Theia Wedding Dresses

Highly inspired by ancient Greek mythology, THEIA is the mythological goddess of light, the wedding dresses by THEIA do incredibly resonate with this concept.

Theia Wedding Dresses

Highly inspired by ancient Greek mythology, THEIA is the mythological goddess of light, the wedding dresses by THEIA do incredibly resonate with this concept. Theia wedding dresses celebrate a woman’s inner light and beauty in every possible way.

Every girl out there always looks forward to their wedding day, as the wedding day is the beginning of a new phase, a new chapter in their life. This is the day when you and your beloved lover (two unique individuals) become one and commit to devoting your lives to each other. But apart from this, there goes a lot while planning a successful wedding. We are sure that you are familiar with all of the choices you have to make for your wedding day. Amongst all the things, the star attraction of your wedding day is, of course, going to be your beautiful and perfect wedding dress

Whether you have been dreaming about your wedding dress since you were daddy’s little angel and have known the exact specifications you wanted for it, or you have never thought about it until your best friend nagged ‘you still haven’t gotten your wedding gown’, THEIA wedding dresses have got you covered! We know how tricky it is for you to find your dream wedding dress as you have likely never tried one on before, and it is surely going to be the most precious and bit expensive cloth you will ever own. Your wedding dress will set the tone for the wedding as a whole, and we are so sure that nothing will suit you perfectly than classic THEIA wedding gowns

THEIA wedding dress collection offers an extremely gorgeous wedding gown for powerful, and confident brides. The wedding dresses designed at THEIA are surprisingly affordable, considering their luxurious materials, delicate and refined beadwork, marvelous and flattering fit, and lastly the couture quality! The charismatic THEIA wedding dresses are sold all across the United States and are highly favorable amongst to-be-brides! 

From Taylor Swift to Emmy Rossum, a number of celebrities have worn THEIA's creations and the designer Don O’Neill brought his expertise in the evening wear world to his THEIA White Collection. One a handful popular wedding dress designers, fabricated with the most exquisite European materials, each THEIA's bridal collection gown is carefully put together to form stunning gowns that flow beautifully around the body.

Second-hand THEIA wedding dresses are specially designed for those brides who are looking for something a little different. The bride wearing this majestic collection is not just a traditional bride, she is modern, classic, and seeks simplicity in her wedding dress. A clean and elegant silhouette that is flattering and easy to wear will make any bride look incredibly amazing without breaking the bank! The THEIA couture collection comes in at a beautiful starting range of $1,750. 

THEIA- where it all began?

Highly inspired by the Greek Goddess of Light, THEIA is a fashion empire launched in 2009 by stylish and creative Don O’Neill. Helmed by a stunning designer, THEIA owes its name to the Greek goddess whose sparkling eyes are said to have harnessed the power of light. The THEIA collection was designed to bring out women’s inner beauty and light while focused on making every bride feel high-fashioned and extremely gorgeous! 

Don O’Neill is an Irish fashion designer who is currently leaving his imprints all across the world. Born in the seaside village of Ballyheigue, County Kerry, Ireland, Neill was always fascinated by the bright and scintillating reflection of the glowing sun on the bay in front of his home and have always dreamed of taking that sparkle and making it into beautiful dresses, and that admiration of his made him one of the leading wedding and evening gown designers in the world! Neill’s journey to THEIA has included qualifying as a top Irish Chef, dabbling in art, working in Macdonald’s in Paris to pay the bills, and eventually making his own way into big fashion houses and learning the craft he was born to do! He started his amazing journey in the fashion world by traveling the world and working for prominent designers and fashion houses that include Christian Lacroix. After working at Christian Lacroix, he moved to New York, where he spent almost 10 years working with evening-wear designer Carmen Marc Valvo, and three years as head of the Badgley Mischka diffusion label. And then in 2009 he launched his own fashion line and named it THEIA. With the launch of his fashion label, he took the fashion industry in New York City by storm. His finely hand-made designed gowns have been worn by numerous famous celebrities including Taylor Swift, Idina Menzel, Carrie Underwood at the 2019 Grammys, and Oprah Winfrey at the 2012 Oscars! From sleek and elegant jumpsuits to exquisite lace wedding gowns, THEIA preowned offers a modern and classic high-fashion look to every bride for every celebration

Currently, the exquisite THEIA collection is being sold in over 350 stores globally including Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue, and fine specialty stores like Lovely Bride. As already mentioned, THEIA bridal collection is quite affordable and comes at various prices starting from $1,295 to $3,000

THEIA- Collection & Inspiration

Talking about the inspiration, Don O’Neill believed that for every season there is always a new and unique story, something that is beautiful and has encountered unexpectedly that sparked his imagination. While designing every piece at THEIA, he begins with the theme, creating his mood boards. Then he goes ahead and pins on the fabrics and the embroidery swatches that fit into this new world. Neill has a unique and distinct way when he starts designing a new piece. He prefers to listen to specific music when designing, or either while sketching or draping and layering the fabrics and embroideries on his mannequin. 

There is a bit of enriched history behind the launch of THEIA. Let’s have a look at the story and see how THEIA became a prominent and world-famous brand especially amongst brides. One of the original Titans, THEIA who ruled during the Greek Golden Age possessed the magical power to create a light, all that she looked upon glittered, eventually becoming luminous and radiant. Believed to be the mother of the Helios sun, Celene the moon, and Eos the dawn, her three children illuminate the world in which we live today, THEIA resale bridal collection gained huge inspiration from this as it embraces the spirit of THEIA in all aspects! The remarkable THEIA wedding gowns for sale are luminous, radiant, and ethereal designs that flawlessly combine the modern and classic styling using fluid silks, soft Spanish tulles, luxurious crepes, Chantilly, and Guipure laces and of course THEIA’s signature exquisite beading and embroideries. 

THIEA features 3 amazing and incredibly beautiful collections including evening wear collection, bridal collection, and lastly bridesmaids collection. Each piece of dress designed at the THEIA is intricately and carefully stitched together to create heirloom gowns that will beautifully and perfectly hug and flow around your body! All the soon-to-be-married brides who are going for THEIA bridal collection will surely fall head over heels in love with the designs. So, if you are a non-traditional bride who is looking for an exquisite and alluring wedding gown as individual and unique as you are then nothing fits better than the THEIA bridal collection. With a sprinkle of magic from THEIA, our bride’s inner light shines brightly for all to see, amplified with pure love, a beautiful breathtaking bride, radiating total happiness on her wedding day. The designs of the evening dresses, bridal wear, and bridesmaids dresses combine sophisticated and elegant styling with luxurious silks, European brocades, laces, and prints. THEIA’s admirable beading and embroideries are created by some of the finest couture studios in the world. 

The LOVE by THEIA Collection is one of the most favored collections amongst women across the world. Filled with fun, the LOVE by THEIA Collection features very affordable dresses and also separates that are youthful, yet timeless, simply requiring the right attitude to savor wearing them. The LOVE by THEIA Collection inspires and tells everybody that it’s time for more love in the world! 

2020 THEIA Spring Collection

This classic and amazing 2020 THEIA Spring Collection wedding dresses offer a wide range of utterly incredible, timeless, and modern gowns along with one retro-inspired ensemble. Each fitted-silhouette (just think of waist-synching A-line and sweeping sheath dresses!) will offer its wearer a healthy and happy dose of the big day full of confidence and the perfect elegant touch of (demure!) sex appeal. The 2020 Spring Collection is full of thematic aspects that speak to the ethereal bride-to-be. Any of the all-white (along with the silver gown, which showcases a rare pop of color for the brand!) dresses under the 2020 Spring Collection is a winner. A select few would even make for a stunning wedding reception or bridal shower ensembles. 

2020 THEIA Fall Collection

THEIA’s creative director Don O’Neill just launched his newest 2020 Bridal Fall Collection at the New York CIty’s Bridal Fashion Week. The 2020 Fall Collection features modern, colorful, fresh, and new shapes of wedding dresses. This year's Fall Collection by THEIA is highly inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. The marvelous 2020 Fall Collection offers a perfect balance between the ethereal, the bohemian, and the sexy bridal wedding dresses. So, whether you are looking to channel the goddess of light on the most special day of your life or wanting a design that is as light as feather (and makes you comfortable while you get yourself completely drenched in the moment of your first dance), you are bound to find a major contender within the label’s newest oeuvre! 

THEIA Bridesmaids Collection

The launch of THEIA’s Bridesmaids Collection was a natural succession from their exceptionally successful Bridal Collection. Don O’Neill wanted to offer all his brides a flawless and more complete wedding experience. This stunning THEIA Bridesmaids Collection is specially designed to complement the THEIA bride. Every bride’s bridesmaid is a lovely, gorgeous, fun-loving, and modern girl who has endless love for fashion. Keeping these facts in mind, a range of styles was meticulously designed to flatter all body types, allowing bridesmaids of every bride to look and feel great in her THEIA bridesmaids gown! The ultimate goal of launching the THEIA Bridesmaids Collection is to create an entire THEIA bridal party gleaming from the inside out on the bride’s most special day! 

THEIA Bridesmaids gowns are usually priced between $260-$290 at retail, THEIA Bridesmaids Collection is available in sizes 0-28. This incredible collection is available at bridal and specialty stores across the US and internationally. The standard production lead time is eight weeks. Six-week rush options will be available for bridal parties who wish to receive the gowns sooner. So whether you define yourself as a boho bridean alternative bridea classic bride, or anything in-between we promise that you and your bridesmaids will look phenomenal in every THEIA bridal gown!

THEIA Jewelry Collection

THEIA also has its own Jewelry collection. The THEIA Jewelry collection is also inspired by the Greek Goddess of light, the mother of the Sun and the Moon, who endowed gold, silver, and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value. This unique and incredible jewelry collection is to celebrate every woman and her unique style. THEIA Jewelry design styles include Romantic vintage, Delicate feminine, Contemporary chic, and Minimalistic sophistication. This enchanting collection will be perfect for all occasions from everyday wear to special moments, Bridal and Gifts.

Since its establishment, THEIA has adorned numerous prominent brides, who have altogether taken the brand to the very next level. Julie Benz, a famous actress known for her roles as Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Rita Bennett on Dexter, wore THEIA strapless organza gown by THEIA collection on their wedding day. Even her bridesmaids also wore dresses designed by THEIA — sparkling in their custom-designed cap-sleeved gowns covered in more than 1 million silver sequins. World-famous actress, writer, and producer, Linda Wallem, wore the THEIA "Emma'' wedding dress as she tied the knot with rock star Melissa Etheridge. Her wedding gown was crafted fully and gracefully hand-embroidered with more than 100,000 ivory laser cut petals and featured a soft ombre full skirt with a romantic sweeping train.

THEIA- Unique & Popular Styles

There are only three words that without much effort, perfectly describe the unique and popular styles featured by the THEIA collection. Those three amazing words are- elegant, timeless, and feminine.

Talking about the distinctive and famous styles created by extremely talented Irish fashion designer, Don O’Neill is the latest plus-size wedding dress designer. Neill has recently collaborated with Lovely Bride and thus have created 6 styles exclusive for them, that are available in sizes ranging from 16W to 24W. Initially, he debuted 3 of the plus-size wedding dresses on the runway, at their bridal show held in October, after which all the six styles were exclusively available at Lovely Bride locations across the country! 

Amongst all his designs and styles, the THEIA petal gown became a huge hit all over the world. The THEIA petal gown- simple tulle gown, hand-embroidered with thousands of laser-cut petals each secured with a tiny glass seed bead. This surreal petal gown was exclusively designed for all the non-traditional brides out there. Since its inception, this beautiful petal gown has become a classic and a huge favorite of brides around the world! 

The Bruna-style gown was THEIA’s number 1 sessing dress. Featuring plunging V front neckline with beautiful illusion netting and a mermaid train, making this style dress the most desired amongst women. It is simple yet sexy and will make any woman look fabulous wearing it. 

After the Bruna-styled gown, it was Jean Gown that became the number 2 seller in THEIA's collection. Named after Jean Harlow, this gown is a satin slip dress with a 1920s/1910s feels. It is clean, classic, and timeless, and will surely make you outshine in any gathering. 

Don O’Neill, the founder of the THEIA label firmly believes that couture style is the only ever-lasting fashion that will never fade away! He believes that couture will always have a future. It is a classic art and it is next to impossible that art doesn’t have a future. There may be fewer people willing to buy it, but there will always be designers, artists who are looking to create something unique, amazing, over the top. Coming back to the THEIA label, any bride who wants her inner beauty to radiate incredibly on her wedding should always opt for THEIA wedding dresses as the way it hugs a bride’s body is something remarkable. There’s nothing more unfortunate than seeing a woman at an event who is hiking her dress up all evening!

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