Jasmine Bridal Wedding Dresses
Jasmine Bridal

Jasmine Couture embodies a high-end bridal collection with wedding dresses that highlight luxurious and elegant finishes and exquisite sophisticated details!

Jasmine Bridal Wedding Dresses

Jasmine Couture embodies a high-end bridal collection with wedding dresses that highlight luxurious and elegant finishes and exquisite sophisticated details! The wedding gowns by Jasmine Couture are designed with the best quality and hand-sewn details to redefine contemporary bridalwear! Jasmine Couture wedding dresses are classic and remarkably romantic, specially designed with utmost love and care for one-of-a-kind brides! 

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of things that go on a bride’s wedding planning checklist. From perfect wedding venue shopping to finding that ‘one perfect’ wedding dress, we know all about it. There are times when finding that perfect wedding dress is nothing but is a panic-including for a bride who is unable to find a designer wedding dress of her choice. With endless options to choose from, the most overwhelming part of wedding dress shopping is narrowing down the style, and designer that best suits you. Without having any idea of what you are looking for, the quest to say yes to any wedding dress can definitely result in endless frustration and trying on 100 wedding gowns across a dozen bridal shops. All this leads to a serious bridal fashion ordeal!


We know how tiring and frustrating it gets. So, we just want to tell you that your search for the perfect designer wedding dress ends at Jasmine Bridal. Jasmine Bridal wedding dresses are inspired by the timeless elegance of a Hollywood Starlet. The bridal collection at Jasmine Bridal is meant for every bride out there. With a variety of vogues that go from modernly chic to rustic with a little touch of luxury, to sultry and sensual and even regal like royalty, Jasmine Bridal wedding collection has something in its store for every bride out there. Talking about the brand, then Jasmine Bridal has always lived up to its name and always has fascinating and edgy wedding dress designs in the market! All the wedding dresses under Jasmine Bridal are truly a breath of fresh breeze! 

From stunning and designer wedding dresses for brides, Jasmine Bridal also designs glamorous and alluring dresses for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom. In short, Jasmine Bridal is a one-stop shop for a bride’s wedding shopping experience! 

Jasmine Bridal: Where it all began?

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Jasmine Bridal has grown into a multi-label design house with 9 stunning and luxury brands under its wings. And all the credit goes to Jose Dias who started his career in the bridal industry after his graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology in his native, New York City in 1983. After working for many renowned brands like Bridal Originals, Tiffany Bridal, Justin Alexander, and Maggie Sottero, Jose Dias joined Jasmine Bridal in 2019 as the lead designer. With his 37 years of extensive experience in the field of bridal designing, merchandising, and retailing, Jose is designing across all the 9 labels of Jasmine Bridal! 

For Jose inspiration lies in every corner. He has always been inspired by his idea of beauty and things found in nature. His creative philosophy has remained constant since day one. There is something that he has learned about design philosophy at his first job and he still carries it with himself. As Jose believes their design philosophy is to look timeless and classic with a little twist of modernity, yet still completely you.

At present, Jasmine Bridal is a world-renowned design house to 9 individual wedding labels, including 3 of their own wedding dress lines! From their famous and most desired Belsoie bridesmaids line to their mother of bride Jade Couture, Jasmine Bridal is the top choice for wedding dresses for all soon-to-be brides all across the globe. 

The general price range of Jasmine Bridal wedding dresses lies between $1,800 to $29,990, but there are certain websites such as Borrowing Magnolia where you can easily find preowned Jasmine Bridal wedding dresses at an affordable price. The second-hand Jasmine Bridal wedding dresses will not only help you save some extra bucks but will also help you maintain your entire wedding budget. It will be a great deal for you if you manage to get Jasmine Bridal wedding dresses on sale too! 

Jasmine Bridal not only offers made-to-measure wedding dresses to brides but also offers personalized services for any of their wedding dresses to suit a bride’s needs. They also feature a beautiful collection of dresses for flower girls. Apart from wedding dresses, Jasmine Bridal also features wedding veils, jackets, and shawls (for stunning and luxurious winter cover-ups) to make a bridal’s wedding look complete and outshining! Jasmine Bridal has been helping every bride to turn their dream of having an outlandish wedding dress into a reality.

Jasmine Bridal: Inspiration & Collection

As already mentioned the lead designer at Jasmine Bridal, Jose Dias always gets inspired by the idea of beauty that lies in nature. He has the ability to find inspiration in any corner of the world and transform it into a marvelous wedding dress.

Now talking about collections, Jasmine Bridal features various collections not only for the bride but also for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. So, let’s have a look at what Jasmine Bridal has in store for all our modern-day brides. The bridal collection of Jasmine Bridal is further segregated into 3 different and stunning collections- Prive, Couture, and Collection.

Jasmine Prive’ 

The Prive’ Collection by Jasmine Bridal is their luxury collection made of the finest silk fabrics with the finest quality of French laces and intricate head beading. Featuring clean and timeless silk gowns, the Prive’ Collection has the most elegant wedding gown for brides who are looking for a graceful bridal look. Featuring a mix and match bodices and skirts, the Prive’ Collection will make a bride feel like out of royalty. Brides who are going for Prive’ Collection for their wedding day will have an additional perk. The creative designers involved in creating the finest masterpieces under Prive’ Collection will allow you the ability to customize the design of your wedding dress with a vast selection of bodices and skirts! 

The Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Prive’ Collection of wedding dresses now features Swarovski crystals and Solstiss lace. All these high-quality and outstanding embellishments create marvelous wedding dresses that definitely flatter all brides. The designer working for Prive’ Collection firmly believes that this specific craft of adding crystals will be passed on for generations! 

Jasmine Couture 

Jasmine Couture Collection features gorgeous wedding gowns created by none other than Jasmine Bridal lead designer Jose Dias. The wedding dresses under Jasmine Couture are designed with the finest and most delicate quality of fabrics and hand-sewn detailing that redefine its classy and sophisticated style in complete elegance. The wedding dress bearing the signature of Jasmine Couture belongs to a unique high-end bridal line with wedding dresses that feature luxurious finishes and modern details! The pieces crafted at Jasmine Couture are meant to highlight and capture the warmth and feeling of love and romance! 

Jasmine Collection

The epitome of romance and whimsy, wedding dresses under the Jasmine Collection cater to every type of bride particularly the brides who are seeking a classic all-American look. Whether you are planning to have a boho look for your wedding day or want to go all contemporary, elegant and classy, you will surely find the wedding dress of your dreams under Jasmine Collection. Known for introducing the industry to popular trends, the Jasmine Collection wedding dresses radiate the essence of love, glamor, and whimsy. The wedding gowns are designed by Jose Dias and have fresh new looks that are made with high quality and premium finishes. All the wedding dresses under this brand are unique and utterly fashionable. From simple yet elegant to more chic style, we can assure you that you will find a variety of wedding dresses under the Jasmine Collection bridal line. 

The Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 wedding dresses under Jasmine Collection are specially designed for today’s bride with some vintage and classic touches. The Jasmine Collection features Ivory and Champagne-colored wedding dresses that are quite chic and thus perfectly resonates with our modern-day brides. Though Jose Dias also introduced a unique and stunning combination of Black and Ivory together for wedding gowns along with very thoughtful draping to build the most beautiful fashions that any bride will fall head over heels in love!

Both, Jasmine Couture and Jasmine Collection are two high-end bridal lines, offering wedding dresses and wedding gowns, especially designed by various talented and professional designers that span the world in experience and their creativity to every bride through the Jasmine name. With such stunning and unique designs, a bride who is wearing Jasmine Bridal can never go wrong with her wedding dress for the special day! 

No wonder on your wedding day all the eyes will be on you as you will make your way down the aisle. Your wedding day is sure about you but it’s your bridesmaids who make it even more special and memorable. A perfect bridesmaid’s dress can set off the wedding dress, flowers, wedding invitations, and also help in setting the tone of the whole wedding. Jasmine Bridal also features 3 unique and beautiful collections for your bridal party. Let’s see what their bridesmaids’ dress collection has in store to offer to your lovely ladies.


The Belsoie collection for bridesmaids’ dresses is both luxurious and romantic. All the bridesmaids who are looking out to make a fashion statement on the wedding day, this is the collection for you all. The Belsoie collection features two new fabrics, metallic chiffon, and Ombre tulle, while still flaunting their most popular Stripe Sequin dresses. Paired with stretch lining in every bridesmaid’s gown, the Belsoi Collection by Jasmine Bridal will offer comfort throughout the day without letting your bridesmaids sacrifice on style and elegance. This year Belsoie Collection features styles and trending dresses that will fit any bride’s taste. From boho-chic to glitz and glam, there is a dress for every bridal party in Belsoie Collection. 

B2 Collection

For all the brides who are planning to have a relaxed wedding like some beach wedding, the B2 Collection of bridesmaids’ dresses are just meant for your wedding party. B2 Collection of bridesmaids dresses by Jasmine Bridal is known for its relaxed and sophisticated style that pleases almost any bridesmaid. The bridesmaid’s dresses under B2 Collection not only keep up the comfort level with stretch lining in every style but also the vast range of delicate and handpicked fabrics offers versatility to any wedding story! For this season, the B2 Collection features bridesmaids’ dresses elegantly designed with hand-beaded pearl tulle, stretch velvet with sequins, stretch lace, and much more. 

Jasmine Bridemaids (JB) Collection

Jasmine Bridemaids Collection is highly known for its simplistic nature and structure draping that will definitely make every bridesmaid feel elegant and chic. The JB Collection features a variety of silhouettes for every body type and style. From slim and sleek to classic A-line shapes, the JB Collection has it all. Bridesmaids can easily find a perfect style that will complement them from head to toe along with their curves. Designed with careful necklines and contoured silhouettes, the bridesmaid’s dresses under Jasmine Bridemaids Collection are lined with stretch fabrics for all-day comfort along with marquis satin and Mikao making a remarkable statement!

Coming to the mother of the bride, she surely holds an important role in a wedding party. In general, the bride’s mom is always inspired to wear something she and her daughter both love. With the change in everything, the bride’s mother is free to display her sartorial sensibilities. With so many fashionable options available, a bride and her mother can always check out the amazing collection that Jasmine Bridal has to offer especially for the mother of the bride. 

Jade Couture Collection

The Jade Couture Collection under Jasmine Bridal is the actual definition of glamor and elegance. This stunning collection has everything that will flatter moms in the best way possible and will bring out the hidden diva side to everyone’s notice. From new style and silhouettes, the Jade Couture Collection features a hand-beaded cap bodice, stretch velvet sheath dresses and gown with ruffled sleeves! From stunning and alluring multi-color Mikado A-lines to feather necklines, every bride’s mom will surely look outstanding in any Jade Couture dress.

Jade Collection

When it’s Jade Bridal everything is far from simple. The one word that can actually define the Jade Collection is elegance. The dresses under Jade Collection provide all the coverage and shaping a bride’s mom wants without giving up on comfort, style, and sophistication! The whole Jade Collection features portrait necklines in order to create slimmer biceps and helps moms to flaunt their collarbones in the best way possible! Every mom will find a perfect dress under Jade Collection for her daughter’s wedding day! 

Jasmine Black Label Collection

The Black Label Collection of Jasmine Bridal is known for its relaxed fit and clean profiles. There is one thing unique about Black Label Collection that it will make even wedding pantsuits look too good. Designed with utmost care and affection, the modest V-neckline gowns and sheath silhouettes, this Jasmine Black Label Collection of Jasmine Bridal offers a vast style to all the bride’s mom out there. This stunning collection has everything. Filled with fashion-forward styles that your mother is surely going to love. Jasmine Black Label Collection also features tea-length Mikado skirts. Your mom at your wedding will feel stylish and comfortable throughout the celebration with Jasmin Balck Label Collection. 

Jasmine Bridal has recently opened up a new service and names it ‘Custom Low Back Service’ under which brides have the flexibility and versatility to lower the back waistlines of their wedding dresses on several popular styles. Based on the recent trending back designs brides can opt for any of them if they want. With this new comprehensive service of Jasmine Bridal, brides can choose to lower gowns 3.5“ or 5” from the natural waist for a super sexy and custom look! This will not only allow them to get the edgy back design but will also allow them to flaunt their well-shaped body in the best way possible! Doesn’t it sound like the perfect time to take the plunge? 

Jasmine Bridal wedding dresses are the perfect fit and choice for every bride. The impeccable vision of this brand only comes to life through their wedding dresses. We can guarantee you that once you will try any wedding dress designed by Jose Dias at Jasmine Bridal you will instantly fall in love with it. With Jasmine Bridal a bride will easily find that one best wedding dress she has been dreaming of since she was 5 or so.

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