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A Mon Cheri dress can be soft and classically elegant or sexy and sassy, but it is never the one to be overlooked.

Mon Cheri Wedding Dresses

A Mon Cheri dress can be soft and classically elegant or sexy and sassy, but it is never the one to be overlooked. Designed to impress, every Mon Cheri collection is as varied as the women who wear them, they are rich in detail, design, and soul!

After much prep and excitement, your wedding day is just around the corner, and you can hardly stay still with the excitement. We get it. The wedding day is after all of the most memorable and important days in a person's life. It is one of those days which will stand out in your life with brilliance of its own. A day celebrating your love, your wedding day provides you the opportunity of expressing your unique personalities with the aesthetics which make the most sense to you. While it is a huge celebration, there is an expectation from the couples to get everything just right. Everything from the venue to the hairclip needs to be perfect. From the bridesmaid dresses to the way you arrange your tresses, from the perfect combination of hues to the sentimental selection of something blues, everything has to align perfectly with your vision of your perfect day. And above all the other elements, the dress has to charm everyone like a love spell! The wedding dress not only pulls the wedding together with the right look and feel but also establishes the tone of the wedding day. The dress is not only about just dressing the bride up for the most magical day of her life, but it is also about adding so much to the overall aesthetics. Apart from the aesthetics, the dress also holds a lot of emotions within its silky threads. Every pleat, every floral embellishment, every fluff of tulle holds so many emotions in it, no wonder it is a dress which makes a bride spill a tear or two, all of the joy, of course! The dress is created to be the center of attention, it is created to charm, to demand all eyes to be on the bride as she walks down the aisle, and it has sure known how to entrap hearts as it twirls and sways across the hall room. Clearly, it is more than just an outfit that holds in its delicate threads the hopes, excitements, and tender emotions of the most beautiful days of your life. This is the reason the search for the perfect dress is a significant one, and it is reasonable why brides search high and low for that ideal dress, the one which fits their dream ideally and stands out in the sea of white dresses. No matter what the wedding theme is and what the bride's vibe is, there are several options to present relevant opportunities to each of those brides. Whether the bride is a city girl or one with a rustic soul, whether the style of the wedding is industrial-chic or traditional, whether the location is the forest or a desert, there is a dress with her name written on it. While it might take a while to find the one, the feeling of slipping into a dress that feels just right is unparalleled.


There is something that makes every wedding dress special, regardless of the price, the designer, or the quality. It is, after all, a dress in which you will be getting married. However, it can't be disputed that there is a bit of extra charm in a designer wedding dress. We can't really tell what it is. Maybe it's the name on the dress which naturally makes it alluring, maybe it's the awareness that the dress is a privilege in itself and is not made for everyone. Or maybe it's the premium-quality luxurious fabrics, the exceptional craftsmanship, the refined yet exquisite work on the embellishments, there is something magical about a labeled wedding dress that contributes towards making the wearer feel extra special and like it is made particularly for you! For a fashion-conscious bride with an inclination for fashion, a designer wedding dress is a dream, and they probably have the cut, material, design, and designer in mind! Almost every bride wishes to leave a lasting picture in everyone's mind on her special day, and a designer dress will definitely accomplish that! While there are several popular wedding gown designers out there, each one of them provides a separate style and story. With so many opportunities available, it is guaranteed that every bride, no matter how individual her personality and style is, gets the ideal fit that matches the vision. If you are a bride who appreciates the right balance between simple and sexy silhouettes, a Mon Cheri wedding dress might be in the order! Beautiful dresses which walk the thin line between classic and sexy, every dress from Mon Cheri designer house will leave you feeling pretty and confident on that aisle! Let us take a more intimate look at the brand and all that it stands for. 


Mon Cheri- The Beginning!

Mon Cheri Bridals was established in July of 1991 and it has been a leader in the bridal and special occasion industries since then. The CEO Stephen Lang has clear goals for Mon Cheri- to excel as a leading bridal gown and wedding dress manufacturer by both quality products as well as excellent customer relations. Wedding dresses were only the commencement for Mon Cheri and today the company produces over twenty special occasion product lines all over the world. A leader in the bridal and fashion industries, Mon Cheri gave a competitive edge to the other wedding dress brands by using color on traditional bridal gowns. Mon Cheri has introduced colors like Rum Pink, Blush, and Café to the bridal collection, which quickly caught on and inspired other manufacturers to add color to their own bridal collections.


Mon Cheri- Inspiration and Approach

Each of the collections of Mon Cheri packs a punch and leaves an impact that stays on for a long while. While each collection is varied and unique in its own might, they are common in their design sensibilities and aim to impress! From the plush details of European lace, Swarovski crystals, artistic embroidery, and exquisite draping of the Ivonne D Collection to the subtle celebration of femininity witnessed in the perfect balance between simple and sexy silhouettes of the Enchanting Collection, every piece is a unique, special and inspiring!


Mon Cheri- Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations 

In 1997, Lang detected a demand in the marketplace for mother of the bride and mother of the groom dress suits, cocktail dresses, ball gowns, and formal dresses, and therefore established Montage by Mon Cheri, which not only raised the standard in special occasion dresses but also proved to be very successful and claimed several awards. Designer Ivonne Dome joined Mon Cheri as the special occasion designer for Montage by Mon Cheri, The Ivonne D Collection, Cameron Blake, Martin Thornburg and Social Occasions by Mon Cheri. In the Spring 2001 season, the Cameron Blake collection was introduced, which appealed to women of a mature age who wouldn't compromise on style and grace. 2007 saw the emergence of the groundbreaking bridal gown collection by Sophia Tolli, who with her unmatched craftsmanship and outstanding fit, provided an array of gorgeous bridal gowns and wedding dresses with her trademark draping and corset backs. In the Spring 2013 season, Edward Berger, a manufacturer of bridal headpieces since 1922, devised a new collection particularly for Mon Cheri which included a gorgeous assemblage of veils, headpieces, hats, and more! To this date, Mon Cheri Bridals continues to grow and inspire many excited brides-to-be!


Wedding dresses are pretty! There are no two ways about it. They bring in their flowy skirts the mysterious power to not only set the aesthetics of the wedding but influence emotionally, easily drawing emotional responses and cheering up a face like no other dress. While we strongly think that a dress doesn't have to be a designer piece to make your special day extraordinary, a designer dress sure makes it pretty amazing. The designer dress has an allure of its own, something irresistible which pulls a bride-to-be towards it. It is meant to claim the limelight and do so with grace and luxury which might be challenging to match with just any other dress. Created with the most delicate of materials varying from silky fabrics, tender laces and dramatic cuts, elaborate adornments, and trimmings, a designer wedding dress is brought to a bride with the magic of its own. The reasons to buy a designer wedding dress are many, starting from the opulent feel that the dress presents, the excellent selection of material and embellishments which grant a premium look to the dress, the excellent quality of skills and procedures at work to the way it fits like a dream and makes one look like a vision. All of these reasons are just some of the many reasons which make a designer dress more than just a pretty outfit, but rather an exhilarating experience in itself. The experience which is guaranteed to you the moment you lay eyes on the dress in the designer's store and live till you take it off finally, pat it lovingly and tuck it away in storage! If you can afford to get that pretty dress of your dreams first hand, great news, but if you can't or don’t want to as an eco-conscious bride, there is no need to worry, because second-hand is a solid option too! The second-hand source is the ideal sweet spot for brides on a budget to get their hands on a pretty designer dress. Think Mon Cheri resale or Mon Cheri wedding gowns for sale!

While the dream is to walk down the aisle in a dress that brightens up the room instantly, and head to your sweetheart among appreciative glances and oohs and aahs! While some brides can manage to get their hands on a designer dress that enables them to live that dream, not all brides get a taste of that! Not all brides can afford to pay a huge chunk of money for a dress which they will possibly wear once. This is why the dreams of floating down the way in that beautiful dress are often tucked away, never to be fulfilled. However, with second-hand wedding dresses in the picture, things are pretty much different! Not only do you get to encounter your designer dream, but the prices are also noticeably lower for the same fabulous designer dresses. It also provides you a fresh boost of perspective about how you view your wedding dress, and how its lifespan can be more than just for one day's wear. The trend of buying and selling a pre-loved bridal gown is precisely the kind of thing that bridges the gap between the fashion-loving bride-to-be and their potential dream dresses, all the while providing a fraction of the price and making a decision which is more suitable for the planet! Now there’s a long list of pros! Having the option of investing in a sustainable wedding dress lets one savor luxury and still take home the moralistic reassurance that they are providing towards a more sustainable way of living. It positively impacts the carbon footprint on our planet and offers a more eco-friendly way of existence, which is an amazing thing by itself. Finding a Mon Cheri wedding gown for sale is one of the most marvelous yet sustainable things you can do as a bride. It challenges our social make-up about how a wedding dress is one-time wear and how high fashion cannot be accomplished without severely impacting the bank balance! Second-hand wedding dresses come in as a relief for the budget brides enabling several fashion-conscious brides with a budgetary limitation to experiencing the magic of a designer wedding gown. While there are many platforms to choose from, if you are particularly fond of a Mon Cheri wedding gown that has been pre-worn and pre-loved, there are several suitable websites that might still bring your visions to life! A pre-owned Mon Cheri wedding dress promises a taste of luxury without you having to pay a substantial amount for it. Second-hand wedding gowns like these have not only led to a revolution in the sustainable fashion industry, but it has also influenced the carbon footprint in the clothing industry. It has also reestablished the fragile hopes of a bride who just wants to wear a beautiful designer dress on her wedding day. There is no doubt that it is financially and sustainably better, but that’s also true that you still get to look like a million bucks along the way, something that all brides secretly desire! And after the vows are said, the confetti settles and the wedding songs fade, the beautiful piece of clothing can be passed down again for the next bride to savor!

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