Moonlight Bridal Wedding Dresses
Moonlight Bridal

Exquisitely beautiful and immaculate attention to detail, a Moonlight Bridal wedding dress is sure to make the first day of your happily-ever-after a lot happier!

Moonlight Bridal Wedding Dresses

Just like the name suggests, there is something enchanting and ethereal about a Moonlight Bridal wedding dress, from its composition to its details. Exquisitely beautiful and immaculate attention to detail, this is a designer bridal brand that is sure to make the first day of your happily-ever-after a lot happier!


It is amazing how a single moment can change everything in the grand spectrum of things. Like the way a butterfly flapping her wings can result in a hurricane, there are so many instances in our lives which can change the course of our lives instantly. On a nonchalant romantic evening, when the air is full of love and the birds are singing like angels, you notice something different about your partner. Their eyes indicate that something big is about to come. The next thing you know, your BAE is on their one knee and whips out a diamond-studded ring. It renders you speechless with joy, and you just can’t find the words, but a look is enough to say “Yes!” The setting may be different, but the feelings remain the same. Your partner might propose to you in a fancy French restaurant or when you’re both cozy in the blanket, watching a favorite movie. Yet, that mix of love-induced ecstasy, excitement, nervousness, and hopefulness remains consistent! At that very moment, your world has permanently shifted, and an eternal journey of love begins. Once the excitement of the moment wears off a bit, you both begin another journey – the journey of wedding planning!


Of course, you want your wedding to be just perfect. From the right band with the right tunes to the perfect buffet, everything has to be on point. Wedding planning can be a difficult task, but it’s as exciting as the wedding itself. You take time off work and begin researching. It’s a very important time when you both develop as people. It can be tedious and difficult at times. However, as every couple that has gone through the same thing will tell you, the love you have for each other makes it exciting. You can hire a professional wedding planner, but it’s a must that you’re involved in every aspect of your wedding planning. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey that you get to make to bring the vision of your perfect wedding day to life. 


While planning for a wedding, it is recommended that you begin your wedding planning journey well in advance! That way, you can make better arrangements without straining your pockets. A lot of decent venues and wedding bands get booked in advance. Thus, if you delay the bookings for too long, you might have to settle for less-than-ideal DJs and caterers. Apart from that, you can have a wider range of selections on your hand if you begin researching and searching well in advance. It’s the same with wedding dresses, but also, a lot different! Wedding dresses get booked or bought quickly, especially if it’s wedding season. Thus, in order to land a decent wedding dress, you have to take action quickly. The dress is one aspect of your wedding planning journey that will stand out. The reason behind that is that a wedding dress will be very personal to you. You will wear it as you walk down the aisle, and it’s important that the dress makes you stand out from the rest as it’s your big day. Apart from that, unlike other aspects such as the food and venue, you get to keep the wedding dress. Thus, it will carry the memories of your wedding day and will act as a kind of souvenir. 


Due to the sheer importance of the wedding dress, it is crucial that you go for the best. Your wedding dress is one thing on which you should spend with an open heart. Do not settle for anything that doesn’t please you. The wedding dress will be a part of you on the biggest day in your life. That is exactly why most brides tend to go for designer wedding dresses. However, if getting your dress in the local mall or a thrift store is more your vibe, go ahead. As we always say, it is you who makes the dress, and not the other way around. And we are yet to see a bride who does not look like a picture of perfection on her wedding day, regardless of the origin of the dress! That being said, it is undeniable that a designer wedding dress will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you are a bride who loves the world of fashion and has done her research, a designer wedding dress is sure to be your absolute dream. You might already have your designer in mind or your dress picked out and have inspiration pictures ready! If you are the bride who appreciates the finer details like dramatic backs and exquisite draping in a wedding dress, Moonlight Bridal might be the name you are looking for! From gorgeous dresses with dreamy silhouettes to exceptional attention to detail, every dress by Moonlight Bridal is an incarnation of magic! No matter what your wedding theme, colors or season is, you are sure to find a Moonlight wedding dress to do justice to your vibe!


Moonlight Bridal- The Beginning

Ever since 1986, Moonlight Bridal has been one of the most prominent names in the bridal industry. Their wedding dresses have been otherworldly and a popular choice among modern brides. The reason for their popularity is their ability to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Moonlight Bridal wedding dresses emphasize the subjective experience of the bride and set out to render their wedding day completely magical. With their attention to the details, they have established a coveted place for themselves in the industry. 


Moonlight Bridal- Inspiration & Approach

What sets Moonlight Bridal wedding dresses apart from the rest of its competition is its approach. They do not make dresses but stitch a brand-new experience for their brides. The emphasis is on the magical experience provided to the bride on their special day. This is manifested via perfect fits, premium and luxurious fabrics, rich lace, and their trademark hand-sewn Swarovski crystal details. Their attention to detail made this designer company what they are today. Moonlight Bridal offers three collections – Moonlight Couture, Moonlight Collection, and Moonlight Tango. Each caters to the various tastes of various brides-to-be. All of these collections have one thing in common – they highlight the individual beauty of the bride and compliment them on their big day without taking away the spotlight from them. 


Each dress that is made by Moonlight Bridal wedding dresses is overseen by their sister design duo to ensure top-notch quality. The focus here, again, is on details – the perfectly proportioned layers, dramatic and iconic back detailing, and curve enhancing draping. Moonlight Bridal wedding gown also offers other features such as fabric changes, design customizations, and expedited shipping. What underlies all of this is one philosophy – offering brides original, magical hand-stitched experiences to ensure a pleasantly memorable day. 


Moonlight Bridal- Popular Styles, Collections & Collaborations

Moonlight Bridal offers four major collections to brides-to-be. These are – Moonlight Couture, Moonlight Collection, Moonlight Modest, and Moonlight Tango. Moonlight Couture features some amazing, timeless gowns that are bound to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The gowns in this collection are classics that will perhaps never go out of fashion. Featuring ornate embellishments, lavish beading, and exquisite embroidery, these gowns are a perfect pick for someone who is looking for a timeless gown that can be passed on to their daughters. The fabric quality of gowns featured in this collection will ensure that they last for years and years to come. The Moonlight Collection features gowns with an enhanced feminine touch. Featuring sweetheart bodices and pleated satin, these gowns are the pinnacle of feminine elegance. These gowns look absolutely magical and will make you feel like a 21st-century princess. The Moonlight Modest collection is there to cater especially to modest brides who believe in the elegance of simplicity. This collection offers sleeved and boho wedding dresses with a bit of conservative touch to them. With the mind-blowing designs coupled with the luxurious fabrics, these conservative gowns are for those brides who go for classiness. Conservative gowns have always been a popular choice, and if you’re looking for a decent pick, it is recommended that you choose one from the Moonlight Modest collection. Perfect for micro-weddings, the dresses featured in the Moonlight Tango collection will speak to your soul. The gowns featured in this collection are slick and stylish with added sexiness. You will find the best modern wedding dresses in this collection that will hypnotize you with their beauty. From back-accented dresses to off-white ones, the Moonlight Tango collection has it all. Apart from these collections, you can have your pick of vintage dresses and custom designs. With Moonlight Bridal, the possibilities are just endless.


Moonlight Bridal- The Takeaway

As any bridal dress expert will tell you, there’s a reason why the Moonlight Bridal name sells. Each one of their wedding dresses is a creative masterpiece that has the power to capture the imagination of an audience. If you go with a dress from Moonlight Bridal, you will have on your hands a quality gown unaffected by wear and tear that won’t go out of fashion easily. Apart from that, Moonlight Bridal offers brides a wide range of selections from various collections. Whatever be your taste, Moonlight Bridal will cater to it.


We’ve established that having a good wedding dress is an extremely important aspect of your wedding day. However, only designer dresses can offer you a build quality that will last and looks that won’t go out of fashion that easily. Once you get your hands on a decent designer wedding dress such as the Moonlight Bridal, you can save it for your daughter or sell it later on. Thus, whatever you choose to do with it, later on, it’s a decent investment. Moreover, only a designer wedding dress will have the fabric quality that can last for years. Therefore, if you plan to have your daughter have the option of wearing the same wedding dress, it is better that you invest in a designer dress that will actually last for that long. 


However, the most important thing on your wedding day should be you. The wedding dress should make you feel like a princess. Everything else becomes irrelevant. And your wedding day will only come once in your lifetime. Thus, it is better that you go with your dream dress, even if it requires you to spend a bit extra. Designer dresses have a different vibe to them altogether. If your dream dress is just too expensive for you to afford, you can always go for a preowned one.


Even if you cannot afford to buy a brand-new designer wedding dress, there are ways around it. For starters, you can rent a designer wedding dress. However, there are a couple of downsides to this alternative. Firstly, you will have to make sure that you keep the dress in pristine condition throughout the day. Thus, you will have to watch your step during your first dance, and also during the after-party. All in all, you will be conscious of not damaging the dress and will just not be able to stay in the moment. Moreover, a wedding dress becomes a very important souvenir once the wedding is over. It’s something that you should hold on to, as it will carry with it a lot of memories. Then, what should you do if you cannot rent a designer wedding dress nor buy it? The solution to this problem is buying a preowned designer wedding dress. A wedding dress is an outfit that you will only wear once. Most brides who buy their designer wedding dress tend to sell it later on in order to make some money. Most of the time, the dress is in top-notch condition, as it’s an outfit that is only worn once. These preowned designer wedding dresses will not strain your budget and look as good as new ones. All you have to do is make sure that the dress is to your liking and fits you. You can contact the seller and check out the dress in person to make a decision. You get to keep a designer dress, and you won’t have to worry about the budget too! Talk about a win-win! 

Preowned or second-hand wedding dresses are the future of the bridal industry. It’s no secret that humankind is on the verge of destroying this planet. Today, each action of ours has to be carefully considered in regard to its impact on the environment. Every responsible human being is trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Buying a brand-new designer wedding dress is not only an expensive idea but also increases the carbon footprint on the planet. Secondhand wedding dresses are not only far cheaper but also let you be less wasteful with your wedding plans! The used wedding dress buying and selling platforms allow brides-to-be to afford their dream dresses while keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. Finding a used Moonlight Bridal wedding dress might be the most perfect thing to happen, as it lets you live your Moonlight wedding dreams without breaking the bank for it, or adding to the landfills! In the 21st century, going for a preowned wedding dress is the best way to go about bridal dress shopping. You will get quality dresses for a lot less and not contribute to global warming. Moreover, you’ll end up helping another individual who will benefit from selling their wedding gown. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved – the seller, the buyer, the platform, and most importantly, the environment!

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