Rivini Wedding Dresses

Comprising luxurious floaty fabrics, delicate accents, precious embellishments, and more, a Rivizi dress is nothing short of a dream.

Rivini Wedding Dresses

Comprising luxurious floaty fabrics, delicate accents, precious embellishments, and more, a Rivizi dress is nothing short of a dream. Enticing one with their subtle fabrics and light-as-feather details, the effect is dreamy, almost ethereal, like a fairy walking the earth. However, the balance is maintained by the timeless and classic cuts which provide perfect harmony for exceptional-looking wedding dresses. With a Rivizi dress in tow, your special day would have got a bit more special instantly. 


Everybody loves weddings! The couples for the obvious reason of finally promising to spend their lives together, and guests, for being witnesses to the aesthetic display of love and creativity. While it is probably the most enchanting time of your life, it also needs a lot of work to make this extraordinary day a grand one. From sweeping staircases to sparkling chandeliers and the freshest of blooms, there are several elements that add magic and allure to your special day. While the decor can establish the mood and the scrumptious menu can fulfill the guests, it is the dress that takes the cake when it comes to important elements. The dress lets the bride live her Disney princess dreams. It dresses her up and brings that beaming smile to her lips. It stands out in the crowd of colors and demands attention. It gleams and glimmers and sways as the bride goes through the most magical day of her life. The dress is no longer an outfit here but is a primary component that makes up a perfect wedding day. It is dreams and hopes arranged in draped fabric and sparkly embellishments, intended to make a bride feel like a million bucks. With every flair and fall of the fabric, every sequin or cut, and every intricate pattern, a bride’s dreams come true. While the dress plays such an important role in our lives, special care is taken while a bride hunts down her perfect dress. There is a wedding dress for every style of bride out there- boho, classicrustic, glam, and more! Whether your wedding theme is an art deco or an industrial glam, whether your preferred wedding location is a forest or the snowy mountains, there is a dress that fits the mood. The journey towards finding it might be long and winding, but it is all worth it when you slip into that perfect dress. 


While every wedding dress is beautiful, there is something that sets a designer wedding dress apart. It surely adds a whole lot of glam and luxury to your special day, making it even more "special". A designer dress brings with it the sheer excitement of owning a designer wedding dress, along with the promise of top-notch quality and the sheer excellence of technology, skills, and materials. all these things make the designer wedding dress truly feel like a work of an artist, which it really is. For a bride who is closely linked with the ways of fashion, the designer wedding dress is a must and has to be accomplished.  Almost every bride hopes to say "I Do" in a strikingly beautiful dress composed by their preferred designer. While there are many marvelous popular wedding gown designers out there, various designers cater to a different clientele, thereby covering all bases and ensuring every bride, with all of their different and colorful personalities, has options to choose from. If you are a bride with a striking and memorable fashion sense, Rivini wedding dresses might be just what you require! Beautiful dresses with innovative designs, every pretty dress from Rivini is pure magic and is built to impress. Let us take a closer look here.


Rivizi - The Beginning!

Rita Vinieris is a Canadian fashion designer recognized for her luxury Bridal Collections such as Rivini and Alyne. Born and raised in Canada, and born to immigrants from Greece, Rita attended the University of Toronto where she studied Economics., and later studied fashion at the International Academy of Design. Vinieris worked at a boutique as a designer for six years and freelanced as a designer for Izod Lacoste Mens Canada for a year, designed furs for the Japanese market, freelanced and designed evening gowns for personal clients, and later was the Design Coordinator for Fairweathers for two years. In 1995, after assisting several friends to choose wedding dresses, Vinieris began to devise the collection of wedding dresses under the name "Rivini". A separate dress line was later appended under the brand Aylene. In 2013 Vinieris extended her fashion line to include evening wear. Vinieris has been acknowledged with many business awards, including the 2002 New Designer of the Year, 2006 Best Ad Campaign of the Year, and 2007 Best Ad campaign of the Year.

Rivizi - Inspiration and Approach

Rivini by Rita Vinieris is lauded as “simple luxury,” and brings to the bride contemporary wedding dresses with a subtle measure of romance. With exquisite couture techniques like soft pleating, delicate ruching, and intricate embroidery, Rivini gowns attain quality workmanship and fit, something the designer Rita Vinieris is well-known for. Lush and indulgent detailings like cascading ruffles, embroidered organza, and tiered skirts add just the right amount of romance to a Rivini wedding dress. The Rivini collection comprises a variety of wedding dresses assembled of silk satins, dreamy organzas, floaty crepes, and chiffons, resulting in soft and beautiful silhouettes for every body shape. Rita Vinieris combines a unique vision in fashion with couture-level craftsmanship to create iconic apparels that celebrate the women who wear them. This skilled designer has been crafting timeless bridal gowns and evening wear for the modern woman for the last 25 years.

Rivizi - Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations 
Gathering inspiration from the world-at-large, Rita pours her perspective into each new collection each season. Rita Vinieris is innately passionate about design, quality fabrications, and couture features, thereby creating silhouettes for real women to feel their absolute best in. Fluid fabrics and silhouettes accompanied by meticulous attention soon became Rita's understated signature. She instills her collections with a sense of light-handed charm, sublime luxury, and low-key ornamentation, leaving one feeling floaty, like in a dream. Stimulated by new optimism and polarized positivity Spring 2021 is a journey of radical approval through natural beauty. Fall 2020 saw the playfulness of floaty translucent fabrics, fluid shimmers, and multi-dimensional intricate floral details projected against the luxurious architectural silhouettes invoke a sense of balanced harmony. Fall 2021 walked the line between luxury and nonchalant 70s. Foraging inspiration from our DNA, Fall 2021 is about reinventing culture pieces and reviving them through hybrid styling. Some of the classic pieces from the various Rita Vinieris collections feature classic styling, timeless silhouettes, and elements that make these pieces everlasting. 

Rivizi - The Takeaway

A Rivini wedding dress is a well-balanced blend of timeless style and the modern innovative design of a bride, leading to a dress that goes excellently with the life of a modern woman with a desire for sophistication. Rivini presents a range of curated gowns with fastidious attention to detail and simple sophistication to celebrate the women who wear them. Offering an impeccable range of elegant wedding gowns brought together with luxe fabrics and dainty embellishments, Rivini is all about the endlessly beautiful wedding gown with a lingering sophistication resulting in dresses that guarantee to take your breath away. Acknowledging that every bride is different, the brand offers the brides a chance to express and portray themselves the way they want, and her wedding dress should not be anything less than perfect. 

Wedding dresses can attract emotional reactions and can light up a face or bring emotional tears to a bride's eyes like no other. While this reaction can be focused on any wedding dress, a designer wedding dress seems to do the job better. And why wouldn't they! Created with the finest of materials like silky fabrics, romantic laces, intricate embroideries, and embellishments, a designer wedding dress is built with a whole lot of love and magic. Is it the name attached to the dress, or the price tag? is it the way it feels against your skin or is it the way the dress lifts your heart a little every time you see it? You will never know. But there is something about a designer wedding dress that hits a little differently. From the moment you spot it on the mannequin, to the moment you take it off after your wedding day dawns, the dress promises you magic and delivers. If you can afford to purchase that dreamy designer dress first hand, we say, go ahead! But if you can't afford to get it first-hand, second-hand might be the ideal choice for you! Second-hand is the excellent sweet spot for budget brides with a penchant for designer dresses. Having the opportunity to invest in a sustainable wedding dress lets one taste luxury without paying a massive amount for it is truly remarkable. And the bride can do this and go home with the moral reassurance that she is contributing towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The sustainable wedding dress is a win-win situation, with one part being about the fashion-conscious bride getting her designer dress at a great price, and the other being about going home with the happy note high that the dress that she bought is sustainable and has a more lengthened lifespan than the regular wedding dresses, and tell many stories. A pretty dress created with the most luxe of materials and by putting some unique skills and resources at work surely deserves to be worn more than once and serves its purpose well. It hugely reduces the carbon footprint on our planet and presents a more eco-friendly lifestyle, which is an immense win by itself. Finding a Rivini wedding gown for sale is one of those striking high points of the wedding which makes a bride's day extra special!

Most brides dream of wearing a pretty designer dress on their special day. While at first the appeal of the dress is enchanting while the prices still manage to bring a hopeful bride to realities fast enough. While in most cases the designer wedding dresses come with a substantial price tag it also happens that the number of designer dresses is limited and is only open for an elite few. This highly reduces the chances of a hopeful bride-to-be being able to wear their favorite designer wedding dress. But with a pre-owned designer dress, everything is instantly changed. The act of owning a pre-loved bridal gown is exactly the kind of thing that combines fashion-loving bride-to-be with likely dream dresses, all by paying just a part of the price. It simply reiterates the fact that high fashion can still be obtained with the right outlook in place. An ideal fit for budget brides with an affection for eco-friendly fashion, a pre-owned wedding dress fits the bill perfectly. Enabling several fashion-savvy brides with strict monetary restrictions to enjoy the magic of a designer wedding gown, a pre-owned Rivini bridal gown is a permit to luxury without having to pay out a huge amount of money for it. Second-hand wedding gowns like Rivini's preowned wedding dress has not only caused waves of transformation in the sustainable fashion industry as a whole, and has affected the total carbon footprint in the apparel industry, but it has also restored the fragile dreams of a bride who wants to flaunt a beautiful designer attire on her special day. It is also obviously better to use a beautiful piece of clothing as many times as one possibly can, than to just use it once and put it away in storage indefinitely. After so much thought and work has been put into something like this, why disrespect the process of putting it away after just one wear. Purchasing pre-owned enables brides to love a piece of clothing with a fresh view of appreciation, even when it is preloved and pre-owned, and to later pass it on to add magic to another bride's life. While this is a fresh concept, it is a perfect journey for a designer wedding dress.

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