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Defined by a wild bohemian spirit, sensuous femininity, endless dreams, and romantic ideals, Divine Atelier bridal brand is all about poetic wedding dresses for timelessly romantic brides across the globe.

Divine Atelier Wedding Dresses

Defined by a wild bohemian spirit, sensuous femininity, endless dreams, and romantic ideals, Divine Atelier bridal brand is all about poetic wedding dresses for timelessly romantic brides across the globe. Capturing the wild spirits of brides through timeless silhouettes, Divine Atelier wedding dresses are all about simple bridal designs with haute couture details. Expressing love for the art of designing poetic bridal gowns, Divine Atelier bridal dresses also offer made-to-order styles and exclusive bridal collections for brides from all walks of life.


Dear future bride, all eyes will be on you when you will saunter down the aisle looking like a dream on your wedding day, donning a crisp white wedding gown. From picking up the best of bridal bouquet collections to sprucing up your reception decor, there will be many specialists at your disposal while planning your wedding who will guide you through each and every step of the wedding planning process. When you are setting the right foot for a new beginning, especially when it's a new phase of life, it is very essential to pick a wedding gown that will be reflective of the woman that you are and the woman that you are going to become. Your bridal outfit is not just another dress you will choose for yourself, it holds so much more significance, as you will change your relationship status for life while wearing that piece of clothing. The top wedding trends come and go, but when it comes to picking up a wedding dress classic elegance and timeless simplicity will always be popular. Many brides get their wedding dress 10 to 14 months before the wedding day, as the more time you get for yourself, the more you can think of innovative ways to accessorize your wedding dress, as well as pick up the best bridal look for yourself in the dress.


Translated by dreams, romantic ideals, bohemian spirit, and femininity, Divine Atelier bridal brand is all about sophisticated and romantic aesthetics in its premier bridal gown styles. As a tribute to the evocative atmosphere of the roaring twenties, Divine Atelier wedding dresses are all about the enhancement of the female silhouette typical of that period. For every bride who loves unique and romantic wedding gown collections that have a striking feminine and romantic side to them, Divine Atelier bridal house has been a go-to place for hunting down the dream wedding gown for years. Sensuous and nostalgic of the highest order, the Divine Atelier wedding gown collection features precise clean cuts, flowing lines, contemporary volumes, and refined materials such as the most precious lace and silk. The perfect rendition of modernity and tradition, the designer wedding gown collections from this bridal brand are always known to be a cool and flawless, dynamic, and passionate collection of dresses for eternal promises.


With over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry and bridal fashion market, Divine Atelier designer brand meticulously crafts some of the timeless and most fabulous wedding gowns that come straight out of a passion for fashion from the hands of skillful talented artisans. Featuring romantic characters that reflect the vision of an eclectic and sophisticated bridal lifestyle, Divine Atelier designer wedding dresses are all about redefining the traditional wedding look with the glorious past years' love for poetry and art with a regal touch of unending romance. Redefining the wedding industry with more simplicity and couture details, Luminița Coșleacără is one of the most popular wedding gown designers on the globe from Romania and the founder of the Divine Atelier brand who transposes her aesthetic vision in unconventional wedding dress collections with a well-defined identity reflected in luxe and bohemian details.


Divine Atelier- the beginning 


Originated in România in the hands of Luminița Coșleacără, Divine Atelier has been popular in the wedding industry for over 20 years and has been always considered as one of the most coveted bridal brands in the world. The family affair is designed by a mother-daughter duo, as throughout all these years Luminița Coșleacără had her daughter Mara by her side as her prime support in building the brand. For creating unconventional wedding dresses that are transposed through her own aesthetic vision, Coșleacără came up with the Divine Atelier designer brand to meet the challenges that pose in the path of creating dresses that she herself would wear. The fresh, bohemian, and minimalist wedding style of this popular wedding gown manufacturer features her unending love for the craft as she intricately comes up with each of the bridal gown collections every season from the house of Divine Atelier bridal brand. Mara joined hands with her mother to bring this brand out to the plate of global bridal fashion in her final year at the University of Arts London, and teamed up with the group of talented and artistic fashion designers, and has been a constant brand supporter and a valuable contributor ever since. 


The matchless temptation of unconventional romance and femininity that can be seen in the collections of Divine Atelier wedding dress designers makes it one of the fan-favorites among brides throughout the globe. The unique and romantic wedding gown collections featuring a very feminine and airy feel, Divine Atelier wedding gowns for sale are all about swooning details that include perfect lace patterns, accentuated waists, soft tulle skirts, and delicate sleeves at affordable prices. The founder and designer Luminița Coșleacără creates modern wedding dresses for contemporary brides who do not fit in the box of traditional wedding dresses. From adding romantic lavender details to wedding dresses to creating some of the most unconventional bridal gowns, Divine Atelier wedding dress designs are about bohemian minimalism together with a unique touch of romanticism with their love story details that started in Romania. Ranging from bridal gowns with well-defined geometric cut to cultural cut adorned with dreamy lace embroidery, which adds texture to the corsage, the Divine Atelier wedding collections feature a modern and refined touch that is perfect for modern romantic brides.


The exciting urban and fashion-forward wedding trends from this top wedding dress designer feature unconventional wedding styles, unmissable simplicity, delicate details, and retro romantic inspirations with a dash of freshness and fluidity. The aesthetic signature of Divine Atelier wedding gowns stands for the modern, natural, and charming bride, who is looking for a timeless dress that expresses her emotions and longings. The refined and romantic wedding dress collections from this bridal label combine elegance with modern, fresh aesthetics and impress with light fabrics, quaint lace, and sophisticated, delicate couture details of retro romance. Featuring airy and whimsical bridal gowns with romantic and delicate details, the modern vintage wedding dresses from Divine Atelier present flowing tulle fabrics paired with lace and attention to detail and characterized in a poetic bohemian style. With over 15 years of presence in the fashion market in Romania, attending numerous fairs and exhibitions, having positive reviews and pictorials in the most notable fashion magazines, Divine is defined as a space dedicated to romance and femininity.


Divine Atelier- styles and inspirations 


“From initial sketches to the final product, everything is created in the Divine Atelier workshop in the historical center of Brasov in Romania and you can try on our dresses in over 50 stockists in Europe, the United States, and Asia.”- Luminița Coșleacără.


Brides who love boho chic wedding dresses, Divine Atelier bridal will give you all the inspirations you need as the whimsical and airy bridal gowns are all about delicately romantic details which you cannot help but fall in love with. The exclusive Divine Atelier wedding gown collections comprise a range of elegant gowns highlighted by lace, beading, and fine ruching, and modern separates in a variety of graceful silhouettes that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. The refined and romantic wedding gown collections that are inspired by a true bohemian style are also classic and romantic as they feature urban and fashion-forward twists. The refreshing bridal collections are incredibly flattering and dreamy as we see simple silhouettes complemented by modern lace details & flowing silks. This Romania-based bridal designer emphasizes long sleeves, lace detailing,s and swoon-worthy open backs. Bringing poetic and romantic characters to life, Divine Atelier wedding dresses are also sustainable which makes them a perfect choice for brides who want to make a difference on their wedding day.


Divine Atelier wedding gowns for sale are a dream destination for environmentally conscious brides as each and every bridal piece is manufactured with sustainable fabrics and details as a step to reduce the carbon footprints of the wedding industry. With a vision to create an environment-friendly wedding industry, Divine Atelier bridal designer brings out bridal designs that meet the fashion elements as well as eco-friendly of the bridal fashion industry requirements of current times. These environmentally conscious wedding dresses are crafted by working with fabric producers that respect and comply with ethical eco-friendly standards, using mainly artisanal techniques and natural materials, which is changing the entire ecosystem of bridal fashion and industry. Wedding dresses are crafted from a standpoint where elegance meets simplicity and permanence, making it a perfect choice for a standout bride who wants to make her mark with eco-friendly wedding decisions.


The new style of bridal dresses from the house of Divine Atelier is mostly inspired by the idea of crafting bohemian minimalism with a blend of designs that are simultaneously romantic, timeless, and unique. The latest bridal dress trends from this popular wedding gown designer are designed to bring out your beautiful free-spirited and whimsical nature on your wedding day. Featuring meticulously handcrafted fabrics, lavish lace details, and contemporary silhouettes, Divine Atelier is perfect for the bride who wants to stand out from the crowd. The perfect mixture of romance, boho, and feminine details the ultimate romantic Divine Atelier wedding dresses feature various bridal designs from tulle skirts to bridal pants, from sleek silhouettes to 20s ball gown designs, teamed up with unique and modern lace, intricate beading work, and exclusive imported silk details, where every bride is guaranteed to find her dream wedding dress. With the simplest and feminine bridal designs from the amazing team of skillful seamstresses and talented craftsmen, each Divine Atelier wedding gown is breathtakingly beautiful and unique.


The stories of dreams, romantic ideals, bohemian spirit, and femininity embodied by the Divine Atelier’s wedding dress designers in the wedding dresses are a striking reminder of the artistic streets of Romania. The one-of-a-kind wedding gown collections feature unconventional styles and structural details that give us a sneak peek at the glorious fashion era of the past. With a definite nod to 1970s boho, flowing sleeves, and retro lace detailing give this collection all with dreamy and floaty vibes. Perfect for bohemian brides with an eye for style, who wants to fall in love with her wedding dress the moment she sees it, Divine Atelier wedding gowns is a destination for bridal designs with daring back detailing, pretty lace placements, delicate beading, and embellishments which gives these gowns a more signature and fashion-forward feel.


Divine Atelier- bridal couture collections 


“My designs don’t resonate with the traditional wedding dress typology – our collections become more and more popular thanks to our unique, bohemian, minimalist style.”- Luminița Coșleacără.


The story of the Divine Atelier bridal brand started in Romania in the historical center of Brașov, in the hands of Luminița Coșleacără, who was shortly joined by her equally amazing daughter Mara, who brought her marvelous couture aesthetics to the brand that she picked up from the University of the Arts London. The strong vibes of minimalist romance and modernized bohemian combine the exquisitely flawless simplicity of collections from Divine Atelier wedding dress designer. Embracing sustainable practices, Divine Atelier bridal label uses natural fabrics of excellent quality, in collaboration with some of the most prestigious textile companies in France and Italy. Setting strong trends in the bridal industry, Divine Atelier brand designs bridal collections that absolutely reflect the brand's philosophy around quality and sustainability. Every wedding dress from the house of Divine Atelier designer is designed in super subtle, cohesive, statement-making, and unconventionally elegant styles. 


Coming from the house of a crew of talented women who are passionate about the art of handicraft, Divine Atelier designer wedding dress collections are skillfully complemented with keen attention to detail. One of the most coveted bridal fashion brands worldwide, the Divine Atelier label has over 50 showrooms in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Meant for every bohemian modern and genuine bride who will not shy away from creating fashion statements, loves the latest wedding trends, dreams about a nonchalant wedding dress, and has a thing for modern aesthetics, Divine Atelier wedding gowns for sale is a dream destination. With features that highlight distinctiveness and make her feel like herself on her wedding day, Divine Atelier bridal gowns are all about creating magic. This brand is all about redefining and repositioning the traditional wedding dress in alignment with the current cultural context that is all about relaxed spirits and femininity. The latest Divine Atelier bridal collections are all about sheer romance, with dreamy fabrics, feminine lines, and pretty features. 


The latest Civil Ceremony 2021, also presented as the sister brand of Divine Atelier, is a collection of aesthetically pleasing wedding dresses featuring versatile outfits which are romantic and modern and redefines the way civil ceremony wedding dresses were originally perceived. From contemporary wedding dress alternatives to wedding dresses made out of high-quality natural fabrics, this collection is meant for a minimalist and bohemian bride who does not comply with the rules of traditional weddings. The Lookbook 2021 from Divine Atelier represents a set of fresh and contemporary bohemian wedding dresses with geometric interventions and sinuous lace insertions. Design for contemporary brides with a bohemian and sophisticated lifestyle, this wedding dress collection features refined fabrics, weightless silks, and delicate lacework. The price range of Divine Atelier is anywhere between £1,560 and £3,000.

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