BHLDN Wedding Dresses

BHLDN wedding dresses are the stunning bridal gowns with classic lines that never go out of style and modern elements are woven seamlessly- a perfect dance of classic and current.

BHLDN Wedding Dresses

BHLDN wedding dresses are the stunning bridal gowns with classic lines that never go out of style and modern elements are woven seamlessly- a perfect dance of classic and current. The result is a wedding gown that never  goes out of style and manages to look stylish throughout the years and you will love to “behold” for the rest of your lives!

All eyes on you. That is how most brides like their wedding day to be, and why not? Just imagine floating down the flight of stairs in a gorgeous work of art, a perfect designer dress, as you head towards your partner. The kind of designer creation which will attract all the approving glances of your sweetheart and your guests, making you the brightest star of that velvety night. Sounds like a dream? It's closer to reality than you could imagine. While there are many wedding dress sellers who will probably readily sell you a floaty white dress in a heartbeat, and you will pull it off beautifully too, and it will sufficiently get the job done. But there is something about a designer wedding dress which will be build with the intention to wow, not just to get the job done! No matter what is your specific vibe or your style, there is a designer wedding dress created just for you which is carefully curated just so you can feel your most gorgeous self on your wedding day. Be it the luxurious fabric, the intricate detailing, or the careful attention to the fitting, there is something about a designer wedding dress which makes you feel like royalty, like you are the chosen one, like you are floating through the day like a fairy!

Every bride with a notable interest in fashion is sure to have heard of BHLDN wedding dresses and have spent hours browsing through their dreamy wedding dresses. BHLDN pronounced "beholden", has an unmissable presence in the world of wedding dresses and it's easy to see why. Characterized by stunning wedding gowns with the harmonious parity of classic lines and latest trends and a skilled hand at those intricate details, BHLDN has the heart of a bride who dreams of unusually beautiful things! Armed with an uncanny ability to take timeless cuts and vintage-inspired silhouettes and breathing new life into them to make them perfect for “right now”, BHLDN is the perfect sweet spot for the women who like the ageless quality of the classics and the heady exciting trends of today!

BHLDN- The Beginning!

BHLDN, cleverly named and pronounced "beholden", is an American brand specializing in wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, bridal accessories, and more. Its headquarter is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and BHLDN is owned by Urban Outfitters and is a sister brand to Anthropologie, both very renowned names in the American retail circle. A brand centered on wedding fashion and founded by Richard Hayne, Judy Wicks, and Scott Belair, BHLDN first launched its website on Valentine’s Day 2011 and had quickly earned itself a name that blew up to a great scale. Now BHLDN is synonymous with a wedding dress and it is one of the first names which pops up when a bride thinks about a designer wedding dress. The first physical store opened up in Houston in August 2011, and since then expanded with fervor. The retailer has since expanded to operating additional brick-and-mortar stores in Chicago and New York, and shop-in-shop locations in Anthropologie stores in Atlanta, Bethesda, Boston, Beverly Hills, Carlsbad, Century City, Chestnut Hill, Denver, Newport Beach, New York City, Palo Alto, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle, Walnut Creek, Washington D.C., and Westport. As per 2019 statistics, there were seventeen BHLDN shops within Anthropologie stores and three standalone stores. Even though this is a brand that is still a new kid in the block, compared to some other designer names, it is coveted by young brides for its innate sense of style and what works and what doesn't! With just 9 years in business, BHLDN has surely marked its territory with its flawless designs and trendy updates. Also, it has bridged the gap between a starry-eyed bride and the dream of flaunting a designer wedding gown by providing beautiful wedding dresses for as low as $150!

BHLDN- Inspiration and Approach

Inspired by vintage romanticism and a touch of boho, BHLDN is a designer name that believes in taking the brides on an enchanting journey on their wedding day! Whether you are a bride looking for an ethereal bohemian rhapsody or a dress, or you are hosting a beachy ceremony by the blue ocean, whether you are going into the city hall, with your lover at tow, for a quick Sunday City Hall wedding and a breakfast feast to follow, or you are going all-in with the romance, BHLDN is sure to have something for you! A designer wedding brand which has been taking notes for the classic cuts and designs of the yesteryears and completely re-fabricating them to fit the vision of the modern women, BHLDN is the brand who believes that old is gold but can be made shinier with the new!

With a keen eye for detail, and a fascination for the timeless charm of lace and beadwork, every dress under BHLDN is a pure work of art. Commencing and growing in the modern era, the brand has a strong understanding of the psyche of the modern woman and the market intuition about what will strike a chord and what will fade out. BHLDN houses the full assortment of wedding dresses, all highly inclusive and fairly priced- and built to wow! Dreams don't come in sizes and the new extended plus collection ensures that whether you are Size 00 or 26, you will find your match here. The brand covers every aspect of your big day, having in its spread a stunning collection of wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses, and even wedding décor. BHLDN is home to a wide variety of designer creations from Watters, Catherine Deane, Jenny Yoo, Needle & Thread, Tadashi Shoji, Marchesa Notte, Flor Et. Al, ML Monique Lhuillier, Nouvelle Amsale, and many more. 

BHLDN-Popular Styles, Collections, and Collaborations

Are you a bride who holds the tradition close to her heart and is looking for a romantic wedding gown with classic lines and a full cathedral veil? Or you are a woman who grew up on a healthy appetite for Disney and are looking for a ball gown wedding dress complete with a tiara that will make you feel like a princess? Are you a boho wild heart with a soft spot for lace? Or are you just looking for a smart jumpsuit or a minimal dress to wear for your city hall wedding? BHLDN has you covered with its wide range of options to choose from. Yards of luscious fabrics, inspired designs and stunning details, the works of BHLDN will sure awe your lover as well as the guests. Some of the most amazing gems from the BHLDN are the gorgeous celebrity-inspired wedding gowns like the rendition of Kate Moss' vintage-inspired lace wedding gown or the Kim Kardashian West’s stomach-bearing gown with soft floral lace to offset the cutouts. We also love the trademark BHLDN note which touches all of their designs, a subtle boho-meets-vintage Americana euphony which works perfectly well with cottage-core, free-spirited, running-through-the meadow vibe which seems to be wildly popular at the moment. There is a significant amount of lace, cutwork, wispy tulle, and beadwork seen in the collection, offering subtle nods to the 40s, 60s, and 70s, without the dresses looking dated. Mainly characterized by the intricate texture, the barely-there natural whimsy, and a touch of earthy hues, BHLDN is the wind beneath the wings of the brides with a free heart and sings a tune of the sepia-tinted yesteryears and vintage melancholic charm! 

In a brief span of time, BHLDN has made quite a mark in the wedding world, joining hands with many significant names along the way. BHLDN has carried wedding gowns and accessories from fashion designers like Catherine Deane, Tracy Reese, and Fleur Wood. It has also collaborated with Wedding Paper Divas, a subsidiary of Shutterfly, for a collection of wedding stationery. In April 2016, BHLDN extended its collection by introducing its party dress collection which caters to women looking for pretty dresses for any special events. In August 2016, BHLDN partnered with Indiana jewelry brand ILA, creating a gorgeous collection of engagement rings and wedding bands. BHLDN’s Hayley Paige X BHLDN Collection is filled with the designer's signature whimsy and class, creating dazzling gowns, bridesmaid, and flower girl dresses to die for! BHLDN’s top-selling wedding gowns are all dreamy easy pieces with lace adornment and stunning intricacies, but apart from dreamy dresses, the brand also is a perfect place for wedding separates, suits, jumpsuits, and formal courthouse ensembles, making it truly versatile to fit into every wedding scenario comfortably. Priced between $150 to $2500, the BHLDN covers a diverse range of prices, enabling a bride with any budget to claim the wedding dress that they want!

BHLDN-The Takeaway.

BHLDN wedding dress is more than just a dress, it is a vibe of its own. It is a dress with all the whimsy of the vintage years and the fair of the bohemian mind, resulting in an enchanting translation of its own. The easy-breezy wearability of the BHLDN dresses, teamed with its close attention to intricate detail makes it a popular choice amongst brides-to-be. The BHLDN bride glides through the floor, easy and fun, her laugh reverberating through the wedding like chimes, free-spirited, with an old-fashioned heart. There is a laid-back vibe to BHLDN which accepts with open arms, no matter what is your style, your wedding theme, your size of the dress, or your choice of accessory. It merges and morphs into your vision, without sacrificing on its own instinct individuality. A BHLDN wedding gown is sure to give you that memorable designer wedding dress look without having to break the bank!

While BHLDN already provides a huge amount of flexibility in terms of the prices, you can increase your chances of getting that perfect BHLDN wedding dress which suits your vibe just right at even a lower price! As the whole of the world is heading towards a more sustainable existence, a pre-loved wedding dress is a way to go! Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to make the right choice for our planet earth and reduce wastage and carbon footprint, but it also opens up a world of possibilities for starry-eyed brides with big dreams of wearing stunning designer wedding gowns! The life of a wedding dress is far from over after just one wear, especially when several designers worked closely to create a masterpiece. With more and more brides choosing pre-loved wedding dresses over freshly bought when it comes to wedding gowns, there are thousands of wedding dresses which get a chance to make someone’s day special, yet again! Buying BHLDN from a second-hand seller will not only enable you to seize that $1500 dress for as low as $550

Whether you are a budget-savvy bride trying to save a buck, without compromising on your look or you are trying to get through your life with as little of environmental damage as possible, pre-loved wedding dresses serve both the purposes. You can now get the perfect recreation of that celebrity wedding gown, and get that gorgeous floaty wedding dress for a fraction of the cost, and you get to ride away into the horizon, into the promised land of happily-ever-after, with your conscious at rest, as the gown on your body is a reused and reloved and can be passed on to tell many more love stories after you! Not only are the preloved BHLDN wedding gowns perfect for the blushing brides, but preloved dresses are also a great option for your bridal party dresses. This will give you and your girls a look that is harmonious and perfectly coordinated!

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