Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses
Pnina Tornai

Pnina Tornai bridal collection is not for the simple and understated brides but for those bold and extravagant brides who are dreaming about wearing something lit for their ‘I Do’ moment.

Pnina Tornai Wedding Dresses

Pnina Tornai bridal collection is not for the simple and understated brides but for those bold and extravagant brides who are dreaming about wearing something lit for their ‘I Do’ moment. Pnina Tornai, a famed Israeli bridal designer, is a name that doesn’t need an introduction. From flowy, princess-inspired dresses to trendy body-hugging celebrity-style ball gowns, you will find an unimaginable variety in her creations for your special occasion. Her passion for ornamenting the brides is clearly visible in her designs. Whether it’s a classic wedding dress with clean lines and intricate details or a bold and modern yet sophisticated, hand-embroidered ball gown, her magic touch can turn any fabric into a dreamy attire worth millions. Plunging necklines, low backs corsets, lace-up corsets, hand-beaded silver laces, and crystal and stone embellishments are cachets of Pnina Tornai's plush and magnificent wedding gowns. Nothing screams ‘luxurious’ as Pnina Tornai wedding dresses do! Remember, if you want to look Cinderella, you need a fairy godmother, and that’s what Pnina Tornai is!

A little birdie told us that you have found the ring box hidden in a bouquet of your favorite flowers on your recent date night! Congratulations! So the dream of wearing that princess-like wedding dress is soon going to be a beautiful reality. But with thousands of bridal designers and millions of wedding dresses at your disposal in the wedding dress market, finding that one and only wedding gown might feel like looking for a needle in the haystack to you like many other soon-to-be brides. Fret not, if you are reading us, you have already made your way to your dream bridal gown!

Be a Pnina Bride With Pride

No matter how beautifully you have been created by the creator, it’s the outfit that defines your hard-earned toned figure multiplying your beauty. Whether it’s a bold, backless wedding gown, accenting the female form, and allowing peeks of skin to show through or a sophisticated and timeless high-neck wedding outfit with a floor-sweeping train, Pnina Tornai wedding gowns are for you! Your wedding is the door to your happily ever after with your prince charming, and you have to look nothing short of a princess on the day you tie the knot with him. Your wedding dress is going to be the piece de resistance of your entire bridal look, as well as the first thing eyes are drawn to as you walk down the aisle. Whether you are a bride with a budget or a bazillionaire with a wallet full of dollars, Pnina Tornai's Love Collection is for every bride to allow them to have the opportunity to slip into their very own Pnina Tornai dress down the aisle. Inspired by nothing but love, the LOVE collection boasts more than thirty dresses and mirrors Tornai’s couture collection in style, construction, and fabrication. Not only LOVE by Pnina Tornai, but Pnina’s every collection is also inspired by all of the LOVE she receives from brides and soon-to-be brides worldwide that desire to be a Pnina bride. After she touches the dresses it turns out to be magical. Every single dress from her vibrant collection of second-hand Pnina Tornai wedding dresses comes with a promise to transform you into a beautiful bride. With a little time and effort, you can find the perfect bridal dress that can spell magic on your groom. Whether you choose a bridal gown with the flowers, exaggerated to larger-than-life dimensions, or her fabulous crystal-embellished gown with intricate details, you’ll look fantastic straight out of a Hollywood movie on your wedding day! 

Pnina Tornai- Halo of Glory: Long Story Short

Who doesn’t know, ‘Say Yes to the Dress’-famed Pnina Tornai - the queen of bling?! Born in 1962 to Shai Assis, an Israeli diplomat from Alexandria. Pnina is the eldest of his four daughters. Her mother, who passed away recently, was from Tangiers. Pnina Tornai is a world-famous fashion and wedding dress designer, reality, and daytime TV personality. Her journey from a cute little Pearl (later translated to Pnina) to bold and beautiful bridal designer Pnina Tornai to personable and incredible ‘fairy godmother of brides’ is interesting and worth knowing. Since she was just three and a half years old she wanted to be the lady in the television and that's why today she is an actress and reality star in her country. It’s her parents who galvanized her passion for design by exposing her to elaborate cultural ceremonies and celebrations from a young age. Keeping her dream of becoming an actress alive she grew up finishing her high school education and enlisting in Israel's mandatory military service after graduating. Once she completed her military service Tornai decided to pursue her acting career by enrolling in an acting school in Paris, France. There she married and had her son David and lived for 10 years. Fashion was the only thing that she loved besides acting. Tornai set up a shop in a little Tel Aviv storefront with a sewing machine in the basement and began with just one seamstress making every day and evening dresses to sell, cutting the fabric at night. One day 19 years ago, a young woman from the north commissioned Tornai to make her a wedding dress in the same pattern as a black evening gown she had seen in the shop. On the wedding day, missiles fell near the nuptials, and the next morning the newlyweds' picture was on the front of all the Israeli newspapers. Suddenly, women started flooding Tornai with orders for that dress. She restored the store as a bridal salon and dreamed about the dresses falling from above. Though she now has the best seamstresses and pattern-makers in the world (as she claims) doing the cutting, sewing, and meticulous hand-beading and finishing, she's still the force behind every dress.

She was featured with her wedding gowns on TLC's highly successful reality TV show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ that airs in more than 145 countries worldwide. She came to be known after she began designing for New York’s renowned Kleinfeld Bridal. With stores (15+) in all parts of the world and a lot of media attention, Pnina Tornai today is known as a lifestyle specialist who not only rules social media but also brides’ hearts. For the last decade, Tornai has been the top seller at Kleinfeld Bridal. Tornai has dressed many royalties, celebrities, and pop icons for their special occasions. Pnina Tornai wedding dresses are crafted for the daring and ostentatious bride who wants a bold show-stopping look. The reigning champion of bridal wear, Pnina Tornai is not only a favorite amongst modern brides but also traditional stand-out brides. Where there is Pnina, there is magic, there is sparkle! With her gowns being the ultimate exquisite you can gain your dream bridal look. You would fall head over heels with these ten Pnina's most fabulous and blingy dresses designed by Pnina! She had participated in the celebrity version of Big Brother and MasterChef and acted in the main role in the Israeli version of Veep (Sitcom) as well. Currently, she is married to David Levinshtein (Minister), who is also her business partner. Not only her husband, but she involves her sister as a make-up artist and son as a graphic designer into her business too. She loves doing what she is doing and says- “She truly is blessed to have been chosen to do her profession to be a not only a fashion designer”.

Pnina Tornai: Journey from Israel to New York to the world

Despite being already the leading designer in Israel, it wasn't easy for her to get into Kleinfeld. Once rejected by Kleinfeld for her collection being overly sexy, she got a huge order from them after she returned with her slightly altered designs, adapted more to the American bride but still with the touch of sexiness. Today she is the only designer who has her own boutique inside of Kleinfeld. “If you throw me out of the door I have a tendency to come back through the window”, the stubborn Pnina says. It was her husband who encouraged her to show her huge potential to the world after seeing tremendous success from the fashion show that she showed in LA. She got out of Israel into New York and of course, “If you can make it here you can really make it anywhere”. She lived in Paris for ten years, traveled the world and she has seen every continent, but she finds New York City most amazing and magical.

Pnina Tornai Creations: Here’s the Skinny

Today's hottest wedding dress designer, Pnina Tornai shared how she began the transformation of a single Israeli mom, who never took a single sewing lesson, into the woman sought after by brides across the globe - or at least, brides on a generous budget. She envisioned one day, laying on a huge lawn, “gorgeous bridal dresses and ball gowns dropping down from the sky, shimmering with crystals, beads, and jewels.” When she woke from this dream, she took it as a sign from God and decided to be a wedding dress designer. After she entered Kleinfeld in 2005, her collection took the bridal industry into her stride. Tornai now visits New York City every month for two weeks to hold monthly trunk shows and also to meet with brides-to-be to help make the dress of their dreams and also. Her fabulous designs are distinctive, draped in sexiness with elegance as she would be bored just creating regular fashion ready-to-wear. Besides the recently added evening gowns to her collection, the Pnina Tornai product line boasts footwear, accessories, headpieces, jewelry, and fragrance, all befitting the brand’s couture aesthetic. This shows how much she loves accessorizing brides’ wedding looks as well! She also designs kaftans, which closely represents her heritage.

Pnina Tornai: A Pioneer, Innovator & Trendsetter

After hitting the headlines of The New York Times that read Tornai's dresses are "vixenish". Infamous bridal designer Pnina Tornai takes pride in being awarded by the ambassador of Israel in New York in America of course for opening the gates to all the Israeli designers that are now leading designers in the bridal industry and she truly believes that she changed the bridal landscape in the United States.

When it comes to wedding dresses designed by top-notch designers, there is a multitude of gowns to pick out: A-line, lace, organza, ball gown, mermaid, satin, sweetheart, cap sleeves, halter; the list keeps rolling. Every bride has an idea in mind of what her perfect wedding dress looks like and if bling is your thing! Try on wedding dresses designed by Queen of Bling. Pnina Tornai, an exclusive designer at Kleinfeld, is a supreme international bridal and eveningwear designer who brings you an unlimited unparalleled collection of bridal wear be it a silhouette for your romantic wedding or flared wedding gown for an elegant wedding. The LOVE collection features over thirty dresses and mirrors Tornai’s couture collection in style, construction, and fabrication. This collection offers a variety of silhouettes and fabrics including tulles, chiffons, laces, and satins as well as Tornai’s signature illusion corset and beading for the bride who wants to sparkle down the aisle.

Pnina Tornai, a New York-based designer, is known as one of the most popular wedding gown designers in the US. Her designs are genuine couture featuring luxurious fabrics to silhouettes that are fitted to each bride. Pnina Tornai wedding gowns are for the brides who want to look and feel glamorous, sexy, and elegant on her big day. The Queen of Bling has managed to surpass so many popular wedding dress designers, and this time her magical powers have blessed the world of evening couture. As if it wasn't enough that she adorns wedding dresses with the most brilliant crystals in the most exquisite way, Pnina Tornai has revived evening gowns out of their dull slump and made them truly shine again.

Pnina Tornai: Every bride is special for the Queen of Bling!

Her line of dresses is not only specialized for modern brides but religious Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu as well. She wanted to be covered for beautiful brides from India and China that wear a red dress. She has made a handful of the customized red dress and non-white wedding dresses for Indian brides and Chinese brides as well who wanted a traditional non-white Indian dress. The fact that she works with brides at the most vulnerable time of their lives where she can be kind of a fairy godmother to them and use all her experience in life to help them make the right decisions. She is one of the designers who has dressed a lot of same-sex weddings. Isn’t it amazing to see that we live in a world today that is a free world?! All we have to do is accept to be free and understand that we're all worthy; we can live our lives just the way we envision our lives. She truly doesn't believe in bridezillas. She understands that this is the moment when these women are at a very stressful time of their lives and she loves being by their side to help them and that's what makes her profession SO special to her.

Pnina Tornai: Down with a Pre-owned Wedding Dress?

We could see you are in a brown study whether or not to go for a second-hand wedding dress. Your wedding gown is irrefutably one of the most essential elements of your wedding day. You’ve probably been dreaming about it and all of its tiny details since you were a little girl who was a Disney movie stan. Unfortunately, the perfect wedding dress often doesn’t come alone and brings a not-so-perfect price tag with it. Whether you are a budget-savvy bride waiting for a trunk show or an upscale bride who can afford a brand new bridal dress but there is something in your head, even you don’t know what, that drags you to trawl pre-loved and second-hand wedding dress sites. We are already sending y’all a hand heart and saluting your eco-friendly heart for this little but significant contribution to preserve our mother nature with your wedding plans. And you too pat your back for making this earth-conscious choice. We should all remember to respect our generous mother earth and to respect one another. While there are so many eco-friendly wedding ideas, opting for a pre-owned wedding dress could be the best one that can save you hundreds of dollars which can add to planning a bigger honeymoon later. 

Pnina Tornai Resale: Preloved Bridal Dresses on Fleek

At Kleinfeld, Pnina Tornai dresses usually range between $2,400 and $5,000. Your wedding dress is something that you will most likely only wear once, and it can be tough to justify spending shy of 10% of your entire budget on just the gown. You love trying on many flowy, princess-inspired dresses and never get tired of doing it. Wedding dress shopping is amazing indeed! If you're about to start searching for the perfect preloved wedding dress preserved by the owner brides to say yes to, you and your bride crew will surely need captions for wedding dress shopping to help you embrace all the princess vibes to come, and the champagne, as well. Anything but boring, Pnina Tornai wedding gowns for sale are arresting in their own way making sure that you get your dream wedding look without breaking the bank. Bringing thousands of used and preowned gowns, Pnina Tornai Resale lets you shop discounted Pnina Tornai bridal collection at the lowest prices and feel like a princess without paying a king's ransom whether you pick shimmery gowns or glitter embossed open back corset gowns

Pnina Tornai: An A-list Designer- Brides’ First Choice

She loves meeting brides from all around the world. Different cultures. Different traditions. And this is what inspires her to give versatility to her bridal gowns. Bringing their inner princess out in her dress is something that’s paramount for Pnina. And what's her favorite part about working with the brides is really knowing a new person every time and being able to be there for her and to make her dream come true. After all, how many times in life are you lucky enough to be the one who makes somebody else's dream come true?! And she does that every day while seeing between 100 and 120 brides on a weekend. You can imagine how many dreams she is carrying on her back. She is indeed the fairy godmother of brides, that's how she is called. She herself donned a beautiful, very classicvery traditional dress made out of taffeta silk for her wedding, a fitted gorgeous entirely hand-beaded silver lace dress for the dancing, and a beautiful pair of denim that her beaders beaded entirely. She has been known for 26 years as a high-end couture designer and after so many brides wrote her love letters or sent messages to her Instagram saying, “I would love to be a Pnina bride but I can't afford it.” She thought of introducing low-priced designer bridal gowns so that she could be fair to all the brides. Thanks to social media! It’s her fans who inspired her to create the dresses at a lower price point and add it to her couture line. With an aim to make so many more brides happy, she presented her third collection named- 2019 love collection which did beautifully well.

Pnina Tornai: Plus Size Savior

It’s different shapes and sizes of your body that make you unique and appealing in your own way. Some of us are curvier, some of us have narrower hips or broader shoulders- we’re all a little bit different. Finding the perfect wedding dress that suits your body type seems like a daunting task at times. With numerous different silhouettes, styles, fabrics, and more, it can be challenging to get a favorite. No worries. The moment you’ll enter Pnina’s bridal world, you would know this is where your dream dress was hiding! ! Share what you have in your mind at your bridal appointment with them and Bingo! There is no harm in trying on different styles too. From dramatic mermaid gowns to simple sheaths, they have wedding dresses that will not only suit your pear or hourglass body type but also will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Whether you are a simple bride or more of an edgy princess and avant-garde kinda bride, Pnina’s dresses in her collection come in every size. A bride, who really wants to show her figure and wants to enjoy the most important event in her life, it really doesn't matter what size she is. The fashion world has seen radical changes in recent years and has become more inclusive than ever. You could find designers and stores where plus size bridal dresses are easily available without costing you an arm and a leg. More and more bridal gowns are coming in larger sizes now. Pnina embraces the beauty of all kinds and the sky’s the limit if you are looking for plus-size bridal wear with her. Zeroing in on making as many brides as possible feel beautiful on their big day, Pnina Tornai helps brides, with all her might, making each bride unique. All of her gowns are custom made, allowing all brides, especially plus size brides to look what they want on their happiest day. And the cherry on the cake is that customizing a gown with Pnina Tornai does not cost you a fortune. 

While the Pnina Tornai collection does have gowns that are specifically designed for plus size brides, particularly in her LOVE by Pnina Tornai Collections, any gown that she designs can be made to fit a plus-size bride. Thorough knowledge of the female form and designing to enhance and highlight, not hide and cover-up (Remember Mandy Moore's gorgeous Rodarte wedding gown with beautiful, petal pink tulle), Pnina Tornai crafts gowns that bring out the best in any silhouette. And that you can see in any collection!

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