Wearyourlovexo Wedding Dresses

Gowns encrusted with timelessly beautiful and soft elements make you look dazzling in accompaniment with comfort as you walk down the aisle.

Wearyourlovexo Wedding Dresses

If you are the woman who wants all the romance, and all of the joy of getting hitched, without compromising her individual style or her comfort. If you are a free-spirited bride-to-be with whimsical tastes and a fecund imagination who wants to live her fairytale dreams without disturbing her wedding budget. Or if you are a bride with a conscience who wants to rock a designer wedding dress on the biggest day of her life sans hurting her beloved mother nature, you will be thrilled to bits the minute you’ll slip into Wear Your Love dress! Gowns encrusted with timelessly beautiful and soft elements make you look dazzling in accompaniment with comfort as you walk down the aisle. Breathable organic cotton and stretch laces are the mainstays of Wear Your Love designer creations! The whimsical and trendy dresses focus on luxury and wearability, with the designer priding herself on the lack of clasps, zippers, and boning! Wear Your Love is all about elegant long sleeves, daring open backs, and the dreamiest flowing skirts. With a motto to make you feel snugged while wrapped in their outfit, the Wear Your Love design house is world-renown for providing soft and dreamy bohemian wedding dresses, hippie wedding dresses, beach wedding dresses, boho wedding dresses, indie wedding dresses, and more created in understated designs sans hurting the mother nature, so the brides look and feel naturally graceful, sensational, and maximally beautiful while being at peace with the world on their wedding day. Each of the hand-crafted gowns is made with clean, eco-friendly materials that are uniquely Wearyourlovexo so that you, with Wear Your Love’s iconic and ethical look, can get off to a green start to your new life!


Moon-like white feathery gowns finished with twinkling star-like details, layers of cloud-like tulles, dew-like wispy veil, and sky-like yards and yards of the train are what wedding dreams are made of, and for good reason! But really? Hasn’t a modern, Hollywood-inspired bridal gown designed by your favorite wedding gown designer replaced the fairytale gown likened to Cinderella’s recently that was floating in your head since you were knee-high? Fashion changes every moment! And what’s new and current today is sure to be old hat tomorrow! While some brides don’t have a care in the world, who designs their wedding dress, there are brides-to-be, for whom it’s of utmost importance that their wedding dress comes from one of the most brilliant and popular wedding gown designers who have taken the fashion world by storm and marked their presence with awesome and unforgettable collections. We’ve seen our fair share of brides from both camps here at Borrowing Magnolia, and we’d be delighted to share with you about one of the designer brands that most women turn to when it comes to choosing dresses for special occasions like weddings. Here’s the scoop on how Wearyourlovexo started its journey to millions of damsels’ hearts!


Wear Your Love XO: Introduction

We love seeing a carefree bride embracing the elements as she exchanges nuptials on a craggy cliff overlooking the wild ocean, or on a mountaintop with the wind lashing around her. And that’s possible only when she is dressed in a flowy wedding dress made of light-as-feather fabrics and soft embellishments. That’s what Wear Your Love ( is! Wear Your Love produces dresses that are not only one-of-a-kind but also feel soft and look dreamy! Committed to making available ethically-made wedding dresses to ease brides’ soon-to-be-married minds while making a positive impact on the world and other people at the same time. Nothing brings them more pleasure than making brides feel natural, beautiful, and comfortable on their wedding day. To that end, the designers at Wear Your Love devote themselves to not only the beauty but also the comfort of brides, crafting their dresses with stretch laces and lining them with air-permeable organic cotton. The fabrics of the wedding dresses they pick are so soft, comfy, and breathable, tempting to be worn! Knowing the feeling of it on your skin might make it difficult to switch to something else! To make sure that their dress fits the bride like a glove, they handmade every dress from start to finish in their small Northern California studio, using each bride’s unique measurements. And the joy of joys is they, with their made-to-measure model, cater to all body shapes and sizes sans charging extra for large sizes.


Wear Your Love XO: Inspiration & Approach

Here’s what Jillian Leigh, the brand’s owner, says, “From my earliest bridal daydreams, I envisioned my wedding as an intimate, soul-connecting ceremony with a ravishing celebration, in a kick-your-heels-up and shout-from-the-rooftops style.” Inspired by brilliantly romantic young loves, Jillian dreamed of a magical wedding that would express the rhapsody of true, unbound love. In the farthest reaches of vividly imagined fantasy, her creative essence came to life in her wedding visions, and she ended up envisioning a bridal style that embodies the spirit of the mermaid and the goddess, with effortless femininity.


She soon discovered a major obstacle standing between the euphoric, free-spirited event she had in mind, and the reality for most brides: the traditional wedding dress. That stiff look that has come to dominate bridal shop appointments and endless fittings are unforgivably miserable to wear. How is a woman supposed to kick her heels up and shout from the rooftop when she is too uncomfortable to take deep breaths or even sit down? How is she supposed to feel at home beside her partner when she doesn’t feel like herself in her dress?


What she seeks to share with brides everywhere is a vision of weddings that centers around a bride who feels her most amazing. She has the freedom to dance, laugh, eat, and drink in the bliss of love. She is present, buoyant, and at ease, as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime with her partner, gracefully dancing through each moment as she creates treasured forever memories.


With an emphasis on beautifully wearable organic and luxury fabrics, she has created Wear Your Love, a collection of bridal styles that ring true to the pure joy of tying the knot. Leaving the clasps, buttons, zippers, and boning behind, each dress is perfectly stretchy, for a body-hugging experience of essential comfort. Each style is crafted with laughter, sensuality, and the magnificence of mad, soul-mate, epic love in mind.


And, because nature is the designer’s greatest inspiration and first true love, she and her team of exemplary designers use organic cotton and produce their dresses with zero textile waste. She truly adores all things organic: as in, “of life” and “free of the artificial,” just like Wear Your Love brides, and just like true love.


Wear Your Love XO: Beauty with double-duty!

We can protect the future of our planet and its people with a slight change in the way of producing, designing, and wearing our clothes. And one of those eco-friendly options that save not only our hard-earned money but also our hard-working earth is - second-hand market! The prices of a brand new Wearyourlovexo designer gown itself start from $600, and Wearyourlovexo is already an organic designer brand! It simply means Wearyourlovexo performs the dual role of being pocket-friendly and eco-friendly! Neither they hurt your wallet nor the planet and its residents! Designer bridal dresses have the power to make you feel the luxury that a regular dress can’t, but we can’t ignore the fact that they could cost you the earth! The heavy price tags could actually outweigh your dream of walking down the aisle in a designer dress, and your wedding budget can blow it off of your mind. Not anymore, beautiful! At least, until affordable and ethical bridal gown designers like Wearyourlovexo are there in the industry.


Bridal retail is big business, worth an estimated $300 billion globally, says IBISWorld. According to Lyst’s data report, 23% of brides are purchasing not one but two outfits for their big day, while the average cost of a bridal dress is up 12 percent as per the wedding marketplace The Knot. If you belong to the same camp, you are sure to browse designer wedding dresses online to rock two different looks on the wedding day, hoping to gain a great deal! The major draw for buying a wedding dress online is the amount of money you save. When you are shopping online, you are not physically walking into a store, which has lots of overhead costs. Stores have to pay rent, their employees, utilities, and taxes. Actually, you end up paying a lot of that for store owners because they tend to add a markup to the prices of their gowns just to stay afloat, let alone make a profit.


For Wearyourlovexo offering bridal gowns online only, direct to brides, you don’t need to keep away the dream of wearing designer dresses for your ceremony and reception without breaking the bank. This also means they use only what they need for each dress, rather than pre-making a collection and sending it to a landfill if it doesn’t sell. For Wearyourlovexo the planet is equally important as their team as well as their brides, and less waste, less overhead, and less mark-up policy of the brand testifies to that!


Wear Your Love XO: A vegan bridal designer for eco-conscious brides

Are you an animal lover and don’t want to live your dream at the cost of their life? Awesome! With Wearyourlovexo, you can kick animal products to the curb and stick to your vegan lifestyle without compromising on your dream dress! After placing your order with Wearyourlovexo you now can choose between a luxuriously soft and beautiful vegan chiffon made of synthetic fiber (which is a standard option for all of their dresses with a chiffon skirt layer) and natural silk chiffon produced from silkworms in the bridal questionnaire they send. In an effort to make color selection easy and provide you with the most precise experience of their fabrics, they offer complimentary swatches with no additional costs.


The danky dank bridal dresses by Wear Your Love XO, we love!

Isn’t a gorgeous designer dress beating in your (eco-friendly) heart of hearts? From romantic tulles to whimsical details to stunning laces, a Wearyourlovexo designer wedding dress want for nothing! A bundle of dreams woven with ethical threads, Wearyourlovexo bridal dress is what you need to rock your bridal portraits without paying an arm and a leg! Let’s have a look at a couple of Wearyourlovexo bridal dresses that had us hooked!


  1. Zoey Scoop-Back Dress 

A Zoey bride is seen as a laid-back natural beauty with incandescent poise, and of course, a free spirit who keeps her own and the planet’s comfort above everything else. Designed with the elegant bride in mind, this #wylindydress boasts effortless beauty and femininity, in a classic and understated way. Every curve of this dress embraces you softly in it while providing the wearer a body-hugging and luxurious feel. While the skirt of this ethereal gown is made of three layers made of organic cotton, superbly silky chiffon, and soft English tulle fabrics that come to life with movement, making magic with your every step taken towards the altar. The undisputed star of the show with the Zoey dress is then hand-cut and thoughtfully placed lace motif design that embellishes the neckline and sleeve cuffs, in that perfectly imperfect, effortlessly graceful way we love so much. And, with Zoey Scoop-Back, the designer has taken the detailing to notches above with an open back finished to the hilt in hand-cut floral lace motifs. Zoey pairs beautifully with the Lyra veil, Kenna veil in soft white, Demi veil, Oceane veil, and Nova veil in soft white!


The lace and skirt used are soft-white in color (slightly less bright than pure white), the front and back of the bodice are fully lined. You may choose the color of the bodice lining amongst white, ivory, natural, or nude with the help of the swatches you’ll be sent by them. You also get to choose whether you want the soft foam bust cups sewn in or not. Designed for the waistline to fall at the natural waist pairs beautifully with the Sara Belt. There are three train options: floor-length, sweep (8-inch train), and court (16-inch train). The Zoey dress is timeless that never goes out of style, which screams ‘hand me down’; it’s indeed the kind you’ll love forever and a day, and would want to pass it down to the women in your next generation! Trust us, you’ll never forget how good it felt to wear! P.S. - The designer came up with an upgraded version of Zoey with the name Zoey 2.0 which is softer and stretchier up top at a lower price, with all the same beautiful layers from the waist down. While Zoey Scoop-Back was for $1,320.00 USD, Zoey 2.0 was priced at $1,220.00.


  1. Keira Dress

Retailed at $1,020.00, the Keira dress by Wearyourlovexo can be purchased at more than half the price at second-hand wedding gown seller sites like Stillwhite and Borrowing Magnolia. The Kiara dress is for a super romantic bride who appreciates plenty of classic elegance. Featuring three-layered sensual skirt, unlined sleeves finished with every designer’s favorite long-stem rose soft sumptuous stretch lace, and dramatic bodice unlined from back and lined from the front in a sweetheart shape, to expose ample floral details at the décolletage. Styled like their ever-popular Zoey dress, Keira’s skirt is made of ultra-soft organic cotton lining, spectacularly draping chiffon and the light-as-air soft English tulle. Keira comes in soft white color with ivory and a natural bodice; you may choose the color of the lining. The skirt is available in three train lengths. As you pair your Keira wedding dress with the Kenna veil or Nova veil in soft white, you sure are going to leave your sweetheart, wedding party, and guests jaw-dropped!


  1. La Paz Dress

Even a single feather is majestic enough to command attention (Remember the peacock tail feather on the crown of Lord Krishna, the highest form of God in Hindu mythology?). Imagine the magic when there are plenty of them! We are talking about the feather-rich creation of Wearyourlovexo designers. Designed with off-white feather-patterned embroidered lace, the bodice is a fitted design boasting crossing stretch straps finished in soft dangling tassels. The skirt is a full circle with tons of body and flow. La Paz is crafted with a stretch waist for an effortless and ultra-comfortable fit. Playful, pretty, and surprisingly wearable, La Paz Dress is made for the free-spirited bride who needs her wedding dress to stand out in the crowd and be remembered forever and a day. The La Paz bride exhibits her personal style with confidence and sweeps up her whimsical soul. You are sure to fall for this feathered wedding dress by Wearyourlovexo if you want to make a statement in an unforgettable way! The feathery bliss of the haltered La Paz dress is a free-spirited departure to the modern bridal look, while still keeping you in the traditional territory. The price they decided for this feather saga is 920.00 USD, however, you may stand a chance to get a preowned La Paz dress at a more than 50% lower price. Whether new or used, the organic, boho wedding dress does what it says on the tin - it takes your bohemian wedding look to the next level!


  1. Lennox 3.0 Dress

Wowsers, this modern two-piece bridal gown is for those millennial brides who want to feel like their true self on the big day with a wish to wear their bridal look time and again, if not fully then partially. We can imagine so many of these pretty crop tops, camis, and even the high-low skirts paired with ready-to-wear for fancy dinners and nights out to come. If you believe in epic romance with your whole heart, then the Lennox 3.0 dress by Wearyourlovexo is for you! This shoulder-baring, the two-piece ensemble is effortlessly sensual, flaunting tantalizing stretches of sun-kissed skin. The crop top is awesomely convenient to slip on, featuring our soft stretch rosebud lace in a flirty off-the-shoulder design and sweetheart lining. Scalloped lace trim along the neckline, open keyhole back, and three-fourth sleeves add a touch of playful romance and a secure fit. A spectacular chiffon back waist tie perfectly compliments Lennox’s dreamy, movie-like style. With a fit-and-flare skirt that hugs you through the hips and elegantly flares through the length, with a hem draped in your choice of silk chiffon or vegan chiffon, the Lennox 3.0 is ready to dance to the beat of your drum with you. The skirt is lined in breathable organic cotton knit and is designed with a wide elasticized waist which can be worn at the natural waist or at the hips. This priceless, captivating beauty comes for just $1,200! Add drama to your chic Lennox 3.0 dress with an optional train for those Instagram-worthy bridal portraits


Like all other Wearyourlovexo wedding gowns, these four dresses also are created for each individual bride’s exact measurements. If you directly buy the dress from their website, you will be requested to provide the precise measurements of you using the measurement guide you will get after placing the order that would help them make your gown fit your one-of-a-kind body like a glove. This includes your torso length, arm length, bust, waist, and hip size, as well as your arm width, and overall height, along with several other measurements. This means you won’t need to splurge on the dress alterations if you buy Wearyourlovexo wedding dresses online from them!


Wearyourlovexo resale/ Wearyourlovexo wedding gowns for sale

Who doesn’t admire the bridal pictures where the bride’s dress is billowing beautifully in the breeze? It’s dreamy! But not every bride is willing or able to pay an arm and a leg to nail those picture-perfect shots. While your eyes are always out to scoop up your favorite Wearyourlovexo bridal gown in a sale, be it a sample sale or off-season sale, you can’t go wrong with a preowned bridal gown too to say your vows in, in case you don’t catch a break! Remember, where the luck fails, the feel-good factor enters the room to take its place. Buying second-hand does not only bring a smile to your and other bride’s face, but also to the face of mother nature! And the cherry on the top is that you can make some bucks by reselling your preowned Wearyourlovexo wedding dress once the wedding bells settle down and tan lines from the big honeymoon wear away.


Calling all eco-friendly and low-key brides-to-be whose hearts beat for sustainable fashion! If you are looking for your dream gown at a fraction of the original cost, visit us. We have a selection of preloved or preowned designer wedding gowns, including second-hand Wearyourlovexo wedding dresses at affordable prices. You’ll love it when you’ll get your favorite Wearyourlovexo preowned bridal gown at about half the price of the new one. For instance, the Barcelona dress from Wearyourlovexo is available on our website just for $500.


Image courtesy - Chic Vintage Brides 

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