Reem Acra Wedding Dresses
Reem Acra

Worldly acclaimed as a renowned international designer with breathtaking collections in the Ready-to-Wear and Bridal category, Reem Acra combines tradition with a modern aesthetic and leads the way by continuously redefining the boundaries of fashion.

Reem Acra Wedding Dresses

Worldly acclaimed as a renowned international designer with breathtaking collections in the Ready-to-Wear and Bridal category, Reem Acra combines tradition with a modern aesthetic and leads the way by continuously redefining the boundaries of fashion.

“And I just need a million dollars.” When Chandler was overwhelmingly popped on the table while Rachel entered in a wet wedding dress, the entire nation fell for him. Well, the context of his statement in the episode was different, but practically, who won't need a bag full of money and an escape from this world at a serenity. Well, you might not get a million dollars credited to your account at this time, but a royal feel of a millionaire is possible. You might be wondering how. Before your heart skips a beat and you start getting goosebumps all over your body, we would like to tell you that there is good news for all the future wives! The breathtaking collection of the Reem Acra pre-owned wedding dresses is for those who need nothing but perfection for their special celebration. Sounds dreamy and exciting! It is a new normal for modern brides-to-be who are going practical and putting more effort into being budget-savvy while keeping elegant looks always a mandate. 

The era in which we are living is the best-ever example of technological advancement in every domain. And when it comes to a wedding, it is more like living your dream of moving ahead to a new phase of your life! No wonder, girls always run an extra mile and bring the bests of everything for the celebration that truly defines them, from making a royal entrance to an elegant venue and portraying every small detail of the wedding in their own colors to picking a dress for themselves which is classy, affordable and gives you the perfect look you need while getting married! And guess what? The timeless styles of Reem Acra bridal gowns are the foundation of all your wedding dreams! As you fit into perfect wedding attire, the rest becomes an unessential aspect. The confidence in your walk and the love in your eyes is enough to say that you have made one more right decision of your life, from dating a lovely guy to saying yes to him as he proposes to you with a glam engagement ring and then finding the right-fit wedding dress for you from one of the popular wedding gown designers- Reem Acra!

And you know what? There are multiple benefits of wearing any of the good picks out of a gamut of options available to you as you look into the list of second-hand Reem Acra wedding dresses. You can save a large fraction of money that can help you plan a honeymoon trip at some oh-so-beautiful spot. Secondly, as the dress you are planning to select for your wedding has already been worn by some other bride for her nuptials, it is a step verified for the fabric, design, and styling. So, you have already crossed that bridge of being extra-conscious for a newly stitched wedding dress!

Well, there is a secret as well. There is a set of pre-owned bridal gowns that are actually “not used collections”. If you are the ones to get this, it is truly a bumper offer, a luxe glam designer wedding dress that actually costs much might be yours at a very less price, and you will be the first to drape it as a bride. Whohoo! What else do you need for your big day ceremony- such a lavish gift for you from you? Enjoy it till the time you feel like and when you feel like you should recoup some of the money spent on the wedding, you can resell your wedding dress online and add some bonus amount to your account! Frankly, you are not likely going to wear it again. So, how about giving it to any other girl for her future wedding and make her wedding dress shopping an easy go. Reem Acra resale is a way to share the love with someone else and make their day as special as yours. Isn’t it beautiful!

Though a wedding party is a big event, it completes with a pretty bride and the romance around as she walks over the aisle. An awesome bridal dress is not just for good pictures, but also is a mood-booster for you when you are having cold feet. No matter which region or continent they belong to, every girl desperately wishes and waits to live this magical moment in reality and feel an exceptional feeling of being the most beautiful lady on that romantic evening. And of course, you won’t miss enjoying a never-seen excitement in your partner’s eyes as he blushes while looking at his lady love! Feels like heaven is nowhere but here. The Reem Acra designer wedding gowns are exclusively meant to turn this moment a bit more cherishable when all the eyes are stuck on you. Don’t wonder if some crazy fans will ask for your Instagram handle so that they can stock your wedding pictures and save them in their phone’s gallery as some exciting ideas for their wedding gown for their upcoming wedding!

Reem Acra- An Introduction about the brand

Founded in 1997, Reem Acra New York represents the true meaning of modern fashion in its awe-inspiring collection of Ready to Wear, Bridal, and Haute Couture which attracts the crowd from all the dimensions, covering the discerning women, royalty, and celebrities as well. With a wide exposure to more than two-dozen countries, the famous designer’s creations can be found at luxury retail outlets such as Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Printemps. The signature concept of the brand is to combine tradition and trends while being elegant as always. 

Acra believes in the strength and empowerment of women and it originates from the confidence to look and feel like their best selves as they step out of the bridal suite as an epitome of glamor. The wide range of Reem Acra wedding gowns evokes a regal, ethereal quality unlike any other. The designer has an innate understanding of what looks and feels beautiful, making her gowns sought after by a wide variety of women. Reem Acra has mastered the ability to create gowns that are both fashion-forward and timeless using a diverse collection of laces, silks, tulles, beading, and embroideries.

Reem Acra gowns are priced between $4,000 and $10,000 that makes it quite affordable for any class of bride to opt for!

Reem Acra- The Beginning

Reem’s bridal design career was incepted when one day, a close friend asked her to design her wedding dress. A Beirut native who is now serving a tremendously extensive range of bridal outfits amongst both national and international clientele believes her style as “multicultural” European mixed with a New York modern approach…very couture.” 

Reem describes her style as a masterpiece with fine attention to every detail along with pretty elaborate embroideries in some of her most popular gowns. One of her favorite collections is inspired by the Garden of Eden. These wedding gowns are embellished with delicate flowers boasting three-dimensional details for a life-like appearance. The combination of fabric and color throughout this collection truly makes the dresses unique and new. She has also created matching veils and bags to complete her signature look. Borrowing Magnolia carries the largest and variant collection of Reem Acra dresses in the country at the best prices. So, browse our website and pick the best suitable collection of pre-owned bridal gowns for you and let your wedding shopping be an easy experience.

Reem Acra: Styles and Collections

As you are entering a fresh beginning of your love life, it is about creating nostalgic memories with your friends and family and those family portraits are a keepsake for a lifetime to remind you of all the festivities and emotions you carry in your heart! As everything around is so amazing, how impractical it would be if your wedding dress will look a point lesser than it should? Of course, you won’t like it. 

Especially for the brides who have an exact picture in their heads about which kind of bridal attire they are going to wear on their wedding day, Reem Acra wedding gowns for sale can truly give them an experience of a lifetime. Imagine being outfitted into any of these perfectly crafted masterpieces for the wedding day that adorn you like a dream. And it creates a charismatic scene coming straight from a fairytale story!

The brand believes in the motto “Where the trend begins and the tradition continues,” and the essence of the same can be truly seen in their spring line featuring dramatic trains, lace-up bustiers, detachable accessories, and pieces that convert into veils. In a nutshell, the Spring collection adds a modern twist to your look making it feel like classic wedding gowns. Adding a dash of drama to your wedding day and giving you the feel of a celebrity in the custom-made designer wedding gowns from Reem Acra’s amazing spring bridal collection, you will undoubtedly give 'bride goals' to everyone present around you. Some sweeter styles are the dramatic pieces with a Cinderella-like feel that can be seen in a tulle ball gown and embroidered sequins.

Ruffles are yet another hidden gem in the collection, with layers of organza adding volume to the gowns. Chantilly lace here adds an old-world feel to some of the more modern looks. The dresses with an off-the-shoulder neckline create a rare mix of demure and sexy look, an enchanting vibe that all the brides would love to taste.

Whether you are a size 0 or plus-size bride, the gorgeous preloved Reem Acra wedding gown fits you all with their range of sizes that hug you at the right places. Hence, buying your dream wedding dress from your favorite bridal gown designer can be really budget-savvy if you choose to make the smart decision of buying a pre-owned wedding dress for your wedding day. The 'Embrace' collection is the right best example of demonstrating the same with glittering embroidered gowns, a shining reminder to embrace the sparkle of life and the magic of expression. The 'Embrace' design styles unite multiple evening wear capsules into one collection that is bold and energetic. As a response to the recent lack of social interaction, this design piece embeds the avant-garde details with classic styles and welcomes the modern women to proudly embrace every moment of her special day.

“The Prophet Collection” is an honest effort by the renowned designer to put a signature regal and ethereal sensibility to the bridal wear collection while injecting a bit of modern sensuality and boldness. Sheerly romantic from head to toe, this timeless wedding dress collection is designed for a sophisticated bride who wants to look breathtakingly beautiful and sensationally fashionable! You should start craving for one? Then go for it to glam your candid wedding before your favorite piece would be sold!

In the wake of the challenging times, the United Collection celebrates courage, love, commitment, and beauty to help the world come together. With an idea to stay united, the brand conveys the message to ‘Live for Love and Love for Life’.

Reem Acra: Iconic brand and a trendsetter

When all the brides believe to look gorgeous and something different than their partner has ever expected, the awesome collection from Reem Acra is just a step further to the fashion-forward brides with immense flexibility to try anything they wish for, and write their fairytale in their prescribed traits, without comprising or living someone else’s views on their special day. If you have time to go to the store and try different versions and select the best version, it is the cherry on the top! Else, get some ideas from the latest trends or fashion week and then prepare yourself with enough options that you can try in a bridal salon. Of course, the Reem Acra outlet won’t disappoint you for anything bridal.

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