Olvi’s Designer Wedding Dresses
Olvi’s Designer

Olvi's wedding dress is surely the last word in a lace wedding dress! It is made of the finest lace from Europe, and created with the most skilled minds and best of technique, making a dress that will forever speak of romance, class, and elegant femininity!

Olvi’s Designer Wedding Dresses

Olvi's wedding dress is surely the last word in a lace wedding dress! It is made of the finest lace from Europe, and created with the most skilled minds and best of technique, making a dress that will forever speak of romance, class, and elegant femininity!


Love has a way of making everything better and our lives fuller, and the work of love can be seen everywhere around us! From art to literature, from songs to epics, love is everywhere, and we as humans can't escape its magic too! Two hearts in love is the most enchanting and glorious thing one can experience in this lifetime. From the moment you lay eyes on your sweetheart, every second is full of promises and the slow-brewing enthusiasm for the future is bound to trickle in. Then comes the lovely day when you get to say “Yes” to an eternity together! Within minutes, with just a ring slipping onto your finger and an excited affirmative answer on your lips, your entire life shifts instantly. In a snap! Just like that! Just after the initial brilliance of the engagement dims down a little, the winding yet amazing journey of wedding planning begins! There are napkins that need to be paired with the table settings and wedding party dresses that need to be considered, flowers that need to be chosen, and cakes to be sampled, and all the while maintaining your fitness regime, keeping clear skin, and sleeping 7 hours a day! And then there is the dress! 


The dress is surely no passing decision which is taken lightly, as it is the dress which steals most of the glances and certainly takes the spotlight out of all the big and little wedding elements of the day! A bride in a gorgeous wedding gown is a sight to behold, and can create a lasting moment for both the couple and the guests! Composed like a beautiful symphony, together with silky gatherings of fabric, the most exquisite of embellishments, and the most dainty of laces, the life of a wedding dress is justified when it succeeds to bring in impressed gasps and loving looks towards the bride. Clearly, a wedding dress is more than just a dress! On looking closely, you will find it is held together with pieces of dreams and sparks of excitement. It makes absolute sense for brides from all over the world to be so excited and motivated to pick just the perfect wedding dress. And there are so many to choose from too! It is safe to say that there are as many wedding dresses out there, as there are brides-to-be. Whether you are a bride with a fondness for the beach or love the bucolic rustic vibe, whether you are a traditional bride or more of a free spirit, there is sure to be a dress that fits your vision as well as you!. From mermaid cuts to sleek sheath dresses, from traditional ball gowns to bridal jumpsuits, there is a dress to suit all wedding themes, wedding styles, color palettes, and moods. Sure, it can take a while to get the perfect dress, but the feeling presented by the perfect dress is unmatched by any other on a bride’s special day. 


There is no doubt that every wedding dress, whether it is the latest designer number, passed down from your grandmother, bought in a department store 70% sale, or found in a thrift store, is equally special! A bride is not made by the dress itself, but it's her overall enthusiasm and uncanny allure that make her special! A bride will look equally excited and content marrying in a dress she chose, irrespective of those factors because she is marrying the love of her life! That being said, there is something about a designer dress that surely stands out! Clearly, there are two types of brides- the one who will be delighted with any dress that fits well and looks nice and the one who has been saving up for that designer dress for years so that she can look absolutely fabulous on her special day. If you are later, you must already be researching that perfect designer dress for your future wedding, and have reference sketches, inspo pictures and silhouettes, and fabric choices ready! For a bride who is intimately fascinated by the world of fashion, a designer wedding dress is an element that can be filed under "essential" for her special day. It is the dream of almost every bride to say "I Do" in a beautiful yet memorable dress by their favorite designer. While there are many marvelous popular wedding gown designers out there, different designers serve different clients, ensuring every bride has options. If you are a bride with a thing for romantic and feminine lace details and the texture and the edge it provides to the bridal fashion, Olvi's is just the name you need to know. Elegant dresses with enticingly feminine lace details, every piece from the designer is a piece of art! Let us take a closer look at Olvi's bridal collections, and get to know the designer a little bit.


Olvi’s- The Beginning

Olvi's story began with the story of a little girl who once dreamed of princess dresses and later ended up dressing real-life princesses. It all began in a small village where Olga, the founder and the driving force behind Olvi grew up. While life wasn't all fairytales and magic and make-believe, Olga pursued her love of handmade lace, and was determined to not let situations in her life ruin her dreams or her wardrobe! Following her big dreams of the world of fashion, Olga headed West to Amsterdam, where she created her first design! There, in a tiny atelier, slowly but surely, her passion and her vision shaped her dreams into reality, and Olvi’s brand was born. Olvi's collection now includes sophisticated long and cocktail dresses, skirts, trousers, tunics, jackets, a stunning bridal selection, and much more. Each piece is made by hand using the finest stretch French lace. Olvi's pieces are made for the most refined women across the globe who have embraced their femininity in an easy and effortless way!


Olvi’s- Inspiration & Approach

Olvi's craftsmanship is unmatched, and every dress as well as other garments here are created by hand by the most experienced seamstresses and dressmakers across Europe. These creators are especially skilled in working with delicate fabrics and are still able to tailor the lace in a conventional way that keeps the unusual character of the delicate fabric. Every piece is created by one person from start to finish, and consequently, keeping a powerful connection with the piece. Nothing is computerized or standardized and is promised to never be, as Olvi’s is a brand that will never compromise on craftsmanship. And Olvi's bridal dress is full of romance, finer taste, and femininity, and every dress is built without compromising on quality! 

Olvi’s- Popular Styles, Collections & Collaborations

Made from her patented French stretch lace, each bridal dress from Olvi is built to provide the utmost glamorous looks. While the core vibe of Olvi’s designer dress is fluidly feminine, romantic, and vintage, each of the designer's collections speaks of a different theme. While the La Vie Boheme collection speaks of a woman with a feminine free spirit, featuring beading, floral embroidery, and tassels, the Alchemy collection is enchanting and features cascading lengths, applique flowers, dreamy floral prints, and dramatic cuts! The Royal Romance collection stays true to the signature Olvi’s values while encompassing the trend of relaxed elegance in bridal fashion. Inspired by Baroque and Victorian splendor, the Royal Romance collection is centered around femininity and the female body, set against a backdrop of imperial and surreal times. The Savannah collection on the other hand is dreamy and rustic, featuring gorgeous lace mermaid dresses with classy timeless appeal. Overall, every dress in Olvi’s collection is a celebration of lace in all its glory and that is not all! It is also a celebration of women!

Olvi’s- The Takeaway

Olvi’s wedding dresses are each hand-made in Europe from the finest French stretch lace and each of Olvi's talented designers is a craftsman of fine lace dresses like no other. Even though endlessly beautiful and painfully romantic in their aesthetics, these gowns are for the bride that puts comfort above all. The quality of Olvi’s lace is justified by the fact that many designers use her lace in their designs! A stunning Olvi’s lace wedding dress can be bought for anywhere between $2200 to $5500 when bought first hand! Each dress is a masterpiece and a dream waiting to be worn, a bride who chooses an Olvi’s dress over others sure knows quality! An Olvi’s dress is for the women who are unapologetically feminine, classy and romantic, while still being variable and layered, just like the laces the brand used! 


If you know, you know! There is something about designer dresses that just strikes differently. Can you love a regular wedding dress? Of course, you can! But it doesn't take away from the fact that there is something about the designer dress which is indescribably alluring. Is it the name associated with the dress? Is it the painstakingly sourced yards of dreamy fabrics? Is it the way it feels rich and luxurious in your skin? Is it just the way the adornments sparkle a bit differently? We might never know why, but we can't ignore how a designer wedding dress radiates a little more brilliant than the rest. From the time you discover it on the rack, to the time you slip it on for the first time to the time you walk down the aisle in it, every moment is promised to be a pure enchantment. If you can afford to buy yourself that pretty dress off the rack, that's great news, but if you can't, second-hand will always have your back! Having the option of buying a sustainable wedding dress allows one to try out luxury and feel like a princess without spending an exorbitant amount for it is a revolutionary moment for the wedding dress industry and the brides-to-be! And you can do this and go home with the knowledge that you are sequentially subscribing to a more sustainable lifestyle


A sustainable wedding dress has a two-way benefit with one part being about the fashion-conscious bride being able to get her designer dress at a competitive price, and the other being about going home with your conscience at rest that the dress that she paid for is eco-friendly, well-made and has a longer lifespan than the normal wedding dresses. A gorgeous dress created with the most refined of materials and placing some great skills at work certainly deserves more wear to serve its purpose on this planet well. It hugely diminishes the carbon impact on our planet and offers a more eco-friendly lifestyle, which is an enormous win by itself. Finding an Olvi’s wedding gown for sale or a dress from Olvi’s resale is one of those important highs which make your wedding day even more exceptional!


It is a dream of most brides-to-be to don a pretty designer dress as she gets married to the love of her life. A beautiful dress with the choicest of materials, and which fits like the pieces of a puzzle, the right designer wedding dress is sure to make the already special day even more so! While the appeal of designer wedding dresses is compelling, most brides with designer dreams also can't yield it or afford it. While in some cases the designs and unique pieces are not mass-produced and are challenging to get hold of, designer pieces, especially designer wedding gowns, can get pretty pricey. This is when a pre-owned designer dress comes along and changes everything in that space. The delicate thread of owning a pre-loved bridal gown is exactly the kind of thing that connects fashion-loving brides-to-be to possible dream dresses while spending just a portion of the price. It reemphasizes the fact that high fashion doesn't have to always be costly, and with the right outlook, can be accomplished with much less. A suitable fit for budget brides with an affinity for eco-friendly fashion, a pre-owned wedding dress suits the measure, financially as well as fashionably. Promoting several trend-conscious brides with limited resources to revel in the fine beauty of a designer dress, a pre-owned Olvi's bridal gown is a permit to luxury without having to pay as much. 


Second-hand wedding gowns like Olvi's preowned wedding dress have not only sparked waves of change in the sustainable fashion industry as a whole but have also influenced the total carbon footprint of the clothing industry. It has also refurbished the precious dreams of a bride who wants to wear that designer dress on her special day, her budget notwithstanding. It has brought into light how it is significantly better to have a gorgeous piece of clothing worn as many times as possible, than to just use it once and put it away forever. Buying pre-owned urges brides to love a piece of clothing with fresh attention, even when it is preowned and pre-loved, and moves it on to add appeal to another brides’ wedding day. While this is a newer concept, it is a wholesome and complete journey for a wedding dress to go through!

Image Courtesy : Enchanted Brides

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