautiful and charming lace wedding dress. Made With Love designer bridal collections feature wedding dress styles that are glamorous yet also have elements of tradition, chic, and romance.


For all the brides who love style influencers and dynamic wedding trends, with a touch of class and sophistication, Made with Love preowned can be the ultimate destination. And for all the brides on a budget who are looking to celebrate their wedding day in a truly unique way by getting dolled up in a crisp white designer wedding gown can opt for one from the Made with Love resale collection by Borrowing Magnolia. Get your hands on one of the most coveted and dreamy second-hand Made with Love wedding dresses, beautifully crafted by one of the most popular and award-winning bridal couture designers across the globe.


Known to be one of the leading edge design revolutionists, your selection of a preloved Made with Love wedding gown can tell a million stories about your unique sense of style and personality on your wedding day. Creating a statement and making you look like a true celebrity, the classic range of Made with Love preowned bridal gowns will set your day on fire, by making you look like a style statement icon in a truly sophisticated and timeless way.

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